iPhone 11 / X (s / r) / 8/7/6 can’t see SIM card

In this article, I will discuss the reasons why the iPhone does not see the SIM card. Some reasons can be completely solved on your own, but to solve others you will have to contact the professionals at the service center.

The article presents all the main reasons. Find yours and solve the problem.

This article applies to all iPhone 11 / XS (r) / X / 8/7/6 and Plus models on iOS 13. Older versions may have different or missing menu items and hardware support specified in the article.

What does “locked” mean and what are the signs

The term “locked” means that the iPhone is designed to work on a particular carrier’s network. The smartphone will not be able to interact with “foreign” SIM-cards, it simply “does not see” them. Most often we are talking about American carriers such as ATT, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile.

But, also in other countries there is a system for locking devices. iPhones that work with all carriers are called “SIM-free”. When buying, you should choose exactly this type of device.

The easiest way to determine if your iPhone is locked or not is to insert a SIM card and look at the top line of the iOS system. If the name of the operator is written there, then you have a “SIM-free” device.

Unfortunately, the attackers went further and with the help of a special tool (we will consider it below) they can temporarily remove the lock from the operator. After turning on the iPhone works and even sees the SIM, but as soon as you try to update and activate iOS, the iPhone will stop connecting to the network.

To check whether the smartphone is locked or not, you should go to the IMEI.info website and enter the IMEI of your device in the corresponding field. After that, the portal will show some information about the iPhone, including you can make a paid check for blocking by operator.

You can find IMEI by following the path: “Settings”. “Basic”. “About this device” or by entering the command “#” in the dialer.

Damaged SIM tray in iPhone or incorrectly inserted card

In addition, do not forget that the problem may lie in the SIM tray. It must not be damaged or twisted, and the card must be correctly inserted into it.

The main thing is not to confuse the sides with which the SIM should adhere to the tray. If the tray is damaged, you can purchase another in China or at local service centers.

iPhone is locked. the reason why it does not recognize SIM card

The problem of “locked” iPhones is faced by those who purchase a device in another country or brought from there. As a result, the smartphone becomes cheaper, but it will only work with SIM cards of a certain operator.

Software errors as the reason for identifying SIM-ki

The latest versions of iOS are not very stable, so problems with the performance of devices began to appear much more often. If your iPhone suddenly began to lose the network or stopped seeing the SIM card altogether (and no mechanical damage happened to it), then it is worth reinstalling the system. This often happens with active use of beta versions of iOS.

If the iPhone is functional, the easiest way to do a network reset is. And if it does not help, then roll back to the factory settings. To do this, go to “Settings”. “Basic”. “Reset”. It should be borne in mind that all data will be erased. Therefore, if you have any necessary data, then save it on your computer or in the cloud storage (Yandex Disk, Dropbox, iCloud and others).

How to unlock the operator. ways

At the moment, there are two known ways to “unlock” the iPhone.

The R-SIM is a small chip that fits into the iPhone and unlocks the radio. Without going into technical details, it is important to note that this method is hardware-based, rather complicated, and, importantly, unofficial. This raises a number of problems:

You don’t have to resort to the laborious R-SIM method to unlock your iPhone. There is an option that will provide permanent unlocking. To do this, write to the operator to which your iPhone is “tied”.

It is not at all necessary to do this yourself, there are a large number of companies engaged in the “unlock” of smartphones. But it is important to know 2 points: this procedure is not quick (from a day or longer) and not at all cheap (up to several tens of thousands of rubles). You should not contact those who offer to “unlock” the iPhone quickly and cheaply. they are scammers.

SIM card problem

iPhones from model 5 work with a nano SIM card. Not all operators started supporting the new technology right away. Therefore, if you have an old SIM, then most likely it was cut off with improvised means.

Such operations do not always go smoothly, and often cards simply fail over time. To check the operability of the SIM, you should move it to another smartphone and see the functioning of the network on it.

If you have any problems, you should contact your service provider and ask to replace the defective card. This procedure usually takes a few minutes, only the owner and passport are required.

But even if you have a new nanoSIM, you should not discount the physical wear and tear of any material. Contacts can deteriorate (if you change SIM cards often), which will cause communication problems in the iPhone. In this case, you should also replace the card.

Mechanical damage

In the event of a fall or impact, the outer part of the smartphone may remain without visible chips or cracks. Strong shaking will damage the inside of the iPhone. The landing part of the SIM card slot is loose and does not provide sufficient contact with the surface of the element.

You can also damage the device if the SIM card is installed incorrectly or inaccurately. When inserting the card reader, make sure that the card fits snugly in the slot. The part is extracted exclusively with a complete key or a metal clip.

Important! The damage to the antenna should be separately identified. The module is fastened on a solder, which minimizes the contact area and the fastening is not reliable.

Locked model

Some iPhones from the factory are tied to a specific operator. When you try to insert a SIM card from another company into a similar device, the device will give an error or refuse to notice it.

To eliminate the defect, you can contact a specialized service center or a trusted master. It is not recommended to fix the firmware yourself.

Normal wear and tear of the SIM card

With frequent change of phone or constant replacement of the card, its natural wear and tear occurs. Gaps, scratches, abrasions appear on the contact part. If the integrity of the contact part is violated, it is possible that the signal transmission will deteriorate or the iPhone will simply refuse to “see” the card.

Reinstalling the SIM card

From the 4th generation on iPhones, the SIM card tray is located on the right, behind the protective cover. To fix the defect, it is enough to reinstall the chip.

  • Press the service hole with a paper clip or a special key.
  • After opening the tray, check the location of the SIM card in the slot.
  • Close the door carefully.
  • Wait 1-2 minutes for iPhone status to update.

Important! Activating and deactivating airplane mode or simply rebooting the smartphone also helps. In case of a negative result, you need to move on.

What are the most common problems with SIM cards?

Experts highlight the most popular problems, why the iphone does not see the SIM card.

  • Blows. After physical impact, the slot or card reader is damaged. Usually corrected by soldering the contacts or completely replacing the SIM card module.
  • Software crashes. Outdated firmware, system glitch or error can cause a failure.
  • Getting wet. The operator card slot is a little protected element. Water, steam often gets through the slots and closes the internal contacts.
  • Deterioration of SIM card contacts. With frequent replacement or reinstallation of the card, grooves or severe abrasions appear on its working surface, which greatly impairs contact.

Moisture ingress

If you get wet, the inside of your iPhone can be damaged. Despite the presence of decent moisture protection, some devices may slightly leak water. Usually closes SIM card slots, areas located near physical interfaces.

Water ingress can even be caused by the fact that the phone was simply in the bathroom while taking a shower.

IOS update

Often the reason why the iPhone does not see the SIM card is the obsolescence of the operating system. To eliminate the breakdown, you need to charge the battery to a state of more than 50%, connect to a stable Wi-Fi network.

Next, you need to go to the settings menu, then “basic”, select the software update tab. If the operating system is outdated, the page will reflect the available version. After the update, all defects or errors should disappear, the SIM card will start working.

Problems with firmware

The fact that the “apple” gadget does not see the SIM may be the result of an iOS software failure, due to which the firmware of the cellular modem has flown. It will not be possible to identify such a malfunction without having special equipment at hand. However, if the user tried to install several cards in the gadget and the device did not recognize any of them, there is no need to rush to the service center. First you need to try to change the firmware on the iPhone.

Use iTunes to replace the firmware. The user needs to connect the gadget to the PC, go to the device control menu (1) and click on the “Restore iPhone” button (2).

iTunes will download the latest official firmware itself and install it on your smartphone. If the user wants the iOS on his gadget to remain in the current version and not be updated, he should independently find a suitable firmware on the Internet (IPSW format file) and download it to the mobile device by pressing the “Restore” combination (in iTunes) Shift (on the keyboard ).

To replace the firmware, it is better to use the latest version of the iTunes media combine.

If flashing didn’t fix the SIM problem, the iPhone is most likely broken.

Why iPhone can’t see SIM card?

If the iPhone does not see the SIM card, the owner of the gadget does not need to immediately “sprinkle ashes on his head”. first you should find out the reason. It is possible that the solution to this problem will take no more than a few minutes.

Despite the fact that the iPhone is considered the most reliable mobile device, its owner is also not insured against breakdowns and expenses related to repairs. A common malfunction in recent years has become the refusal of “apple” smartphones to recognize SIM. On the screen of the iPhone, which stopped seeing the SIM card, a similar message appears:

There are many possible reasons for this error. We will tell you about each of them and give recommendations on what to do to solve the problem.

Availability of SIM-Lock on iPhone

Most often iPhones are locked under SIM cards of ATT and Verizon operators.

Of course, the best way to solve the problem with SIM-Lock is to return the device to an unscrupulous seller and then purchase a gadget certified to work in Russia. However, most often sellers refuse to return, arguing that the smartphone is in good working order. after all, SIM-Lock is not a breakdown.

There is no need to “hang up” when you find yourself with a “locked” iPhone in your hands. there are many solutions to this problem:

    Contacting the workshop. The service specialists will remove the SIM-Lock, but will demand an impressive amount for the work (from 100). The owner of the gadget should remember that after the “artisanal” removal of the “lock”, the iPhone loses its warranty. Do-it-yourself “unlock”. You can also try to unlock the iPhone yourself. there are a number of Internet services that allow you to do this (for example, IMEI-Server.ru). In this case, you will also have to spend money, but the amount will be much more digestible. Online services ask on average 2. 3 for help. Purchase of Turbo-SIM. Turbo-SIM is an adapter that is inserted into the tray along with a SIM card and unlocks the radio module when the iPhone is activated. The purchase of such an adapter will cost the user about 1.5-2 thousand rubles. Using Turbo-SIM can lead to a decrease in the quality of communication and problems when setting up iMessage, but of all the ways to get rid of SIM-Lock, this is perhaps the most effective. Contacting a telecom operator. The user is finally able to write a letter to the provider, under whose SIM-cards the iPhone is locked, and ask for an official unlock. This method has many disadvantages: firstly, the operator’s reaction will have to wait long enough, secondly, you need to write in English and preferably without the help of the “clumsy” Google Translate, and thirdly, you will also have to pay for the official unlock. (ATT) up to 15 thousand rubles (Finnish company DNA).

The official “unlock” also has a significant advantage. it does not entail the loss of the warranty on the iPhone.

SIM card malfunction

The most common reason why the iPhone cannot see the SIM is because the SIM is not properly trimmed. Pruning is not that difficult. even an amateur armed with scissors can do the job. However, there is always a risk of touching the chip and thereby disabling the SIM. Salon employees who cut cards for money are also not able to guarantee that everything will go “like clockwork”.

This may not only be due to incorrect cropping. SIM cards tend to demagnetize. that is, fail for no apparent reason. The iPhone’s refusal to recognize the SIM card is also caused by the fact that the card has an old-style chip. Nowadays, such chips are used extremely rarely, but no one is insured against a “meeting” with them.

Here are such SIM-cards for iPhone users have nothing to try to cut:

How can you check if the SIM card is really the case? It’s very simple: take the card out of your phone and insert it into another device with a suitable SIM slot. If this device does not see the SIM card either, you need to go to the communication salon with your passport and ask the consultant to replace the card. The procedure is completely free; it will take no more than 5 minutes.

iPhone 11’s: SIM Card Not Working, No Service, Constantly Searching, No SIM (FIXED!)

After replacing the SIM, the numbers on the card will not remain. Therefore, before heading to the service office, it is worth copying contacts from iPhone to computer.

If another device recognizes the card and does not experience any problems when working with it, the owner of the iPhone will be just right. it just won’t be possible to solve the problem.

IPhone breakdown

Here are just a few reasons that can lead to physical damage to the iPhone and the inability of the gadget to see the SIM card:

    Falling the device and other mechanical influences on it may cause damage to the SIM-reader mechanism. The use of a low-quality charger leads to a short circuit. The short circuit, in turn, causes burnout of diodes, resistors and other small components. Filling. It’s worth checking out the humidity sensor: on the iPhone 4, it is located in the headphone jacks and for charging, and on the latest devices, in the SIM slot. If you can clearly see a red dot, then the iPhone is a “drowned man”.

If the user does not carefully insert the tray into the iPhone, it may cause a malfunction of the SIM card slot. There is only one way to eliminate such a breakdown. by completely replacing the slot.

Whatever the cause of iPhone malfunction, it is not recommended to disassemble the mobile device and try to solve the problem yourself. There is a risk of making it worse. Only specialists of service centers, who have professional equipment at their disposal, are able to accurately diagnose a breakdown and correct it correctly.

You shouldn’t worry too much about finances: with the modern, exorbitant level of competition, service centers set fairly loyal for their services. Replacing the SIM slot, for example, will cost the iPhone owner 1.5-2 thousand rubles.

The fact that the iPhone does not see the SIM card is almost always the result of carelessness or carelessness of the owner of the gadget. Even if the user has become a victim of an unscrupulous seller who “sold” a locked smartphone, he should only blame himself. he did not pay due attention to preliminary checking of an expensive device.

Solving a problem is much more difficult than preventing it from occurring. and moreover, more expensive. If the iPhone does not see the SIM card because it is locked or broken, the user will definitely have to part with a certain amount of money in order to make the device operational. It will be possible to fix the situation for free only if the problem lies in the SIM card.

SIM card is not inserted correctly into the slot

It is necessary to install the SIM card into the device very carefully, as there is a chance to place it incorrectly. Previously, in phones, the card was inserted into a special slot for SIM cards, which was under the battery and covered with a metal cover on top. Now, in most gadgets, the SIM card is inserted into the side of the slot. Phones may have one common slot for a SIM card and a flash drive.

An incorrectly inserted card may cause the phone to malfunction.

SIM card damaged

Physical damage to the phone, such as being dropped and hit, can damage the card in the device. Careless reinstallation of the card from one phone to another can also negatively affect it, the contacts on the card can break. In this case, only replacing the SIM card with a new one will help out.

If the problem is in the phone

The following reasons, which can lead to the conclusion about why the SIM card stopped working, are in the phone:

iphone, does, card, reasons
  • sim card works in another smartphone. If you moved the card to another phone and it works, then the problem is in the mobile device.
  • if the phone does not see the SIM card after the software update. Then flash your phone again or reset to factory settings.
  • damaged SIM card slot. This can happen after the phone has been dropped, the card has been carelessly removed, as a result of which the slot breaks. At the same time, if you dropped the phone, then the breakdown can only affect over time.
  • the phone is programmed for a SIM card of a certain operator. If the card bought at the SIM card sales center worked well, but the other one is not recognized, then the reason may be this.

If you find one or more of these reasons, then it makes sense to contact the specialists in the phone repair service.

damaged SIM card slot

If you have a need to frequently change the card, then be prepared for the fact that the slot can become loose and damaged. And if the phone does fall or moisture gets into it, then the chances of this increase. Therefore, to check the condition of the slot, remove the back cover of the phone, take out the battery, and visually assess the condition of the card slot. If it is damaged, then you need to contact the phone repair service.

phone offline mode activated

The offline mode on the phone is provided for disabling data transmission and sending SMS, the inability to work on the Internet. It is used when flying in an airplane. Therefore, the reason why the phone does not see the SIM card may be in the accidental activation of the offline mode. To find out if this mode is enabled, find it in the phone menu and see if the icon is active.

The phone does not see the SIM card, what to do?

The SIM card is now the best way to identify the user. E-mail is tied to it, access to various services. Therefore, when the SIM card stops working, it attracts a lot of difficulties related not only to calls.

In order to understand the probable reasons why the gadget may not see the SIM card, first of all we will determine what constitutes it. SIM stands for Subscriber identification module, which means subscriber identification module. It is one of the varieties of Smart-cards that are used in bank and satellite cards, etc. The SIM card has an operating system with firmware stored in a separate section of the card. Most applications are written in Java and are used to implement additional services provided by operators.

  • a processor powered by the phone and operating at a frequency of 5 to 10 MHz. It occupies about 10% of the area of ​​the entire map;
  • RAM and permanent memory, which consists of user and operator data, OS SIM-card and soft;
  • a hardware random number generator module;
  • hardware encryption module.

PIN1 and PIN2 contain information about which operator of the cellular network issued the card and give information to the network, how to work with a specific subscriber, what services he should provide, and with which phone number to register him. They identify her and the owner.

In size, SIM cards have gone through a whole evolution of reduction: from full-size (with dimensions 86x54x0.84 mm) to nano-SIM (with dimensions 12.3×8.8×0.67 mm).

The SIM card contains 6 or 8 contacts through which the modules are connected to the mobile terminal, but not all of them can be used. Therefore, if you need a SIM card with a different size than what you have, you do not need to cut it yourself, so as not to harm the stable operation of the card. The best way out is to contact the operator so that there are no difficulties in its further operation.

Digital eSim support:

  • the latest iPhone XS, XR and 11 series. They support two cards: nano-SIM and eSim;
  • iPad. Pro, Air 10.5 ”, mini 5 models;
  • smartphones Google pixel 3 and newer.

But for now, the option of using eSim in Ukraine is quite rare, so let’s return to the more well-known types of SIM cards and consider the possible reasons for their failure. They, as a rule, are divided into two types: one is in the SIM card, the second is in the phone.

What to do if the iPhone does not see the SIM card

Since the iPhone is, first of all, a device for calls, which also allows you to surf the Internet and send messages to loved ones, it simply needs a SIM card of a suitable operator. But what if the gadget does not recognize the SIM card? Let the technology from Apple have always been distinguished by quality and reliability, nevertheless, any equipment breaks down.

The problem of a malfunction with the SIM is easy to identify: the notification “SIM card not found or not installed” will appear on the display of your gadget. And in the upper status bar, where there is an icon of the signal level and the name of the operator, it will say “No SIM card” or “Search”. What to do in such a situation? Is it possible to fix an unpleasant breakdown on your own? This article will describe all possible solutions to the problem when the “apple” gadget cannot detect the inserted SIM card or gives errors during operation.

Mechanical damage

If, after the fall (or self-parsing), the iPhone stopped seeing the SIM card, then you should contact the master at the service center. It’s no secret that smartphones are fragile technology that requires careful and careful handling. Dropping, bumping, violently shaking, or attempting to change hardware can easily damage components. The card reader may loosen, causing insufficient contact with the surface of the SIM card. It is also easy to damage the seat of the slot if the element is incorrectly or inaccurately installed. When inserting the SIM, make sure that the element fits snugly into the part. You can only pull out the SIM card with the key that comes in the box or with a metal paper clip.

Firmware malfunctions

Finding out if the problem is in the current version of iOS, that the firmware is the cause of the unreadable and non-working SIM card, is hard on your own. It is impossible to accurately diagnose, but it is still worth trying to reflash if there are no other options for provoking factors. There are two ways in this method: rollback to a previous version or try updating to a fresh one. It’s up to you to decide what is best to take. Tip: if on the previous version of iOS the gadget worked properly and without errors, then it is better to return to the previous version.

To carry out the flashing procedure, thereby solving the problem of software failure, you need a computer on macOS or Windows with the official iTunes utility installed. Further, the order of your actions is as follows:

  • Connect your device to your PC using the original USB cable. Wait until iTunes recognizes the connected gadget;
  • Find your iPhone icon in iTunes on the left side of the top bar;
  • Click on the “Restore” button. It can be found on the right side of the window;
  • The firmware will be installed in a few minutes;
  • Disconnect the device from the computer and check the functionality of the SIM card.

Moisture ingress

If the iPhone falls into water, gets caught in the rain, drops get on the case, or the owner just takes it with him to the shower or steam room, then it is important to act quickly so that the SIM card contacts do not oxidize. Despite being water resistant, iPhone cannot guarantee 100% water resistance. Some devices leak water, which causes the slots to close. If the device is placed in a humid environment, it is sometimes necessary to seek the help of a qualified technician. It is unlikely that it will be possible to repair and dry it yourself. not every house has a set of suitable tools. But there are some tips that can help in an emergency:

  • Remove the SIM card from the slot, and if it has not yet completely turned yellow, gently, pointwise wipe the chip with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol liquid;
  • Place the gadget to the brim in a container with rice. Rice absorbs moisture very well;
  • If you have the necessary tools, disassemble the gadget and remove excess water and leave it open for several hours. It is best to contact the service center for help as soon as possible, especially if the SIM slot is flooded;
  • After drying, try inserting a new SIM card. If things are really bad, the iPhone itself will tell you about it. in the place where the element is inserted, there is an indicator of contact with liquid: in case of strong moisture ingress, the upper part of the SIM slot will turn red. Here, without repair and contacting a specialized workshop, there is no way.

Locked iPhone model

The problem here is not in the SIM, but in the gadget itself. Many iPhone models that are offered to consumers at an attractively low price are in fact unofficially imported from overseas. Often users who do not understand the intricacies of smartphones fall for such a “bait”. A huge and significant drawback of such devices is the lack of a full manufacturer’s warranty. This is a lottery: someone is lucky that a smartphone brought from, say, the United States works flawlessly, while someone is tied to a local mobile operator Verizone or ATT and does not work with Russian.

You can find out if the gadget is locked even before the purchase. Some services provide their services for free, others ask you to pay. To do this, you need to know the unique IMEI number indicated on the original box and in the settings of the device itself. And even here it cannot be guaranteed that the site will help to accurately determine the lockedness of the model.

If the gadget has already fallen into the hands of the user in this state, then it is easy to determine whether the gadget is locked or not. When you try to insert a SIM card of any operator of the Russian Federation, the phone does not read it, refuses to work with it. There are several options for solving this problem:

Old generation SIM

It is a good habit to change your SIM card periodically (at least once every 5-7 years). These elements, unfortunately, have their own expiration date and after a while they use up their resources, ceasing to contact the iPhone. To make sure that the problem is in an outdated plastic carrier or natural wear and tear, it is enough to find a suitable SIM size (recall that for models 4. the size is standard, for 4S. a micro-SIM card, and for iPhones 5 and newer. used nano-SIM).

Where does it come from? As practice shows, this will inevitably happen to those owners who often and inaccurately rearrange SIM-cards. Unfortunately, not a single model for the Russian market has yet a second SIM slot, therefore, this problem is encountered by users quite often. The contact tracks on the surface of the element are erased, wear out, small scratches appear that interfere with the normal operation of the contact and the board. The transmission of the mobile signal, at the same time, deteriorates.

If the mobile connection has stopped working in the smartphone, then it is worth visiting the nearest cellular salon in order to replace the current SIM card and get a duplicate. Usually, replacing an old card with a new one is a free procedure, but it is better to check this issue with the employees of a local authorized salon. What are the advantages of getting a duplicate:

  • The money transferred to the account balance will not go anywhere and will be saved;
  • The phone number will be saved, which means that communication with friends and relatives will not be lost;
  • The selected tariff from the operator and services will also be preserved (which is very convenient, because tariff plans are constantly changed and removed, so that the user can always save a profitable package of options).

A duplicate is much more profitable and more convenient than buying a new, clean number.

If the SIM card is still not readable, then you will have to visit the service center for diagnostics. in most cases this procedure is provided free of charge. And if the iPhone is still under warranty, then there is a high probability that the matter is in a factory defect. Contact the place of purchase of the device, where workers are required to accept the device, check, repair or replace.

Settings glitches

It often happens that completely new devices and models from Apple may not see the SIM card due to a normal system malfunction. We figure out how to reset the settings for the correct operation of mobile communications:

  • Reboot the device with the required keys, depending on the model;
  • Go to the “Settings” of your gadget;
  • Then go to the “Basic” tab;
  • Go to the “Reset” tab;
  • In the list that appears, select “Reset network settings” and confirm the action.

This should help, since all knocked-down parameters should be calibrated as needed. The network settings will be reset to factory defaults, as if the user turned on the device for the first time. Don’t worry, this action won’t affect photos or important documents.

Incorrect connection

  • First of all, you should make sure that the SIM card is connected to the phone correctly. First, you need to open the SIM card tray using a special paper clip.

When the tray is removed from the device, pull out the SIM card. Reinstall it with the chip down. Also make sure the cut corner of the card aligns with the notch in the tray.

  • Press lightly on the SIM card until it fits snugly into the tray. Then replace the tray by pushing it in until it clicks into place. Turn on the screen and check if the operator is detected in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Failure of the firmware

    If the phone still does not see the connected SIM card, it should be assumed that there is a serious software glitch in iOS. You can solve it by flashing the device.

    • Connect iPhone to your computer using a USB cable and then launch iTunes.
    • Put your smartphone in DFU mode. This mode is emergency and is used to solve problems in the operation of the device’s operating system.

    Read more: How to put iPhone into DFU mode
    If the iPhone input to DFU is correct, iTunes will report the connected device. Don’t worry if the screen displays the wrong color of your smartphone. Click on the “OK” button.

    Then iTunes will offer to restore the device. Start this process and wait for it to finish: first, the program will automatically download the latest version of iOS, and then proceed to installing the firmware.

    When the welcome window appears on the smartphone screen, activate the device and check if the cellular operator is detected.

    What to do if iPhone can’t see SIM card

    Failure in network settings

    A failure in the network settings can occur both immediately after the start of using the iPhone, and after a while. To fix it, you must try to do a network settings reset.

      Open the parameters on your smartphone, and then go to the “Basic” section.

    Tap on the item “Reset network settings” and confirm the start of the process using the password code.

    Phone malfunction

    If the iPhone appears to malfunction, the first thing to try is to restart the phone. Typically, this simple method will solve a communication problem successfully in most cases.

    SIM card malfunction

    Do not exclude the possibility that the problem is not in the iPhone at all, but in the card itself, which for some reason is out of order. You can check this using another phone: just connect a SIM card to it and check its performance. If you are convinced that the card is faulty, you will need to contact the nearest operator’s salon. As a rule, the procedure for replacing the SIM card is provided free of charge.

    Why iPhone can’t see SIM card

    Below we will consider the main list of reasons that can affect the occurrence of a problem with the visibility of the SIM card on your phone, and options for their elimination.

    Restart iPhone.

    If the previous method did not help you solve the problem, then it is worth trying to restart your iPhone. Rebooting is one of the most versatile problem-solving methods.

    • Press and hold the Power button. until a slider appears on the screen to turn off the iPhone
    • Release the Power button and drag the slider from left to right.
    • Press and hold the button again until the Apple logo appears on the screen
    • Wait for the device to boot.
    iphone, does, card, reasons

    Drops and bumps, moisture ingress

    Mechanical damage, ingress of moisture and dirt inside the case often cause hardware malfunction of the iPhone, which leads to the device not reading the SIM card.

    How to Fix No SIM Card, Invalid SIM, Or SIM Card Failure Error on iPhone

    • only the SIM card holder suffered and it was rather insignificant (dirt, a small break);
    • moisture or dirt has got on the card itself.

    In most cases, if the smartphone has experienced a serious fall or has been in the water for longer than the recommended time (for the latest models), it must be carried to a service center.

    Try using a friend’s SIM card to connect to the network

    If none of the tips above helped you, then try using your friend’s or relative’s SIM card. Perhaps it is in her, and not in the phone. Insert the card into the tray, if the error “No SIM card” (SIM card is invalid) disappears and everything works fine, then we have identified the culprit. this is your SIM card.

    Instead of visiting those. For Apple Store support, we recommend that you visit your carrier and tell them that you need a replacement SIM card for your iPhone. This is a quick process and you will receive a new one as soon as possible.

    Likewise, you can try to change the phone by inserting the SIM card into another device. So you will quickly determine why the iPhone does not see the SIM card.

    IPhone breakdown

    Here are just a few reasons that can lead to physical damage to the iPhone and the inability of the gadget to see the SIM card:

      Falling the device and other mechanical influences on it may cause damage to the SIM-reader mechanism. The use of a low-quality charger leads to a short circuit. The short circuit, in turn, causes burnout of diodes, resistors and other small components. Filling. It’s worth checking out the humidity sensor: on the iPhone 4, it is located in the headphone jacks and for charging, and on the latest devices, in the SIM slot. If you can clearly see a red dot, then the iPhone is a “drowned man”.

    If the user does not carefully insert the tray into the iPhone, it may cause a malfunction of the SIM card slot. There is only one way to eliminate such a breakdown. by completely replacing the slot.

    Whatever the cause of iPhone malfunction, it is not recommended to disassemble the mobile device and try to solve the problem yourself. There is a risk of making it worse. Only specialists of service centers, who have professional equipment at their disposal, are able to accurately diagnose a breakdown and correct it correctly.

    You shouldn’t worry too much about finances: with the modern, exorbitant level of competition, service centers set fairly loyal for their services. Replacing the SIM slot, for example, will cost the iPhone owner 1.5-2 thousand rubles.

    DFU mode

    Service mode activated when the smartphone is connected to the computer. In the corresponding program, you must perform a certain sequence of actions and the system will independently install the current firmware, eliminate configuration problems or service errors.

    Important! However, care must be taken with the firmware settings. Incorrect actions can cause the state of the smartphone “brick”.

    When eliminating the defect on your own, you should not use methods that require complex surgical intervention or opening the device case. If self-repair did not give results, it is recommended to contact a qualified technician.

    How to soft restart iPhone?

    Press the power off button and hold it for a few seconds.

    Wait until the message appears on the screen: “Slide to Power Off”.

    Press the button again to turn on the phone.

    You will need to enter a password for identification, even if you usually used your fingerprint for this.

    Update carrier wireless settings using iTunes on PC.

    Connect your phone to your computer (you can also use a friend’s computer). We recommend using iTunes, because before updating your phone, iTunes will automatically check your smartphone for updates to the provider’s settings and, if any, will prompt you to install them.

    Phone malfunction

    If the iPhone appears to malfunction, the first thing to try is to restart the phone. Typically, this simple method will solve a communication problem successfully in most cases.

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