If the iPhone does not turn on, but the apple is constantly on

Another unpleasant situation that is often encountered among users of the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5S is that an apple lights up and goes out on the screen. In this case, do not test the strength of your nervous system. Most likely, there was a failure restoring iPhone from backup. What should be done in this situation? The recovery mode and the computer on which you first need to run iTunes will help you. Then connect the USB cable, but for now only to the computer. Your next action is to turn off the iPhone completely, getting rid of the apple, which is still on and off. To do this, you need to hold down the HOME and POVER buttons. Next, hold down “HOME” and connect the USB. This should be done until the iTunes logo appears on the screen and next to it. the image of the plug. You will see an inscription on the screen that the recovery mode is working. All that will need to be done in the future is to click the “Restore” button.

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What to do if iPhone 5 / 5s charges but won’t turn on

Although Apple gadgets are known for their quality, even sometimes they fail, confusing their owners. There are times when the iPhone 5s is discharged and does not turn on, even plugs into a wall outlet via the charger. What should I do in such a situation? The main thing is not to panic and understand.

iPhone is running low and won’t charge

Black screen and no response to button presses is a common problem. In this situation, the main thing is not to panic and do not rotate the device yourself. Typically, the problem is a deep depletion of the phone or iOS. Try the following:

If after all the above does not work, you can conclude that there may be a malfunction: iPhone, “charging” cord, charging head do not work, charger capacity is low.

Other reasons why iPhone won’t charge or turn on

The fact that you definitely need to try other chargers, another cable and be sure to make sure that the battery has not exhausted the charging limit (which is not time to change) I think it is unnecessary to write.

If you are 100% convinced that everything is in order with this, then, just in case, I recommend trying to charge your smartphone through a computer by connecting them with a cable.

I had a case that only through a computer, or rather, through a laptop, it was possible to charge the iPhone. from the chargers there was a zero result.

The above refers to self-execution, but it may happen that the charge controller burns out. Although it is not expensive, you can hardly replace it yourself.

These are all the most common reasons why the iPhone stopped charging, but let’s say it is charging for you, but does not turn on. What to do then? About this below.

How to turn on iPhone 5, 5s, 5c if it charges but won’t turn on (one way)

Who wants to thank in kind, here is the link:.

The second problem can be low current in the charger. There is not enough current and the phone cannot accept the correct charger to turn on. Then you need to check the health of the “charging” on another smartphone. Or use deliberately serviceable ones to leave the phone charged for 6 hours. Then check if the device is turned on. If the smartphone works successfully, observe how long the power charge lasts.

If the battery power decreases more quickly, contact a service center for diagnostics. It may be time to replace the battery. Such problems often arise when working with non-original chargers. To avoid such situations, purchase accessories of original origin.

Another option in this situation would be to try to restore iPhone via DFU mode. Charge your phone overnight to maximize battery life. Install an updated version of iTunes on your computer and launch it. Connect your phone via USB cable and simultaneously hold down the Power and Home keys for 15 seconds. Press the “Power” button without releasing the “Home” for another 10 seconds.

After the notification is issued that the device is identified and ready for recovery, click “repair”. After completing the processes, try turning on your smartphone. It should turn on normally.

If you encounter an issue where your phone won’t charge, or won’t charge but won’t turn on, please contact

If a fully charged iPhone runs out of power quickly without your active involvement, this is a cause for concern. It may have a problem with its built-in battery. If you find a problem with the iPhone and fix it yourself, it did not work, contact an authorized service center for help, entrust the work to qualified specialists.


The indicator shows charging but does not charge Subscribe to the channel, set as I bought it.

iPhone charges but won’t turn on

If you belong to the group of people whose devices have a bitten apple, then you probably know that their repair loves to gut the wallet well.

Despite all the efforts of Apple and of course good reliability indicators, the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 4, iPhone 7, iPhone 5c, iPhone 4c, iPhone 5s are still far from being perfect.

One of the problems that occur is when the phone does not turn on and does not charge, or turns on but does not charge.

What to do? If the device does not charge or turn on, then the reason is obvious. The smartphone is simply discharged, and a discharged one will never turn on.

So you need to fix charging problems, after which the phone should start to turn on as before.

If it charges and does not turn on, then the reason and method of elimination are of course different. Let’s take a look at these problems and solutions.

The causes of all problems

First, let’s try to understand why the iPhone won’t turn on. Is it just an apple burning, and after that the device turns off altogether? This process is called cyclic reload.

It can occur for the following reasons:

  • unsuccessful firmware;
  • problems when removing the “jailbreak”;
  • breakdown of power circuits;
  • battery malfunction;
  • problems with the motherboard of the phone;
  • viruses;
  • lack of charge on the phone;
  • too low or high temperature of the atmosphere;
  • external damage to the device.

In addition, if the iPhone does not turn on (the apple is on and nothing else happens), the reason may be hidden in a regular system crash. What to do under certain circumstances? How to get your device to work normally again?

iphone, shows, charging, turn

Technical difficulites

iPhone won’t turn on? Is an apple burning and nothing more? This is a very common occurrence. Sometimes it is associated with hardware failures. Diagnosing them can be tricky.

If you suspect that the iPhone itself is faulty, you just need to take it to a service center. Only there will be able to confirm or refute the theory.

If it is possible to replace any broken elements of the “apple” phone, the service centers will offer the appropriate service. In some cases, you have to buy a new smartphone.

What most often breaks down on “apple” devices? For example:

  • “Power” button;
  • motherboard;
  • charging controllers;
  • battery.
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As a rule, in these situations, the purchase of a new phone is not necessary. These components can be repaired for a reasonable fee. This is normal.

iPhone won’t turn on, apple is on. what to do?

Apple. manufacturer of modern gadgets. The products of this company are known all over the world. It is distinguished by its quality. But Apple phones aren’t perfect. They still remain the most common technique. Therefore, sometimes people think about why the iPhone does not turn on (the apple is on. And that’s it). Below we will consider the most common scenarios. In addition, we will be able to understand how to act under certain circumstances.


iPhone won’t turn on? Is an apple burning and nothing more? You can try to restore the operating system. This technique helps to get rid of the bulk of system failures.

iPhone won’t turn on? Is the apple burning? What to do? Required:

  • Turn on iTunes on computer.
  • Connect phone to PC via USB.
  • Click on “Home” and on the “Power” button.
  • Keep the keys pressed for about 10 seconds.
  • Release the “Power” button.
  • Depress Home Control as soon as iTunes detects iPhone in Recovery Mode.
  • Click on the “Restore iPhone.”.
  • Click on “Next”.
  • Click on “I accept”.
  • Wait until the end of the operating system recovery.

As soon as all the above steps are over, it remains only to turn on the phone and configure it for the first work with the system. There is nothing difficult or incomprehensible in this.

Temperature jumps

The external environment can also affect the performance of gadgets. Have an iPhone 5? The apple is on and the device itself does not turn on?

It is necessary to check whether the temperature limits are observed. If a device from Apple is placed in a temperature of 0 degrees Celsius, the company cannot guarantee that the iPhone will work stably. When the gadget stays in an atmosphere with a temperature of 20 degrees for a long time, it may not turn on at all.

Overheating of the device also causes a lot of trouble. iPhone won’t turn on? Does the black screen light up and then turn off? It is possible that the device has simply overheated. For example, with long-term sun exposure.

In such circumstances, you should proceed as follows. leave the phone alone in normal temperature mode for about 20-25 minutes. Then try to turn on the device again. As soon as the temperature regime recovers, the performance will improve.

iPhone Won’t Charge. Software Reasons

Among the reasons why it is impossible to charge the iPhone, there are software reasons, and some experts call them prevailing. The main software reason is a software malfunction (at the level of the smartphone’s firmware), which for some reason does not give commands to the phone’s controller to charge, therefore charging simply does not occur.

Also, the reason why the iPhone refuses to charge is the user using an incorrect (custom) firmware in his device (similar firmware is available for versions of the first generation iPhone, iPhone 3G and 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4Rev A).

iPhone Won’t Charge. Hardware Reasons

The reasons iPhone won’t charge but shows it charging are as follows:

  • Damage (breakage) of the cable. If your cable has been damaged (physical wear and tear, animals, children, etc.) then you will not be able to charge your iPhone, and in some cases you will see signs of charging, but de facto it will not happen;
  • Broken charging port (Lightning). Usually caused by physical wear and tear, as well as strong (sharp) movements of the user when connecting and disconnecting the cable;
  • Port clogged with dirt. In the process of long-term use of the phone, staying it on various fleecy (dirty) surfaces, the jack can become clogged with small pieces of wool, dirt, dust, etc., which leads to insufficient contact of the cable plug with the port;
  • Charger problem. For some reason (physical wear or incomplete compliance with the declared characteristics) your device does not give the declared charging parameters (usually 5V and 1A), and this leads to various problems with charging the smartphone. This is especially true for devices from little-known manufacturers (the so-called “noname”);
  • Battery problem (usually wear and tear). Over time, the battery depletes its resource and needs to be replaced. If you have been using your iPhone for a long time, or have purchased it hand-held, then it is likely that the battery of your device has exhausted its resource;
  • Physical damage to the phone board. If your phone received any physical damage, fell or experienced any other mechanical stress, then it is quite possible that they adversely affected its functionality, including the ability to charge it;
  • Problems in the controller responsible for charging the phone.

iPhone won’t charge but shows it is charging. what to do

Some of the iPhone users may face a situation where, when the charger is connected, their smartphone simply does not charge, and the culprits for this dysfunction may be the reasons for both hardware and software levels. In this article, I will tell you what to do if the iPhone does not charge, but shows that it is charging, I will describe the causes of this problem and the features of the methods for solving it.

iphone charging but not turning on, iPhone stuck on red battery screen. solve it at your home

How to fix iPhone charging issue

So, if you have a situation that your iPhone is not charging, but shows that it is charging, then do the following:

  • Try to completely discharge your device and then charge it;
  • Hard reset your device. Hold down the On / Off and Home buttons with the device turned on, and hold until the screen turns off and the Apple logo appears on it again (it may take 30 seconds). After rebooting, try charging your smartphone again;
  • Try using your cable with a different iPhone. If charging still does not occur, replace the cable;
  • If, when the cable connected to the port moves, the charging turns on and off. it is quite possible that the port does not connect or is simply broken. Replace the port at the service center;
  • Unplug your phone, take a wooden toothpick and gently pick up any debris that has accumulated in the socket. Do the procedure as gently and carefully as possible so as not to damage the contacts. Under no circumstances use any material that is highly conductive (for example, a metal pin), you can short-circuit the contacts and harm your device;
  • Try your charger with a different iPhone. If charging still does not occur, replace (repair) the charger;
  • Recover via iTunes. Connect your iPhone to iTunes on your computer, click on “Device” on the top left, then click on “Backup” and wait until the procedure is complete. Then click on Restore and wait for the process to complete;
  • Check the charge controller (or bottom cable) at the service center. If your iPhone does not charge, loses power quickly, gets very hot, then this may be an indicator of the controller’s “guilt”. If the controller is out of order, repair (replace) it;
  • Replace the battery. If you have been using the phone for a long time, the battery may have worn out. Replace it.
  • Contact the nearest service center, perhaps a significant breakdown of the board of your smartphone due to any accidental physical impact.

iPhone is dead and won’t turn on while charging

Black screen and unresponsive button presses are common problems. In this situation, the main thing is not to panic and not unwind the device yourself. Typically, the problem is a deep discharge of the phone or freezing of iOS. Try the following:

1 Power charge can be discharged quickly at low temperatures. If you came from the cold and found a “black screen”, warm up the device. 2 Leave for 20 minutes connected to the charger. The iPhone should turn on by itself. This will not happen if the smartphone is completely discharged. 3 In this case, hold down the “power” and “home” keys for 10 seconds. For the 7th iPhone, you need to hold down the “power” and “volume down” keys. When the logo appears, stop holding the buttons down. Expect full iOS download. 4 If this procedure does not help, then turn on and off the mute switch before performing it. And do point 3 again.

If, after all of the above has not yielded a result, we can conclude that there is a possible malfunction: iPhone, “charging” cord, “charging” head is not working properly, the throughput of the charger is low.

iPhone shows charging but won’t turn on

Apple specialists have succeeded in creating convenient, fast and reliable iPhone smartphones, which have won popularity among millions of people around the world. But, despite the high level of reliability, breakdowns do occur in them. If iPhone charges but won’t turn on, it could indicate a problem with the iPhone’s electronics. Let’s try to understand the reasons for the appearance of such symptoms and find out what actions we can take in this case.

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Battery check

If the mobile device is charging but does not want to turn on, it may indicate a problem with the battery. The peculiarity of the iPhone is that it uses a non-removable battery. we cannot take it out and test it. In this case, we can suspect that the discharge is too deep, so the battery needs to be checked somehow. We just have to leave the device on charge overnight, trying to start the iPhone in the morning.

This procedure is often used to eliminate the consequences of deep discharge of batteries. Standing on the charge for a long time, it will be able to replenish its capacity and gain the required amount of energy. In the case of a removable battery, it could be “overclocked” by an external power supply or a “frog”, but in the case of the iPhone, we can only wait and hope.

Non-removable batteries are found in all iPhones, including the iPhone 4s and iPhone 5s. If the battery in your device is removable, then you are holding a fake.

Repair iPhone

Your iPhone 6s won’t turn on or charge? Such a fate can befall not only the 6s model, but also any other models of smartphones from Apple. If the device shows no signs of life, does not respond to a long night charge and does not start even when you try to enter recovery mode, you need to contact the service center. Here experts will bring him to his senses. most likely, the motherboard is faulty in your smartphone, self-repair in this case is impossible.

iPhone is dead and won’t turn on while charging

If iPhone is completely discharged and won’t turn on. then the first thing to do is not to panic, because there are several ways to make it work. But first you need to figure out why it does not turn on. After all, even if you forgot the password on the iPhone and you don’t know what to do, the battery charge is still saved. Basically, there are only two reasons an iPhone might not work: the first is a completely drained battery, and the second is a software glitch. Let’s deal with each of them.

What to do if iPhone won’t turn on due to dead battery

If the phone runs out of battery, then you need to connect it to the mains adapter and charge for fifteen minutes (some models take half an hour). After the specified time has elapsed, it is recommended to try to turn on the mobile device, but do not remove it from the socket. If everything goes well, the icon of an empty battery inside with a lightning bolt should appear on the screen of the gadget (this means that it is charging and will soon turn on). In some cases, if the iPhone is completely discharged and does not turn on even after half an hour of charging, an empty battery icon, an outlet and an arrow pointing to lightning may appear on the screen. This means that the battery of the gadget was completely discharged (or did not turn on for a long time), so it needs additional time to recharge (approximately four to five hours, after which it can be turned on).

What to do if iPhone won’t turn on due to software glitch

If there is a software failure, then the gadget requires a hard reboot. To do it, on the iPhone, you need to simultaneously hold down two buttons at once: Power and Home. They should be held clamped for about 10-15 seconds, after which the Apple logo should appear on the screen of the gadget, which will mean that the device has started rebooting. If you already know how to tell the difference from the original iPhone 3GS, you’ve probably seen this icon. After the reboot is complete, the phone will function normally. It is worth noting that the same reboot can be done if a program freezes and the phone does not respond to pressing any buttons.

The above problems and their solutions are standard, but if none of these methods helped, then most likely one of the following malfunctions occurred on the phone:

With all of the above problems, it is recommended to contact the service center, because it will be very difficult to solve them on your own. Although nothing is impossible in the world!

Checking the charger

Is your iPhone showing it’s charging but won’t turn on? The problem may lie in a too low charging current. As a result, a discharged battery cannot collect enough charge to start the smartphone. We do not have the opportunity to get into the interior of the smartphone with a multimeter and check the charge current. But what prevents you from using a known good charger? We carry out the following actions:

  • We find a known working charger that successfully charges other smartphones;
  • We connect the current iPhone to the charger;
  • We leave for the night.

Please note that if, after such a charge, a rapid discharge of the battery is observed, you should contact the service center to replace the battery.

Charging problems are common when using non-original chargers made by third parties. If you want to avoid such problems, use only original accessories manufactured under the Apple brand.

IPhone Recovery

If iPhone charges but won’t turn on, you can try restoring it via DFU mode. To do this, we leave the smartphone on charge until the morning (so that it can take the maximum charge). In the next step, we need a computer with iTunes installed. We connect the smartphone to the computer, hold down the “Home” and “Power” buttons, press for 10 seconds, release the power button and, while continuing to hold “Home”, wait another 15 seconds. At this time, iTunes should report that it has detected a ready-to-restore iPhone. We confirm our intentions and wait for the results. Next, we try to turn on our smartphone.

We have already written about the procedures for restoring and flashing iPhones in our reviews more than once. use the search on the site and get the information you need.

Why iPhone won’t charge. reasons and solutions

The iPhone is tightly included in people’s lives, so the banal lack of charging leads to resentment and horror at the same time. Owners begin to think about the most serious problem with a mobile device. a complete breakdown that cannot be fixed. But there are many reasons why the iPhone won’t charge, and not all of them boil down to a broken phone.

iPhone Won’t Charge via Wireless Charging: What to Do

Select iPhone models can be charged via wireless charging. This is a huge plus, since you can take it with you on a trip and connect additional devices to it. It is noteworthy that wireless chargers are offered by manufacturers along with mobile devices. With wireless chargers, you can buy the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X today. Apple has expanded the possibilities for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR.

Despite the possibilities, owners often face charge problems. On this issue, the following reasons and methods for their elimination are distinguished:

  • the charging station is not connected. It is required to check the connection;
  • using a thick cover. It is necessary to remove and check whether the mobile phone has become responsive to charging;
  • the presence of a magnetic plate, which is hidden in the case. It is impossible to see it, so it is also recommended to remove the cover and check the charging;
  • an additional USB device is connected to the iPad. You need to disable;
  • the presence of a built-in battery in the case. Remove the cover;
  • displacement of iPhone from the place of charging. Check device location.

In the presence of the presented problems, the mobile phone will not be able to charge. The problem is eliminated on its own.

Top Reasons Why iPhone Stopped Charging

Among the possible prerequisites for the problem of charging a mobile device are:

  • a problem with the charger. As soon as the charger is inserted into the socket of the phone, the process begins. If not, it is necessary to check the integrity of the cable;
  • power supply problem. If the accessory (charging) is ok, check the power supply. It is usually plugged into a power outlet, cigarette lighter, or USB port. The problem haunts the owners who charge the phone through the computer. The reason is often hidden in the malfunction of the adapter of the system unit. Sockets also tend to break;
  • system failure. The lack of power with a working cable and source is often associated with a system failure. The problem in most cases is solved by turning off and on the mobile phone;
  • defective iPhone connector. If the above problems are not identified, you should carefully inspect the connector of the mobile device itself. If it is dirty, it is carefully cleaned without using liquids;
  • iPhone firmware crash. The owner should have noticed that the mobile device has been working intermittently for several days;
  • battery wear. The battery tends to wear out, which happens faster if the recommendations are not followed;
  • breakage of the components of the mobile device. In this case, the phone may not turn on at all.
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Note! Once the reason for the lack of charging is determined, you can begin to solve the problem. Perhaps someone who knows all the subtleties will be able to carry out repairs on their own.

Why iPhone won’t charge to 100%

On this issue, there are only two reasons. this is the failure of the operating system and the breakdown of the internal components of the mobile phone. Under any circumstances, you have to contact the service center. But first leave the phone overnight or for 24 hours to charge. If nothing happens, then the matter is more serious than just a malfunction of the charger and power.

What to do if iPhone won’t charge but charger is connected

If iPhone stops charging, fixing the problem depends entirely on the cause. Therefore, when the iPhone or iPad is not charging, the following steps must be taken:

  • charger failure is the hardest thing to check. If the wire is visibly damaged, there will be no questions. But in their absence, the owner will worry the most. Everything is explained by the absence of a similar device or a new charger in the house. If it is possible to use another mobile phone or wire, this must be done. Thus, it is possible to determine the malfunction of the wire;
  • power supply failure is checked in the same way. An additional check is required at a different outlet, at a different USB input. It makes no sense to check the cigarette lighter, but if possible, you can insert the charger in another car and see if the percentage of the charge will increase;
  • if there is a system failure, just turn the iPhone off and on. Such actions improve the working condition of the mobile device. But such a “repair” will not lead to a complete recovery of the system, so the problem will resume on the next charge;
  • checking the connector of a mobile device often leads to the detection of debris, which will prevent the charger from working. Large debris is removed neatly and independently with a toothpick. The connector is cleaned of dust with a can of compressed air. It is forbidden to carry out the procedure with the mouth, since the ingress of saliva will only aggravate the situation;
  • the firmware failure is determined some time before the mobile phone is charged. During use, the owner sees minor or already significant violations in the operation of the system. The phone may simply turn off, not connect the WI-FI network, the problems will only increase over time. IPhone can be repaired only in a specialized center, where they will make a new firmware of the device;
  • the deterioration of the battery does not provoke a complete lack of charge. But if the iPhone is completely discharged, the lightning bolt will not appear immediately. Therefore, it is recommended to leave the phone to charge for 30-45 minutes. and only then proceed to determine the cause of the problem. Often the indicator appears;
  • the breakdown of the components of a mobile phone is determined only in the service center, therefore, repairs will be carried out there. Sometimes replacing parts becomes difficult to carry out, and the owners have to purchase a new iPhone.

There are many reasons why the iPhone does not charge, and they all have different consequences for the owner. Sometimes you have to contact the service center, but in most cases the problem is fixed on your own.

Note! If the owner could not determine himself why he cannot charge the iPhone, it is recommended to show it to the service center master.

It is often difficult to start a non-original mobile phone, in which battery wear or breakdown of component parts occurs faster. The service center will help you determine if it is an original or a fake.

Question answer

Let’s take a look at the popular questions that iPhone users have. We will tell you what to do in a given situation.

Why iPhone won’t charge from a Chinese cable?

This means that a non-Apple certified wire is not suitable for this model. Or is it completely “creepy China”, rubbish that begs to be put in the trash bin.

Why is my phone slowly charging from the original charger?

We carry out the options described in the article, most likely dust got into the connector or the iPhone sync cable is broken.

iPhone X/XS/XR/11: Won’t Turn On While Charging for Long Time?

Why the phone does not charge from a non-original charger?

Most likely, you were sold a defective device, and in front of you is a non-certified wire for iPhone.

Battery Replacement

A radical but effective way when charging is in progress, but the phone is not charging. The situation will worsen every day, the phone will work less and less autonomously, and charging will take longer and longer.

If all of the above methods do not help, a new battery will come to the rescue. After 2-3 years, a situation arises, the smartphone battery becomes unusable after 500-700 operating cycles, so you have to change the battery yourself or take the device to a handy master. How to do it right yourself, watch the video and read in this article.

We arrange a big cleaning

The next probable problem lurks in the dirty lightning connector on the iPhone. During operation, bullets and rubbish from s clog the delicate electronic insides of gadgets, creating quite a few problems for their owners. It is dirt that can be the reason when charging is in progress, but the phone does not charge. Not only does older models like the iPhone 5s suffer from this, but older models of smartphones also suffer from our s and bags.

From time to time, you need to take a cotton swab and gently clean the lightning connector. This will help if the iPhone is not charging properly, or if the phone is charging slowly. How to properly clean the connector, see the video, everything is simple and quick.

Software Update

If, after all the procedures done, the iPhone does not charge or the phone charges slowly, then it is worth updating iOS before proceeding with more radical methods. To update iOS, go to “Settings. General. Software Update” and click “Install”. Do not be afraid, save all data, and the problem may disappear.

Failure of the U2 controller

After replacing the battery with a new one, is the phone still charging slowly? Bad, very bad symptom, then the problem is in the module located on the motherboard. In this case, the same handy craftsman will be able to rewire the u2 power controller for you, but the money for work and spare parts will be completely different. But this is a very likely development of events, despite the reliability of the iPhone 6.

Check charger

Now you need to make sure that the charger itself is working. This is usually a square or rectangular box with a USB connector that plugs into a power outlet. The iPhone sync cable is inserted into the USB port, after which the device should start charging. iPhone takes a long time to charge, precisely because of a burnt out or broken charger, since the current supplied to the U2 power controller is much lower than the factory recommended.

A bad charger is one of the main reasons why a phone charges slowly, be it an Android or an iOS device.

Battery Calibration

If the phone shows that the battery is 20-10% full, although you have just disconnected the certified cable and are sure that the battery is full, then it is worth doing a battery calibration. It’s not hard. How to do this correctly, look at the video, you cannot write down all the nuances and details in the article.