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How to use iPhone 11

Help to deal with iPhone 11. Pros and cons of smartphone, new chips. How to configure the phone.

The strengths and weaknesses of the iPhone 11 are shown in the table:

Advantages disadvantages
Improved display from models Pro and Pro Max. Famous and loved by everything OLED matrix is ​​upgraded: Added support for HDR formats and raised contrast. Thanks to improvements, the image is bright and at the same time not “cuts” the eye, and also will not fuss even under the influence of direct sunlight. Minor volume of integrated memory. Many companies, including Chinese, raised the minimum index of the built-in drive to 128 GB and higher, and Apple it remained equal to 68 GB. over, it is impossible to buy and place a removable memory card. no place is provided for it.
Increased productivity. It is provided by the most powerful A13 BIONIC processor revised by the machine learning system and the three-module chamber. Saving on USB-C. Despite the expectations after the release of the iPad Pro, the fast charging was not put in the box to the iPhone, although it is compatible with it. Her
Faster graphics processor. He is twenty percent more productive than last. No reversible recharging. Almost all analysts were confident that after the SAMSUNG Galaxy update, Apple would not want to lag behind the main competitor and also introduces the technology of “feeding” of other gadgets from the smartphone. But, unfortunately, this did not happen.
Longer work offline. It is guaranteed by a battery with a capacity of more than 3 thousand mAh and reached a mark of 86 hours, which is 4 hours longer.
modern protection against water and dust. iPhone 11 retains its functionality when immersed in water up to two meters by thirty minutes, as IP68 is used in it. In previous models, less serious norms of IP67 were involved.

Separately, you should stay on new “chips” iPhone 11. These include:

  • New colors. Apple connoisseurs can choose iPhone 11 in one of the shades: white, black, red, yellow, green and purple.
  • 3D glass. The casing of the iPhone 11 is made of anodized aluminum, which seems to “flow” in 3D glass, which creates a stunning visual effect.
  • Large cameras. IPhone 11 have two of them, and the PRO and Pro MAX models are three of them. The main chamber of the twelve movemental, with several shooting modes and autofocus and other options. An additional chamber is equipped with an ultra-wide-organized lens that allows you to feel like real cinematographer.
  • Slow selfie. On the iPhone 11 it is possible to make a slough. To do this, go to the “Camera”, switch to the front camera and go to delayed selfie mode. Further remains only to show fantasy.
  • Detailed photos. iPhone 11 forms four basic and four additional images even before you touch the shutter. As a result, the snapshot turns out the “pixel for pixel”.
  • Night mode. With iPhone 11 you will be able to achieve beautiful photos even if around. Night mode starts activated independently and does not require flashing the flash. From the image removed areas with blur and noise. In addition, the picture is detailed.
  • Adjusting the power of sound. Suppose you take a person who says something. His voice will be loud than the rest (ads coming from shops, noise published by special equipment and t.D.).
  • Playing music using surround technology. Speakers work on the basis of spatial audio.
  • Wi-Fi support 6. An eleventh iPhone became the first smartphone with Wi-Fi 6 support. This means that the Internet speed has grown.

Why iPhone cannot be activated after updating iOS / reset settings

Before moving to solutions to how to fix the activation failure of your iPhone, you need to understand why you got an error “IPhone activation failure” after updating to iOS 14/15.

  • IPhone activation server busy. The iPhone activation server is not available due to the simultaneous activation of its iPhone with millions of users.
  • Your mobile operator does not allow you to unlock this iPhone.
  • Network or Wi-Fi connection does not work.
  • iPhone is not recognized and cannot be activated for work.
  • iTunes could not verify your device.
  • iPhone you are trying to unlock, still blocked by the previous user.

Activation iPhone without a SIM card

Using the iTunes utility for Windows or OS X. First you need to download the latest version of iTunes and connect the iPhone to the computer.

Once you have installed the connection between iPhone and iTunes, you can get a message that on the iPhone you are trying to activate. not installed SIM card. If you get this information, you still need a SIM card to unlock the phone, since the device is blocked for any network carrier. But if the message does not appear, you can continue activating your phone.

Then you need to choose “Set up as a new iPhone” and click “Continue” on your device. After that, the iPhone activation will start in iTunes.

When the process is completed, you need to configure some parameters on your iPhone, including location, password, application and data, Apple ID and T. D.

After all the settings are executed, your iPhone will be successfully activated. Finally, you just need to click “Start” to manage your new device.

How to activate iPhone through iTunes

The official utility helps to configure the new phone, restore the data after deleting the contents. Activating iPhone 6 or older model is carried out through a computer using a USB cord and iTunes utilities. This multifunctional application helps save backup copies, register the device in the system, buy and upload content for mobile. You can activate the iPhone according to the following algorithm:

  • Install the SIM and turn on the device. Activate the gadget without a card operator will not work, it is a mandatory stage.
  • Spend your finger across the screen for switching on. Immediately celebrate the country of residence, the language of the intees.
  • Select an Internet connection option (wireless or with PC). To activate iTunes, connect the smartphone with a computer using the original cord from the kit.
  • The program itself will determine the connected device, starts to configure it. To go to the control menu, click on a miniature phone icon.
  • When configuring the iPhone, which is already tied to Apple IDs, specify the account data and log in to the system. If the phone is new, immediately go to the next step.
  • A window appears with a choice of actions: Restore from backup or configure as new. In the first case, click the Continue button, wait for data from the cloud service. Do not interrupt this process (do not disconnect the device from PC) until it end.
  • After the end of recovery and activation, the gadget will reboot. Spend primary setting and you can use mobile.
  • If you register the phone for the first time, you must start an Apple ID account, get the code from the company to activate the provider’s network. All other steps are repeated (primary setting).

How to activate the iPhone without a SIM card (using iTunes)

If you do not have an activation wireless network connection or you want to activate the iPhone without a SIM card, you can activate the iPhone using iTunes. Here is a tutorial on how to activate AT T iPhone with a SIM card:

Step 1 Download and install the latest version of iTunes on your computer.

Step 2 Start a new installation process AT T iPhone on the iPhone. You will be asked to choose language and region.

Step 3 Click “Connect to iTunes” under any available wireless network.

iphone, activation, setup, setting

Step 4 Connect your iPhone to a computer via a USB cable. iTunes automatically activates at t iPhone.

iphone, activation, setup, setting

Step 5 You will be prompted to configure AT T iPhone as a new or restore it from a backup. Choose the one you like, it will not affect the activation process.

Step 6 Click “Start”, then “Synchronize”. Your iPhone will be synchronized with your computer, and the cellular activation AT T will be activated.

Step 7 Disconnect the iPhone and continue the setup on the iPhone screen. Now your AT T iPhone is activated without a SIM card. You can complete another job on your iPhone, including a password, input using Apple ID.

Preparation for configuration

Follow the simple algorithm to prepare a gadget to setup:

  • Insert the SIM card in the tray (it is on the right side). To open the tray you will need a key going in the box.
  • Immediately after switching on the device, a greeting will be displayed. Spend your finger across the screen to continue.
  • Choose the desired language, as well as the region of residence or country.
  • Now connect to the local network Wi-Fi. If not, click on the Cell Network button on the screen and connect. Primary activation will be completed.

Perform these steps, you can go to the activation of the device.

How to use the keyboard

The Keyboard from Apple does not differ from the usual. She is exactly the same. There are uppercase letters, and other features. It appears after the user sees a window where you can send some text. It may be a message on social networks, and search for some content in the browser.

How to restart or turn off your smartphone

Changes in the principle of activation of the Siri voice assistant led to the introduction of a new command to restart and turn off the iPhone X. The user should simultaneously click on the blocking and lumbering buttons on the sides of the smartphone. After that, the menu will open on the display with the selection of the appropriate commands.

Methods for eliminating activation problems with iPhone X

If you could not activate the Phone on the iPhone X or a warning reported that the activation server is not available or the SIM card is invalid or not supported how to fix the deactivated iPhone X? Here are some ways.

First follow these checks

You can’t activate the iPhone X without a SIM card. Therefore, check whether the SIM card is inserted.

If the error says “no SIM card” or “invalid SIM”, please insert the SIM card, because your SIM card may not sit in the right place,

Check if your Wi-Fi network is well functions.

View the list on the Apple system status page to find out if the checkbox is turned on when the iOS device is activated. If not, wait a while and try to activate the iPhone X later.

Turn off the activation lock

If you are asked to enter an access code when you try to activate the iPhone X, the activation lock can be enabled for a former user in the Find My iPhone to protect the data in case of theft (this can happen with some used iPhone. As I said, it rarely happens with the new iPhone X). To unlock the iPhone X, you need to enter the same password to enter and remove blocking in the Find My iPhone.

Restart iPhone

You can try to restart the iPhone X to find out if it works.

Press and hold the side button and the zoom button or decrease the volume until the slider appears.2. Take the slider to turn off iPhonex.3. After the iPhone X is turned off, press and hold the side button again until you see the Apple logo.

Activation iPhone using iTunes

If all methods failed, you can try to activate iPhone X through iTunes. Follow the steps:

Make sure you have installed the latest version of iTunes on your PC / MAC.2. Connect the iPhone X to the computer and run iTunes.3. Once iTunes detects your iPhone, it will show: “Configure as new” or “Restore from a backup”, which means that iTunes activated your iPhone. If the error in iTunes suggests that the SIM card is incompatible, contact your operator.

Fix the iPhone activation failure using the Reiboot tool

IPhone activation failure? We have a Tenorshare Reiboot utility can fix this problem.

Contact Apple

If the tips above do not work, there may be a problem with the iPhone X itself. You can call Apple to replace or repair if it is warranty.

I sincerely hope that 5 ways above can solve your problem, and you have an activated iPhone X. Read about new features and iPhone X specifications to familiarize yourself with the new iPhone. If you have a problem using iPhone X, for example, a black screen, Apple logo, failure and t. D. Tenorshare Reiboot It is recommended to fix all kinds of IOS problems without data loss.