Why the iPhone does not connect to Wi-Fi, reasons and solution

The modern world dictates its own rules, a smartphone without the Internet is no longer a smartphone, but a toy, with beautiful graphics. This article will talk about how to eliminate the problem when the iPhone does not connect to Wi-Fi. The problem is quite common among users, but not many people know how to act correctly. The entire line of Apple technology is subject to this glucus, just like smartphones on Android, but as they say, this is a completely different story. We will analyze the main reasons why Wi-Fi does not work on iPhone.

  • Program problem in iOS
  • Not correct network settings, IP, DNS, password and others
  • Problems with a router
  • Internal physical damage to the phone

Check the correctness of the entered password

Let’s start with the simplest, but nevertheless, one of the most common reasons why the iPhone or iPad does not connect to Wi-Fi. Yes, often the incorrectly entered password prevents your device from connecting to a wireless network.

There are no wisdom when checking the correctness of the entered password. you just have to introduce a code word with maximum accuracy and taking into account the register. It will not be superfluous to check the correctness of the password on another device. If another smartphone or tablet calmly connects to the desired Wi-Fi network using the password indicated by you, then you are not mistaken when entering and the problem lurks somewhere else.

Problems with Bluetooth

The most common problems with Bluetooth on iOS 13 relate to the connection of Bluetooth Axuals and the quality of wireless sound. All of them are solved quite simply.

  • “Settings” → “Bluetooth”, turn off the module;
  • We carry out a compulsory reloading iPhone:
  • Press and release the volume increase button;
  • Press and release the volume reduction button;
  • Press and hold the side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • Open “Settings” → “Bluetooth”;
  • Click on the “i” icon in the list with devices and select “Forget the device”;
  • Connect the necessary devices again.

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Problem with a gray slider: Correction of hardware problems

Inactive gray slider means that Wi-Fi does not turn on the device. The button does not work due to hardware problems caused:

  • Moisture under the case. The device was dropped into water or doused with another liquid.
  • Mechanical damage.
  • Achieving the device of too high temperature.

As a result, the antenna is blocked for the settings of the iPhone network. They are not visible until you remove the body. But interference in the internal structure of technology requires skills and experience, as well as some tools. It is often easier to seek help from a professional. But if the user is confident in his abilities, then you will need:

  • The hook.shaped screwdriver is small;
  • iPhone screwdriver to extract special screws;
  • hairdryer with adjustable temperature and speed modes.
  • Unscrew the screws located on the lower edge of the phone.
  • Now that access to the internal device is open, you can freely remove the back cover.
  • Among other plastic surfaces, a metal protective plate will be noticeable. It needs to be unscrewed and placed, it is convenient to do it with a tweezer.
  • To unscrew one screw fixing the antenna, it is located at the top, to the right of the camera.
  • It remains to get the latch-to pick it up with something thin and long.

It is important to warm the module with a special hairdryer that gives a temperature of the degrees 300, no more. Household appliance is not capable of such capacities, it should be professional equipment.

It is important not to delay the heating apparatus for a long time. Also, a hot wind should not be zoned in a particular area, but evenly distributed. Duration: 2 minutes. But it is better not to collect details at once, it is recommended to wait complete cooling. The last step is the reboot of the smartphone.

The problem will necessarily solve, however, if this does not happen, it is better to repeat the procedure again. Or the source of the problem is not in this area.

Use an alternative DNS server

The next method from the category of non.standard. In the connection settings, you must specify an alternative fast DNS server, for example, Google. This will allow connection to earn faster on your specific device.

Fix WiFi Icon Grayed Out on iPhone! [iOS 15]

Go to the “Settings” menu → Wi-Fi.

Click “I” opposite your connection.

In the DNS column, enter one of the DNS servers below:

After that, get out of the connection settings and check if the speed of its operation has increased.

Main reasons

If the iPhone does not see Wi-Fi, regardless of whether the home is a network or a common, the most common reasons are reduced to one list:

  • They may consist in hardware breakdown.
  • Such a result can give a failure of the program.
  • Sometimes there is just a reset of settings.
  • In case of mechanical damage to the apparatus.
  • Or. the penetration of moisture under the gadget case.

This list also applies to those situations where the iPhone does not connect to Wi-Fi. Then the phone simply “ignores” the router’s signal, although the Wi-Fi icon is displayed on the top panel of the screen. over, sometimes he displays all the divisions on the icon, however, the compounds are still not observed: access to the World Wide Web remains inaccessible.

Malfunction of the Wi-Fi Module

Unfortunately, if none of the above methods has helped eliminate the problem with the connection to the wireless network, the fault of the Wi-Fi Module on the smartphone should be suspected on the smartphone. With this type of IPhone malfunction, no wireless network will be connected, and the Internet will work exclusively through cellular data.

In this case, you should contact the service center, where the specialist will conduct a thorough diagnosis and summarize whether the problem is the problem in the module. If suspicion is confirmed, the problem component will be replaced, after which the iPhone will fully work.

Use the recommendations given in the article, and you can eliminate problems with the iPhone connection to wireless networks.

How to determine that the breakdown is not on the phone

In any case, you need to know all the main possible errors and breakdown. In this case, you can decide in which of the devices lies the real reason. The following actions are recommended:

  • Reload the router if possible access to it;
  • try access to other equipment;
  • Check the modem settings.
iphone, does, wi-fi

If even after that nothing has changed, and the network continues to be absent, the reason lies not in the mobile gadget, but in the modem.

How to fix IPhone X WiFi not working

note! Reset of settings to factory helps with almost any systemic violation.

iphone, does, wi-fi

Malfunction of the Wi-Fi Module

If all previous recommendations have not brought any result, the smartphone still refuses to connect to a wireless network, unfortunately, the probability of a malfunction of a Wi-Fi-module cannot be ruled out. In this case, you should contact the service center, where the specialist will be able to diagnose and determine exactly whether the module responsible for connecting to a wireless Internet is faulty.

iphone, does, wi-fi

Consider the probability of each reason sequentially and follow the recommendations in the article. with a high degree of probability you can eliminate the problem on your own.