IPhone XR Review. New Apple Smartphone for 65 thousand

Lifechaker tested the device and tells what he is inferior to the iPhone XS and whether it is worth changing it an old iPhone X.

Frame Glass, aluminum
Colors Black, White, Yellow, Blue, Coral, Red (Product Red)
Gabarits 150.9 × 75.7 × 8.3 mm
The weight 194 g
Display 6.1 inches, 1 792 × 828 pixels, IPS (Liquid Retina HD), 326 PPI
Platform A12 Bionic
Built-in memory 64/128/256 GB
Cameras Basic. 12 MP, frontal. 7 megapixel
Casting video With a resolution of up to 2160p at 60 FPS and SLO-MO-video with a resolution up to 1080p at 240 FPS
Degree of protection IP67
SIM-card Nanosim E-SIM (not available in Russia)
Wireless Inteeys Wi-Fi 802.11 A / B / G / N / AC, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, NFC, GPS
Connectors Lightning
Sensors Face ID, accelerometer, gyroscope, approximation sensor, light sensor, barometer
Unlock Face ID, PIN
Operating system iOS 12
Battery 2 942 mA h

What color iphone xr is the most popular

On the other hand, there is a possibility that Apple, waiting for a low demand for yellow and coral iPhone XR, deliberately released less smartphones in the housings of these shades. In any case, it is quite a logical excuse that arose from nowhere to the shortage, which also shows itself very point.

iPhone XR equipped with a 6.1-inch LCD display. It is this technology along with a single camera module allowed Apple to reduce the cost of the smartphone, and thanks to the thickest frames, it helped emphasize its lower status than XS and XS Max models. However, the production savings practically did not affect the functionality of the novelty, which, despite the lack of an additional lens and 3D Touch module, supports shooting in portrait mode and simulates gestures using the Inteeis HAPTIC Touch.


Unlike the iPhone XS and XS MAX, the iPhone XR has only 3 GB of RAM, but it is equipped with the same A12 Bionic processor, which is currently the most productive and energy efficient.

The newest chip operates at 2.49 GHz and, in addition to six processor cores, has a four-core video scorer, which is 50% faster than the previous generation. All this works in a bundle with an improved Neural Engine system that supports machine learning.

Apple does not call the exact capacity of the iPhone XR battery, but claims that it works for 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 8 Plus. And this, in turn, makes the iPhone XR in the most abusive of the entire line of smartphones. Available flagship supports wireless charging and if there is an 8-watt adapter, it may be charged half in just 30 minutes.

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Heavenly Blue iPhone

Flagship color turned out very calm

This year, the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max got a new color. heavenly blue. Probably the most neutral color for the smartphone we have ever seen. By the way, in reality, the color was somewhat different from what was shown on the presentation: owners can compare the smartphone with the fact that printed on the box. However, this option is recommended for purchase, if tired of bright iPhone 11 or iPhone 12. He is so calm and in good enough, that it is not a sin hide a cover of any color.

Size and weight not for everyone. But it is easier to keep than iPhone XS Max

When Apple introduced the iPhone XS Max, no one was surprised. The prospect of the appearance of a large iPhone X was obvious a year ago. But that the company then makes the device quite a bit smaller Honestly, I did not expect.

Now it is obvious that Cupertino is no longer afraid to experiment with iPhone sizes. Old principles went into the past, and iPhone XR is direct confirmation. It is accurately settled in the middle between (according to the standards of 2018) Compact iPhone X and giant iPhone XS Max.

Features, iPhone XR is still closer to “Max”. He is large, to control it with one hand is not as simple as “dozen” or ordinary xs.

If you have big palms, you will bypass one-handed grip. The rest do not ride.

Noticeable and increased weight. It would seem that there are 20 grams? But when you hold one’s hand for a long time, the fatigue is banally accumulated, and you have to take two or shifts. Again, with the iPhone X or XS there is no such.

However, the iPhone XR is still more convenient than XS Max. The latter at all on the verge of logical. I heard a lot of complaints from the owners of the new “shovel” of Apple: the upper part of the smartphone due to the size of the case as if it outrests, and it has to constantly compensate for a strong grip.

Yes, this is the chubby iPhone in my memory, and such Apple does not do from the time iPhone 4. But it is trite easier to keep! There is no discomfort from two millimeters from above, even on the contrary.

Which year is saying that the desire for subtle smarts in the root is incorrect. XR proved in practice. General impressions of ergonomics, respectively, such.

If the iPhone of the Plus series seemed big to you, then iPhone XR is unlikely to be more convenient. It is still not a “one-handed” smartphone. But those who watched the XS Max and could not cope with him. guys, try XR, it will be more convenient in the management plan.

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IPhone XS waterproof rating IP68, and iPhone XR. IP67. This means that you can immerse XS into the water for 30 minutes into the water to the depth of two meters, and XR is only 1 meter. The result is one that fell into water any iPhone you need to quickly catch.

It is also worth noting, the flagships of Samsung and Google, the waterproof rating is higher than that of the iPhone XR. For someone it can play an important role when choosing a smartphone.

Among all the iPhone XR is the coolest. red

Best color, at all times.

I spend a long time between bright red and coral smartphones: both, and the other look perfectly in hand.

But when I kept them in my hands, a sunbeam fell on me. Red iPhone simply spoiled a scarlet light by conquering my heart.

Coral color is very beautiful. But not bright.

Yes, there is such an opinion that the red iPhone. “Girl”.

I can’t agree with this inconsolable statement. It’s like with the car: it’s worth buying a wheelbarrow of blue, how you start constantly noticing on the roads of the machine the same coloring. The same with smartphones.

I constantly see in the subway people with red iPhones. What is characteristic of the original iPhone (Product) Red very little. But but, many worry their white, or black iPhone in red case, and they do both girls and guys.

I do not understand prejudice against red. Apparently, it is somehow connected with the image of a blonde in a red cabriolet, imposed by second-rate humorous gears, such as a curve of the mirror and anchlage.

I am writing this post in order to dispel this stereotype.

Purple iPhone 12

iPhone 12 violet color I did not buy. We took them for the editorial office, but I understand that if I had to buy a phone right now, I would choose it precisely and again would be in the plus.

So both new iPhones look at day street lighting.

All the colors of new models turned out interesting. I said about this when I was preparing the first impression and an overview of the released iPhone 12. They turned out more juicy than a year earlier in the iPhone 11. But then he got a purple color at the start, and now it took about six months.

But the color really turned out to be very spring and saturated, as we were told on the presentation a couple of weeks ago. Interestingly, on the street and indoors, a new smartphone looks completely different. This is rarely found, but here accidentally or special Apple has achieved such an effect.

On the street it looks softer and dim. Something is even similar to last year’s model. In the room, the color becomes much more saturated and deep.

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@Romking. This is Russia, for you already voted)))

Horror, I hope this sick fantasy designer will never see the light)

Cool color but the fact that the cameras still stick out can not forgive them

Purple not bad, no green, no shade.

Yes, we also knew, do not forget to write an article that you need to take only a lilac. Ask. why everyone consider him a bass.

Dame Putdorm. There are companies that offer airbrushing on the phone. They can brush your phone at least in the speck, at least draw a picture. T.to. I do not like covers and appearance for me the most important thing did on my phones. It looks just super and covers do not need and make the coating and at any time you can repaint.

@axinfernis. Tell me where they do, the name of the company?

I would like green, but not just such a shade.

Well, as BE, such colors for a smartphone is abnormally!

In the photo extremely controversial colors. I will be sincerely surprised if new devices really get to the market in such colors.

Although, justice for the sake of, XR in coral looked at the photo is also very controversial, but in life it is better.

Read. I saw that it will take purple. Scroll up to view the author. Then normal.

Purple is darker it is good color. SAMSUNG is like. And this similar to the color of the air freshener in the toilet with the smell of the valley.

It is not clear that they prevented them to make a double chamber like the iPhone X?

@zephyr. Criticism is that every year the same design. Here changed)))

@zephyr. There are not enough cameras, you need more chances of breaking

With so shaha. How is your avatar. You are only purple and need !))

What is the difference of what color is a poverty, yes even fuchsia, do not care)

Such a feeling that the paint remains from the old iPods of Nano 3 generations and Apple decided to finish reserves. Faded shades are not very pleasant look. When Steve represented the 5th generation of Nano iPodov, he said “We chose the colors who put into a series and in general, they launched them all, because they are very cool,” I hoped for bright shades, and here pastel tones.