Comparison iPhone X and iPhone XR: main differences

In the fall of 2018, the traditional presentation of Apple’s new products has already passed. During which three new smartphones and new smart hours were presented at once. One of the most interesting novelties of this presentation was the budget phone iPhone XR. In this article, you can get acquainted with the comparison of the iPhone X and iPhone XR, and also find out what the different two phones are different.

Between iPhone X and iPhone XR have a number of noticeable differences in design, but they are determined mainly by change in specifications. For example, due to the larger screen of the iPhone XR a bit bigger iPhone X, and due to the lack of a second camera, the rear panel of the device looks like iPhone 8.

The rest of the design is quite similar. The iPhone XR case has rounded edges, a metal frame on the sides and the minimum frame around the display. In both devices, the screen takes almost the entire front panel. As in the iPhone X, at the top of the iPhone XR screen there is a small cutout, in which the sensors and the front camera are located.

Perhaps the most important difference in design is a set of available colors. If iPhone X is only in silver and dark gray, then six different colors are available for XR: blue, white, black, yellow, coral, red.

Differences iPhone XR from iPhone SE 2020

Like iPhone 11, iPhone XR is larger than iPhone SE 2020. The difference in the dimensions of these models is not so significant. just a centimeter at the width. but the iPhone XR offers a much larger display: 6.1 inches against 4.7 in the novelty iPhone SE. In my script use, an enlarged screen is a clear advantage, and, as practice shows, not only in my. Therefore, if you are not looking for a compact smartphone, we give a score in favor of iPhone XR.


iPhone XR is pretty inexpensive, given its advantages over iPhone SE 2

As for the price, the smartphones here are parity. And the one and the other in Russia you can buy plus-minus for 40 thousand. But here is the paradox: iPhone SE 2020, which went on sale for 399 in the United States, from the very beginning it is positioned as an affordable model, while iPhone XR performed the role of though simplified, but still the flagship. Therefore, purely for my taste, iPhone XR when identical iPhone SE 2020 clearly wins. But since the novelty have a good potential to reduce the cost, which will manifest themselves with time, I wonder both smartphones on 1 point.

Screen and Sound

One of the main differences XR from XS and X. Display. On the last two installed more progressive OLED, here. IPS, which was found for the last time on the “eights”. Apple tried to make it so that the XR screen does not inferrect more expensive models, and even invented a new Liquid Retina technology.

Ensure quality, in fact, absolutely different displays from Apple almost turned out. The difference is noticed only when comparing the forehead in the forehead. the colors of OLED displays are slightly softer, and the white at maximum brightness on XR is still a little straining. Perhaps during long-term use from the display of a new model of the eye tired more. And in terms of detail everything is fine: the XR screen pixel density is inferior to senior models only according to the specifications, the difference is not visible in the naked eye.

Another compromise on the way to lower cost. 3D touch, there is no. But True Tone, adjusting the color temperature of the screen under the environment, on the spot.

In the audio cost without compromises: stereo speakers give out readable, loud and pleasant sound. Even at maximum volume.

What is the difference between iPhone x from xr

As a rule, in one product line, the differences between models are less obvious than that of smartphones of different generations. But still comparing iPhone X and XR will show what the real differences, which smartphone is preferable in a particular situation, which is better for a specific user.

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The moment of the presentation and the emergence of the company Apple is always strictly fixed. In the case of an anniversary version of X, TEN, 10 (each chooses a convenient option). This is autumn 2017, XR was presented a year later, in 2018. That is, the developers actually had a year on refinement than they successfully used.

Segmentation and cost. To start a comparison of the iPhone X and iPhone XR stands with the fact that in fact they relate to different classes: X. to flagships, XR. to the middle segment, although, of course, such a classification of apple smartphones is very conditional. It is significant that at the moment, if you compare iPhone X and XP at a price, then the flagship of 2017 is more expensive than a more young gadget.

Design. the first thing you pay attention to, choosing a novelty for purchase. Externally, iPhone 10 and iPhone XR are very similar, if you do not take into account the dimensions. But the essential advantage of XR is a color variety of housings, as many as 6 options. In the peak of standard silver and almost black version of tens of XR contrasts bright and juicy shades, including yellow, blue, coral, red, which is not characteristic of Apple. In addition, the rear window is distinguished. more durable and reliable.

Display Characteristics Enhance iPhone X and XR difference. If the advantages are diagonally on the XR side (5.8″ versus 6,1″), then according to the technology and, accordingly, the quality of the image preferences on the side of the tenth model (Super Retina HD objectively better Liquid Retina HD). iPhone X wins the screen resolution, the number of pixels, contrast and other screen characteristics, this fact states all users.

The capabilities of the camera for technical characteristics are higher in x on digital and optical zoom. The actual comparison of the cameras iPhone X and X ER shows almost the same high quality of the pictures, an excellent result in both cases. Possible technical imperfections on XR are liquidated due to the great opportunities of artificial intelligence.

The smartphone filling is primarily distinguished by the generation of processor. A11 and A12, respectively, XR is more powerful, but in practice this difference is practically imperceptible. An explicit advantage of XR is the best duration of work (above 2 hours). Such characteristics are achieved thanks to the implementation of the energy efficient operation of the processor, the display, other modules.

Following the comparison, it is possible to sum up: iPhone X wins on the dimensions, the quality of the image of the display, digital zoom; Advantages of XR. Color solutions of the case, screen diagonal, processor frequency, battery life, cost. Solution which phone is preferable for you, do yourself.


Both smartphones are equipped with similar cameras:

12-megapixel camera SE 2020 physically “much less” than the XR camera. In the new iPhone SE Apple uses the same camera sensor as on iPhone 8. 7-megapixel camera sensor on the front panel of the device is also identical to the “Eight” sensor.

Principal and in that XR in the main chamber is built in TrueDepth for Face ID, which is also used for Animoji and Memoji.

Comparison of the iPhone SE and XR cameras according to the characteristics below:

IPhone SE 2-Generation Camera iPhone XR
Main camera 12 mp, f / 1.8, OIS, portrait lighting, optical stabilization, 4K 60FPS video, 1080p HD video with a frequency of 30/60 frames / s, QuickTake function The same thing but without QuickTake
Front self-camera FaceTime HD 7 MP with 1080p HD video filming support with a frequency of 30 frames / s 7 MP TrueDepth with support for HD video 1080p with a frequency of 30/60 frames / s, cinematic video stabilization (1080p and 720p)

Despite the difference in 18 months between two smartphones, they have the same basic wide-angle chambers by 12 MPs with a diaphragm ƒ / 1.eight.

iPhone SE offers several minor functions that you will not get to the iPhone XR:

  • Portrait Lighting with Six Effects (Natural, Studio, Contour, Stage, Stage Light Ch / B, Light Tonality Ch / B). XR has portrait lighting only with three effects (natural, studio, contour).
  • Sapphire Glass Lens.
  • SMART HDR next generation for photos. On XR is the SMART HDR function for photos, but not the “next generation”.
  • Cinematic video stabilization (4K, 1080p and 720p). XR supports only cinematic video stabilization in 1080p and 720p.
  • QuickTake video.
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The front self-chambers of smartphones are almost the same. both at 7 MP with portrait mode support. However, the iPhone SE due to the lack of TrueDepth does not support Animoji and Memoji.

What is the difference between iPhone XR from 11

Before starting a phased comparison of the characteristics of the iPhone XR and 11, you can immediately say that according to the main parameters 11 is a more advanced and modern version of XR, performing almost the same tasks as the novelty of 2018, one of which is to make iPhones more accessible at cost that is, to confront competitors in the average price segment. Smartphones are similar, but nevertheless enough of even external differences will help discern iPhone 10R and 11.

Designer features. By tradition, let’s start with the appearance. On the front panel to understand which iPhone is better, almost impossible. The same thick frame, the same “eyebrow”, the same screen. Explicit differences start on the rear panel. Unlike iPhone XP, the apple logo in the eleventh model fell below, the camera location changed. Color range is also different. bright tones left, except for a unique red range of Red. To change, they were added gentle lavender and mint, more relaxed yellow.

Housing and display. If you compare the size of these models, then no changes here. But the rear window material has become more strongly due to the use of the latest processing technologies. Accordingly, the tightness of the case, its waterproofability, the immersion depth is increased to 2 meters (but, according to tradition, it is not worth checking this factor). Change the characteristics of the display module Manufacturers did not consider it necessary to save the available iPhone cost, leaving the LCD screen with the same as XR resolution.

A13 series processor. serious difference between XR iPhone 11. This processor is installed in the entire 11th iPhone lineup. The manufacturer declared increased performance, enhanced machine learning of the 3rd generation, extended graphic capabilities, RAM expanded to 4 GB. These characteristics increase the energy efficiency of the device, increasing the time of its offline operation: the difference between the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 is about 1 hour in favor of a more modern model.

Camera features. an important point in this comparison. Apple developers fundamentally changed the location and appearance of the module, highlighting it in a separate block with flash and microphone. At the heart of each model, a 12 MP camera is installed, but in XR it is one, in 11 amplified by an ultra-hydrocal lens, allowing to significantly increase the angle of review, respectively, coverage of the picture. In addition, double optical zoom are added, updated night and portrait modes, other features have been added. Thus, the comparison of the cameras clearly displays a new iPhone forward.

Additional features. Technologies do not stand still, respectively, Apple developers are constantly improving almost the entire functionality of apple smartphones. In the 11 version, supported by the Wi-Fi standard 6 is entered, thanks to which the bandwidth is increased, the Face ID function is improved, the sound is improved.

Choose the iPhone model, naturally to you. Want to save somewhat. buy XR. The actual model is critical for you, the possibilities of photography and the functionality of the camera are important, the chalk color is found more suitable. iPhone 11 is waiting for you in our salon.

What is common to iPhone 11 and iPhone XR

Both smartphones have a glass and aluminum housing. the iPhone 11 is more “eco-friendly”, it is now the World Trend, and Apple could not support it. The diagonal and the type of screen are also the same. 6.1 inches Liquid Retina HD, by simple. IPS. Therefore, dimensions do not differ (up to a millimeter), as well as weight in 194 g.

But on this similarity ends. Yes, iPhone 11 can and looks like an iPhone XR, on the fact it is a completely different phone.

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What is the difference between the iPhone XS from XR

The main difference between iPhone XS from XR. smartphones belong to different classes. Apple officially does not officially share its communicators on budget, middle class and top modifications. But in this case, XS can be specifically attributed to flagships, XR. to the average segment, more budget version, if so at all we can say about the iPhone.

External characteristics. Almost all when comparing the iPhone XS and XR, the advantage remains for XS, but not absolutely. First of all, the distinguishing of the hull: in the XS frame from polished steel (stylish, cool), XR. matte aluminum (resistant to scratch). Main material. tempered glass in both smartphones. Waterproof XS above, IP68 standard (XR. IP67), which increases the depth of immersion, but you should not swim with any of them. Significant Bonus XR. more colors. Bright, juicy, saturated body colors will help make the world around Bright. Agree, there is something to think about!

Screen features. one of the main indicators that should be considered, determining which iPhone is better than XS or XR. Advantages of XS. Super Retina HD technology, which suggests a better, clear picture. In turn, XR. diagonal 6.1″ (5,8″ in XS), but below the resolution and number of pixels per inch, the lack of 3D Touch technology, the usual majority of users.

Extra options. We highly recommend to hold every smartphone in your hands before buying. It will give the opportunity to compare iPhone XS and XP, understand how it lies in your palm, what tactile feelings cause. You will be able to visually compare the framework, guided by your impressions, and not a generally accepted opinion. some annoying a threshold frame and “bang” XR, it is unnoticed by others.

Cameras. Front chambers are absolutely identical. The main camera XS is double, uses two-time optical zoom, six portrait lighting options. XR. Only one wide-angle camera, usual optical and digital zoom, lighting in three versions. The possibility of subsequent photo editing using artificial intelligence is provided in both models, excellent photos are obtained. Naturally, the differences are essential, but it is worth overpaying for this. to solve you.

Technical stuff. The most significant difference in iPhone XS from XR is precisely in the appearance and quality of the display module. But many characteristics practically do not have differences. In both devices, the A12 series processor is installed, therefore, the performance is identical. XS suggests large variants of pre-installed memory. up to 512 GB. Autonomy XR is somewhat higher, but not critical.

The results of the comparison are quite obvious, but the conclusions can be done different. It depends on your preferences and opportunities should not forget that the iPhone XS is significantly more expensive than the more budget fellow. The difference of 15-20 thousand is quite significant, but also features. Decide what to choose, unambiguously you.

iPhone XR. Is it worth buying

Despite the lower iPhone XR price, the top manager emphasized, the smartphone is equipped with the A12 Bionic processor with the updated Neural Engine technology and, like the iPhone XS, provides unsurpassed performance.

The idea of ​​letting the iPhone XR has gotten out for several years, Schiller admitted. According to him, Apple has had a set of technologies that should have been based on the basis of the company’s most innovative smartphone, which became the iPhone X. But it would be very dishonest to leave such breakthrough solutions with an exceptional feature of one model. And then it was decided to expand the lineup, adding a more affordable version of the flagship apparatus, which could afford much more people than before.

Apple has the full right to associate its new items with racing cars. iPhone XS has shown himself from the best side, coming out the winner of many tests on speed, whose participants became the top flagships on Android, and also conquered the title of smartphone with the best display.