What to do if the microphone is noise on the iPhone?

The iPhone uses noise cancellation technology to reduce ambient interference. Turn on and off Noise cancellation. Select “Settings” “Basic” “Universal Access” “Phone Noise”.

This is a normal phenomenon. In a quiet environment when writing to embedded microphones, the camera automatically increases the recording level to record even the slightest quiet sounds.

Noise reduction of phone. How to turn it on

It is rather strange that Apple was blunting the noise reduction of the phone is so deep in the settings, although it would seem that it would be more logical to bring it to the most prominent place. Still, suppressing external noise when talking on the phone is not some kind of gikovskaya thing, but a full-demanding majority of users.


You can turn on the noise reduction of the phone in the settings of universal access

Important refinement: The noise reduction function during telephone conversations only works if you keep your smartphone near the ear. That is, on a speakerphone, when the sound goes through the audio speaker, no noise will work. The fact is that in this mode the microphone works in reinforced mode, and the smartphone is hard to file the noise captured.

However, there is another aspect that you need to know. Oddly enough, but not all iPhone models support the noise reduction. For example, this function is deprived of the entire line of iPhone 13. It turns out that Apple did not add it to the firmware flagship smartphones of the actual generation, but no one noticed this for a long time.

Third-party video recording applications

If you can’t or do not want to use the camera application to record video with simultaneous music playback, then there are alternative applications in the App Store. Interestingly, Apple often notes the work of third-party developers and some of their solutions eventually appear in the company itself. So do not be surprised that some applications allowed to record video parallel with sounding music long before the implementation of this feature in the company “Apple’s company”.

Although in recent years, Instagram did not go beyond the original opportunities and their updates, this is an excellent application for creating an amateur video.

The idea instantly capture the moment allowing Instagram to allow music playback during video recording. This means that you can record a wonderful moment of your life, being close to friends and listening to your favorite song.

Here’s how to record the video while playing music in Instagram:

Select Mode (Publication, History, and T.D.).

Hold the capture button in the center of the screen for writing.

Save and download the roller by pressing the Next button (when shooting a publication) or the down arrow at the top of the screen (when shooting history).

No sound (not written) When shooting video on the iPhone. solving the problem

Some iPhone users (including iPhone 5C, 5S, 6, 6S, SE, 7, 8 and X, XR, XS, 11, 11 Pro, 12, 12 Pro, 13, 13 Pro) complain that with some the moment their smartphone or completely stopped writing the sound during video shooting, or began to write it extremely quiet. It turns out that the problem of the problem is quite simple and pretty funny that some users did not guessed before.

Starting with iPhone 5 Apple began to use several microphones in their smartphones. One of them is located on the back cover between the chamber and the flash. It is this microphone that is used while shooting video.

Thus, this microphone is often blocked by protective films (including factory) or covers that users put on a smartphone, t.to. Some manufacturers of accessories forget to make a slot for a microphone on the back of the device. If you use a protective film, then simply make a small slot so that the sound can reach the microphone.

Of course, this is not the only reason that there may be no sound. The back slot can be something clogged and because of this, the sound will meet an obstacle to the microphone. in this case you just need to carefully clean the slot.

However, if you checked your cover or a protective film, and also cleaned the hole on the back cover, but the sound did not appear. apparently, your microphone is really broken and you should contact the nearest service center.

How to reduce background noise when video call with iPhone?

Before trying the options about which we will tell below, make sure that your iPhone installed the latest iOS update (Installation Instructions). To reduce background noise during video calls, iOS 15 or a newer version should stand on the iPhone.

First open any application with which you want to call. As an example, make a video call to someone in Telegram.

Once the call is started, open the control on the iPhone. There you will see two modes for the camera and microphone. Of these, you need to select the microphone mode option.

On the screen that opens, select “Voice Isolation” and return back to save the settings.

Own, it’s all. Now you can close the control point and return to your video. Ask the interlocutor, whether he hears any background noise or your voice comes loud and clear?

Background noise suppression is difficult to call new technology. Google Meet, Google Duo and many other applications already have noise cancellation feature that will save you from problems during video calls outdoors. But similar to iPhone. special. The fact is that you can turn on noise reduction for any application at any time.

After you turn on the voice isolation on the iPhone, you can easily perform video calls, not a disturbance of the interlocutor noise around you. The first tests have shown that even respiratory sounds are cut, if the microphone is very close to the mouth. So this feature, which will soon receive the owners of the iPhone, will truly help the fight against the background noise during video calls.

What to do if when talking on the phone poorly audible interlocutor?

If you do not hear some other interlocutor, you need to make sure that the problem is not on your side. Try to make a call on knowingly a good phone and check the sound quality. If this is not your case, then moving on. Check the volume level.

Open “Settings”. Touch “Sounds, Tactile Signals” (on supported models) or “Sounds” (on other iPhone models), then tap “Headphone Safety”. Turn on “Mute Loud Sounds”, then drag the slider to select the maximum sound level in headphones.

How to remove noises on the iPhone Camera?

The iPhone uses noise cancellation technology to reduce ambient interference. Turn on and off Noise cancellation. Select “Settings” “Basic” “Universal Access” “Phone Noise”.

In most cases, hissing or quiet noise begin while working with a specific application. Even after the exit of it, the noise does not stop. However, if you unlighten the program from the multi-rigid panel, the smartphone ships. Wait for the new noise appearance and unload the program before it stops.

Noise in the dynamics of iPhone

Imagine that you are sitting working, on your iPhone playing music or launched a favorite TV series and at one moment the sound begins to behave somewhat strange: certain distortion, missticking or crackling or something else. In this case, it is important to pay attention to the physical state of the speakers. The two most common causes. the speaker in the iPhone clogged or liquid got into it.

In the speaker of your iPhone got water or he clogged, so you hear interference

  • If the speaker is dirty, try to clean it toothpick. Do it extremely carefully: it is desirable, of course, armed with special fixtures or entrust this business to a specialist, but you can try yourself at your own peril and risk. Do not overdo it: do not press the lattice, and in the future. do not try to blow it. This will lead to additional problems.
  • If water got into the speaker. do not try to do anything yourself. First, dry iPhone. Secondly, contact the service center.

Surprisingly, that if your speaker is in order, and the water or dust did not fall into it, then clicks can go by themselves.

This is the smartest voice recorder for the iPhone. removes interference with the record and not only

Still, the pursuit of minimalism from Apple often informs that many users start searching for third-party alternatives for standard applications. In this case, we will talk about a fairly good voice recorder with a lot of good, you can even say professional functions. He is so smart that not only knows how to speed up and delete pauses on records, but also cleanses it from unnecessary noise to be more understandable.

You can write anything. the distance and noise is not a hindrance

By the way, the application is called. “Smart Dictaphone. Lily”. I discovered it when once again at the conference there was a need to record an interview with a speaker. The atmosphere there, as a rule, is very noisy, and once because of this decoding the conversation simply did not work. such severe were interference during recording. This application eliminates these disadvantages of the built-in “recorder” and will be useful not only to journalists, but also to students who want not to simply mark the lecture, but get a full entry.

What immediately bribed “Lily”, so this is the possibility of listening to and record the sound at the same time: I put on airpods and perfectly heard the interlocutor when the voice recorder was recorded at the same time. The main screen of the application is very minimalistic, so it turned out to deal with it in a couple of minutes.

But this is not such a bombing function as an increase in volume when recording up to 300%. Really works. directly hear in the headphones, how the volume increases, and in what distance there was a person, his speech becomes clear and distinct. So the developers were not ashamed to use all the features of the microphone on the iPhone. and did the right. In addition, there is a function of accelerating the recording up to 3 times without distorting the voice: if you perceive the information on the rumor well, the function is very useful (while the lecturer / interlocutor will not talk so that helium from the ball pulled).

With the record received to put too. Advanced functions include removal of noise and silence. What is needed first. it is clear, during the lecture, someone is often acknowledged, coughing, talking (albeit with a whisper), and the application eliminates these artifacts. What is the removal of “silence”? Well, here is a good example. my posts with an interview often last 30-40 minutes despite the fact that actually conversation is not more than 15 minutes. This application removes pauses, so the recording is reduced and takes less space in the phone’s memory. And I do not have to spend my time on deciphering what is not. The received recording can be quickly exporting where it is necessary in the format.mp3.

The basic functionality of the program is available free. the professional version is distributed by subscription and includes a clean sound without noise, deleting a pause in the record, an increase in volume up to 300% and many other functions. For such a set of opportunities, it is not a pity to pay 75 per month (or at all 38 when subscribing per year), the more the application really helps in many cases. If you are also looking for a good voice recorder, try. 7 days you can use all the functions completely free.

Title: Smart Dictaphone. Lilia Publisher / Developer: Anton Egorchev Price: Free Built-in Shopping: Yes Compatible: Universal Application Link: Install