The main “symptoms” problems

As a rule, the lack of receiving calls with a network on is most often found in models 4s and 5. Immediately after turning on, they are confidently registered on the network, and within a few minutes after loading you can get through, and then the connection disappears, although the indication shows that everything is in order. Access for incoming calls, as a rule, remains for one or two minutes. and then disappears again. The Internet GPRS/Edge does not work, but 3G/4G the network is always available, like Wi-Fi.

There can be many reasons for such a problematic functioning of the phone, from the wrong settings to the problems of the network. To eliminate the problem, you need to try a few different ways in the hope that one of them will be successful. After each action, it is advisable to check whether it was possible to eliminate the problem.

iPhone drops an incoming call. a problem in the hardware

Let’s start with a rare situation when all these “cliffs” are not to blame for software failures, but more tangible and familiar things to us.

  • SIM card. Perhaps it needs to be replaced.
  • SIM card balance. No money. no call.
  • Cellular signal level. Plus, be sure to experiment with modes (LTE, VOLTE, 3G) in “Settings. cellular communication. data parameters. Voice and Data”. Sometimes with an active LTE and Volte, the call is discarded, and when they turn it off, there is no.
  • Records in iPhone settings. Open “Settings. Basic. about this device” and check the lines “Operator”, “ICCID”, “IMEI”, “Modem firmware”. they must be filled.

However, I was not in vain that problems with the “iron” and the discharge of iPhone calls are a rare situation.

Because with mechanical breakdowns, as a rule, absolutely all communication (lack of network, Internet) suffers, and not just incoming calls suffer.

So, it’s time to move on to much more common reasons for the discharge of phone calls.

Reset the network settings

In the event that the problem has not disappeared, try to reset the network settings. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu → “Basic” → “Reset” and click “Reset the network settings”.

iphone, does, call, accept, calls

The pipe does not rise to the iPhone or why it is impossible to answer the call?

good time! Despite the fact that any iPhone model is equipped with a magnificent and responsive display, all kinds of problems will nevertheless happen to it and not get away from them. Inability to answer the call due to the fact that the screen simply does not respond to pressing-one of the most common mistakes. The most interesting thing is that this happens episodically and it is almost impossible to predict such behavior! Therefore, there is a high probability of skipping a very important incoming challenge when you do not expect this.

Actually what to do when it does not work to “run on the screen” to answer the call in the iPhone, and we will talk today. And also find out why absolutely any user of an Apple mobile phone is faced with this? Let’s go!

So, the most common and common situation: you receive an incoming call, you take out the phone from your and you need to follow the screen to answer. You do this action with the usual gesture and nothing happens. The slider does not move, the phone continues to call, and as a result. the call is missed. And the most interesting and unusual thing is that with everyday use (play games, listen to music, etc.D.) all “ok”. the display works as it should!

Why is this happening? There may be a lot of reasons, and find out which one is 100% true, choose: choose:

  • The problem can be in static electricity. You paid attention to the fact that most often the slider of the response to the call does not move at the moment when the phone gets from your ? Exactly.
  • The conflict in the firmware and Apple once recognized this. “Gluck” occurs at the moment when during the incoming call the device checks the number of the caller with a notebook.
  • Some tweaks (programs installed using Jailbreak), especially related to the phone book, the addition of various determinants, not “native” black lists, etc.D. they can very much cause a similar problem.
  • Perhaps the problem is in the sensor, which is responsible for turning off the screen at the moment when you bring it to your ear.
  • The touchscreen itself can also work incorrectly, for example, not processing pressing precisely in the area where the incoming call must be accepted.

How to correct the problem of the impossibility of responding to a call due to the fact that the sensor simply does not work?

Naturally, the solution depends on the reason for this behavior.

  • During the call, draw a palm several times over the display of the display. Please note that it is necessary to conduct not only on the screen, but also throughout the front part (in particular by approaching and light sensors). In most cases, this will remove static electricity and you can “pick up the phone”.
  • Click on the power button once and then try to remove the phone. By the way, it is this method that very often helps the author of these lines.
  • Use covers and films (glass) on the screen. protect from statics.
  • No matter how strange it sounds after the previous paragraph. do not use glass and films on the screen. I had one person who also periodically did not work on the iPhone sensor. We decided to peel off the film with him and barely torn it off the display. this material was more like a film, but a piece of tape (and construction). It is amazing how in this situation the screen generally reacted at least. Under such and such protection!
  • Delete jailbreak. how? Here is a detailed instruction.
  • If the problem is the firmware, then restore software through iTunes and do not use a backup copy of the phone book. Cut the rooms manually.
  • In the case of “iron” problems. carry under warranty, unless of course you have it.

Although, I really hope that it will not reach the last point (visiting the service center).

Indeed, all the same, in most cases, the inability to raise the phone in the iPhone is a problem that is explained by simple reasons: statics, excessive protection of the gadget or another “bugs” in the firmware. Which means to solve it is quite simple.

A pair of movements with your hand and that’s it, you can already say “Hello”.

iphone, does, call, accept, calls

P.S. Be sure to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. ask questions (I will try to answer everyone!), tell us about how often you are faced with a similar situation and what actions you take? Your experience can be useful to many readers!

P.S.S. It would be nice if Apple made it so that it was possible to respond to a call by physical buttons. Yes? Yes! Therefore, put “likes”, press on the buttons of social networks. the company must hear (and take into account!) the opinion of their users!:)

Restore the iPhone

An even more effective way to correct program error is the restoration of iPhone. For this:

Note: the current version of iTunes should be installed on your computer. You can update iTunes on the Mac tab on the “updates” tab on the Mac App Store, on Windows in the “References” menu → “Updates”. If iTunes is not installed on your computer, you can download the latest version on the official Apple website.

Download the iPhone version that is relevant for your iPhone on this site.

Connect the iPhone to the computer, then enter the smartphone in the recovery mode. To do this, simultaneously click the buttons home and power for 10 seconds, then release the power button, but continue to hold the home button for 6-9 seconds. If you did everything right, iTunes will report the detection of iPhone in recovery mode.

iPhone 7/ 7 Plus Can’t Receive Incoming Calls After iOS 15! [Here’s The Fix]

Note: Translation of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus into recovery mode is slightly different. Instead of the home button, you must hold the volume reduction button.

Squeeze the Shift key and holding it down to “restore” in iTunes. In the window that opens, select the previously uploaded firmware file.

Confirm the beginning of the recovery procedure.

After the recovery is completed, perform the initial iPhone settings, and after checking, if the error has not been corrected with the incorrect operation of the device receiver.

Use the network settings

If the problem has not disappeared, you need to reset the network settings. To do this, go to the “Settings” menu → “Basic” → “Reset” and click “Reset the network settings”.

Note that no important data, with the exception of passwords to Wi-Fi networks and VPN settings as a result of the operation are not removed.

What to do if no one can get through?

So, if you often can get through to you, first you should check the software settings of the phone. We will tell you on the points where to look and what to do.

Can’t receive incoming calls on iPhone

  • “Do not disturb” mode. This function allows you to disconnect incoming calls and notifications from all applications on the phone when the iPhone screen is blocked. If the “do not bother” mode is active, then the subscriber calling you will not hear the sound of the connection and the call on his part will end, and you will have a notification of the missed call on the iPhone. You can disable the “Do not bother” function in the phone settings, or in the control center (crescent icon).
  • Function “Show number”. If it is disconnected, problems can be observed with taking incoming calls. You can enable this function in the iPhone settings: Settings → Phone → Show number.
  • TTY mode. The television setup function is intended for users with hearing disabilities. If the TTY mode is included, then the iPhone may observe problems with the dassing in both directions (no one can get through to you, you have problems with outgoing challenges). You can also turn off the television teca mode in the settings of the device: Settings. basic. universal access. TTY.
  • System errors of the operating system. It is impossible to establish an exact cause in this case. If you have problems with taking incoming calls (no one can get through to you), try to reset the network settings: Settings. the main. reset. reset the network settings. After rebooting, watch the “behavior” of the phone. Very often resetting network settings solves such problems.

Beta version of iOS

The thing is that when installing the beta version of iOS, not only the firmware of the device can be updated, but also the firmware of the modem. Therefore, this story is quite real:

  • You installed the os beta version (together with it, the modem firmware has automatically updated), and the operator settings (the configuration and settings file that contains various parameters of your cell operator) remained old.
  • Why the “operator settings” were not updated? Because these very operators sometimes simply do not have time for the changes that Apple makes.
  • It turns out that the iPhone does not know how to “correctly” work with a SIM card.
  • As a result: problems with communication (it is impossible to get through the first time, constant malfunctions during calls), mobile Internet and other cellular services of a cellular operator.
  • Do not use the beta version of iOS. And if you already use it, then either tolerate or roll back (following the advice from this article) to a stable version of.
  • Try updating the operator settings. Perhaps the operator has already released a settings package and you just need to make this very package “reaches” to your device (this is a detailed instruction about the “operator settings” for iPhone and iPad).

Everything. In this case, there are no other options.

However, as they say, not only beta versions are united-a call failure can occur when using a stable version of iOS. how? But like this! After all, the reason for this “disgrace” will be.

Contact the service center

The final option is to visit the service center. If you cannot independently eliminate the problem, then it can be hidden in iron or firmware iPhone.

Roman Vladimirov. Apple expert, Pedant Appleiwatch consultant.NAME, of articles. Has been working with Apple products for more than 10 years.

iphone, does, call, accept, calls