Malfunction symptoms

There are several ways to restart your iPhone, depending on how disrupted normal operation is. Signs of a freezing device with an apple logo include:

  • iPhone does not come to working condition for more than 1 minute
  • I can’t turn on the device
  • pressing the (Device, Home, Power) button gives no results
  • the device cannot be turned off

As practice shows, most software errors can be eliminated on their own, only some of them require professional intervention.

Apps missing from iPhone home screen

Reasons for spontaneous shutdown of the device

If the iPhone freezes and won’t restart, it was due to some reason. Most often, problems with Apple equipment arise due to the following reasons:

  • due to mechanical damage
  • software errors, configuration failures
  • contact with liquids
  • factory marriage

Under the influence of such negative factors, the iPhone may not turn on, hang, glitch, it may not have the function to turn off the device, the Device, Home, Power buttons may not work. In this case, you need to carry out a hard reboot in order to turn off the phone.

Self-service recovery methods for iOS devices

As a rule, if the iPhone starts to freeze and glitch, the owners try to restart the smartphone. But the standard reboot method (pressing the Lock / Power button) does not always give results. IPhone does not perform functions or commands when frozen, no matter how long the button is held down.

In this case, you need to apply a hard reboot. This reboot method allows you to turn on your device even if your phone is experiencing system errors. To get the phone out of the frozen state, you need to press the Home button and the Power button at the same time. Hold the buttons until the Apple logo appears on the iPhone screen. A hard restart puts the smartphone into recovery mode and it should automatically turn on.

There is another way to hard reboot. In order to restart the iPhone and put it into normal operation, you must simultaneously press the Lock button and the Shutdown button. Wait for the iPhone to turn off. After turning off, you should pause for a few minutes and press the Power button. By pressing this button, you will see the Apple logo, which will indicate that the hard reset worked and your phone started up normally.

It should be noted that the Home button and the Power button in the iOS version are responsible for more than just starting recovery mode. With their help, you can take a screenshot of the screen. But you need to hold down the Home key and the shutdown button for no longer than 1 second, otherwise the iPhone will restart. If, after pressing the button, the smartphone does not start to respond and turn on, you need to contact a specialist.

iPhone frozen and won’t restart

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The situation when the iPhone freezes and does not restart is familiar to many smartphone owners. Software errors occur when applications do not work correctly and conflicts between programs. As a result, the phone starts to hang spontaneously, glitch, the power-on function disappears, it turns out to be inoperative.

Usually, when the device freezes, the iOS versions do not turn off or reboot. Most often, older iPhone models (4,5) hang. Modern iPhones of the sixth and seventh models start to fail much less often.

Benefits of qualified assistance

If you have tried all the restart methods (pressing the Power button and the Home key) and the iPhone has failed to turn on, contact a professional. Experienced specialists will fix software errors on smartphones of the iOS version, correct settings and return a fully working iPhone to you.

For a quick and high-quality iPhone repair, contact Yuda specialists who have extensive experience and the necessary equipment for repair.

Yudu performers will help you restore your phone to working condition when:

  • boot mode does not start
  • the button does not want to turn on
  • charging does not respond
  • I can’t turn on the Power, Home keys
  • apple logo not visible

If the iPhone freezes and does not restart, order the services of experienced craftsmen registered with Yuda, and they will perform phone restoration in a short time.

Share photos via iMessage

A decent alternative to AirDrop as a photo sharing tool is the built-in iPhone messenger iMessage. Sending a photo via iMessage is free. and there are no guidelines for distance between devices.

To send a picture via iMessage, you need to proceed as follows:

In the “Settings” find the “Messages” section and go to it.

Activate the “iMessage” slider.

A window will appear warning that activation of the built-in Apple messenger may turn out to be paid. about 5 rubles will be debited from the account (the exact cost of activation depends on the operator).

If the user turns off iMessage and then turns it on again, they will have to pay again.

Click “OK” if you agree with the terms of iMessage activation.

Log into your Apple ID account. enter the password. and wait until the activation of the messenger is completed. Then you can start composing the message itself.

Open the “Messages” application and click on the icon depicting a sheet of paper with a pencil (in the upper right corner).

Enter the recipient’s phone number and click on the “Photo” icon.

The following menu appears.

If you want to send one of those photos that are already stored in the memory of your iPhone, click on “Select available”.

Using the “Photos” application, select a picture to send. open a suitable photo and click “Select” in the lower right corner.

The snapshot will be attached to the message.

Click “Submit” and wait for the download bar to reach the end.

Using iMessage is a very convenient way to send photos, but it requires some material costs (for activation) and an Apple ID password, setting up which is a long and rather tedious procedure (how to create an Apple account is described here). If you need to send a photo urgently, and Apple ID is not configured on the iPhone, it is better to prefer other methods.

Can I use other messengers to send photos from iPhone?

The list of instant messengers that can help you send a photo from iPhone for free is not limited to the built-in iMessage. you can use other programs, for example, What’s App, Viber, Telegram. We will look at how to send photos through the What’s App, available for download at this link.

After you download the messenger, proceed as follows:

Launch What’s App and on the welcome page confirm that you agree to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy by clicking the “Accept and Continue” button.

iphone, apps

Enter your phone number and click on “Done” in the upper right corner.

Enter your name in the appropriate field and attach an avatar (this is optional).

If you don’t want to waste time looking for a suitable photo for your avatar, you can take the profile from along with the photo and name. This is done through the “Download from” button.

Next, proceed directly to sending a message with a snapshot.

Go to the “Chats” section and click on the icon depicting a sheet with a pencil.

Select the addressee for the message among those who are present in your “Contacts”.

On the next screen, click on the up arrow icon.

A menu will appear in which you need to select one of the options:

    “Select photo”. if the picture is already ready and stored in the “Photos” application. “Take a photo or video”. if there is no picture yet, but you want to take it immediately from the iPhone camera.

You can also quickly access the camera by clicking on the icon with the image of the camera.

We will give preference to the “Select photo” option.

iPhone will take you to the “Camera Roll” section of the “Photos” application. there you have to select a picture to send. Click on the desired photo and you will see the following picture:

What’s App has a built-in photo editor that allows you to crop a picture, rotate it at any angle. In addition, the messenger makes it possible to sign a photo. this is useful if a lot of similar messages are received on the addressee’s smartphone.

After adjusting the snapshot through the editor and adding a signature (if necessary), click “Submit”. The photo will appear in the chat.

The addressee can save it to the device’s memory. to do this, click on the picture and click on the “Share” icon.

Select “Save” in the list of options then the picture will be immediately sent to the “Film” section.


Set up the Mail app and send photos without activating your Apple ID or worrying about security. You can transfer a snapshot in a few simple steps:

Find the photo you want in the “Camera Roll” and open it.

Click the Share button, then click Next.

In the menu that appears, select the “Mail” option.

Write down the recipient’s mailing address and click “Send”.

After a while, the photo will appear in the recipient’s mailbox, from where he can easily download it to the smartphone’s memory.

How to Send Photos from iPhone to iPhone via AirDrop?

One of the most obvious ways to send a photo from one “apple” gadget to another is to use the AirDrop function, which appeared on iPhones along with the 7th version of iOS. AirDrop uses a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to form a network within which iPhone owners can exchange data. Learn more about how to activate AirDrop and send photos using this technology here.

Alas, AirDrop is not a panacea. The technology has a lot of weak points, because of which the owners of iPhones are forced to master other ways to send photos. What are the disadvantages of AirDrop?

    Data transfer occurs only if the gadgets are close to each other (at a distance of no more than 9 meters). AirDrop can help you exchange, say, charts and charts during a business meeting, however, if the user needs to send a vacation photo home, this technology is not an assistant. To send photos, you need to pre-configure iCloud accounts on both devices. AirDrop is extremely unstable. Experienced users of “apple” products constantly accuse the current Apple leadership of releasing raw technologies on the market and as an argument they cite the poor-quality work of AirDrop.

The AirDrop function is present only on iPhones of the 5th, 6th and 7th modifications running on iOS 7 or later versions of the “operating system”. Due to these restrictions, data exchange via AirDrop is unavailable for a significant part of Apple smartphone users. for example, for iPhone 4 / 4S owners, as well as for conservatives who do not want to change their favorite iOS 4 to the latest software.

IPhone Photo Stream. what is it?

Along with iOS 7, iPhones have a Photo Stream function, thanks to which it became possible to share a large number of photos with loved ones, while spending a minimum of traffic. The essence of the function is as follows: the user saves pictures in the “Photostream” and sends his friend the data of his account from iCloud. The recipient activates the account on his iPhone, and all the pictures are available to him in the folder “My Photo Stream”.

Pictures from “Photo Stream” are uploaded to the iCloud cloud only after the “photographer” enters the Wi-Fi range.

Activating Photo Stream on iPhone is quite simple:

In the “Settings” find the section “Photos and Camera” and go to it.

Toggle the My Photo Stream and Photo Sharing sliders to the active position.

You can access these sliders in another way. if you go along the path “Settings”. “iCloud”. “Photos”.

iOS 14. Why Are Some Apps Gone??

IOS 8.1 devices also have an iCloud Music Library toggle switch. If you activate it, all photos and videos from the iPhone will be uploaded to the “cloud”. A user who decides to turn on the iCloud media library must understand that space in the “cloud” can quickly run out. only 5 GB are given for free.

“Photostream” also has a limit, which, however, is expressed not in gigabytes, but in the number of pictures. For general viewing, you can post no more than 1000 photos. when the 1001st snapshot appears in the stream, the very first one automatically disappears.

Please note that Apple does not recommend sharing your iCloud account data with “third parties”. thus, the “apple” company declines responsibility for the fact that the user’s personal information may be “in the wrong hands.” Only relatives should be attracted to the exchange of photos through the “Photostream”. Giving your iCloud password to someone you don’t know is a very unreasonable act.

How to Send Photos from iPhone to iPhone?

A user who has changed his Android to an iPhone in order to have more opportunities to communicate with friends will be unpleasantly surprised that the transfer of photos in the usual way. via Bluetooth. is not available on the new gadget. Apple does not allow file sharing via Bluetooth because it believes it contributes to copyright infringement and malware infection of the mobile device.

However, the newly-made owner of the Apple device does not need to despair. fortunately, there are a lot of paid and free ways to send a great photo to another Apple gadget.

if you have previously installed an unavailable application from the App Store

If you previously installed an application unavailable due to blocking on your iPhone or iPad, then you can download it again from the shopping list. To do this, follow these steps:

How to install an app if it’s not available in the App Store

Sometimes App Store moderators block applications for some reason. Often this happens due to the requirements of copyright holders or supervisory agencies, requiring the removal of the application for residents of a particular country in connection with a violation of local laws. Nevertheless, it is not worth giving up on your favorite program because of its inaccessibility. if it is popular, it can be easily installed on your iPhone without the App Store. In this article, we will tell you how to do this in three ways. all methods are official and do not require jailbreak / login and password in third-party services.

install an unavailable application using the ipa file and iTunes

If you want to download an unavailable application for the first time, or if the above method has stopped working, you can use this method:

  • Find the installation file of the.ipa format for the required program. If a well-known service is not available in the App Store only for a specific country, then finding its installation file on the network will not be difficult. It may even be on the Treshbox. use the search on our site by entering the following query: “[Program name] for iPhone”.
  • Download and install iTunes version 12.6.3 (if a newer version of the utility is installed, uninstall it). It is this version of the program that is required (not older or newer), since it retains the ability to download applications to a mobile device. You can download the required version of iTunes on the official page or follow the direct links below:
  • Mac.
  • Windows (32 bit).
  • Windows (64 bit).

Note: iTunes installs only signed ipa files of corporate applications. Thus, this method of installing applications bypassing the App Store does not work with paid games, programs and applications, the developers of which did not provide for manual downloading of their utilities to users’ devices.

installing beta versions of an unavailable application

Note: from experience, this method works in half the cases. sometimes the installation hangs at the start. We were unable to trace the causes of this failure. We may have ended up on overloaded servers.

There are also alternative ways to install ipa files on the network: through unofficial computer programs that imitate iTunes, or by manually hacking the device (getting a jailbreak). All of the above methods are unsafe, so we highly discourage using them.

Another effective and “official” way to install apps from the App Store that are not available in a specific country is to change the region of your Apple ID account. However, in our opinion, it causes the most inconvenience. However, if you want to use this method, the instructions are on the official website.

reinstall iTunes

System crashes and incorrect settings can cause problems when working with iTunes. In this case, we recommend that you reinstall iTunes, and then re-authorize and sync your Apple device with the program to fix the problem with displaying applications.

But before you install the new version of the program, the old one will need to be removed from the computer, and this must be done completely. We have already talked about how to accomplish this task on the site.

And only after the program is removed from your computer, restart your computer, and then proceed to download and install iTunes.

As a rule, these are the main methods to solve the problem with displaying applications in iTunes. If you have your own solutions for this problem, tell us about them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Bookmark the site and we will still be useful to you. Thank the author, share the article on social networks.

authorize the computer

In this case, the lack of access to applications in iTunes may arise due to the fact that your computer is not authorized.

In order to authorize a computer, click on the “Account” tab, and then go to the item “Authorization”. “Authorize this computer”.

In the window that opens, you will need to enter the password for your Apple ID account.

In the next instant, the system will notify that one more authorized computer has become.

Apps are not displayed in iTunes. How to fix the problem?

reset jailbreak

If your Apple device was jailbroken, then with a high degree of probability it can be argued that it was he who caused problems when displaying applications in iTunes.

In this case, you will need to reset the jailbreak, i.e. perform the device recovery procedure. How this procedure is performed was previously described on our website.

update iTunes

If you have not updated iTunes on your computer for a long time, then this can easily cause problems with displaying applications. In this case, you will need to check for updates in iTunes and, if they are found, install them.

After that, try to sync in iTunes.

What to do if apps are not showing in iTunes?

Apps stopped opening on iPhone? There is a solution

When your iPhone runs out of free space (owners of smartphones with 16 GB of memory will understand me), the system, as a rule, warns about this with a special message. However, sometimes, for some unknown reason, this does not happen, which entails far from the most pleasant consequences. In addition, applications on the iPhone crash not only because the device has run out of free memory: sometimes the problem may be in the incompatibility of the program version and the iOS version, as well as in the SDK of third-party services used, for example, for authorization.

Apps won’t open on iPhone

In addition to lack of memory (we’ll talk about this below), applications on the iPhone can crash due to problems with the SDK of third-party services. For example, the SDK of a social network can cause spontaneous crashes of applications in which it was embedded. It is used by many applications. from messengers like Viber to Yandex.Navigator. As a result of the crash, all these applications simply stop opening on the iPhone.

As a workaround, you can run one of the VPN services. see here how to do it. Developers, as a rule, quickly fix such failures, but if you do not have time to wait, a VPN will be an excellent way out of the situation.

Why apps won’t launch on iPhone yet

For example, as in the video below. The device seems to be working, but the Mail application does not start.

Mail isn’t the only program that doesn’t work when your iPhone runs out of memory. In particular, problems are observed with third-party applications like Instagram, and even Uber. Due to the fact that the warning about the lack of memory does not appear, users are puzzled about what happened to their smartphones.

The answer lies in “Settings”. “General”. “Storage and iCloud”. Here you can see that there is almost no free space on the device, and there is only one solution. to clear the memory so that the applications can work again.

How to do it? There are many options. You can use special utilities, clean up “Other”, delete “Documents and data”, at worst, remove unnecessary applications.

So if you suddenly stopped opening certain applications, this is a sign that it’s time to clean up on your device.

Longreads for you

Google Chrome is a comfortable and intuitive browser, but it’s downright terrible when it comes to protecting sensitive data. This is a real black hole in the world of user tracking.

From time to time we have a desire to break against the wall of the iPhone, especially when, for some reason, important data is deleted from it. These apps will help you deal with this problem, and they also have cool discounts on Black Friday Honor.

Why is VPN for iPhone so popular? It’s not just about accessing blocked content. VPN provides privacy on the web. and here are 5 reasons to use it.

Screen glitches due to software

The likelihood of such a failure is small, but it is worth making a number of checks at home even before going to the service center.

Back up iPhone from iCloud or Finder to Computer.

Reboot your device or do a Hard Reset. All ways to do this are collected here.

Change the position of the icons on the desktop to make sure that not specific applications are launched randomly, but programs located in problem areas of the display.

Reset iPhone in Settings. General. Reset. Erase Content and Settings.

Restore the firmware via Finder on your computer.

So you can make sure that the problem is not in the crookedly installed firmware, it manifests itself with different iPhone settings and with a different set of software.

Accessories lead to false positives

Similar problems can occur when defective protective glass delaminates or if air gets between the display and the film.

The fault can be both low quality accessories and their incorrect gluing.

To check, you can independently remove the protection from the iPhone screen, because the service center will do the same when repairing such a breakdown.

Why iPhone unexpectedly clicks on the screen and enters applications

One of the common problems faced by iPhone owners is phantom clicks or spontaneous sensor activation.

The gadget begins to live its own life, the application starts itself and performs some actions. Breakage can always appear or periodically arise and disappear.

Now we will figure out what can cause this breakdown and how it can be fixed.

Display glitches due to breakage

If all the manipulations with the software, firmware and screen protection did not help, only the service center will help to fix the problem.

As much as you would like it, but your iPhone is broken and you need to carry it to repair.

Problems like this usually happen after:

▸ dropping the device or physically damaging the screen

▸ installation of a low-quality display unit

With the ingress of moisture, everything is clear, the moisture protection in the iPhone is not eternal and wears out over time. A smartphone after a couple of years of operation may not survive even heavy rain, not to mention getting into a puddle or pool.

The fall of the smartphone in general can lead to unpredictable consequences. Only chips and dents on the case are immediately visible, and after a few weeks various blocks and modules begin to fail. This can happen with the screen.

Low-quality display units are often found during repairs in unofficial service centers and basement workshops. The radio markets and counters of AliExpress are full of such components.

At first, the matrix behaves normally and during direct comparison does not differ much from the original, but over time, flashes appear, brightness decreases and false positives begin.

In any case, you will have to change the iPhone screen to solve this problem.

Check internet connection

The reason why the application may not load or update may be a banal lack of Internet traffic or problems in the operation of the Wi-Fi wireless network around you. The icon of a working Wi-Fi, 3G or LTE still says nothing.

Solution: Open the Safari browser and go to any web page. If everything is in order with the connection, we move on.

Turn on / off air mode

You can also try to resume the download by briefly switching to the “Airplane” mode.

Solution: From the Springboard screen, pile from bottom to top and click on the airplane image. Wait a few seconds and turn off the mode by tapping the icon again.

Apps from the App Store are not downloaded or updated. What to do

Ten consecutive solutions to the problem.

Apple does not comment on problems with updating software and an error when downloading applications. You have to look for a solution by going through all the stages one by one: from simple to complex.

Note: To combat the problem of “gray waiting icons” and errors when downloading applications from the App Store, it is recommended to perform all the steps one at a time. At any time, the download can go further and there will be no need to follow the steps described in this manual.

Logging in to your account again

You can reanimate a frozen application by logging out of the account with re-authorization.

Reboot iOS device

As another option for treating a “gray” application that is stuck and stuck on loading, you can resort to restarting the device.

Solution: Hold down the Power key and unplug the device. Once turned on again, the application can automatically start the installation. Alternatively, use a hard reset: hold down the Power and Home keys for a few seconds.

Download “Mostbet” for iPhone / iPhone from the official website

BC Mostbet is a bookmaker from the island of Malta, which entered the Russian sports betting market in 2018. The legal website was launched. The office is part of the Sportbet company, which has a wide network of betting points and is licensed by the Federal Tax Service to operate in Russia. The operator also cooperates with the First MCCIS, which allows him to work in the online space.

Version 2.5
The size 77.7 MB
Demand iOS 11.0 and higher
Compatibility iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
Language Russian
Price Is free

Go to the legal BC Mostbet link

Special programs or adaptations for mobile phones today are a mandatory attribute of any bookmaker’s office. BC “Mostbet” works to improve the service and offers a mobile version of the site, which can be accessed by entering the site from a phone or tablet, as well as a mobile application on iOS for devices of the world famous Apple brand.

Application functionality

As already noted, while the iOS application is inferior in functionality not only to the main site, but also to the Android application, which was launched much earlier. It is clear that filling with options is a matter of time. But so far the application is limited in the services offered and, for example, does not provide an opportunity to replenish the balance and withdraw the winnings. Also, there are no video broadcasts in the application (the main web resource does not offer this service either). However, it is already possible to use the application that saves time and traffic. Betting is available on any mowing line and a range of settings.

Application features

The Mostbet application was recently put into operation, so at the time of writing the review, the link to it was not even on the site. We learned about the existence of the application in the legal version of Mostbet bookmaker with the help of a support specialist, who shared a link to the App Store. The peculiarity of the application so far is its “dampness”. In particular, unlike the Android app, it lacks the ability to manage finances. But you can do the main thing. put in pre-match and live-mowing lines for sports and e-sports. As in the Android application, this program does not have a match center, the bookmaker also does not provide video broadcasts.

✩ How to make express in Mostbet iOS?

The Mostbet iOS application allows you to create express trains. To do this, after logging into the application, select a pre-match or live line, bet on at least two events by clicking on the appropriate odds, include the “Express” tab in the coupon, where the selected bets are displayed, and indicate the amount of the bet. The last step is to press the betting button with the bookmaker.

Application appearance

The appearance of the mobile app for iOS is attractive. The design is made with the corporate blue and orange colors with high-quality traced sports icons. The application is convenient, the navigation is simple and straightforward. All the main options and blocks are in their place. in the side menu. In general, the additional colors are also appropriately used, which are used to create yellow, blue, gray, red accents.

Force restart your iPhone

Press and hold the Home button and the Wake / Sleep button until the Apple logo appears. For iPhone 7 users, press the Home button and the Volume Down button to do this. For iPhone8 / X users: press and quickly release the Volume Up button, then press and quickly release the Volume Down button, finally press and hold the Side (Sleep / Wake) button until the Apple logo appears.

Completely remove the app from settings

This is by far the most efficient method if your apps get stuck downloading / installing / updating after iOS 11 update. This will remove the stuck app from your iPhone or iPad, hence you can reinstall one app from the App Store. Go to Settings → General → Storage & iCloud → Manage. Select an app that you cannot download or update and uninstall it. After uninstalling it, open the App Store and reinstall the app you uninstalled earlier.

Reset all settings

Another way to fix this problem. reset all settings on your iPhone. This method also helped some users to deal with this problem. But the downside is that all your personalized data and customized app settings will also be deleted in the process.

Go to “Settings” “General” “Reset” “Erase all settings”.

After a factory reset, try to install or update apps again.

Ways to solve problems if the App Store does not download or update applications

We suggest you wait a little longer before trying several of the solutions listed below. As the reason why you cannot download or update the app on iPhone after iOS 12 / 11.2 / 11.1 update, it is probably a problem with Apple’s server. When they fix the servers, the problem will go away on its own. However, if this issue still exists for more than a few hours or more, try the solutions listed below.

Download the app to iTunes and sync with your device

If the iPhone won’t download apps from the App store, an alternative way is to open iTunes on your computer and download the required app. After downloading the app, sync it with your iPhone or iPad. This is how you can do it.

  • Launch iTunes on your computer and click on the App Store on the screen.
  • Select the app you want to download to your iPhone.
  • After downloading the app, connect your iPhone to PC with a USB cable and open it in iTunes and install it on your device.

Check your internet connection

If the App Store won’t download apps, make sure you have a stable internet connection to download and install apps from the App Store. This error can occur if your network connection is unstable or the network settings on your Apple device are not configured correctly. If necessary, reset the network settings in the menu “Settings” → “General” → “Reset” → “Reset network settings”.

IPhone apps won’t open: reasons

The most common case when iPhone apps won’t open is due to jailbreak. Especially if you’ve used unofficial installation methods. Another possible reason is the lack of compatibility with your device or iOS firmware version. There is also a chance of catching a system crash, due to which applications may also not start. In any case, we recommend using the simplest and fastest solution to this problem. the Tenorshare ReiBoot program.

What to do if apps won’t open on iPhone and iPad

The stable operation of the iOS system can be disrupted at any time. And there can be a huge number of reasons for this. Very often, users note that applications do not start on the iPhone or iPad, although they used to work. What it can be and how to quickly solve this problem?

IPhone Apps Not Working: How to Fix?

The universal Tenorshare ReiBoot program allows you to solve several problems that have arisen in the iOS system at once. In addition to the fact that you can quickly get your mobile device back after freezing on a black screen or apple logo, Tenorshare ReiBoot will help you correct the work of installed applications on your smartphone or tablet. After using the program, applications will start working in the correct mode.

If apps don’t work and won’t launch on iPhone, iPad, follow these steps.

Connect iPhone or iPad to PC using USB cable;

Launch the Tenorshare ReiBoot program. You will be offered 3 actions to choose from (Enter recovery mode, Exit recovery mode, Solve all iOS freezes). Choose the last action;

If the problem persists, then use the recovery mode to resume the correct operation of the system. Please note that the recovery mode will lead to the loss of all data, therefore, you must first make a backup copy of all data.

Tenorshare ReiBoot can be installed on Windows and Mac. The professional version has advanced functionality and is able to solve more complex problems arising in the iOS system, for example, iPhone / iPad is disconnected, connect to iTunes as unlock. how to erase iPhone before selling or transferring, black screen on iPhone but it works. it is impossible to install iOS 12 system on iPhone / iPad etc. The “iPhone apps can’t open” error. not the only bug that Tenorshare ReiBoot tackles.