What to do if the iPhone is not charging

With the breakdowns of mobile equipment, almost every user faced. Well, when the faults are detected immediately. there is a chance to hand over the warranty technique. But by a majority breakdowns late. One of the most common problems is associated with the charge of the battery. Apple devices owners are wondering. why the iPhone does not charge, although quite recently everything was fine?

If you do not charge the iPhone 4S (or any other iPhone), you should immediately check the service of the charger. To do this, find another iPhone and connect a problem charging to it. Successful battery charging point indicates that everything is in order. It means that the problem with the smartphone itself. it must be attributed to the service where they will examine the repairmen.

No other charger? Then you can connect the current charging to another iPhone and check its serviceability. If another smartphone is charging, then the problem is related to your smartphone. it is possible that it needs to be repaired.

But what to do if the iPhone is not charging? Then we take a wallet and go to the nearest communication salon or Apple’s branded store to buy a new charger. An equally correct solution will be the test of the integrity of the charger cable. it is quite possible that the problem is precisely in it (buying a new cable will cost cheaper than the purchase of a new memory). You can take a cable for verification you can have friends or acquaintances.

Also, to check the integrity of the cable, you can use a computer from iTunes. if the cable is intact, iTunes will determine the connected device.

Buying a charger, prefer the original accessories. thanks to this you get rid of problems with charging battery. In addition, the service life of the original accessories is incommensurable above.

Use official apple-compatible chargers

One of the most common reasons why the iPhone is not charged, comes from low-quality third-party iPhone charging cables. Therefore, make sure that you use the USB power adapter and the USB cable that are supplied with it.

If your iPhone 5S / 6/7 / X / 8/8 PLUS is not charged over the wireless network after updating iOS 15, try to charge it using a wall adapter. If your iPhone is not charged with a wall adapter, try connecting the cable to the USB port of the computer and see whether it will be charged. If your iPhone is not charged when connected, try charging it with a wall adapter. In a word, switch between these methods and see whether this value has.

Restoring iPhone

If the iPhone is charging, but does not turn on, restore it through the DFU mode. To do this, leave a smartphone on charging until the morning (so that he can take the maximum charge). At the next stage, we will need a computer with iTunes installed.

We connect the smartphone to the computer, clamp the “Home” and “Power” buttons, press 10 seconds, let go of the power button and, continuing to hold “Home”, wait for another 15 seconds. At this time, iTunes should report on the detection of a ready-to-restore iPhone. I confirm your intentions and wait for the results. Next, try to turn on your smartphone.

On the recovery and flashing procedures, we have repeatedly wrote in our reviews. use the search for the site and get the information you need.

In the new versions of the iPhone devoid of the “Home” buttons (here it is sensory), the DFU mode is activated by the following way:

  • Press the volume button and immediately release;
  • Press the volume button and immediately release;
  • Click on the side button and wait for the appearance of the branded apple on the device display.

Charge problems and solutions

Why we are not able to charge the iPhone? There are many reasons for this to consider. So, proceed to reasons.

First. Charger Malfunction. In itself, the charger is very fragile, coming once unsuccessfully there is a chance that you will break it. Unpleasant feeling is not true? Charger should always be in a prominent place so as not to step on it, and when looking for finding it faster, much better than to look for it for a long time.

The second reason is the malfunction of the smartphone. It can happen that with a sharp pulling charge you can damage the phone. That is, it’s good to hurt a part of the phone responsible for the charge. You always need to pull out the charger carefully, while keeping the integrity of your phone.

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This is the most popular problem, as people often do something accidentally, after which it is concrete. It can be with your phone.

Third problem. software glitch. In this situation, your guilt may not be, because the situation can happen even when you do not manage the phone. This “closure” happens when the phone is overheated, or vice versa. overcooked. How to cope with such a problem?

The best option is to attribute the device to the master. He must reveal it, to view it well, determine his cause, and then make his verdict. In the centers, they can often highlight the price, although the breakage is actually not big, so do not rush to go to the centers, and it is better to look at the possible “symptoms” of your phone.

Fourth Cause. Port Pollution. Unfortunately, our life is full and negative moments, such as dirt. She can appear where it can and in principle can not be, for example, in the port of the phone.

When contamination, the charger may not catch contact with the phone itself. This leads to the fact that the charger is not able to transfer its charge. It can transmit but not at full capacity. And may not be transmitted at all. So, watch the cleanliness of your mobile device.

The fifth and most common problem. the battery malfunction in the phone. Unfortunately, even the battery is extended and has to contribute to buy a new, more powerful battery. Either the same battery, but in excellent condition.

As in the case of the problem number three, the whole thing can be in overheating or supercooling. We always spend time in different places, and in different places there are always different temperatures. You can be in a cold room, the phone will get a fairly load and may deny temporarily, which will lead to the consequences.

Or vice versa, too much time spent on the sun will not be joy for him and he will lose its power. So watch for this. To understand whether everything is fine with the battery, you need to remove the phone cover and get it. Usually, the battery that spoiled a little swelling, as if water was gained in her. This is a bad sign and change it in a short time. Consequences can be different.

And if the battery is normal and does not differ anything, then only a person who understands this will help you. Do not necessarily attach a phone to some of the mobile centers. Just ask someone from your friends, maybe they will advise you something.

iphone, charging, does, charge, battery

“Accessory is not certified

In the fight against fakes, Apple engineers taught their products to recognize the authenticity of cables. To do this, the plug is equipped with a special chip that tells the phone, how the wire is going to include in the outlet. If the iPhone stopped completely charged and gives a message about connecting a unattended accessory, change the cable to the original.

If such a message appeared when using a “native” wire, check its integrity, clean the iPhone port and restart the device.

Program failure

Also the reason that the iPhone is not charging from charging, there may be problems with software. Charging the battery is carried out using a special chip located on the board. Software controls the normal functioning of the power controller. Violations in the internal program lead to the fact that it fails, and the battery itself cannot get the necessary energy.

Can help a complete reboot of the device. It is performed by simultaneously pressing the screen lock button and the HOME keys and hold them for 10-20 seconds. During such a tight reboot, the white screen with an apple image in the middle lights up. Buttons at the same time you need to hold for a few more seconds. After that, you need to turn on the iPhone again and check if it can be charged.

This is all superstition: almost three quarters do not want Apple to produce iPhone 13

The second beta version of iOS 15 and iPados 15 came out

Sometimes the problem can be solved by a third-party battery calibration. If it does not help, then your phone should be repaired.

Do it if your iPhone is not charging

We reviewed the main reasons why the smartphone battery can stop accepting the charge. But what to do if the iPhone is not charging? Further in order we will tell about how to solve this problem.

Restart the device

Almost all software malfunctions are solved by rebooting. To start restart your smartphone in the usual way. If it does not help, run Hard Reset. For 30 seconds, at the same time, clamp and hold two devices buttons. Power and Home. The phone should go to the reboot, after which it starts working correctly.

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Check the charger

In case of careless use, the original charger (cable) fails. Many after that acquire a non-original set, and after a short period of time, we notice that the battery does not charge. Try changing both block and cable. To begin with, it is enough to arm a new original cable. The breakdown of one conductive “residents” will cause the problem of the problem. About 70% of phone malfunctions are solved by replacing the charger cable.

Test charger

Another way is to test the charger on another device. According to statistics on breakdown, there are about 10% of cases. Take another apple production device (tablet, smartphone), and check the charger. If the battery of the second device does not fill the level of charge, then the cause is obvious.

Check the power source

As a rule, problems with the “cigarette lighter” in the car or the outlet of the house does not occur. Often users face difficulties in attempts to charge a smartphone from a computer. When the iPhone is not charged from a laptop, computer, make sure that the current is fed with the necessary power. New iPhone models are sensitive in terms of data exchange and nutrition speed. They charge via USB 2 ports.0, 3.0.

Clean the connector

What else can you do yourself? At least to inspect and read the Lightning connector. Arm yourself with toothpick and carefully clean the connector, removing from it different trash. It may be crumbs, dust and so on. Also the connector is advisable to blow. But for this task, use only a special pear with air. We do not recommend using woven chopped in alcohol.

We use Tenorshare ReiBoot

If all these ways do not help you, and you still want to quickly decide what the iPhone does not charge, then we recommend using Tenorshare Reiboot. Tenorshare ReiBoot.- One of the IOS Recovery Tools. It allows you to correct IOS system problems.Provides processing more than 150 system problems such as Apple log, recovery mode, DFU mode, cycle restart and much more. Tenorshare Reiboot can also lower and update iOS version without data loss. Of course, he can decide what is not charged iPhone quickly and safely.

    Download Tenorshare Reiboot to your computer.

Run the program. The user will open the main utility screen. Learning iPhone, you must click the Start button. Then click “Start”.

Just click “Standard Repair”. Please take the time to read the instructions on the screen before pressing “Standard Repair”.

Click “Download” to download the latest version of iOS or iPad to install on your device.

After you downloaded the firmware file, click “Start Standard Recovery” to continue. It will take a few minutes.

After that, your phone will restart and you can try whether your iPhone is charging. If your iPhone is not charged yet, you can choose “Deep repairs”.

The main causes of failure when the iPhone is not charging

So that you do not drown in the stream of information, we collected the main reasons for failures and told about each. Do not rush to the service center, if you have such a breakdown. Lack of battery charge in most cases can be corrected independently.

Check the charger

About a year after the usual (not too accurate use) the original cable fails. Many smartphone owners in this case acquire non-original components, and then notice that the iPhone does not charge from charging. With Chinese accessories often have problems. If you suspect that the charger has failed, then the block itself must be replaced, and the wire to it. You need to choose new accessories according to the rules:

  • Do not buy too cheap charger, their quality usually leaves much to be desired;
  • Look at the power supply. it must give out the current 1a, it should be indicated on the marking;
  • If possible, get the original wires and blocks.

If you are not sure that the reason is in the charger, then first try to check the work of the smartphone with another accessory. But still, in most cases, when the iPhone 5 is not charging, the “Charger” is guilty.

Check the power source

Connect the device to get energy to:

If you use a car charging, then in most cases it is not in the cigarette lighter (check it with another device to make sure that the current is fed with the desired force). Outlets also rarely fail. Most often with the problems of the power source face those who are trying to charge the smartphone from the computer.

If you do not charge the iPhone 8 from the computer, then pay attention to the port to which you connected it. The latest versions of smartphones are very sensitive to data exchange speed and nutrition, only ports 2 are suitable.0 or 3.0. Do not try to charge them via USB hubs or ports located on the keyboard.

System failure and methods to eliminate

If your smartphone still works, but does not see the plug-in cable, then the problem may be in a small operating system failure. The main method of eliminating a small failure is to reboot. For different devices, it is carried out according to the instructions:

  • When the iPhone X, 8, 8 Plus is not charged, you must click the volume button, then it reduces it and simultaneously with it the power key;
  • The device 7 and 7 plus need to press the lower part of the volume and power buttons simultaneously;
  • On 6 and earlier versions at the same time hold the power buttons and “home”.
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These instructions will help when the iPhone does not show that it is charged due to small system failures. Reloading them will eliminate them, and you can use your device without restrictions.

We inspect and clean the connector

Rarely, when iPhone 7 or earlier models is not charged, you have to change the power cable connector. In earlier empty options, this connector often loosened from long use. To restore the performance of the power slot, you can take the following:

iphone, charging, does, charge, battery

Do not clean the mouth connector so that small saliva particles do not get into it. It is also forbidden to use cotton wands moistened in alcohol to clean the slots.

IPhone firmware failure

If the firmware gave failure and iPhone does not sees the charger, it is best to connect it to a computer to restore software. To do this, you need to install a smartphone connection with iTunes using a cable or Wi-Fi. Then do the following:

  • In the left part of the window, click “Overview”;
  • In the right click on the Restore button;
  • Select a version using the Restore from the copy button to which you want to roll back the device;
  • Wait for the procedure to be completed.

The advantage of this option is that you can do on your own and eliminate almost any firmware failure. The disadvantage is that recovery is impossible to do with the full discharge of the battery. Part of the files that were stored on your device will disappear. But compared to the fact that your device will be charged again, the data loss will not be a special problem.

Bottar wear

On most iPhone smartphones installed lithium-ion batteries. They have their own work resource and over time you may notice that the battery has become faster. The first signs of problems you can see in a year. Most often, the iPhone 6 is not charged due to the critical battery capacity loss. For about 4-5 years of life, lithium-ion batteries begin to discharge extremely quickly, and then it is completely out of order.

When wear, the battery must be replaced with a new. It can be done yourself, if you have tools and experience of fixing various devices at hand. But it is best to contact an authorized service center, since the malfunction may appear not only because of the loss of battery capacity, but also because of other problems of “iron”.

What problems with the “hardware” can lead to cases when the iPhone is not charging

There are several main reasons why iPhone is not charging. One of them is the failure of its components. Troubles may arise due to banal wear or for other reasons:

  • mechanical damage (blow, drop from height, vibration); (does not apply to phones whose body is protected from it);
  • Using low-quality charger, voltage drops.

In the latter case, a battery or power controller can suffer. Signs of malfunction of these parts of the device:

To blame the charger

The second serious reason why the iPhone is not charging, there may be a faulty charger. In this case, there are various situations. New device, but charging does not start? Most likely, you are not lucky, and a defective charger caught. Just to start trying to charge it through another. If the iPhone issued a characteristic sound, and you see that it is charging, it means that it is in the charging cable. But it does not matter if the iPhone on warranty service, the store will replace high quality and on time. If the charger suffered due to fall or wet, contact a repair specialist. It is possible to see how your iPhone is charging again, you will have to buy a new. But it is much cheaper financially than buying a new device.

So let’s summarize. Your favorite iPhone is not charging? But this is not a reason for concern. First explore it yourself. Check for integrity and cleanliness of the connector. Explore also charger. It should work flawlessly. The power source and cord should also be approached by your gadget model. If all these conditions are observed, and the device is still not charging, only specialists will help you.