Do this if the iPhone is not charged

Many users purchase Apple products for high quality and reliability. But any technique is subject to breakdowns, and the iPhone smartphones are no exception. If you find that the iPhone is not charged, you should not draw unequivocal conclusions. The problem can be both serious and simple. It is necessary to figure out what happened to your device and what caused the absence of the battery charge. There may be several reasons for this. In this article we will consider the main malfunctions, and also tell you what to do if the iPhone does not charge.

The first thing that comes to the user’s mind when he is faced with a problem is the battery malfunction. This is partly the right statement, but far from always the reason lies in the battery of the device. If the problem is caused by a truly faulty battery, you will encounter a number of other symptoms of the breakdown: the device quickly discharges, does not hold the charge, restarts. The probability of a sudden fault failure is one to a million. Next, consider the most common reasons for why the iPhone is not charged.

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As practice shows, often problems with charging iPhone arise due to a malfunction in the software (firmware glitch). A controller is installed inside the device responsible for supplying electricity to the battery. The controller is working on the device. When the user connects the charger cable to the connector, the power supply is not supplied to the battery. First of all, it comes to a fee that operates under the control of the program, “protection” to the smartphone.

Thus, the supply of electricity to the battery occurs only after the program recognizes the current source and sends the corresponding command to the controller. After that, the charging process begins. If the program fails, the team will not be sent. Therefore, the iPhone will not be able to recharge. The problem is solved, as a rule, using Hard Reset.

Fairless Lightning

Why the iPhone is not charged? Another possible reason is the faulty or contaminated port of Lightning. The vast majority of users wear devices in the of clothing. This usually leads to various malfunctions associated with the accumulation of various garbage in the connectors of the device. Small particles are clogged in the port for charging, compressed, and preventing the establishment of dense contact between the plug and the contacts of the connector.

Failed charger

If you use non.original item, think about buying a device from Apple right now. That is, the reason why the smartphone battery does not charge is in this case the extremely understandable. But what if the device is not charged through the original charging? This is also found in practice. It is worth saying that the “native” cable is quite fragile, so its failure is a matter of time. His wear accelerates careless and inaccurate handling with him. Excesses violate the integrity of not only the outer shell, but also the wires along which the current is supplied.

A worn.out battery

The battery in the phone. consumables. Its resource is limited by the number of discharge and charge cycles. Over time, the battery loses its original volume and ceases to delight the previous autonomy of the device. In fact, this is an inevitable process.

If your iPhone is over 4 years old, and you have never changed the battery, for sure, it’s time to visit the workshop. Replacing the battery in a smartphone is not the most difficult thing. But requires experience, a special tool at hand. Therefore, the right decision will be to visit the profile service center where they will install a new original battery and provide a guarantee.

Faulty internal components

Another reason why the iPhone is not charged. These are worn.out internal components of the smartphone. In addition to the battery, the power controller or charging can fail. Only a full and qualified diagnosis of the device will help to determine the breakdown exactly the breakdown. According to the results of diagnostics in the service center, specialists will propose a rational method for solving the problem. Often this is either a battery replacement or replacement of a controller.

Use official Apple-compatible charger

One of the most common reasons why the iPhone is not charged, comes from low.quality IPhone cables. Therefore, make sure that you use the USB power adapter and the USB cable that is supplied with it.

If your iPhone 5s/6/7/7/8/8 Plus will not be charged on a wireless network after updating iOS 15, try to charge it using a wall adapter. If your iPhone does not charge with a wall adapter, try connecting the cable to the computer USB port and see if it will be charged. If your iPhone does not charge when connecting, try to charge it with a wall adapter. In a word, switch between these methods and see if this has this value.

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IPhone firmware (iOS)

Perform a rigid reboot, holding the “Home” and “Power” buttons pressed at least 30 seconds. Such a procedure will drop the software control of the controller. the operating system may simply freeze and not upload the algorithm with a regular soft reloading.

The dusting and contamination of the contact connector of the Lightning port leads to poor contact. clean the crumpled villi from the cavity and remove the dirt from the connector. Villi and threads can also interfere mechanically when the contacts simply do not reach each other.

Reason 1. Software problems and features of use

Yes, do not immediately run to the service or to the store for a new device. We will always have time to spend money (more on that below). If the iPhone shows you that he receives electricity, but in fact this does not happen (and moreover, he still manages to discharge during this process), then this is what can serve as the cause of such behavior:

  • Malfunctions and “glitches” in the work of iOS. There is only one way out. make restoration / updating the firmware, first do not use the old backup and observe the behavior of the device.
  • Jailbreak. since this is “illegal” software, then it may have problems with compatibility. So, some “tweak” can “burn” the interest of the battery so that even the installation of the iPhone for charging will not be able to prevent this.
  • Network and problems with the SIM card. It would seem, where is SIM? In areas of uncertain reception, the iPhone spends a lot of energy on maintaining the signal of the cellular network. And if you add a defective (for example, not correctly cut) SIM card to this, then we get increased energy consumption. which the usual charging is not able to compensate. What to do? Turn on the Avia.Region and check whether the charge will also run away, regardless of the fact that the phone is “connected to electricity”.
  • A very energy-intensive application or a program can also cause “discharge during charging”. It is not easy to calculate a specific program, so we do it as follows. we close all the programs (twice on the Home button and the “Smiffing Up” gesture), then we hardly reboot the device. We observe.

In fact, on the software side we can’t do anything else. It should be noted that in my case, the problem was solved by the totality of these actions. Here is my case.

The fact is that at home it very poorly catches a cellular network (values ​​are constantly “jumping”. 2G, 3G, LTE).

iphone, connected, charging, does, charge

And so, having connected my iPhone to the outlet, I continued to use it in this mode:

It is clear that the iPhone could not withstand such loads (all these are very energy.intensive tasks). began to bask strongly and slowly discharge, regardless of the fact that it was connected to charging at this time. The problem was solved simply. closed all the tasks and for fidelity rebooted the phone. But this does not always happen.

IPhone or iPad is not charged. why and what to do?

Categorical hello to everyone! Imagine that you have connected a charger to your iPhone or iPad and found that for some reason there is no charge. What is the reason?! Adapter? Yes, hardly wire? A little hesed, but he is still good! In general, outwardly everything seems to be in order, but “the process does not come from the word at all”. it does not work to recharge the device.

A familiar moment? I hope that not, because this situation is able to plunge into a panic of every unprepared user. And almost any. prepared. But you should not worry too much: after getting acquainted with this instructions, you will find out why the “apple” gadget suddenly stopped charging and what to do in such a situation.

And immediately move to the most important.

These are the main reasons why the iOS device cannot be charged from the network or computer:

  • Cable of charger cable. One of the most common options. Often they turned the cord “into a lump”? Kept it “how it got”? It is possible that the integrity of the compounds was violated. Make sure that the cable is really broken, you can connect it to another iPhone/iPad. If the cable does not show “signs of life” based on the results of one of the tests mentioned, you will have to buy a new cord or look for craftsmen who can fix the existing. The second option is less preferable, cables restored in “artisanal conditions” usually serve extremely few.
  • Broken or contaminated connector for charging. If everything is in order with the charger, but the iPhone or the iPad does not respond to its connection in any way, the essence of the problem may be directly in the port. First, try to carefully clean the port at home, for example, with a toothpick. Important! Use metal objects for cleaning is strictly prohibited. damage contacts. If the contacts are already damaged, then the only way to get out of this situation is to go to the service center in order to replace the broken element.
  • The use of non-original USB cables (although you can also be charged with their help). At first, non.original cords are usually completely tolerantly cope with their duty (although far from always), however, the service life of the Chinese (or any other non.original) cable will be much more modest compared to the original “colleague”. As practice shows, this kind of savings on components ultimately “comes out sideways”.
  • The power of the charger block is not enough. This is no longer about the wire, but about the block that connects to the outlet. They are also with different output power, the most common. 0.5 A, 1 A and 2 A. It is important to remember that for the iPhone the output power of the charger should be at least 1 ampere, for the iPad. at least 2 amperes. With any lower indicators, the devices will either refuse to charge, or the charging icon appear. but it will go very slowly. Which will negatively affect the battery resource (find out how much the charge should hold the new battery).
  • Problems when trying to charge iPhone or iPad from a computer. To begin with, we understand. is there a connection to PC, if not, then we read here. Further in the case when your “apple friend” is normally charged from the network, and when connecting to the computer, charging goes extremely slowly or does not happen at all, then this is what you need to remember and know. On most PCs and laptops, the USB detachment gives out 0.5 amperes, which means the iPhone will be charged more slowly than usual, but the iPad will not be at all (in fact the charge will certainly go, but so slowly that in order to see the effect will have to wait long for a long time ). Well, we try to connect to various USB ports, perhaps the problem is in them.
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Perhaps these are all the main points related to the malfunction of the iPhone or iPad.

There are also a couple of important points that must be taken into account with this problem.

Important ! In the case when the device continues to refuse to charge after all the above actions, and he has not yet expired, feel free to hand over the iPhone (iPad) under the warranty.

iPhone X/XS/XR/11: Won’t Turn On While Charging for Long Time?

iphone, connected, charging, does, charge

Let professionals understand the reasons for the lack of charge. employees of the Apple official service center.

Important ! The malfunction can be in the battery itself. after all, its resource, of course, is not infinite. How to check the current battery capacity and find out the most correct data? This is easy to do even in “home”. this is a detailed instruction (with pictures)!

iphone, connected, charging, does, charge

Or not? You have left or have questions? I would like to share personal experience or tell my story? Welcome in a comment. we will definitely discuss what is happening to your iPhone (iPad), and, of course, we will try to find a suitable solution!

P.S. Place Like, click on the buttons of social networks and the problems with charging will disappear. this is a proven way to combat any malfunction for years!:)

iPhone is not fully charged. the “glitch” of the iOS system

Nothing completely and the iOS operating system is no exception. It is she who may be to blame for the fact that the iPhone does not completely receive a charge.

The characteristic behavior for this case is when the percentage of charging reaches 98-99 and freezes for a long time. It turns out that he was almost charged, but to the cherished 100% is missing just a little bit.

iPhone NOT CHARGING Fix In 3 Minutes [2022]

  • To get started, try to perform Hard Reboot (hard rebooting). read here, how to do it for different iPhone models.
  • Then we carry out the calibration of the battery. we completely discharge and try to charge it to the end. Even if nothing happens on the first attempt, it makes sense to do such a manipulation 2-3 times.
  • If the iPhone does not have a few percent. 1 or 2%, and after the charger has been tapped, the gadget continued to charge, then relax 🙂 This is how you are not alone. Most likely this is due to the fact that the calibration of the charge indicator has lost. in the previous point it is written how to fix this problem.
  • We go to the App Store and download any program that controls the charging of the iPhone battery and allows you to do this in various modes. The most famous. Battle Doctor. But nothing prevents any other.
  • Install the last firmware on the iPhone. If now the newest version of the software is on it. we are recovering through iTunes. Perhaps, when updating, something “got up” not as it should. At the same time, be sure to configure the device “like new” and do not restore from a backup at least the first time, check whether it is charged now up to 100%?

Important! All these manipulations should be tried in any case, even if the percentage of charging freezes at lower values ​​- it can help.

Bencing of the power cable

Many people want to save when ordering Apple accessories, since original sets are very expensive. When ordering iPhone accessories on Chinese sites, for example, AliExpress, you need to be prepared for the fact that their quality will be much lower than the original.

Quite often, the answer is why the iPhone is not charged, although it is worth it in the charging components that are used together with the devices. Non.original components quickly fail. their quality is noticeably lower than the original.

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The charger is guilty

The second serious reason why the iPhone is not charged, there may be a faulty charger. In this case, there are various situations. The device is new, but the charging does not begin? Most likely, you are not lucky, and a defective charger came across. Just first try to charge it through another. If the iPhone made a characteristic sound, and you see that it is charging, then the matter is in a charging cable. But this is not a problem, if the iPhone is on warranty service, the store will replace it with high quality and on time. If the charger was injured due to falling or hip, refer to the repair specialist. Perhaps to see how your iPhone is charging again, you have to buy a new. But this is much cheaper financially than buying a new device.

So, let’s summarize. Your favorite iPhone is not charged? But this is not a reason for concern. First study it yourself. Check for the integrity and cleanliness of the connector. Also examine the charger. It should work flawlessly. Source and cord should also be suitable for your gadget model. If all these conditions are met, and the device is still not charged, only experts will help you.

Why the iPhone is not charged

Below we will consider the main reasons that may affect the lack of charging a phone. If you are faced with such a problem, do not rush to carry a smartphone to the service center. often the solution may be extremely simple.


Apple smartphones are extremely moody to non.original (or original, but damaged) charging devices. In this regard, if the iPhone does not respond to connecting charging, you should first blame the cable and the network adapter.

Actually, to solve the problem, try using another USB cable (of course, it should be original). As a rule, a USB network power adapter can be any, but it is desirable that the current strength is 1a.

Source of power

Change the power source. If this is a socket. use any other (most importantly, working). If you connect to a computer, a smartphone can be connected to a USB port 2.0 or 3.0-the main thing, do not use connectors in the keyboard, USB hubs, etc. D.

If you use a docking station, try to charge the phone without it. Often accessories, unusualized Apple, can work with a smartphone incorrectly.

System failure

So, you are completely sure of the power source and connected accessories, but the iPhone still does not charge-then you should suspect a systemic failure.

If the smartphone still works, but the charge does not go, try to reload it. If the iPhone is no longer turned on, this step can be skipped.


Pay attention to the connector to which the charging is connected-over time, dust and dirt gets inside, due to which the iPhone cannot recognize the contacts of the charger.

Large garbage can be removed with a toothpick (most importantly, act extremely neatly). It is recommended to blow the accumulated dust with a spray with compressed air (you should not blow it with your mouth, since the Prolon falling into the connector can finally ruin the operation of the device).

Firmware failure

Again, this method is suitable only if the phone has not yet managed to discharge completely. Not so often, but still there is a failure in the operation of the installed firmware. You can eliminate such problems using the device restoration procedure.

A worn.out battery

Modern lithium-ion batteries have a limited resource. A year later, you will notice how much the smartphone began to work less from one charge, and the further. the sadder.

If the problem is in the battery gradually failing, connect the charger to the phone and leave it on the charge for 30 minutes. It is possible that the charge indicator will not appear immediately, but only after a while. If the indicator is displayed (you can see it in the image above), as a rule, after about 5-10 minutes, the phone is automatically turned on and the operating system is loaded.

Problems with “iron”

Perhaps what every Apple user is most afraid of is the failure of certain components of the smartphone. Unfortunately, the breakdown of the internal components of the iPhone is quite common, and the phone may well be extremely operated, but on one day it simply ceases to respond to connecting the charger. However, more often a similar problem occurs due to the fall of a smartphone or a liquid hit, which slowly but surely “kills” the internal components.

In this case, if not one of the recommendations given above has brought a positive result, you should contact the service center for diagnostics. A connector, a train, an internal power controller or something more serious, for example, a motherboard could fail in the phone. In any case, without the proper IPhone repair skills, in no case do not try to make out the device yourself. trust this task for specialists.