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How to make a percentage charge on the iPhone

In the latest iPhone models, the display of the charge level as a percentage has become unavailable. This is due to the development of a new design in which the upper information field takes up less space. It was developed in connection with the appearance of a larger screen “from the edge to the edge” and the desire of the creators to minimize the information field. As a result of the space for showing how much percent the battery has, there is no left.

All iPhone models, both old and new, allow you to find out how many percent of charging the battery has. The difference is that the apple smartphones X, XR, XS XS Max will not be able to demonstrate the data constantly. For ergonomics, in order not to clutter up the space on the screen, the information was “hidden” into the curtain of the control center. You can get data in new models only from there.

The user will have to call an additional menu through a control point that disappears after using. In the settings, it was enough to enable the function “Active percentage”.

The ability to see the level of charge in percent has a psychological impact. As soon as the number becomes less than 50, the desire to find a socket and charger increases significantly. After all, this means that the smartphone has only a few hours of work left. Based on the results of the latest tests, 49% means about 5 hours of operation of the mobile device. It should be borne in mind that we are talking about a new phone with an unaccounted operation of the battery.

If the phone begins to discharge quickly and slowly charge, try changing the charger. It is necessary to use original products, otherwise there is a risk that the battery will quickly become unusable again. If the replacement of charging did not help, you will have to change the battery. This is an expensive procedure, but a more profitable way to save the iPhone than buying a new.

Why do you need to know the battery charge in %?

To evaluate how long the smartphone can stretch in autonomous mode. In the early Apple devices, the charge was displayed on a blocked and unlocked device of the device. next to the charge icon. In the phones of the iPhone X, XS, XR, XR, 11, 12 and 13 series, they refused this visual element due to the appearance of the “monobra”-the neckline had a piece of the upper part of the screen, leaving no room to display the charge.

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In the iPhone 13 “Monobrovka” became a little less fat, but % did not return the icon.

We find out the interest of the charge from Siri

Just ask Siri how much you have a battery charge left. She will kindly tell you about the state of your battery in the dialog box.

Do not forget that you can always contact our ILAB specialized service center if you have problems with Apple technique.

How to enable a charging percentage at the iPhone 12, 11, XS and XR

Unfortunately, on the iPhone with a neckline in the upper part of the screen, place the display of the current charge of the battery in the form of a percent in the upper line is not available.

However, we can choose one of two options in this case:

  • The simplest thing is to open a “control point”, pulling down from the upper right edge of the screen: as a result, the percentage of charging will be displayed in the status line.
  • The second opportunity has become available with iOS 14. now we can place a widget showing the battery charge level, including on the home screen (or in the widgets of the left):
  • Click and hold your finger from scratch, and when it goes into editing mode, click on the plus button at the left.
  • A list of widgets will open, find in the list the item “Elements of power”.
  • Select a suitable option for a percentage display and add it to the main screen.
  • As a result, you will always have a current percentage of charge, although it takes up more space than required, in my opinion.

Perhaps in the future Apple will offer another option to show a percentage of charging on these iPhone models, but so far only.

Models and methods of display

All models of apple smartphones, depending on the available ways to display the charge level as a percentage, can be divided into several categories.

  • From iPhone 5 to iPhone 7 plus. In all these devices, 4 methods are available at once. This is a widget on the main screen, display through the control panel, in the settings, as well as using the Siri voice assistant.
  • From iPhone 8 to iPhone 8 Plus. Only 3 display methods remains available here. This is a widget, a control panel, as well as a dear voice assistant.
  • From iPhone x and newer. All fresh versions of apple smartphones in the end have 2 options left. This is the control panel, as well as Siri.
iphone, charge, percentage

Twik BATTERYPERCENT12 displays the percentage of charging in the battery icon

That’s all. as you can see, activating the display of data on the battery charge in this form is extremely simple. Note that digital data gives a more accurate idea of ​​how quickly the gadget can turn off, and the possibility of iPhone is undoubtedly very useful.

How to make a charge on the iPhone

Since Apple has released a large number of devices, the method of activating interest on smartphones is slightly different, but we examined the options for all versions so that you can turn on the percent on the iPhone in any device.

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The procedure here is primitive and is carried out through the settings of the device:

It is also important to understand what values ​​differ in color by color. For example:

Attention! If you have activated the “energy conservation” mode on the iPhone, then you will not be able to change the appearance of the battery charge, until you turn it off. This item will simply not be active in the “battery” section.

How to find out the percentage of the charge on the iPhone X-family?

1) Open the control panel. on the Ixes, for this, it is enough to draw a finger down from the upper right angle. You will see the percentage of the battery charge in the upper right corner. Yes, everything is so simple.

2) the second option. just ask siri. Voice Assistant will answer the question of what is the level of charge of the battery as a percentage.

iphone, charge, percentage

View Battery Percent. iPhone X, Xs, iPhone Xs Max, XR, iOS 12 | Techie Prashant | HINDI

3) You can also draw your fingers from left to right on the lock screen or on the main screen. you will also see a percentage charge under the current date.

4) finally, the charge percentage is shown when one of the “X” is connected to the charger.

And, yes, this instruction will certainly be relevant for the iPhone 11, 11 Pro and Pro Max, the start of sales of which is expected in September 2019.

We turn on the display of the charge percentage

Before entering the market X and subsequent XS, XS MAX, XR, it was possible to include the display of the charge percent by entering the “Settings” and selecting the “Battery” item and setting the box opposite the “Active Percent” option. Also, when the energy.saving regime is turned on, the percentage began to be displayed automatically. But the latest models no longer provide such an opportunity that causes some discomfort.

It will not be possible to turn on the percentage display in any way. But you can still see. It is easy to do this, because this graphic element simply migrated to the menu of the “Control Center” menu.

So that this menu displays just one movement to make. Consider step by step:

  • Speak down the screen from top to bottom, making a swipe;
  • Now in the upper right corner you will see the percentage of the battery charge;
  • Make a swipe from the bottom up to close the control menu.

iPhone X/XR/XS: How to Show Battery Percentage Sign (3 Ways)

This is how simple it is. Another option: to ask the assistant Siri, asking the question “What is the percentage of the battery charge?””.

This innovation did not like this, because even such a simple movement requires additional time. In addition, a hidden display of the charging level as a percentage, often leads to an unexpectedly turned off iPhone. The owner simply forgets about the condition of the battery and does not connect to the network on time. At the same time, Apple believes that such a solution will allow you to extend the life of the battery: the user less often charges the phone.

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How to include interest on the iPhone 11. Battery charge indicator. methods of activation

Earlier, in almost all iPhone models, it was possible to include the battery charge display in %, in the status line. To do this, it was enough to go to the settings. the battery and activate the corresponding option. But in versions of the smartphone with the Truedepth (iPhone 11, 11 Pro, iPhone X, XS and XR) cameras, this function was abolished. And yet there is an alternative option on how to include interest on the iPhone 11 and similar models. We will talk about him today.

The easiest way. Your procedure:

  • Turn to the right “ears” at the top of the display (where the charge indicator is located);
  • Make the swipe down and select the control point;
  • At the top right, the icon with the battery charge will begin to be displayed in %. Control point can be closed.
  • Place your finger from left to right on the main iPhone display;
  • Click on the command to change in the opening screen of widgets;
  • Click on the icon “” (green) near the widget. Elements of power. The widget itself must be displayed in the upper section of the screen, with an icon “-” of a red shade;
  • Again make a swipe from left to right on the main display, loading the screen screen. Use the widget of the power elements to see the current charge of the iPhone battery in %.

Another frequent issue of users “The percentage of the charge on the iPhone 11 is how to include on all screens?””. The answer of many will disappoint. this is impossible in principle. Perhaps soon the developers will eliminate this defect, but today the “ears” in this model do not make it possible to display the charge in %.

The built.in Siri assistant is another option on how to enable charging interest on the iPhone 11. Call the voice assistant by saying “hey, siri” or several times in a row, pressing the side key Power. When the voice assistant starts, ask him to “show the percentage of the battery charge”.

“The battery as a percentage of iPhone 11. how to enable?”. a popular issue, but, according to Apple engineers, not quite relevant. Initially, the option was removed, since the battery capacity in the iPhone 11 was increased, in comparison with previous models. Whereas a show of % is necessary first of all (as Apple engineers think) to those people who actively use a smartphone and plants a battery. The opinion is controversial, but the fact remains. options on how to include interest on the iPhone are reduced only to the methods voiced above, any other alternatives are absent. We hope that the mentioned methods will be enough for your tasks.