What to do if the iPhone does not see a SIM card?

The situation in which the iPhone sees the SIM card is quite common. In this case, without a SIM card, you cannot call and use the Internet. It is not difficult to determine this problem, in this case the message “SIM card is not found or not installed” on the screen of your smartphone will be displayed ”. Also in the upper left corner of the screen, where the signal level is usually indicated and the name of the mobile operator will be the inscription “No SIM card” or “Search”.

Most often, the cause of this malfunction is a slight SIM card failure. Many problems related to the SIM card can be solved without contacting the service center. In this article I will talk about several ways to solve this problem.

Elimination of software malfunctions

If the malfunction has a programmatic nature, it can be eliminated by reserve data recovery. To do this, connect the iPhone to the computer and download the iTunes program. In the main settings window, click on the “Restore iPhone” button. Then, in the window that appears, select the backup copy that was created before the appearance of problems with the SIM card (column “Date”). Launch the reserve recovery procedure. This process will take 10-25 minutes.

Rollback to factory settings. This method allows you to eliminate almost all iPhone software problems. Go to the device settings. Now click on the “reset” and in the new window click on “Reset all the contents and settings”. In the pop.up context menu, click on “reset iPhone”. After rebooting, all data and settings will be returned to factory. After re.insert the SIM card into the phone and check its work.

Universal instruction

If the iPhone refuses to see even a new SIM card or a message appeared on the invalid SIM or not inserted microchemista on the phone screen, try to perform manipulations:

  • It is necessary to check that the cellular connection of the operator whose SIM card is inserted in the slot works well in the gadget zone.
  • Try to update the iPhone to the most relevant version of iOS.
  • Using the standard iOS functionality, translate the phone into air mode. Then wait 10 seconds and turn off the flight mode.
  • Complete the iPhone reboot. To do this, press and hold the “sleep/awakening” button until the slider does not reach the screen. Move it to turn off the device. Detailed instructions on the picture below.
  • Be sure to check if the settings of your operator are updated. To do this, move to the “Settings” section, select “Basic”, and then click “On this device”. If the update is required, then a message will appear on the smartphone screen with a demand to click OK or Update. Click “update”, after a while we restart the device again, the communication error will most likely leave.
  • Carefully pull the SIM card from the holder and push it back into the groove. Inspect the gadget and make sure that the SIM slot closed tightly. If you use the SIM card holder from another iPhone model or a completely different smartphone, then it may not be suitable in size.
  • Try to use another SIM card. If you do not have a spare option, then you go to the communication salon and ask employees to provide the duty SIM card to check the device.
  • If after all manipulations a message about the absence of a SIM card does not disappear, then contact Support Apple. The operator will tell you how to be in a situation where the iPhone stopped seeing a SIM card.

Mechanical damage to the smartphone

Separately, mechanical damage should be distinguished. Most users do not attach importance to small shots or shake. However, with constant exposure, the internal parts may foul or crack. This will provoke a violation of contact or reduce the sensitivity of the device. It is important that the external part may not suffer. the phone seems absolutely whole outside.

iphone, does, card

Important! The final result is a complete refusal of the module and a trip to the service center.

What to do if the iPhone does not see a new SIM card

When there is a message about the missing card, you need to perform the following:

iphone, does, card
  • check the level of the mobile operator signal at the location;
  • try to rewrite to the latest version of the operating system;
  • translate the smartphone into aircraft mode and disconnect it after a minute waiting;
  • Reloading the device using the Son/Awakening button, until the slider appears on the screen, which is moved to turn off the device.
iphone, does, card

The list of mandatory verification includes the settings of the mobile operator. You need to go to the main menu, find the subsection “basic” there, move to the point “On this device”. If the gadget needs an update, it is carried out, then the device is restarted. The procedure in most cases helps to get rid of the connection problem.

To check the condition of the card and see mechanical damage, it is carefully removed from the holder and pushed back to the groove. The slot should be completely closed.

The last resuscitation option is to use the second card. If there is no spare method, you have to go to the communication salon and ask for the performance of the device. There you can also ask the activation, as some consultants forget to conduct it, and the client receives an inoperative card.

Important! If all the above methods could not turn on the gadget, then you need to write to the apple technical support service. The operator on duty will tell you what to do and where to take the non.working device.

How to reset the IPhone network settings

You can reset the network settings yourself, without resorting to the help of specialized centers. The sequence is performed for this:

  • First, the transition to the “Settings” of the phone is made.
  • The “Basic” section needs to find the line “reset”.
  • Going into it, there will be several options, among which the line “reset the network settings”.

iphone says no sim card installed when there is one

Agreeing to the action, the user must understand that some data will be lost, among which the connection passwords that were previously saved.

If, after all the actions done, it was not possible to restore the network, you will have to contact the Apple service center. In it, experts will test the device, identify the problem and, possibly, eliminate it.

nine. Blocked iPhone

“Gray” iPhone are very popular in our phones market, which are sold much cheaper than official. The lack of a guarantee is ranked to their disadvantages. They are also often blocked under a specific operator. Unscrupulous sellers realize their phones without telling the buyer that they are blocked, that is, they do not work with Russian operators.

Unfortunately, the process of unlocking is either impractical, since expensive or complex, requiring a huge number of documents and actions from the user. It will not work to find a universal solution, since it does not exist. If you find out that you have an operator model, then you will have to look for a way to unlock specifically for her.

iphone, does, card

Be that as it may, we recommend that you immediately return such gadgets back to the sellers.

How to pull out an SIM card from iPhone

Well, probably, the first thing that comes to mind when the phone simply does not find a SIM card. it was just incorrectly inserted into the phone slot. In this case, the only option for solving this problem is, of course, the usual pulling out SIM card followed by the amendment of the slot. But not everyone knows how to get this sim-ku from the iPhone. This is done quite simply:

  • In the standard iPhone set, a paper clip is attached to the device, which can be used to pull out the slot. However, any thin sharp object is suitable (for example, a needle).
  • Next, you need to find the slot on the device case, it should be on the right side, under the inclusion button.
  • Insert a clip into a special crack and the slot will jump out.
  • Now you just need to rearrange the SIM card in the right position and insert the slot back into the phone. That’s all!

If you change the SIM card, whether the data will save

It is also worth dealing with the question: if you change the “SIM card” in the iPhone, whether the data will be saved? For its users, Apple specially developed services that allow you to maintain all the necessary data. The easiest way to transfer the necessary information is to use iCloud.

Synchronization must be carried out, then contacts and basic information will always be on the “cloud”. After that, the change of SIM card can be carried out without any problems.

The problem called “invalid SIM” is not so often found, but still comes across. In most situations, the user can cope on his own, you only need to decide on the cause. In cases where nothing of the above helps, it is recommended to seek help from the service center or write to the technical support of Apple.