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What to do if water got into the iPhone?

Modern models of Apple smartphones are well protected from environmental influence, including moisture penetration. Only here the paradox. the company itself takes off the guarantee if the phone has suffered from water. No matter how hard the Apple engineers try to make the iPhone completely moisture.proof. this cannot be achieved in any way. Sometimes the owners swim with their phone and even conduct underwater shooting without any consequences. But otherwise, it is worth dropping the gadget in a puddle for a short time, or pour it with some kind of drink, it immediately fails. No one is safe from such situations, so in this article we will tell you how the iPhone restoration occurs after water gets.

Signs of iPhone breakdown from moisture penetration

Symptoms of a malfunction can be divided into those that appear immediately after the incident, and those that appear only after some time. The reason is that even if the liquid did not lead to an immediate short circuit, over time it becomes a catalyst for corrosion of the system parts. In other words, their gradual destruction. Such the main features of the malfunction can be distinguished:

  • iPhone ceased to turn on after contact with water;
  • The smartphone refusal to charge, fast discharge;
  • Strong heating of the phone, spontaneous shutdown;
  • Spots on the display, buttons crunch, some modules stop working.

Action in case of water entering the iPhone

Forget about folk recipes, like falling asleep with rice. they do not work! If your iPhone fell into the water or was poured with another liquid. immediately turn it off and wipe it with a soft towel. If the experience and the presence of the tool allows, disassemble the smartphone and turn off its battery. It is very important to de.energize the system, since the process of destruction is much faster under the tension. In any case, you need to contact a professional service for cleaning and drying iPhone.

Folk methods of repair iPhone from moisture.

First aid: what can you do yourself

As soon as the iPhone fell, and water got into it. immediately use the following recommendations.

  • Quickly take out the device from water or snow, try to prevent problems.
  • Wipe the device with a dry soft cloth from all sides: there should not be excess moisture on the case.
  • Turn off the iPhone to avoid additional problems: it should not eat from the battery with flooded chips and contacts.
  • Remove the SIM card: it can be severely damaged under the influence of water, the only way out will be to replace.
  • Gently, carefully remove moisture from the outer part of the colloquial dynamics. This also applies to the cable and headphones (in senior models).
  • If you see a drop of liquid in small connectors. gently tilt the iPhone in the direction of leakage. You can’t shake hard, t. to. liquid can spread throughout the device.
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If the iPhone has fallen into the water, and after that the speaker does not work for a long time. urgently contact the service center to a good master.

There are situations when the smartphone suffers from humidity after short.term stay at a small depth (for example, fell into a puddle). and the speaker begins to work after a couple of hours. There are fewer reasons for concern. If there is still no sound, do not postpone a visit to the workshop.

iphone, water, does, turn

Dismantling iPhone

Experienced users can try to disassemble the iPhone to directly get to its insides. Keep in mind that such tactics will lead to cancellation of the guarantee. But sometimes this is, in fact, the only way to save the situation.

If you still risk drying the iPhone from the inside, use a very soft fabric for wiping. Try to act as smooth as possible.

Is it really waterproof iPhone cannot be placed in water?

Legally impossible (Apple has the right to refuse free warranty service). In fact, you can do this for models from the list above, if they have provided and not impaired moisture protection IP68 and IP67, but, we repeat, guarantees that they will work after immersion in the water no one gives.

iPhone Water Damage Repair | How to Fix Water Damaged iPhone 7 NOT Turning ON

Waterproof iPhone is a marketing move. In practice, it all depends on the water.repellent properties of the case, as well as on a specific copy of the smartphone (was it damaged, is there any marriage, and so on).

The properties of moisture protection of the case are evaluated according to the ratings of the degree of tight shell IP [Wikipedia]. They are given to smartphones exclusively “for any extreme case” without any guarantees.

Therefore, you should not swim with the iPhone, wash it each time running water. And even more so you can not remove on the iPhone under water without a special protective flask.

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iphone, water, does, turn

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Where the water got into the iPhone: the speaker, under the display or the device does not turn on at all?

Initially, we will try to determine the “degree of disaster”. Surely, if you are already reading this article, then the drowned man is extracted from the liquid medium and off. Carefully inspect the iPhone screen for water clusters under it. Perhaps he will look as shown in the photo below.

If you find that the water is under the iPhone screen or the liquid completely filled the display and this is visible with the naked eye, we advise you to immediately proceed to the section of drying the device using silica gel.

The next problem in the degree of importance of the drowned man in the form of iPhone is a non.working dynamics of the device, after the gadget has visited the water or vice versa, the water independently entered the speaker’s speaker. We advise you not to waste time, and move on to reading the section “How to remove water from the IPhone dynamics”.

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We smoothly approached one of the most difficult problems, the solution of which will not be able to an ordinary user. If the iPhone falls into the water and does not turn on, do not try to do this every time, after clicking on the “On/OFF” button. We advise how to perform each of the points of our instructions, including disassemble the iPhone. Carefully read the section of the instructions “disassembly iPhone or iPad”, as well as the item “What to do next with the device”, if none of the ways helped you.

What to do in the first place if water got into the iPhone 7:

  • To de.energize him immediately. You need to remove the battery as soon as possible or use the Power key. Although it is not a fact that the key will function.
  • After de.energizing the iPhone 7, it is better to immerse on the absorbents environment (even rice, salt is suitable). It doesn’t matter what absorbent it will be, if only it stretches moisture. You can gently get the available places with a napkin or other absorbent materials.
  • The phone can and should be dried. If the season, then you can put it on the battery (if it is not very hot and does not hurt plastic elements). If not the season, then in the yard is summer, put it on the sun.

My iPhone Got Wet! How To Fix iPhone Water Damage.

iphone, water, does, turn

In general, in such situations, the phone needs to be opened, dry the insides and remove the effects of the influence of water on your device.

What can happen to the drowned iPhone

There are a lot of options for the iPhone after water procedures. The problems are sometimes that sound begins to disappear or the sensor is buggy. However, this is only half a worm.

Inside such “drowned” slowly but surely decay begins. over, very important, and most importantly, expensive components can suffer. The worst thing that can happen is the motherboard will suffer. To replace this element is the most expensive. In fact, the detail will cost almost the same amount that the new phone.

What conclusions can be drawn from all of the above? Of course, the owners of the iPhone need to be careful and try to avoid situations when the phone may be poured or drowned in water or other liquid. If the unpleasant situation has occurred, do not hesitate. It all starts with simple first aid in the form of drying, but after the device is handed over for repairs to the service. It is impossible to delay with the latter, the harmful effects of water on the technique are enhanced with every minute.

Step.by.step instructions what to do if the iPhone fell into the water

As soon as your smartphone turned out to be poured or fell into the water, start acting:

  • Pull it out of the water as quickly as possible.
  • Disconnect the device using the power button.
  • Remove the cover or tread if these accessories were used. Often it is even required to remove the protective film, since drops of moisture may remain under it. If you installed a special hard screen on the display, then instruct the masters in the service center to delete it.
  • With a soft towel or paper wipes, wipe the smartphone.
  • Using a cocktail tube, remove the water from all holes. It must simply be pulled out of them.
  • Open the compartment for the SIM card and pull it out. In this compartment in (iPhone 5 and 6) there are moisture indicators, on them you can determine how much the phone was damaged. If you have a 3GS, 4 or 4S model, then indicators are located in the headphone jack and dock. If the indicators are red, then this means water got inside. These indicators should also pay attention if you purchase a device from your hands.
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In most instructions, they recommend contacting the service center as soon as possible, this is reasonable, since the battery is inside the device and a small part of the power is nevertheless enters the microcircuits. You can’t do without a visit to the repairmen when you completely drowned the smartphone.

If you accidentally overturned a glass of water to the device, you can not immediately contact the service center, but try to act differently:

If moisture indicators did not change their color, then after a day and after all the actions you can try to turn on the device. This can be done in order to copy information in the cloud storage. If in the process of testing the device you find incorrect operation of its individual modules, then you should turn off the power and immediately contact the service center.

Basic warnings for smartphone owners

Do not try to make out your smartphone yourself, this requires special knowledge and tools. In addition, you can get an unpleasant discharge of current or poisoned by pesticides contained in some elements of the smartphone. The maximum that you should do on your own is to clean corrosion from the contacts of the battery compartment or connectors with a soft brush.

The main errors when resuscitation of the phone are:

  • the heating of the phone (its individual elements can melt);
  • an attempt to dry in the microwave (in this case, you will finally lose not only your gadget, but also a stove);
  • an attempt to dry the battery on the heating radiator (when overheating, the battery may explode or flow);
  • Turning on the phone until completely dried. remember that one drop of water is enough for a short circuit.

The faster you provide first aid to your device, the higher the likelihood that it will work normally and the repair will cost inexpensively.

If you often drop phones, then a reasonable way out will be a purchase of an additional guarantee, which is an insurance for such cases. After the incident, in this case, it will be necessary to submit to the store a damaged phone and a certificate of additional warranty. Depending on the terms of the contract, you may be exchanged for the device for a new one or pay monetary compensation.

Now you know what to do if the phone fell into the water and does not work. If you have your own ways to combat moisture, you can write about them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will definitely discuss them with you. Those who liked the article can share it with friends.