Gmail failure or does not work on any iPhone (decided)

Gmail application failure or the problem of the application of the application on Android or iOS devices is not news for users, because they seem to arise several times, which may include several reasons. So, whenever a popular and well.developed application, such as Gmail, begins to bother you, there is nothing left but to attempt to fix the problem manually. If you have a gmail failure or a problem does not work on any iPhone, follow this guide to eliminate problems.

A specific problem is not limited to any specific iPhone model, but it seems that some of the older generation iPhone operating on iOS 13/14/15, including users of the iPhone XR and iPhone 11 of the series are faced with the problem of the gmail malfunction or inoperability quite often. Despite the fact that the application seems updated to the latest version, and the device is also updated to the latest available version of iOS, the Gmail application fails.

    Gmail failure or does not work on any iPhone (decided)

  • one. Restore the Gmail application.
  • 2. Reload the iPhone (soft discharge)
  • 3. Update the Gmail application
  • four. Check updates for iOS
  • 5. Delete and again enter the Google account
  • 6. Reinstall the Gmail application.
  • 7. Reset the network settings on the iPhone
  • eight. Reset all the iPhone settings

Gmail failure or does not work on any iPhone (decided)

According to numerous user reports, the likelihood that your Internet is not working is high enough. While the error or gmail application failure, incorrect settings, problems related to accounting, can cause application failures or non.working problems. Sometimes a temporary failure in the system can also solve such problems in an instant. Fortunately, we shared a couple of solutions that work in almost all scenarios. So, let’s get down.

First try these quick corrections

Try the following quick corrections for random single cases error “This message was not downloaded from the server” in the “Mail” application on the iPhone and iPad.

  • Read another message: open another email. This can lead to the loading of a problem message with it.
  • Delete and restore: moving the electronic letter to the basket and its restoration can also push the “mail” application to load its contents.
  • Send a message: an attempt to send an email to someone else. Then click “Yes” if Mail requests a permit for loading the rest of the message.

Turn on and disable flight mode

Turning on and off the flight mode can solve various connection problems that prevent the exchange data of the mail with email servers.

To do this, draw a finger down from the right upper corner of your iOS device to open the control center. Then tap the flight mode icon to enable it. Wait a few seconds and touch it again to turn it off.

The best iPhone cleaner for safe iphone / iPad reset

In addition, you can rely on an authoritative program that will help you easily restart the iPhone or iPad. And here, the iPhone cleaner is recommended. This can help you completely and safely erase all the data on your iOS device. And it is very easy for them to manage.

After loading and installing the iPhone Cleaner, connect the iPhone / iPad to PC. Launch the program on your computer. Perhaps you will first have to trust this computer your iOS device.

Click “Wipe all the data” on the left. Then select the level of washing “low”, “middle” and “high”. Click “Start”.

To confirm washing, you need to enter “0000” and click the “Watch” button. Then all the data and settings of your iPhone / iPad will be removed irrevocably.

Frequently asked questions about correcting error iPhone mail

What mail should be used for iPhone: push or sample?

Push should be the best choice that is good for your iPhone battery. But it works only with some new email protocols such as IMAP. You can also less often check the server using Fetch.

How to change the email address by default in iOS?

Open the “Settings” application, press the “mail”, scroll down and find the “default account”. Then select the account you want to use as an email account by default.

Is the mail application safe on iPhone?

Not so safe, to be honest. The Apple iOS Mail application contains two serious vulnerabilities in the security system. In case of operation, you may face the risk of data loss.

If you cannot receive emails on the iPhone, you must read the post to solve it.

The solutions presented above should correct the iPhone / iPad, which will not download emails, and you will no longer find “this message was not downloaded from the server”. You can leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев if you have the best advice.

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How to block e.mail on iPhone? Read this leadership to block spam, emails and other unwanted messages directly with the iPhone or using filters.

How to restore deleted files with iPhone? This article introduces you to one of the best ways to return deleted files with iPhone.

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Cleaner iPhone

iPhone Cleaner can selectively clean unnecessary data on your device. You can also use it to erase personal data and make your iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch quick and safe.

Change safety settings Microsoft Exchange

This is a somewhat technical process. The user must change the server settings from the phone. This will help users get rid of the problem of connecting mail. Follow the instructions below to correct that the iPhone cannot get mail:

Step 1 Open “Users and Computer Active Directory”, then select “View” “Extended Functions” in the Upper Menu.

Step 2 Find and click on the post office record and select “Properties”.

Step 3 Select “Safety” “Additionally”.

Step 4 Set the “Turn on inherited permits from the parental object”.

Other solutions for work

After you try these solutions above, most users may successfully correct the error “You can’t get mail when you file a server connection” on the iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. Now, if you are not among them, try to perform the following actions:

Step 1 Turn off iCloud. Return back to all your mail accounts and reset the password.

Step 2 Turn on the “plane” mode in the settings. Then turn it off.

Step 3 Reset the network settings through the “Settings” “General” “Reset” ”reset the network settings”.

Step 4 Change the “Mail Days to Sync” field to “No Limit”. This will allow you to configure the parameters of your mailbox so that your messages can synchronize with the server at any time depending on the availability of the network. Thus, your letters will never be synchronized with his server.

Reload your iPhone 7 (optional).

You can choose a return to the factory settings as the last remedy, if the problem is not eliminated after all previous workarounds are performed. It is possible that certain errors or data cause conflict. And the complete reset of the system can be the key to the complete elimination of these errors. But also note that the reset of settings will also lead to a loss of data. Before you continue, be sure to make a backup copy of the iPhone data.

The fastest way to restore the IPhone 7 factory settings. Through the settings menu. To begin with, this is how it is done:

Как настроить почту на iPhone?

  • Open the “Settings” application.
  • Click the general.
  • Scroll and press the reset.
  • Select the option “Delete all contents and settings”.
  • When a request appears, enter your device access code.
  • Click on the option to confirm the discharge.

After the discharge is completed, continue setting an email account using the email setting wizard.

Search for additional help

If nothing helped and you still have an email setup error, contact your communication operator or email services supplier to receive additional assistance. There may be some errors that require the use of a special email reset tool to correct the problem on their part.

If you need additional help to use certain functions and capabilities of the new Apple iPhone 8 smartphone, visit our textbook page. There you can find a list with practical recommendations, guides, as well as answers to frequently asked questions regarding iPhone 8. If you have other problems or problems when using the phone, you can contact us through this form, be sure to tell us more detailed information about the problem or problems that you may have, and we will be happy to help you in the future.

Actions to eliminate the impossibility of sending e.mail through a postal application on the iPhone 11

Try to enter the system and check the email account and try to send emails through any browser. If everything is in order, then the mail server works fine. In this case, your iPhone 11 has some problems related to the software that you need to fix by completing some of the following steps.

  • At the same time, press and hold the power buttons on the side of the volume increase for a few seconds.
  • A strip will appear on the screen to turn off the power, then release both buttons.
  • Now drag / move the slider to turn off the iPhone 11.
  • After waiting a couple of seconds, press and hold the power button / side until the Apple logo appears.

Now check if you can send emails through the mail application. If not, then take the next step.

Check the outgoing folder

If you know, all unsuccessfully sent emails are preserved in the “outgoing” folder of your email account. So, if the emails you have sent were not delivered, you can see everything. But if the folder “outgoing” is empty or you do not see recently sent letters, this means that all these letters are successfully delivered. But your mail application on the iPhone did not notify you.

  • Go to the iPhone settings.
  • Select passwords and accounts, select your email account.
  • Then click on your email address to view information about the account, which also includes the servers of the incoming and outgoing email.

How to fix your iPhone 7, which will not open e.mail investments?

Here is a brief presentation of possible solutions that you can try if you want to solve the problem right now.

Before eliminating problems, be sure to check whether the invested file is compatible or is supported by the “Post” application on your iPhone 7. To help you additionally check the compatibility of investments, here is the list of investments that your iPhone supports:

  • Web pages in formats.HTM and.HTML.
  • Word, PowerPoint and Excel files.
  • Pages Apple, Numbers and Keynote.
  • Images with extensions.JPG.GIF and.TIFF.
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF files.
  • Text files with extensions.txt and.RTF.
  • Contact files in format.VCF.
  • Zip files.
  • Icalendar.ICS files.

If the investment that you are trying to view or open is absent in the list, then this is a problem. Unfortunately, the mail application does not support the file, so you also cannot view it. Another option in this case. Use another application or email application of a manufacturer, which can open an investment on your iPhone 7. If the investment is supported, but still does not open, follow the following procedures for eliminating problems.

Make sure the loading process is completed

You will not be able to open or view the investment of e.mail on your iPhone until it is completely loaded. If you see that the investment is still loading or when the load circle is not completed yet, wait until it ends before opening the file. It may take more time to fully download large files, so be patient. If the load takes too much time than usual, try to press the screen of your iPhone to update the mail application. If this does not work either, go to the next method.

Close the mail application and run it again.

As in other applications, the post “Post” can also succumb to minor failures, so sometimes it can be a little erroneous. To fix the error, try to close the application, and then open it again. This will give the application a new start. This is how it is done:

  • Click the “Home” button to exit the application.
  • Press the “Home” button twice.
  • Go to the “Post” application in the list of recently closed applications and draw a finger on it.

In a few seconds, restart the “Post” application and try to open the attachment again. If the problem is not fixed, go to the next method.

Reload your iPhone 7 (software reset)

Minor software failures are often eliminated by the discharge of the device, so if you have not done this yet, try, and then look at what will happen. Soft discharge will not affect the data stored on your iPhone, so it is safe.

  • To restart the iPhone 7, press and hold the power button for a few seconds until the “slide in the off state” screen appears. Drag the slider to completely turn off the device. After 30 seconds, press the power button again until the Apple logo appears.

In the case when your device stops responding to requests due to the hanging of the Mail application, you can instead complete a forced restart. It works in the same way as a software discharge, but only after rebooting using hardware keys.

  • For a forced reboot of the iPhone 7, press and hold the power buttons and reduce the volume at the same time for about 10 seconds, and then release both buttons when the Apple logo appears.

In some cases, you may need to press the buttons a little longer, for example, from 20 to 30 seconds, until the Apple logo appears on the display.

After it is completely booting, try to open the mail application, then open the letter with the investment that you want to view. Try to view it again and see if you can do it.

Eliminate problems in your email account account

If none of the previous methods can solve the problem, then the time has come to study your email account. There is a chance that the main problem is the email account itself, and this is what we are going to find out further. If the investment problem occurs only in one email account, try to delete a problem account from your iPhone, and then add it again. Be sure to write down the password of your email account before deleting it, because you will need it later with the repeated addition of adding. Perform these steps when you are ready:

  • Click “Settings” on the main screen.
  • Select and press mail.
  • Click your accounts.
  • Click on an email account that you want to delete or delete.
  • Click “Delete account”.
  • Click “Delete from my iPhone to confirm the action.

Email account will be deleted. Reload your iPhone 7, then add an email account again. Here’s how:

  • Go to the settings- Post records, then click add account. If your iPhone is already working on the last iOS 11 platform, you can notice some changes in menu options.
  • In this case, try to go to the settings, accounts and passwords, and then click Add account.
  • Select the email supplier from the list and follow these instructions on the screen to complete the process of setting up the accounting of email.

As soon as you finish setting up an email account, you will see messages filling your mailbox. Try to open a letter containing an investment that you want to view. Look if you can view the attached file.

Improved decision not to receive e.mail on the iPhone

If the general solutions recommended in the first part cannot solve the problem of non.receipt of email on your iPhone, perhaps the problem is related to the problem of the iOS system. If so, we recommend that you try the advanced method: using a professional tool, restoring the iOS system to correct all the problems associated with iOS. This can correct various problems on the iPhone, such as the iPhone is stuck on the press at home to update, Touch ID does not work. ThePhone hung in DFU mode, recovery mode, Apple’s logo, headphones, etc. D.

  • Fixed a mistake due to which the iPhone system did not receive emails due to problems with the iOS system.
  • Restoration of the iOS system from various scenes, such as problems with the device, problems with the screen, problems with the iOS mode and problems with iTunes.
  • Lower and update iOS to a supported version.
  • Support all iOS devices such as the iPhone 11 Pro Max / 11 Pro / 11, iPhone XS / XS Max / XR / 8/8 Plus, iPad Pro, iPad Air and others.

Check how to fix the problem in which the iPhone does not receive e.mail using an extended method.

Launch software and connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable. Then click “Trust” on the screen of your iPhone, and the program will automatically find your device.

Select the type of repair that you want. In standard mode, the tool will correct your device without loss of data. In an expanded mode, the tool will correct your device, but will erase all the data. To fix the problem with the iPhone that does not receive e.mail, we select the standard mode and click “confirm” to continue.

Outlook Not Working on iPhone/iPad iOS 16. Fixed 2022

If iOS System Recovery finds that your iPhone has arisen, he will ask you to confirm information about the device before you start repairing it.

After confirming the information about the device, click “Restore” to download the firmware package, and begin to eliminate the problem of non.renewal of email on your iPhone.

How to restore lost letters after correcting the failure of letters

What to do if you find that after you correct the iPhone that has not received a message, you lost e.mail? You need a professional IOS data restoration tool. Check the restoration of iPhone data to return the lost letters. He can help you easily and safely restore lost emails, text messages, iMessages, photos, contacts, WhatsApp / Kik / Line / Viber / Messenger, call history, etc. D. From the iOS, iTunes or iCloud device. Check detailed steps below.

Choose to restore lost emails from your iPhone, a backup of iTunes or a backup iCloud in accordance with your real situation. If you have not previously created backup copies of emails using iTunes or iCloud, you need to select “Restore the iOS device”.

Click start scanning to scan your iPhone. After scanning, all files on your device will be listed in categories. Please note that if there are many files in your iPhone, the scan process can take more time.

After the scan is completed, you can view the scan results to find the emails that you want to restore. As soon as you find them, select them and press the “Restore” button to restore lost emails on your computer.


If you find that you cannot receive emails on the iPhone, I hope you can find out how to solve this problem after reading this article. over, if you need to find erroneously deleted or lost data on your iOS device, we also recommend that IOS recovery tools above. But now you better start to reserve important emails, messages and other data on your iPhone. If you have other useful tips to correct the non.IPhone emails, inform us about this, leaving a comment below.

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IPhone data recovery

The best software for restoration of iPhone data, which allows users safely restore the lost iPhone / iPad / iPod data from the iOS device, backup ITUNES / ICLOUD.