How to bypass activation lock via iTunes

If your smartphone shows an activation lock, you can try to unlock it through iTunes. To do this, you will need to restore the data from your account. Here’s how to bypass the activation lock on the iPhone 6/7/8/X/11/12, knowing the tied Apple ID, but not having a password:

Turn on your locked smartphone and click on “Forgot Apple ID or password?” at the bottom of the screen. If you don’t have this button, use the iCloud on your computer or other mobile device.

Open the email that your Apple ID is linked to and look for an email with instructions on how to reset your password. Follow them to create a new password.

Enter your Apple ID and the password you created on your smartphone. If you want, in your smartphone settings, you can unlink that account using your new password, and link a different Apple ID.

How to unlock your Apple ID with or without a password (step-by-step)

Why is your Apple ID locked or disabled? The reason is that you or someone else is entering the wrong security questions and Apple ID account information in a row. To protect your security, your Apple ID will be locked automatically. Apple will tell you that your Apple ID is locked for security reasons. You are not allowed to log in to any Apple device with this locked Apple ID or password.

What you can do to unlock your Apple ID and restore your Apple account? There are complete solutions to remove the Apple ID lock. You can use the default Apple ID unlock solutions to unlock Apple ID for free. Even if you fail, you can take advantage of a professional iOS Unlock Tool in Remove Apple ID from your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To some extent you can unlock and reset your Apple ID and password with almost 100% success. Just read and follow along.

Apple ID is locked. The 4 best ways to easily unlock Apple ID for your iPhone XR

If you failed to confirm your Apple ID iPhone XR after many incorrect attempts, you may get a message that this Apple ID is blocked for security reasons. If your Apple ID is locked on your iPhone, you will no longer be able to download apps from the Apple Store or iTunes Store. How to bypass a locked Apple ID? Just learn more about 4 easy ways to get into your iPhone XR from this article.

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Scammers sell Apple ID-locked iPhones

When buying a device, be careful and take your time. Otherwise, you risk falling for the tricks of fraudsters, including being left with a smartphone locked to someone else’s Apple ID. There are a lot of attempts to cheat in this way in Russia, so remember, if you didn’t know.

If the seller is constantly pushing and visibly nervous, we recommend refusing to buy from this person (even if the offer is very good). A conscientious seller will give you enough time to fully check the device before buying, because he has nothing to hide. Scammers, on the other hand, will be all sorts of tricks and talk about incomprehensible problems with time, so that you quickly give your money back.

Assuming that you have checked all the functions of the phone and you are happy with everything. After this it’s time to check the binding of your iPhone to the Apple ID and if it is done ask the seller to sign out of your account. To do this:

Go to the Settings menu and click on the iPhone owner’s name, which is located at the very top of the settings page. If you see “Sign in” instead of the name, it means the iPhone is not associated with your Apple ID account.

At the very bottom of the page click “Exit.

Ask the salesperson to enter your account password to unlink the device.

The next step is to delete all information from the previous owner’s phone. You have to do this in front of the seller, because the reset requires entering the password.

Go to “Settings” → “Basic” → “Reset”.

Click “Erase content and settings.”.

Confirm the transaction by asking the seller to enter your iPhone password.

Successful Unlock iPhone iCloud Aactivation Lock WithOut Apple ID

Wait up to 10 minutes for the process to complete.

After this procedure, you can be sure you’re definitely buying an iPhone that isn’t tied to someone else’s Apple ID.

Forgot your iCloud, iTunes or App Store password? Here’s how to reset your Apple ID password

Forget your iCloud password, is it possible ? Sure. If you look at the request statistics, it happens all the time. Especially if it’s not your “proprietary” password, but a computer-generated one. What’s the risk? Losing control over your iPhone. But there are ways to recover your iCloud and Apple ID password. We’ll tell you which ones.

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Restoring or resetting your account is not that difficult. Especially if you know what to do and how to do it.

It depends on the situation and inputs. Have access to a phone number from your account? Then you need one instruction. No? The other is. Let’s break down common iCloud and Apple ID login problems and try to find solutions for all situations.

The Apple ID password and iCloud are probably the most important things you should write down (in a notebook on a computer, on paper) and hide in several places. Everything depends on it: the ability to use your device, restore a backup, download an app from the AppStore, log in to iMessage, FaceTime, and so on. Don’t write it down and forget it? Have to restore.

Forgot Apple ID. What to do?

There are not many options. And the easiest way to find out your Apple ID password is to use PassFab iPhone Unlocker. The following will need to be done:

2) Connect your iPhone via Lightning cable;

3) Click on “Unlock Apple ID”, then read the clear instructions;

5) Answer the questions posed by PassFab iPhone Unlocker;

6) Download iOS 15.1 (or other current iOS that is up to date at the time you read this);

iphone, tied, apple, unlock

8) After that, just wait for the Apple ID to reset.

Yes, resetting your Apple ID is just like that. But be aware that this will result in a complete deletion of data from the iPhone. So if you’re going to continue to use it with all your data, back it up. How if you don’t have an iCloud password? Via iTunes, downloading a copy to your PC. You don’t need authorization for this.

iphone, tied, apple, unlock

Free way to unlock iCloud blocking

This method is also known as the “DNS method”. On some iOS devices, you can add an alternate DNS server to your network access point connection. The DNS server will help you automatically bypass the iCloud lock on your iPhone.

Keep in mind that even though this method is free and you can try it on your own, there is no guarantee that it will work on every iPhone device.

Step 1 Reboot your device. On the initial Setup screen, go to the Select Wi-Fi network option.

Step 2 Click on Advanced Wi-Fi option settings and find your Wi-Fi network name. Notice the “i” icon next to it, tap on the icon to continue.

Step 3 Select Configure DNS option and select the Manual option to change your network DNS settings. Tap on Add Server Option and enter any of the following inputs that match your specific geographic location:

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Step 4 Don’t forget to click Save button to confirm your DNS changes.

Step 5 Select Ask to join the network option. Enter your Wi-Fi password and click on the Join button to reconnect Wi-Fi.

Step 6 Your iPhone will try to activate again. Press Back and start setting up your device. You’ll notice that you just magically bypassed the iCloud activation lock screen.

How to unlink your iPhone from Apple ID methods of unlinking your device

Apple devices are tethered to the cloud service iCloud to unlock all the functionality. This service allows you to create a backup of your smartphone or tablet to prevent the loss of data on it, lock it remotely, as well as download games and software from a special store.

If it is sold, lost or stolen, it is strongly recommended to unlink it from your Apple ID. In this article, let’s look at how to unlink iPhone from the previous owner’s Apple ID and give detailed instructions with variations of methods.

How to unlock Apple ID. Unlocking iCloud on iPhone

If your iPhone is locked to an Apple ID, how to unlock it and get your smartphone working again. Unlocking your Apple device is a frequent reason to cheat online. Recently, there have been many scammers offering services to restore your account and get you out of a locked state by deleting your profile, installing a new Apple ID, removing the connection to the company’s servers, etc. п. In reality, all the possibilities of resuming the account are on the official website, everything else is a blatant hoax.

Unlocking an Apple ID with email

There are only two ways to remove the lock. The first is to contact the company’s technical support, the second is to reset your data via email. How to unlock an Apple ID:

  • Go to “Settings,” and select the “iTunes Store” button.
  • Next, click “Login” and log in, entering your password and username to your Apple ID account.
  • Then a window opens that tells you the account is locked. Click on “Unlock Account.”.
  • Next, you must choose the first option to reset.
  • You should then receive an email with a link that resets your old password and reactivates your account. Click on it.
  • Make up a new password, following all Apple rules.
  • Next, click on “Reset Password”. Your Apple ID account will be restored.