What to do if the iPhone 13/12 hung on an apple?

One of the most frequent iPhone failures is Apple’s freezing. If, when you turn on or reboot the phone on the screen, a white apple icon is displayed for a long time and nothing changes, this means that you have fallen into this situation. Some users also note cases when the iPhone 12 depends on an apple with a strip, as when installing the system update. Similar types of errors can occur as a result of viral software loading due to a damaged update for applications or iOS, as well as after a system failure in the operation. In this article, we will analyze in detail what should be done if the iPhone 12 depends on the apple, and present step.by.step instructions for the best ways to solve this problem.

If your iPhone 12 depends on the apple and does not turn off, then the first thing (as in the case of any failure in the phone) should try to restart the device. This simplest method is often effective and helps to solve small errors of the system or applications. Since the standard shutdown procedure in this case is impossible, it will be necessary to perform the so.called hard reloading iPhone using the buttons located on the device case. So, in order to carry out a forced restart of the iPhone 12, follow the following actions.

  • Step 1 : click on your iPhone and immediately release the volume increase button.
  • Step 2 : Then press and immediately release the volume reduction button.
  • Step 3 : Next, click and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears, then release the side button and wait for the phone load in normal mode.

Money saving tips to fix the iPhone 13, does not turn on

Here are a few tips to save money that will help solve the problem “iPhone 13 is not turned on”.

iPhone Dead Solution

Charge your iPhone 13

If your iPhone battery sits down, your phone will not turn on. Although the phone shows a low battery level, you cannot notice it if you do not use the phone.

In this situation, the discharged battery may be possible that your phone has died and does not turn on. So, take the charger and connect the phone. After connecting the charger to the outlet, just leave the phone for half an hour. Do not turn on the phone immediately after connecting to a charger.

In addition, make sure that the charger is not broken. In addition, make sure that cable or charging wire is in good condition.

Simple restart / forced restart iPhone 13

You can try a simple restart or forced restart to solve the problem when the iPhone does not turn on. Below is the procedure for forced reloading iPhone:

Continue to press these buttons until you see the Apple logo on the phone screen. If the Apple logo appears, this means that your iPhone turns on.

Restoration of factory settings via iTunes (data loss)

IOS freezing does not allow the iPhone to turn on. This is due to the malfunction of the operating system. In most cases, iOS tends to be damaged.

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In this situation, the best way to solve the problem “iPhone 13 is not included”. This is to restore the factory settings of the device. To complete this task, you will need access to iTunes through your Windows or Mac device. The procedure includes the following stages:

  • Connect the iPhone to the computer that starts iTunes.
  • After that, iTunes will automatically determine your device in recovery mode.
  • Further, iTunes will diagnose the problem and offer either update or restoration of factory settings.

SINCE You Need to Restore Your iPhone, Select the ‘Restore’ Option.

During this process, you will lose the data that previously stored on your device. In fact, this is not a loss, because otherwise you will not have access to such data, since your device was not turned on.

What iPhone models suffer from the cold stronger than?

Why will one iPhone continue to work calmly even in frost with a 50% charge, and the other will turn off with a slight decrease in temperature with 80% charge? The fact is that lithium-ion batteries have a limited number of working cycles.

When they overcome this value, their capacity is significantly reduced. The average iPhone has a small number of cycles (800-900). Therefore, if you use a smartphone quite actively, then an unpleasant problem may appear two years after the acquisition of the gadget.

From this we can conclude that old models of Apple devices suffer the most.

Rules for use in the cold

The temperature is below zero outside, but you need to go, and the iPhone cannot be left at home. How to behave to save the device from the cold? Several rules:

iphone, turned, cold, does, turn
  • Keep the phone closer to the body. Forget for a while about external s and use internal ones. in them the temperature is kept in comfortable limits for technology.
  • Protect the iPhone case. No need to look for a fur cover or hide the phone in the mittens (although this will also help). For minimal protection against frost, it is enough to pack the smartphone in any thick cover. If you are ready to spend a little and buy a cover with a battery, it will be very cool. the iPhone will be easier to transfer the frost, as it will be constantly connected to the power source. The main thing is not to charge it in the cold. only in the inner !
  • Do not leave the phone in the car. The temperature inside the cabin will decrease, and the iPhone will freeze so that you will tune to him.
  • Launch demanding applications to warm up the processor. This can help to call in the cold if necessary. But often this is not necessary. temperature drops do not affect the condition of the battery.

Main advice. try not to use the iPhone on the street in winter. If you need to call, go to the room. Or buy a headset and control the device without taking it out for a long time from the inner. fur cover or other warm place. This is very annoying Apple users and is a powerful argument in favor of the transition to Android smartphones, but you need to understand that in the cold any electronics work with errors. Just in the iPhone these errors appear at temperatures relatively high for our latitudes.

Turn on iPhone via iTunes

IPhone restoration using software. extreme option. It may not be needed if it turns out to be returned to the device working condition through iTunes. The method helps to save the device without loss of data. To do this, connect the smartphone to the PC using a USB cable, start iTunes. Then enter the device into the recovery mode. On different devices it is not the same and turns on in different ways:

  • iPhone 5s, 6, 6s. Squeeze the inclusion button at the same time and “Home”. Keep them for 20 seconds until the iTunes logo light up on the screen;
  • iPhone 7, 7 Plus. Squeeze the volume reduction button at the same time and the power button. Hold for 20 seconds until the iTunes logo appears;
  • iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X and newer models.Press and immediately release the volume button, then press and immediately release the volume decrease button. Squeeze the power button and hold it for 20 seconds until the iTunes logo appears.
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In the iTunes dialog box on PC, select “Extract the iPhone”. Immediately after that, reload the device using the on button on the iPhone. The measures taken should help the gadget turn on and earn again without the need to restore the method of reinstalling.

If the miracle did not happen and the phone did not work after connecting to the computer, you can try recovery. However, this procedure leads to the removal of all data from the iPhone. If you plan to do this, make a backup copy of all data.

IPhone restoration instructions via iTunes:

  • Connect the phone to the PC using a USB cable, start iTunes.
  • Enter the device into the recovery mode (instructions for different iPhone models are given a little higher).
  • The program will report the detection of the device in recovery mode. Then it is necessary to select the “update” item in the dialog box that opened, click on it. This function can return the gadget to working condition without data deletion.
  • If, when updating, the program gives an error, restoration should be performed. To do this, you must again introduce the device into the recovery mode according to the previous instructions, select the “Restore” item in the window that opens.
  • Wait for the completion of the operation.
iphone, turned, cold, does, turn

After updating or recovery, the device should return to working condition. It is recommended to immediately download a backup copy.

When you turn on or update the iPhone through iTunes, you can not turn off the USB cable from the computer. This can lead to serious software failures on the phone.

iPhone X does not work in the cold

So, how the iPhone 10 behaves when it falls into conditions with a low temperature. Firstly, his screen simply refuses to recognize and all the more to perform your gestures. He simply does not respond to pressing. Secondly, some users note that the display is generally behaving incorrectly. For many, the problem passes by itself in 3-7 minutes, and someone has a phone at all or does not want to come to his senses even after it was brought to heat.

Below is a few ways to fix this error.

What to do when the iPhone is often cut down in the cold

Perhaps you ask why some Apple smartphones can calmly work in the cold at 40-20% of the charge, while others turn off 80-60% of the battery charge?

The thing is that the batteries-ion batteries have their own “life” cycle, if the number of working cycles already exceeds 500 charges/discharge, then with a high degree of probability the battery in your iPhone requires replacement and cope with the cold environmental temperature for it, an excessive task. How to measure the number of iPhone cycles I have already described earlier.

If you checked and your battery already has more than 500 cycles (its capacity is much less than earlier). Replace the iPhone battery with a new one, and you will notice, not only an increase in the work time of the smartphone, but a greater resistance in frosty weather, and perhaps it will completely stop turning off (unless of course it is used in the aisles of reasonable in cold weather).

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Apple devices at least other phones are subject to the appearance of system failures. The reasons can be different:

  • Too high load on RAM due to the operation of a large number of programs in the background.
  • Incorrectly conducted Jailbreak.
  • Incorrect device firmware and t.D.

If a rigid reboot does not solve the problem, then it makes sense to perform the restoration of the iPhone, having previously made a backup copy of the data. To solve the problem, you will need a computer with iTunes.

IMPORTANT: During the restoration from the phone, all the information will be deleted, so before performing the firmware, make sure that you made a backup data.

  • Connect the iPhone to a computer with open iTunes.
  • Put the device into dfu mode. Keep the Power and Home for 10 seconds, then release the Power button and keep Home for another 10 seconds until the ITUNES report on the detection of a smartphone in recovery mode.

If DFU recovery did not help solve the problem, then it is likely that the cause of the problem is a hardware malfunction.

Question answer

It happens that after updating iOS, and sometimes even after a regular call or delete the application, the display went out and the device no longer turns on. The maximum hangs an apple and the screen goes out again, and so in a circle.

Two options will help: Hard Reset and flashing.

If after a phone is zeroing, something is loaded or spinning a circle on a black background, a new version of iOS may be installed. If a jailbreak was installed, the system tries to return cellular to working condition. Another reason may be poor.quality repair (or made independently without the necessary skill and experience).

You can try to reload with buttons, apply a “hard” reboot, recall the phone in DFU mode, or restore it as a new device via iTunes.

iPhone 12’s: Not Turning On While Charging for Long Time? Easy Fixes!

DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode is used to flash iOS. In this case, the information will be erased without the possibility of recovery (which explains the name of the method). If you have a fresh backup, all data can be returned to the phone.

  • For the iPhone older than the 7th generation, squeeze the 20 seconds buttons “Food” and “Home” before sunbathing on the screen of the iTunes logo.
  • For models 7 and 7, simultaneously with the VCL key, press the volume reduction button until the junction of the media player.
  • For smartphones from 8 model, click the “volume increase”, “decrease in the volume” and clamp the side button until the ITUNES symbol is tanned.

If the phone is on charging, when trying to turn it on, it shows a red battery and does not turn on. Most likely, the battery failed or lacks power power.

To save photos and data, you can try to revive the iPhone yourself or contact the service. If this does not help, contact the experts who fall out of the memory chip and insert into another apparatus, thus saving all the data.

Most likely the iPhone is installed update, wait a while. If the screen does not change for about 20-30 minutes, mechanical breakdown is possible, for example, water from the apparatus (even spray, simple rain or high humidity can harm). If the matter is the problematic software (software). It must be updated (complete cleaning of the device with the restoration of the firmware).

iphone, turned, cold, does, turn