When changing the SIM card to iPhone

The SIM card contained in the connection set is not only an identification module, but also a repository of a telephone book record. In the latest models, the memory volume is 250 numbers. The SIM card provides convenient transfer of contacts from the device to the device, but this approach cannot be called modern. After all, the same iPhone can save not only numbers, but also other contact details. How to transfer contacts from SIM to iPhone and why it is needed?

In the late 90s and early 2000s, while the contacts were stored on SIM cards, there were no special problems with their transfer. It was enough to rearrange the card from one phone to another. and the case with the transfer of contacts ended. That is, there were no problems with the preservation of the records. Although there were other problems:

  • Limited number of stored records;
  • Limit for the number of letters in the name;
  • Lack of the ability to save additional data;
  • Possible breakdowns of SIM cards.

Indeed, for a business person who communicates a lot with clients and partners, 250 memory cells are very few. Yes, and any limits make the storage of contact information on the SIM card inconvenient. Therefore, subsequently contacts began to be stored in the memory of the phones. But this was not so convenient, since the problem with the transfer of data became even more acute. the incompatibility of mobile phones and the lack of normal tools for transfer.

The problem was solved when smartphones with support for cloud services appeared. One of these smartphones is Apple iPhone. Here, a special ICLOD service was created for contacts. After maintaining a new contact in the iPhone, the saved data is immediately sent via the Internet to the iCloud server so that they can work with them in remote mode or transferred to another device.

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That is, when replacing one iPhone with another, all contacts can migrate to a new device using synchronization through iCloud. And if your contacts are still stored on a SIM card, then it is time to transfer them to a smartphone to enjoy new opportunities for working with a phone book. These opportunities:

  • Editing contacts on a smartphone and in the “cloud”;
  • Purpose of additional data (postal addresses, sites addresses, fax numbers, photos, etc. D.);
  • Quick backup of contacts;
  • Automatic synchronization of contacts between different devices from Apple (and not only from Apple).

If for some reason the SIM card fails, the contacts will not be lost, since they will be saved in a reliable cloud service.

iPhone or iPad writes “SIM card is not inserted”? There is an exit!

Hello! If you find a stronger to the heading of the article, it is worth noting that there are far from one way out of this situation-decisions (however, as well as reasons) of the error of the “not inserted SIM card” can be several. Although, it would seem, what to invent here? iPhone or iPad is asked to install a SIM card? Do it and everything will be “ok”!

Why? Because we have Apple’s device with you!:) So, sometimes a very strange story can happen: the SIM card inside the iPhone or iPad seems to be there, but the device still persistently writes “SIM-card”. As someone recently wrote in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, you look at all this and think: “Either the skis do not go, or I”.

However, this is not the time to swear obscenities and be distracted from the topic. let’s immediately start finding a solution to this problem. Let’s go!:)

So, the first and most important way to fix everything:

Why is the Council written in capital letters? Yes, because in 95% of cases it is this action that helps to get rid of the problem of the “SIM card” is not inserted “. If there is such an opportunity, then finish right now to read this article, turn off the computer and run to the passport mobile phone salon.

The replacement procedure lasts a couple of minutes and, most likely, after that all-consuming happiness will come-the iOS device will finally see the SIM card.

However, if you do not have such an opportunity (or you are just too lazy to go somewhere), then you can try to get rid of this mistake in other ways:

  • To begin with, you need to 100% make sure that the SIM card is working-check it in another phone. Plus, carefully look. is it installed correctly? Whether the SIM-break is inserted to the end? Of course, these are very obvious tips, but you never know everything happens!
  • Pull the SIM card, make a hard reboot, put the SIM card in place.
  • Reset network settings. To do this, open “Settings. Basic. Reset” and select “Reset the network settings”. No need to be afraid of this procedure. all your personal information (pictures, videos, contacts, etc.D.) will remain on the device.
  • Open “Settings. Confidentiality. Geolocation. System Services” and disconnect “Search for a cellular network”.
  • Update the operator settings. Yes, this is possible even if the SIM card is not inserted into the iPhone. To do this, we connect to Wi-Fi, open “Settings-Basic-about the device” and look forward to the appearance of a window with a proposal to update the settings. If there is such an opportunity, then the request for this action will appear within 10-15 seconds.

Simka changed? All of the above actions have tried? Nothing helps and the message “SIM card is not inserted” continues to appear, then disappear, then “burns” constantly? Unfortunately, I have disappointing news for you.

Most likely, the problems are clearly “iron”. And the simplest of them is not opening the circuit of the sensor of the inserted SIM card. What kind of nonsense is this? I will explain in a little more detail now.

Inside the iPhone or iPad there is a special contact that opens at the time of installation of the SIM card. He looks like this:

How should this work: you insert a SIM card, the contact opens, the device understands that the card is installed and begins to work with it.

iphone, does, number

Accordingly, if this contact does not open, then the iPhone or iPad will write “SIM card is not inserted”. Why this situation occurs? Here are the main reasons:

  • Damage to this contact circuit (as a result of falling or impact).
  • Non.original case.
  • Non-original SIM-sip (smaller in size than “native” from Apple).

As you can see, in principle, there is nothing wrong-the chain can always be neatly corrected in the service center, and replaced SIM-two.

But do not forget that this is far from the only “iron” reason for the error “SIM card” is not inserted ”. The network problems can also be caused by a modem breakdown, damage to the contacts inside the connector under the SIM card, etc.D. Unfortunately, these problems will be very difficult to fix without visiting the repair workshop. you will have to contact the masters of the official service center.

However, I hope that in your case it will not reach such cardinal measures and everything will be solved in a simpler way-for example, a banal replacement of a SIM card. Let it be just like that!:)

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The reasons for the failure

Before proceeding to resolving the issue with a problem, it is important to understand the reasons why the device does not see the SIM card inserted into the slot, which will allow you to develop an approximate plan for restoration work. One of the most popular reasons why the iPhone does not see the SIM card is the banal malfunction of the map itself. This happens in several cases:

  • When the card came into unsuitability due to “incorrect” operation, with a frequent change in its deployment, due to the wiping of the paths on it when reinstalled from one apparatus to another or with regular wearing a simka in a wallet, bag or In such a situation there is no difference, you have at the disposal of the iPhone 5, the transitional model iPhone se or the new iPhone XR, identifying the SIM card will be impossible, you will need to contact the service center of the provider of services and get a new SIM card with the preservation of the number.
  • If the SIM card is old, it is operated for several years, sometimes the phone does not see the SIM card precisely because of its obsolescence at the technical level. The solution will be similar: you need to replace the SIM card.
  • The inconsistency of the format of the map of the model of the gadget used or its independent “fitting” for the necessary parameters by trimming, even if the work is performed efficiently, can cause why the device does not see the installed SIM card. The standard card format is used only in the iPhone until the fourth series inclusive, the models starting with 4s, take Micro SIM cards, while the iPhone 5 and higher require SIM Nano format. Experts recommend when buying a smartphone to purchase a map of the corresponding sample in parallel, for example, by buying an iPhone 6, the owner of the gadget immediately, in order to avoid problems with identification of the SIM card, it is worth replacing the SIM card of the standard Nano format with a model.

Problems when the iPhone does not see SIM cards because of its unsuitability, they are solved elementary, do not require investments of money, precedents are considered more serious if the cause of the malfunction has a hardware component.

The reason for the precedent, when the device does not see the SIM card when trying to activate it, is often a “golden SIM card”, which is interpreted in simple words as a telephone communication operator to a mobile provider. Especially often, such precedents happen when buying smartphones from the brand category: for example, a cool iPhone 11, which is very popular from the domestic consumer, acquired not at a certified point of sales, with a high degree of probability, can be a device tied to a foreign provider. This problem provides only two solutions: the use of a phone with a map of the supported telecom operator, or software damping of the device from a particular provider, which is difficult to carry out the procedure, but possible both on official grounds, albeit expensive and through illegal manipulations.

If the iPhone has ceased to see the SIM card after interfering with the gadget, attempts to update it or after firmware, there is a high probability of systemic or programmatic errors, which will have to be decided exclusively with the help of professionals. As a rule, the “firmware glitch” of the device is one of the frequent errors, against the backdrop of the incorrect execution of which the iPhone does not see the obviously worker SIM card. Cartrider or antenna, or rather, a malfunction of one or the other-this is another popular reason that acts as a provocateur of the problem when the smartphone does not see a single SIM card inserted into the connector. The problem is accompanied by the inscription “No SIM card”, but provoked by the banal incorrect extraction of SIM card from the nest with improvised objects, as a result of which the integrity of the connectors is violated, which involves the replacement of the failed contact components.

In a situation, if the phone “does not see SIM cards”, and the precedent was preceded by falls and blows, or there are operational situations when it was possible to get moisture into the device, the probability of internal damage to the gadget was high. With this development of events there is no difference what version of the iPhone you have. The result of mechanical damage to the smartphone can have different in complexity of breakdown and the principle of restoration of nature. You can try to restore the functionality of the gadget with a simple reloading of the apparatus, banal reinstalling the SIM card, with the calculation of the “shift” in the nest elementary to it, however, in the absence of the effect, you will have to turn to a qualified specialist with the aim of accurate diagnosis and localization of the problem and its elimination.

As you can see, the reasons why the expensive and multifunctional gadget does not see SIM.A large number of card. Some of them are solved elementary, while others require serious diagnosis with subsequent repair of the malfunction in the service. We will consider further what the owner of the gadget can do on his own in order to eliminate the problem.

Independent restoration of performance

If the iPhone does not see the SIM card installed in the connector, then you can try to solve the problem yourself. Naturally, serious malfunctions after a smartphone falling or getting into it to solve water on its own, it is almost impossible to solve it independently, so it is recommended to contact a service center in such cases for an effective solution to the problem. When buying a new smartphone, experts strongly recommend checking the device immediately in the store, and ask the seller to install on the iPhone the card with which the operation of the apparatus is provided. Such a precaution will avoid problems with the purchase of a gadget programmed for a certain provider. If the problem was manifested during the operation of the smartphone, and any critical actions that could explain the breakdown did not precede its occurrence, try to correct the situation through the following simple manipulations:

  • Reload the device. The share of probability is high that the problem is random in nature arose against the background of simultaneously launching several operations that are incompatible in functionality or in the process of updating the programs installed on the apparatus. If this is true, the problem of self.pounding after restarting the device.
  • Make sure that in the region where you are, there is a coating of the service provider.
  • Visually inspect the phone, and especially the card for the card and the SIM card itself for damage. Rettle the SIM card in the nest, check the closing density of the slot.
  • Check the operability of the card on another device, if the SIM card does not work, most likely the problem is in it, which is solved by the elementary change of card.
  • Make sure your smartphone is turned off the Avia.Region.
  • Update the Smartphone OS to the latest version, if the system allows you to manipulate without a network.

If the above manipulations did not solve the problem, then, most likely, professional diagnostics of the phone is required to identify the cause of the malfunction.

SIM Card Not Working on iPhone? 6 Ways to Fix It!

Why is the SIM card does not work on the iPhone 13?

Problems with the SIM card have always been a common occurrence on the iPhone, and the iPhone 13 is not an exception. You might think that error messages “invalid SIM card” or “no SIM card” are more common, and their solutions: from poor landing and interference of an electronic / physical SIM card to unsuccessful activation updates and activation errors, there may be There are many reasons for the problems with the SIM card on the iPhone 13. In the next section, we will briefly consider the problems and discuss in detail the solutions.

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iPhone does not see the network. IOS settings and failures

Once again I want to note. it seems that:

The farther to the forest, the thicker the partisans © Folk art.

No, well, really. often, the output of the “fresh” version of the iOS not only corrects various software errors (as it should be), but also brings many others (as it should not be). Plus, new functions, options, some settings updates appear, everything is constantly changing.

In general, the message “no network” on the iPhone can easily be connected with these most errors and various iOS settings. What to do?

  • Turn on and off “Aviation”. If the lack of a mobile network signal is caused by a short.term failure, then after a similar procedure, the iPhone will definitely come to the “norm”.
  • Perform a hard reboot. Once again, I note that it is this action that helps to quickly and efficiently fix the majority of iOS “failures”-only a couple of minutes (detailed instructions on how to make a rigid reboot of any iPhone model) and there is a chance that the iPhone will finally be able to find the network.
  • Change network selection parameters (settings. cellular communication. network selection). Sometimes you need to specify the network manually (or vice versa. choose an automatic search) so that the iPhone successfully “hooks” for the signal of the cellular network.
  • Reset the network settings (settings. basic. reset). After “reset”, data on your iPhone will not suffer (exception-Wi-Fi passwords will have to be entered again), but the network settings of the smartphone will make a “reboot” and, most likely, will finally be able to “stand in place”.
  • Update the operator settings. I have a detailed article (with pictures!) on this topic. I extremely recommend reading and performing those actions that are indicated in it.

Perhaps that is all the manipulations that can be done with the iPhone in order to “programmed” correct the lack of a network on your smartphone.

But “extreme” she is “extreme” to fulfill it only in the very last case. In general, it is better not to rush (but still have this option as a spare) and, if the previous options did not help, try to look for the reason “no network” on the iPhone in a completely different place.

Third.party software

If the smartphone still does not see contacts on the SIM map, and the reset of parameters did not help with the restoration, remember how the phone memory works. If the contact disappeared or was deleted, it still remains in the reserve part of the memory of the device, where you can get through third-party programs.

There are applications on the Internet that open access to internal memory, providing the opportunity to restore lost data.

How to check whether contacts are saved in iCloud?

In order to make sure of the correctness of the above actions, it will not be superfluous to check the operation of synchronization.

iphone, does, number

Go to ICLOD.COM from the computer, enter the login and password of Apple ID, and then open the contact contacts web application.

Here you can add new contacts, they will instantly be transferred to the iPhone, if you have access to the Internet.

Using third.party programs

Smartphones are usually tied to the Google account. for this it is enough to enter the login and password from the account. If synchronization is included, then all important data, including the phone book, are preserved in the presence of the Internet on a remote server. Therefore, in which case it is possible to restore contacts through the Google account. Synchronization can be performed by going into “settings”. “accounts”, and then to your account.

Sometimes it happens that the settings are installed in such a way that new names are stored not on the phone and not on the SIM card, but in Google. In this case, it may well turn out that the SIM card is simply empty, so the smartphone does not see anything on it. You can make contacts of contacts from a file with VCF extension if there is. It needs to be downloaded to the phone, and then go to the phone book and select “Import/Export” on the menu.

As a rule, the display of contacts from the SIM card can simply be disabled and it is enough to turn it on. If nothing helps and there is a firm confidence in its malfunction, then you will have to come to terms with the loss of valuable data and seek replacement. But before that, try to still check it in another phone. Perhaps there it will work and you will be able to save data to Google, and then transfer it to your smartphone.