What to do if the snow hit the speaker of the phone?

Take a vacuum cleaner (preferably manual or automobile) and spend them several times near all connectors and speakers. at a short distance from the device. But leave the hair dryer to lay hair: it will only push the water further in the gap.

Turn off the smartphone and drift properly. Since the device’s body cannot disassemble the ordinary user, you need to properly dry the device. It is important not to use a hair dryer or battery in this situation, they can accelerate the corrosion of internal components. Be sure to remove the covers and bumper.

If I have iPhone 7 and above

Owners of the iPhone 7 and above were more fortunate, they have declared. This means that the smartphone is able to withstand water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. But this is only in fresh water! Never dip iPhone or iPad in sea water!

Since snow is not a liquid, you should not worry about pressure. The maximum that can happen. Snow will fall into the speakers or Lightning connector. What to do with this, we have already told above.

The iPhone fell in the snow, the speaker does not work. a typical situation for Apple technology owners who like to talk on the street. Unlike Sony, Apple produces high.tech, but water.permeable gadgets. After the fluid penetration, breakdowns occur: phones are spontaneously turned on, sound in the speakers does not work, strips on the screens appear, and so on.

If the phone falls and moisture gets inside the speakers, you can not work with it, as before. If you dropped the iPhone in a puddle or snow, shed tea, coffee or juice on it, you must turn off the device and take emergency measures, wait for complete drying and prevent the corrosion of internal details:

Do not underestimate the situation if, at first glance, the iPhone fell into a snowdrift of snow without negative consequences. Most users have disappeared sound, spots appeared on the screen and there were problems with the connection only after several months from the date of the phone falling.

The smartphone fell in the snow and the sound does not work. what to do

As soon as the iPhone fell into water or wet snow, you need to urgently turn off the device (if it does not turn off automatically when it fell). When you dropped the iPhone, you can not check:

Do not turn on the wet gadget. then it is likely that damage to the speakers and other components will be minimal. If the speakers do not work on iPhones, the repair will be inexpensive. And in order to change the display module or motherboard affected by snow, you will have to pay a large amount.

iphone, fell, snow, speaker, does

The most reliable way to save internal details, if you dropped the iPhone, quickly take it to an authorized service center or a qualified Apple repair specialist. If you yourself are taking the iPhone, found in the snow, make sure that the gadget does not accidentally turn on. In this case, it is necessary to abandon the use of a towel: the humidity inside the iPhone will increase, and the situation will only worsen.

What to do if the iPhone fell in the snow and the service center does not work, or you decided to go there the next day:

  • The most important thing is to turn it off and not turn on (unfortunately, you can’t remove the battery in iPhones. it is likely that the device will work poorly, for example, the sound will disappear)
  • Remove covers, bumpers and other accessories, remove glass and films from the screen if moisture got there
  • Wipe the surface from snow and drops of water, dry the connectors with a cotton swab (dirt in nests is the main reason that the speakers do not work on iPhones and sound disappears)
  • Put the device in a container with raw (in no case prepared) rice. the croup has high hygroscopicity, works as a silica gel filler
  • Close the container and leave for 24 hours
  • extract the iPhone, remove stuck groats from the connectors
iphone, fell, snow, speaker, does

You should not have illusions that the rice has removed all the moisture and restored the iPhone. As a rule, the gadget begins to work poorly (the sound disappears, there are problems with the screen) only a few weeks after the iPhone fell in the snow. Even if it seems to you that the cause of the breakdown is eliminated, you need to take the iPhone to the service center or call an experienced master for diagnosis.

What to do if the phone thinks that I’m in headphones?

The optimal solution in this case is the usual reloading of the phone. If the problem was in the system glitched, after rebooting the indicator will turn off by itself. If a serious system failure has occurred and rebooting does not help, then it will need to reset the smartphone settings to factory to eliminate it.

No sound during an iPhone conversation? The breakdown is associated with the auditory speaker or antenna, which failed as a result of a blow or moisture penetration. Come to the Planetiphone service center for free diagnostics or call the master at home.

What should not be done if the iPhone fell into the water?

Whatever advice, the “pseudo.experts” on thematic forums give, when the iPhone floods, in no case can you do the following things:

  • Use a hairdryer for drying. Yes, the flow of warm air will accelerate the evaporation of moisture, but at the same time contribute to the destruction of internal components.
  • Wrap the iPhone towels. “Wrapping” the gadget, you will only achieve the fact that the humidity inside the body will increase. therefore, push the iPhone to death.

Leaving a smartphone in a container with rice for 24 hours is also a way. Rice is an excellent absorber of moisture. that the cereal will save the iPhone from the remnants of the liquid, there is no doubt. However, remove the crystals of salts and minerals that have already settled on the elements of the device, that means that the oxidation reaction will not prevent.

In addition, taking the iPhone from rice, you will find that all the holes were clogged with cereal. If you still decide to take the gadget to the workshop after applying such a “folk method”, be sure that you will be remembered there with an unkind word more than once.

When filing the iPhone, it is strongly recommended to visit the service center. at least so that the masters are diagnosed. It is likely that the consequences of “bathing” will not appear immediately, but after a few months. the repairmen will leve such a risk. It is not worth replacing the qualified assistance of specialists with “folk methods of treatment”. most likely, you will only harm the device more.

iPhone X Ear Speaker Not Working.Jump Wire Solution

If you want to completely avoid excitement that your “apple” gadget will suffer from water, you should purchase an iPhone 6s or 7. Both devices are in varying extent protected from moisture: the 6th iPhone calmly holds under water for 10 minutes, the 7th is not at all afraid of liquids at all.

WATCH THIS if your Phone Lost Sound Volume after getting Wet!

iphone, fell, snow, speaker, does

As with any other smartphone, unpleasant situations can also happen to the iPhone. They are associated both with software and the mechanical part of the device.

In this article, we will consider different types of problems that the user may encounter, and offer ways to solve them.

What to do if the iPhone drowned, which led to the ingress of water inside

If the water has already got inside, improvised means cannot do here. The fact is that, even if you evaporate moisture itself, salt and minerals that are contained in water will remain inside the device. In the future, they can be oxidized when the device is working and lead to serious damage. The main thing that you can do is provide the first aid device and act as quickly as possible. Do the following:

If you “saved” your phone with popular methods without contacting the service, this can lead you to much more serious breakdowns, since the remaining moisture or minerals will not immediately lead to electronics damage, but after a long time.

The actions of the repairmen

Of course, each repair company has its own methods to save devices affected by water. Nevertheless, there are a number of steps that will be taken for sure.

Why folk remedies do not help

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on each article on the restoration of the iPhone, after falling into the water, there are people who tell stories about the miraculous salvation of the phone using rice, distilled water, hair dryer and other devices. They do not deceive, they were just really lucky, and folk methods worked.

The most popular way is to use rice for absorption of liquid. The iPhone is dried, disassembled and sent to a container with rice for several hours (usually advised to keep it there for no more than 24 hours). After some time, the smartphone is extracted and cleaned of risins. Rice absorbs moisture, the phone works.

The problem is that the rice absorbs only moisture, but minerals and salt does not take. The evaporated liquid leaves crystals that harm electronics. The consequences can be different: loss of communication, firmware problems, false triggering of the screen.

Rice can save the device. Or it may not be saved, and then after a while the user will still be in the service center with problems that cannot be fixed. Therefore, it is better not to trust the restoration of the iPhone cereal, but immediately contact specialists.

Winter. One of the harsh seasons, many iPhone may turn off when staying on the street at low temperature. After all, the operating temperature of the smartphone when used is in the range from 0 to 35 ° C.

But what to do if the iPhone fell in the snow? We share several tips for those. who is faced with a similar problem.

Snow. This is primarily water. And this is the worst enemy of any technique! As soon as it gets inside, there is a chemical and electrochemical reaction with the corrosion of the elements. When it enters the electronic (maternal) fee, a plaque of different chemical nature is formed on its contacts.

Depending on the specific case, cleaning the device can take place in different ways. The most effective method is now considered the “ultrasonic bath”. During this procedure, detergents of various compositions are used, as well as different temperature conditions for deep cleaning of the board.

This issue is especially relevant in conditions of harsh winter in Russia. After all, often to combat ice, the wipers sprinkle snow with reagents. Among them there is salt. One of the active elements that can greatly ruin the internal iPhone components when contacting contacts.

Snow hit the screen. no problem

If the street on the iPhone screen is snowing. just wipe the screen with a dry rag/napkin/sleeve. Too small the chance that water will leak into the body. Smartphone will continue to work normally. The main thing is to remove excess snow, as soon as possible.

If the iPhone fell entirely in the snow. Better not wait. Perform a number of actions to protect your device:

  • Turn off the smartphone and drift properly. Since the device’s body cannot disassemble the ordinary user, you need to dry the device well.
  • It is important not to use a hair dryer or battery in this situation, they can accelerate the corrosion of internal components.
  • Be sure to remove the covers and bumper. They may also remain a part of the snow, which then melts and can get inside the device.
  • To slightly accelerate the process, use cotton sticks, toothpicks and any other improvised means. This will help remove snow and liquid from a 3.5 mm connector, speakers, as well as Lightning port. Be extremely careful, they can damage the contacts.
  • In no case do not connect the iPhone to charging. Some people think this will accelerate the drying process. In fact, due to incoming current, you can cause a short circuit, even with the iPhone turned off.

What to do if the water got into the IPhone speaker?

What to do if moisture got on the iPhone and the sound from the speaker became muffled? Check if the water has got into a microphone or speaker: put the iPhone with a dynamic down on a soft tissue without a pile and see if water will flow out. The water that has entered the port can affect the work of the dynamics or microphone until it evaporates completely.

The usual way to dry a smartphone. Turn it off immediately, and then put the device in a bag with rice for a day. However, after the usual drying of the smartphone, the sound from the speaker becomes muffled. Fix My Speakers. This is a service that works similarly to a built.in water release function in Apple Watch watches.