This accessory is probably not supported by the iPhone. how to fix it

Sometimes, when a person has the need to charge his device from Apple, he may encounter the fact that on the phone display a message is highlighted that this iPhone cannot work with the connected device and does not support it. This happens when the iPhone connects to a charger or PC via Lighting connector. The article will make out how to decide the mistake “This accessory is probably not supported by the iPhone”.

There are many reasons why the accessory is not supported by the iPhone and there is a corresponding notification. The most common of them:

  • Violation of cable contacts. If the cord has been used for a very long time, then it can simply be damaged or greatly bent. Even the original accessories from Apple sooner or later become unusable. Often the user himself is to blame for this, but if they have been using the phone for more than one year, then this device could be damaged due to the banal process of aging. If the damage is visible with the naked eye, then the problem is exactly in the USB cable. If the gap is invisible, it is likely that the reason lies in something else. You can check the gap cable by connecting it to another phone or testing it with a multimeter.
  • Damage to the USB port to which the connection is made. Very often this is due to the fact that the port constantly takes on various cables, flash drives and other drives. He may fail, get out and lose contact with the motherboard. In addition, it is possible to pollute with dust and dirt, foreign bodies that interfere with the passage of electric current through the cable.

A mistake that reports that the accessory is not supported by the iPhone

  • The use of an unoriginal Chinese accessory, which is purchased from a non.reliable manufacturer. Chargers and cables purchased on the market and not an official supplier may cause the phone that the phone simply will not see them or in the worst case will fail. Often, such wires are made, just as they do not shine with quality or reliability. They can break down the very next day or after a few days. If the cord is cheap, then this is not scary, but if it harmed the phone, you will have to contact the service center.
  • Pollution or damage to the connectors on the mobile device itself. The same problems as the USB port on a computer can also occur at the charging connector on the phone. He can also clog with dust, dirt, villi or just lose contact.

Important! The solution to the problem depends on its source. It is necessary to make a set of measures that will be aimed at eliminating it.

The error “This accessory is probably not supported” on the iPhone 6 occurs with incompatible

You use non-original and not certified USB cable.

The Lightning connector only looks simple outside, under its shell a microcircuit with 4 microchips is hidden. We do not fully know how they work and why the specific is intended, but it is reliably known that this controller:

  • Switchs the contacts to which the iPhone is connected. the Lightning connector. double.sided and inserted into the connector by any side.
  • Is responsible for the safe transmission of information between the device and the computer during synchronization with iTunes, restoring and updating iOS.
  • Limits the voltage and current strength when charging the device.

Yes, the original Lightning cable is too expensive, for example, in the Russian App Store, 1590 is asked for it. And these are 1 meter wires and two connectors, one of which is the simplest (USB).

Producers of accessories made in defense of user interests and offered analogues. However, the “cable cable is different from the cable and in the pursuit of the minimum low cost some manufacturers (mainly Chinese)“ forget ”to add the necessary microchips to the Lightning connectors so that they at least correspond to the MFI license. What kind of license is this?

MFI (abbreviated from “Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad”. made for iPod/iPhone/iPad). this is the Apple licensing program for accessories compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Made for ipod/iPhone/iPad means that this cable or accessory was specially designed to connect to the iPod, iPhone or iPad and was certified by the developer of performance standards from Apple. Source.

For certified cables and accessories, Apple manages, for which he receives appropriate cash deductions from each unit, which means they are safe for your device (theoretically).

In addition to the price, the original Apple USB cables have serious problems with wear resistance: they quickly grind and break.

I myself stopped using the original Lightning cable from the iPhone 5s in favor of the black Juicies with Lightning Connector and I do not regret it at all.

So, for your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, it is charged with permissible voltage and current strength, and also synchronized without errors, use at least a certified Lightning cable. It is cheaper than the original. But, if you do not have such an opportunity, there is a way to protect Apple and charge, synchronize and restore the iPhone using the cheapest cables.

“Charging with this accessory is not supported”. what to do?

Check the integrity of the charger and USB cable. The ideal option is to use another exercise, of course, non.Chinese

If you charge the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch from the computer, then you need to change the USB port or try to charge the device on another computer

If the first two points did not suit you, then most likely the case is in the device connector, or rather, in the entrance of dust or moisture in it. There are two options here:

  • Blow the connector, freeing it from accumulated dust. Use a hair dryer or some other devices is optional;
  • Wet the cotton wool in alcohol and carefully wipe the connector contacts. Attention: this must only be done if water got inside the phone.

Take the device to the service center. Most likely, you will not have to resort to this extent. The problem due to which the message “charging using this accessory is not supported” in most cases is decided by changing the charger and cleaning the connector, however, if nothing helps in your case, the only solution will be the trip to the service.

Why am I getting an error message “This accessory may not be supported”?

As far as I can judge, the error message “this accessory may not be supported” mainly appears under two conditions, as shown below. Please note that if you get another message, for example, “this cable or accessory is not certified and can work unreliable with this iPhone / iPad,” this is mainly the same problem.

Charging the phone. If you use a cheap charger not from Apple, it will be easier to get this error message. But sometimes, even if you use the official Apple cable for lighting, an error can also occur due to problems with the firmware in the operating system.

IOS update, many Apple users complain that the error “this accessory may not be supported” appears immediately after updating to the new iOS and has nothing to do with a faulty device or cable.

How to fix “this accessory is probably not supported” for iPhone and iPad?

So, you once again needed to recharge your device from Apple, but this time the message “This accessory is probably not supported on its display”. What kind of mistake is it, why it arose and how to fix it. we will consider all this in our article today.

The reasons for the error “This accessory is probably not supported”

For this problem, usually several possible causes of appearance can be distinguished:

  • Cheap substitute for the original Lightning Cabel from Apple. Some substitutes can work perfectly and for a long time. However, some of them are categorically rejected by iPhone or iPad.
  • Damage to the original Lightning cable. It’s no secret that Lightning Cabel wear incredibly quickly. Some users claim that it does not pass for six months, like their Lightning cable (place near the connector) wears out and becomes unusable.
  • Damage or pollution of the port for charging the device. Dust, dirt or moisture could get into the port under the Lightning cable, which led to the appearance of the error “This accessory is probably not supported”.

Lightning cable

So, this problem is being solved in most cases is quite simple. First of all, you should try to reconnect your device to Lightning Cabel several times to try to get rid of the error. Some users argue that after they have completed the renegade of charging to their iPhone or iPad, the error “This accessory is probably not supported”.

iphone, supported, accessory, charging

Change of USB port to Mac or PC

Suppose that you are faced with the error “This accessory is probably not supported” during the connection of the iPhone or iPad to your PC/Mac. A faulty USB port could serve as a possible cause of this problem.

Try to connect your device from Apple to another USB port and see what comes of it. If the error has disappeared during the connection, then perhaps you have some problems directly with the USB port on the computer/macbook.

Reloading a device with connected Lightning cable

Some users strongly recommend trying the following: Connect Lightning Cabble to your iPhone or iPad. Wait until the error “This accessory is probably not supported” on the display again. Then restart your device with connected cable for charging. As soon as it turns on again, check the presence of an error. In such a tricky way, people bypass this problem from time to time.

Cunning with an error message

So, if none of the above helped to resolve the error “This accessory is probably not supported”, then you can resort to one small trick with its message itself. Connect the Lightning Cabble to the device from Apple and wait for the appearance of the error.

As soon as it appears, click on the “Close” button on the display and hold the finger on it, and then turn off the Lightning Cabble from the device. Then connect again and see if the problem was fixed. This method helps very few, but, as users say, it works.

Cleaning the charging port on the device

As we have already argued in the causes, the error “This accessory is probably not supported” may appear due to the pollution of the port for charging on your iPhone or iPad. You can solve the problem with a simple treatment port.

Take something like a paper clip and carefully try to clean the Lightning connector on the device from everything that can be there. Perhaps dust gathered there or something that does not allow you to establish a correct connection with the device.

As soon as you finish cleaning, again try connecting the Lightning Cable to the iPhone or iPad. It is pollution that is the second most common cause of this problem. However, if this was not the case, then we have sad news for you.

Replacing Lightning Cabel

Ok, nothing obviously helps and you cannot charge your phone or tablet from Apple. The exclusion method is not difficult to guess what is the reason for the error “this accessory is probably not supported”-the Lightning cable or the port for it on the device.

If you use some kind of third-party cable, not from Apple, then try to replace it with the original. Yes, such a solution will cost you much more, but it will definitely solve the problem. If you use the original cable, then it could simply be damaged. Apple users constantly complain that the Lightning Cabble is failed incredibly fast. In this case, you will need to find a new Lightning Cabble.

Well, if you realize that it is not a cable, then it is definitely in the port on the device. It could be damaged due to some events, after which connecting charging to the phone became impossible. If you think that this is the case, then we recommend that you go to the service center.

This accessory may not be supported Dismiss | iphone not charging

iphone, supported, accessory, charging

For what reasons does such a connection failure arise

If the phone displays a message that the connected device is not supported by the iPhone, you need to find out for what reasons this may happen. Most often, owners face the following problems:

can’t charge iPhone try this method|this accessory may not be supported

iphone, supported, accessory, charging
  • Charging cable is not the original. In order for the connection to be installed, it is required to use Lightning-Schnur from the manufacturer. In this case, the charging from the cable will go, but the connection to the accessory will not be completed. The owner will have to use the original cord.
  • The cable has damage. With prolonged or inaccurate use of charging, it can be damaged. In addition, even the original product wear out quickly with frequent use. If there is damage on the cord, you should replace Lightning with a new cord.
  • The cable does not support MFI. Such cords do not pass certification in Apple, so they do not have a special chip. In this case, the device will not be supported, which means that the connection will become impossible.
  • The port is damaged or contaminated. Check the input on the smartphone. If contaminants are noticeable in it, it is recommended to clean the port. The entrance can also be broken, in this case you will have to contact the service department of the company.

Now it is worthwhile to figure out what to do if this iPhone does not support this accessory. The owner must find out what actions he can take to correct the error.

What to do if the iPhone does not support the accessory

Warning arises both on iPhones and on iPad. The answer why the iPhone writes the accessory is not supported, can be obtained on your own. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Update iOS. if the operating system is outdated, the accessory may not be supported by the device;
  • Check the availability of the connection between the accessory and the iPhone. for this you need to turn off the accessory from the iPhone, and then connect it again.
  • Check the condition of the connectors of the accessory and the iPhone itself. If they have dirt and a large number of extraneous particles, then you need to carefully clean them.

Especially for you: this card will not work. Try to pay another card: what a mistake

Be sure to check the connectors and cables. we look at whether they have physical damage. If damage is present, the appearance of an error becomes the easiest way.

Often the answer why the iPhone writes the accessory is not supported, is the incompatibility of two devices. About believe the compatibility of the accessory with the iPhone, you can also study the information on the packaging of the accessory.

If a notification of the accessory is not supported when trying to connect the iPhone to a laptop or computer, then the problem may be a malfunction of the network charger. Often the problem occurs due to a non-working laptop or computer connector. Try using another iPhone connector

If the cause of the malfunction was not possible, try to replace the accessory with another. If a notification of the accessory is not supported no longer appears, then the matter is precisely the incompatibility of your accessory with this iPhone model.

In rare cases, a notification of the accessory is not supported may appear even when other accessories are not connected to the iPhone. In this case, you must give the phone to the authorized service center

In order not to wonder why the iPhone writes the accessory is not supported, the Apple should be purchased exclusively by original accessories.

Bypass error

If the accessory is incompatible, but this incompatibility is spelled out only at the software level, then you can try to deceive the system. There are two ways that were found by the users themselves.


The first option, how to get around the error “This accessory is probably not supported”, will be a reboot of the device with connected cables. After starting the system, the message should not appear. If the manipulation is a success, then charging will be connected or there will be a connection to another device.

Bug in the system

This bypass is built on the gap, which exists in some versions of the operating system. The following actions must be performed:

  • Connect the cable to the smartphone and wait for the error.
  • Press your finger on the “Close” button and hold it.
  • Make a shutdown and re.connection of the cable without releasing a finger from the button on the screen.

The information presented in the article will help to understand the sources of error when connecting Lightning cable. First, it is necessary to retake, restart the device and upgrade the OS, and only then proceed to more serious actions. Only the original Apple products should be purchased so as not to damage the smartphone and avoid the occurrence of the problem in the future.