What to do if iPhone does not turn on

If your iPhone unexpectedly stopped turning on and responding to the pressing of the buttons, you do not need to immediately panic and run headlong to the service center. Even Apple devices are not perfect and occasionally can fail, both for technical reasons and software. And not always to return the apparatus to life, the intervention of the master is necessary. iPhone, like any other gadget, can be returned to working condition yourself, especially for this there are many ways.

There are many reasons for the iPhone to include, and a single method of correcting this error simply does not exist. The problem can be both programmatic and technical, which is much worse.

Many Apple telephone owners, seeing that the device does not want to turn on, immediately rush to the service center. But panic may not be justified! Often, many reasons for the failure can be eliminated with your own.

Often the phone refuses to turn on due to the elementary “deep” discharge of the battery. Her charge is simply not enough even to display the brand logo. The device must simply be warmed up and then let it recharge at least 15-20 minutes.

If the smartphone is hung and does not want to respond to the power button, it must be forcibly restart. It is better to do this when the power adapter is turned on, because many devices for forced rebooting require at least 40% of the charge from the battery, which at the moment may simply not be.

But, unfortunately, there are situations in which you have to contact the service to include the phone. But more on that below.


Before analyzing all the existing methods by which you can help the iPhone turn on, it is necessary to consider the main reasons why he refuses to do this.

The device does not react at all

If your iPhone 8, the iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X does not react at all to your actions, it simply hovered and shows a static picture or just a dark screen, you need a restart.

In this case, you should not lose any data on which you worked if there is a function of autosa in the appropriate software. And the iPhone will definitely not be reset.

On the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, press and release the volume increase button, then press and release the decrease button. And at the end, press and hold the power button to the Apple logo.

If you use the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, press and hold the power button and the volume reduction button for ten seconds or longer to the Apple logo.

If you use the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus or older models, at the same time press and hold the “home” button and the power button for ten seconds or longer to the Apple logo.


If the iPhone does not turn on, the apple burns and does not go out, the reloading of the device will be able to help in this situation. Hold the power button for a few seconds so that the device enters the restart mode. There is a second version of the reloading of the device. hard, on old models, click and hold the buttons “Home” and “Nutrition”. In new models, the principle works differently:

  • press on the upper volume key and release quickly;
  • repeat the operation with the lower volume key;
  • Close and hold the power button until the Apple logo is displayed on the screen.

The smartphone will go into a compulsory reboot mode, which will not only return the device “to life”, but remove internal errors. A similar method is also used for problems with a network, a battery, regular failures of the operating platform and other shortcomings.

Removal of twigs

If you do not want to deal with the backup of data and restore the system, try to clean the phone from the last installed tweaks or check its file system.

If the iPhone is not loaded, an apple burns, the reason for this may be the incompatibility of tweaks installed from Cydia. To check the hypothesis, try starting a smartphone without tweaks. For:

If in this mode the iPhone is loaded normally, then you should get rid of the tweaks that were installed immediately before the problems of loading the system. Remove the component that interferes with the work, and the system will again begin to function without failures.

If the iPhone does not load without tweaks, restart it. In a few minutes, try to call or send SMS. If the call or message has passed, then the system loading is interrupted at the stage when the device tries to contact the file system. Using the ITOOLS or IFUNBOX program, you need to find damaged files and replace them with working data.

If the call does not pass, or you cannot find the files guilty of the appearance of errors, then to eliminate the problem will have to be restored iPhone.

TOP-6 reasons why the iPhone does not turn on

It is far from always the hacking of the iPhone file system is successful. especially if you do it on your own. It is possible that tweaks from the Cydia store are to blame. recently many complaints have come on them. If you do not turn on the iPhone or iPad, the apple burns, we offer to act according to the following scheme:

  • You need to turn off the smartphone and clamp the volume increase button, which is located on the side panel.
  • Without releasing the volume key, turn on the mobile device. The download will begin without applications from Cydia.
  • If the iPhone turned on and booted normally, the problem is exactly in some kind of tweet.

It will not work to determine the problematic jailbreak-switch-you will have to act at random. Wash the applications one at a time until the smartphone starts in the usual way.

iphone, does, turn, charging

The causes of a malfunction

First you should figure out what is the root cause of the breakdown of the smartphone:

  • damage to internal parts;
  • incorrect operation of the charger;
  • entry defect for charging;
  • battery malfunctions;
  • errors when updating or firming the operating platform;
  • manufacturing defects.
iphone, does, turn, charging

If the smartphone did not fall, did not swim at a depth and was not subjected to mechanical exposure, then the trip to the service center can be postponed. The main thing is not to panic, but with a “cold head” try to figure out the situation. Often such problems arise if the smartphone is discharged to zero. In this case, users recommend holding an hour phone on charging, and then turn on. often this method returns the device to “life”.

iphone, does, turn, charging

If the iPhone does not turn on the charging after a long stay in the cold, the device must be allowed to “warm up”. This is a well.known problem of “apple” products, a disadvantage, could not remove. So there is also no reason for panic. Another thing is if the smartphone has fallen or received other mechanical damage. the masters strongly do not recommend independently looking for the cause of internal faults, but contact the service center for diagnostics. Inspect the phone. if the cover is not used, then the connectors for charging and headphones, as well as the gaps near the apparatus key, could clog with dirt. Gently remove the garbage with a needle and the phone will turn on again. The main thing is not to press with all its strength, so as not to damage the internal details.

Temperature difference

The impact of low or high temperatures is extremely negatively affected by the iPhone.

    If the phone, for example, was under the influence of direct sunlight or charged under the pillow, having no access to cooling, he could react, suddenly disconnected and displaying the message that the gadget was required to cool.

Standard Reiboot repair (without data loss)

Often, freezing the iPhone on the Apple logo is a sign of a serious problem, which can only be eliminated with the help of specialized software. In the example, we will use one of the representatives of this segment further, namely the product from Tenorshare.

How To Fix iPhone That Won’t Turn On

  • Follow the link indicated above, download and install the program on your computer, then run it.
  • Click “Start” and connect the iPhone to the computer.

If for some reason you can’t download the iOS package using Reiboot, this can be done manually using the “Click here” link (indicated by the number 3 on the image above). Upon completion of this procedure, click “import local firmware” (4) and add the corresponding file to the program.

note! The firmware file has an average of about 5 GB, therefore, with an insufficiently high Internet speed, its download can take it for a long time.

How to avoid a problem in the future

In order to bypass such a problem in the future, the user should carefully ensure that the installed applications to the gadget have a license. Also, you should not reflash or break the gadget yourself.

It is best to use the antivirus program for the gadget, as well as comply with all the recommendations when operating. over, the gadget should not drop and store in a wet room.

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.