Data Recovery Software Crack with license key and activation code

Are you looking for jailbroken versions of 7-Data recovery software 3.6 / 4.1 with license key, registration code, activation code and key generator? Do not do that. there is a safer alternative solution.

Safe and free alternative to the hacked versions of 7-Data Recovery Software

In fact, the above cases are still quite far from real problems, from which we are trying to protect people who contact us with questions about cracks with 7-Data recovery software keys. You should be prepared for infection with a virus, malware, adware, possible leakage of personal information, damage to recovered files, etc.

So think about making a decision now. You should either purchase the full copyrighted code from 7-Data Recovery Software Company or use another secure and free alternative software. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Recommended software has served customers in the data recovery field even longer than 7-Data Recovery. Recovers documents, photos, audio, video files and emails with greater efficiency from HDD, SSD, USB sticks, memory cards and other storage devices. Among all its analogues, this program offers a free version that allows users to recover up to 2 GB of files.

How to find 7-Data Recovery Software crack, license key or activation code for free

If you’ve accidentally deleted a Word document, formatted an external USB drive without a backup, or your device has been infected with malware or a virus, then you’re definitely not feeling the best. In addition, professional data recovery tools that can provide effective recovery are not free.

“7-Data recovery software will recover all your data just like all Windows and Mac data recovery software.” This slogan should not be taken literally, because this is something that jailbroken versions of 7-Data Recovery Software, including SD card recovery products, photo and disk partition recovery products, will never achieve. Even worse, 7-Data recovery software can do more damage than you might expect. Below are examples of the results of the work of 7-Data recovery software cracks with a license key and registration code from pirate sites.

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How to recover data using 7-data recovery software alternative

General steps to recover lost data:

Run the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your computer. Then specify a specific place to search for lost data, be it a hard or external drive, USB-drive, microSD card or a specific folder on the desktop. Then click the Scan button.

You will see more and more data appear as you scan. You will be able to check the “Deleted Files” tab with a quick result during the scan if it is necessary to return the deleted files.

Click “Filter” to quickly sort photos, documents, videos, and other specific file types. Then finally select the data you want and click the Recover button.

Again, don’t try to use the jailbroken versions of 7-Data Recovery Software. It’s dangerous, illegal, and ineffective. Then why waste time? Free EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is just waiting to come to your aid!

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If you accidentally formatted your hard drive and lost important data, there is a way to

If you have lost your files during a virus attack, you can try two possible ones with

Advantages and disadvantages

Consider the positive and negative features of the application with which you have to work.

  • The program is paid and at the same time is not cheap.

The voiced minus should not bother you. The fact is that a little below you can click the button and download the application along with the license activation key in one archive.

How to use

Let’s take a look at where to download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional for free in Russian along with an activation code, how to install the program, and also how to recover lost data with it.


Now you can go directly to downloading the program, which in a few clicks will allow you to recover deleted files

Version: 13.6
Developer: EaseUS
Release year: 2021
Name: EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional
Platform: Windows XP, 7, 8, 10
Language: Russian
License: License key included
Archive password:

System requirements

For correct operation of the tool, you need a PC or laptop with the following parameters.

  • Central processing unit: from 1.2 GHz.
  • RAM: from 512 MB.
  • Hard disk space: from 70 MB.
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows 32 64 bit.

Work instructions

First of all, we need to select the disk from which the data was deleted, and then click the button to start their search.

As a result, scanning will begin, as a result of which a tree of found folders will be displayed on the left side of the program. By choosing one of them, we get a list of files that can be recovered. We mark all previously deleted objects with flags. After that, in the lower right corner of the application, click on the data recovery button.

Done. After a few seconds, the files that have been deleted will be restored.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 13.6 activation code

If, while working with a computer or laptop, it suddenly turns out that some important files have been accidentally deleted, it does not matter, they can be easily restored. Before that, you should use a special utility, which will be discussed in the article. First, we will tell you in more detail how to use the program, and at the very end of the page we will offer you to download the latest Russian version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional 13.6 for free along with the license key via torrent.

Description and features

So what is this program and what features does it have? You can answer this question as follows:

  • The application allows you to recover accidentally or intentionally deleted data.
  • The work is supported even by system partitions, which cannot be accessed from the OS.
  • You can recover data even when the scan has not yet been fully completed.

We will not dwell on the review of the application itself for a long time, but we will immediately move on and tell you how to work with it.

To ensure that the probability of data recovery is as high as possible, immediately after its loss, stop working with the computer and immediately start the recovery process.!

Mac App Store iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery: Recover Lost Data Easily

No matter how stable and perfect the iOS mobile operating system is, no device is safe from data loss. An accidental and thoughtless update, an unsuccessful recovery process, a missing or damaged backup. all this can be the reason why a precious list of contacts, SMS messages, photos and gigabytes of necessary information will disappear without a trace.

But you can prevent data loss, and this is within the competence of the utility from the legendary American developer iSkysoft. iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery will help recover seemingly lost data forever.

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery is a dual-platform version for OS X and Windows. But the users of the operating system from Microsoft were a little more fortunate. the utility is distributed absolutely free. Users of the same “apple” OS X will have to say goodbye to a rather large sum of 99.95. Here it is necessary to weigh: “is it worth the candle?”.

Otherwise, saving the recovered data is possible only after purchasing the utility. Thus, you can only see what exactly the program was able to recover, but saving the recovered information is available only in the full version of the software. If you are satisfied with the recovery result, consider purchasing it.

7-Data Recovery Registration Code And User Name | v4.3 100% Working | M-Tech


After downloading and installing the iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery program from the official website, exit iTunes before starting. Otherwise, the program itself will offer to close the application.

If you have not previously synchronized between iTunes and iOS device, a dialog box on the iPad or iPhone will ask: “Do I trust this computer?” The iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery program will also report the same. Having agreed, we proceed to the next stage on the path to data recovery.

So, the connection is made and it’s time to start scanning. Hope dies last and I want to believe that accidentally lost data on an iOS device will be recovered. We held our breath and click Start. The program switches to the mode of collecting information on the device. On my iPad Air 32 Gb, this operation took about 3-4 minutes. The whole process on the tablet itself is perceived as synchronization.

After the scan is complete, iSkysoft will indicate that it has managed to find a list of files that it can recover. Among them: Photos, Videos, Contacts, Messages, Call History, Notes, Reminders. There was also a place for the history of the WhatsApp messenger, so if you prefer to store all the dialogs, iSkysoft will come in handy.

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery easily picks up information about calls, messages, notes and dialogues even at the moment when the iPhone or iPad cannot load Springboard on its own.

Having marked the photos, contacts and other data necessary for recovery, click Recovery and select the folder to save. iPhone Data Recovery recovers files by sorting them into folders.

iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery is a universal utility that allows you to recover data from iOS devices that have received not only software failures, but also physical damage (of course, if the iPhone ran over a car or survived a fall from a height of several tens of meters onto the asphalt, the chances of recovery are drastically reduced) General reset, restored firmware or failed attempt to install Jailbreak. all these stumbling blocks are easily overcome using the simple and intuitive program iSkysoft iPhone Data Recovery.

Tenorshare 4MeKey

Are you having problems with iCloud locked iPhone / iPad / iPod touch? How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock App? Tenorshare 4MeKey may offer you the best iCloud unlock option to disable activation lock without the password itself.

Over the years, Tenorshare 4uKey has built an excellent reputation for screen unlocking software. In fact, it is considered one of the best iPhone unlocking software out there right now. After connecting your iOS device to your computer, this tool will automatically detect it. If it doesn’t, you can try putting your device into recovery mode for better detection. To unlock your lock screen passcode or Apple ID is easy to do here, especially with the related instructions it provides.

When launched, the main window of this program will first ask you if you need to unlock your lock screen password or Apple ID. To bypass the lock screen password, you only need to download the latest firmware that matches the version found on your device. It will then instantly detect the characteristics of your iOS, so you save more time and effort when searching. There are more steps to take when unlocking your Apple ID.

As soon as your iOS device connects to your desktop, a notification will appear asking you to click the “Allow” button and trust your computer. After that, you will click the Start button and remove the Apple ID from the linked phone. Two scenarios can arise depending on the state of your Find iPhone. If it’s disabled, you can go straight to the Apple ID removal process. If it is enabled, you must first reset your iPhone before deleting your Apple ID.

Tenorshare 4uKey. is a powerful utility that guides you in the most convenient way to bypass any of the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch screen passwords. over, it also allows you to unlock MDM activation screen without data loss and remove Apple ID from various iOS devices without having to enter a password. You can even use this software to fix a disabled iOS device. It also doesn’t require iTunes or iCloud.

The developer: Tenorshare Co., Ltd License: ShareWare. here you can download for freeLanguage: English Russian versionThe size: 33 MBOS: Windows 7Program version: Tenorshare 4MeKey. the program will help you bypass iPhone lock for free

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FoneLab iPhone Data Recovery licence



Analogs of the program

Look for similar programs in our selection of programs

IPhone Data Recovery Software free Download Full version with Crack 2018


Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery in Russian activation

This utility is intended for all users of the famous phone model in order to try as quickly as possible to use all their special and unique features, which will be just fine to admire.

Now, when the world is in such an awkward, but rather important situation, you need to use all your efforts in order to implement many incredible tasks and be in the role of that special person who will do his best to restore all the installed data on your device and try to go to a lot for the sake of implementing our plans.

Password for all archives: 1progs

Broken link or updated version of the program? Write about it in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, be sure to update!

If the password for the archive does not match, or after extraction, not all files are in the archive. see the Help section

Feedback to the program

Good day! Tell me pzhl, I can’t update the iTunes driver. The program does not find the phone (iPhone 7) PS I did a deep reboot, I entered the password on the phone, changed the wire and USB ports help

writes: Your iPhone is locked with a password, unlock it. A common mistake I’ve seen on other forums. I have not found a solution! Disabled all passwords and find the iPhone and in general everything that can be disabled. On similar programs, all the rules, but it finds very little information and after each scan offers different things. So if there is a solution I will be grateful.

Asks for a password to download, where to get it?

writes that the phone is locked with a password, unlock it. I’ve tried everything, nothing can be done

Write your iPhone to passwords, how to pass the distance?

The same message. You did it?

Happened? Restores everything without viruses?

In the process of scanning, the scale reaches a certain stage, and then freezes. I tried to repeat, but every time the same thing: either stops at 68%, or at 73%, or at 80%, and so on. How to solve the problem?

THANKS A LOT! I reviewed a LOT of programs. 2 day I sit and rack my brains. And here you have it. Low bow to you Administrator!

How long did your scan take? I get 80% stake. I think it makes sense to expect something

How to Get / Download Tenorshare UltData Full Version

There are many places to download the full version of Tenorshare UltData. As far as I’m concerned, there are at least 3 places to get the full version. You can download from the following websites.

Tenorshare’s official website (your first choice) Free dowload is available via the download buttons (for both Windows and Mac users) below. Make sure you choose the right version.

CNET (a well-known American Tech site) Softonic (a software download portal) Softpedia (a software download portal)

All these websites offer you a free and safe download. After the download you can have a free trial of iPhone Data Recovery which allows you to preview what you’ve lost but not give you the opportunity to recover them. After the free trial you can pay through the buying page and get emailed with Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Registration Code. With the registration code, you can register and update from the free trial version to full version.

For those who get Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery full version from Tenorshare’s official website, Tenorshare provides you a series of services including retriving Tenorshare UltData registration code / Tenorshare iPhone data recovery license key.

Risks of Using Tenorshare UltData Crack / Hack Version

One of my friends who have downloaded the Tenorshare iPhone data recovery cracked / crack version complains that the program crashes all the time. And there’s nothing he can do about this. Even if he has uninstalled the crack, there’s still plug-ins and disturbing ads popping up. Indeed, these are part of the side effects brought by crack software as hackers don’t spend a long time cracking Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery for nothing.

Generally the risks of using Tenorshare UltData hack are:

  • 1. Using crack or illegal software is offensive crime under copy right law.
  • 2. Crack version might bring plug-ins and virus.
  • 3. Pirate version tends to crash and it’s a waste of your valuable time.
  • 4. Crack version offers no free technical support. The full version always has immediate support.
  • 5. No free update available. You need to search each time you want to get the latest version.

Hence it’s highly recommended that you get the Tenorshare UltData full version instead of the cracked version. I’d rather spend a few bucks for the full version than be haunted by the nuisance of the crack.

Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery Crack? Not a good choice

Finally get Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery crack. The sad thing is that it downloads EXdownloader and a bunch of other stuff, not tenorshare. not sure what I’m doing wrong.

Tenorshare UltData (iPhone Data Recovery) is powerful on recovering lost files like text messages, photos, contacts and so on. Obtaining Tenorshare UltData crack version may well be costless and easy. However, you should be aware that it never ever getting to be safe with the UltData crack version or pirate copy. But have you ever thought about the reasons why you shouldn’t use a pirate copy?

Tenorshare UltData Reviews

As Tenorshare UltData offers safe and quick ways to recover all sorts of files from iPhone, as well as free life-time upgrade to users, it has won trust and praises from customers. Each week it gets thousands of downloads from CNET download only and you will easily find reviews of Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery.

Pros It is really hard to find a tool specail for iPhone 5s. And I was so excited after this tool helped me restore my lost contacts, photos, notes etc. Even support my girl friend’s iPhone 6! Professional, easy and quickly, that’s all I want to speak about this tool.

Cons Haven’t found any yet.

So just save all that effort searching for cracked Tenorshare iPhone Data Recovery software that may not work correctly. Go get Tenorshare UltData full version download which saves you a lot of troubles and headaches.

Recover Deleted Data from iPhone / iPad Directly

Scan your device thoroughly with computer and extract iPhone / iPad / iPod touch data without backup like 1-2-3.

  • Connect your iPhone / iPad / iPod
  • Start Scan
  • Preview and recovery

Recovery mode without data loss

With 3 recovery modes, this powerful iPhone data recovery tool is able to find everything you want to recover in seconds, from now on, you won’t lose a single byte again.

Get data from iCloud backup file

Quickly and easily selectively recover all lost / deleted data from iCloud backup.

  • Sign in to your iCloud account
  • Select iCloud backup
  • Start Scan and Repair

Recover Data from iTunes Backup File

Scan and view iTunes backup files, selectively restore them to your device or computer. Retrieve your lost data within 3 steps!

  • Select iTunes backup
  • Start Scan
  • Preview and recovery

100% recovery doesn’t matter why you lost it

Whether you have accidentally deleted important data or lost due to jailbreak, update, factory reset, etc. UltData makes iPhone data recovery possible with the most advanced data recovery technology. Your photos, messages, contacts and any other data will be restored in the easiest way.

  • Erroneous deletion
  • Broken screen
  • Upgrade / Downgrade
  • Jailbreak
  • Factory reset
  • To load
  • Lost / Stolen
  • Water damage
  • Virus attack
  • System crash
  • Lock / Disable
  • System root

Your Reliable iPhone 12 Data Recovery Software

Work instructions

As already mentioned, the program is initially “bare”. That is, we get a window in which there are tiles with links to certain tools. In order to start working with any of the functions, just click on it and wait for the module to be installed.

For example, consider the operation of the utility to restore a damaged system. As already mentioned, the application handles both Google Android and phones running the Apple iOS operating system. All you need to do is connect the device to the computer using a cord, simultaneously hold down the home button, as well as the power key and wait for the pairing to complete.

How to use

Let’s move closer to practice and figure out where to download the latest jailbroken version of Wondershare Dr.Fone Data Recovery for Android and iOS iPhone for free in an already cracked form. It will also tell you how to use this application on a computer.

Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android activation code 2021

This program is a functional tool for recovering accidentally deleted data from an Android smartphone. There are also several additional tools, which will be discussed in the article. At the very end of the page, you can download the latest version of Wondershare Dr.Fone for Android / iOS for free along with a license activation code via a direct link or via torrent.

Unfortunately, there is no Russian version. However, you will not have any difficulties with this application. We will take care of this and offer the user a detailed step-by-step instruction with screenshots.

System requirements

Yes, using this program you will need such a computer.

  • Central processing unit: 1 GHz or higher.
  • RAM: from 1 GB of RAM.
  • Hard disk space: from 150 MB.
  • Platform: Microsoft Windows 32 64 bit.

Download and install

Initially, in order to start the installation, we must download the program for the PC. This is done as follows:

  • First, go to the very end of the page and click on the button to download the archive. We unpack this very archive and run the file, which we marked in the screenshot below.
  • Next, a small window will open, in which, by clicking on the “Yes” button, we will have to confirm access to the administrator’s rights.
  • After that, we accept the license agreement, and then proceed to the next step by clicking on “Next”.
  • If necessary, the application installation path can be changed. In our case, this is not required, which means we just go to the next step.
  • Next, we set up the addition of shortcuts to the desktop and to the Start menu.
  • The installation of the program will begin, the completion of which we will need to wait.
  • When the installation is complete, uncheck the automatic launch of Wondershare Dr. Fone and click on “Finish”.
  • Now the program needs to be activated. To do this, initially go to the location of the file. To do this, we right-click on the shortcut that appears on the desktop, and then select the item indicated by the red line from the drop-down menu.
  • Drag and drop all registration files that were in the “Crack” folder to the directory with the installed application.
  • The system will ask you to confirm the replacement. We do this by clicking the element marked in the screenshot.

Now you can go directly to work with the application.


To work in the Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery application for Windows, you need to connect your mobile device via a USB cable to your computer, following these conditions:

  • The computer must have the latest version of iTunes for Windows (64-bit, 32-bit or Microsoft Store) installed and running.
  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, confirm the computer’s permission to access your data when asked “Trust this computer?” To trust your computer, click “Trust”.

Open the program and go to the registration window by clicking on the icon with the key in the upper right corner, or by selecting the “Register.” Item in the menu. Enter your User Name and Registration code, and then click the “Register” button.

The program will be activated for a period of one year.

[Completed] Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery for Windows. Free 1 Year License

Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery is a multifunctional tool for backing up and restoring data from iPhone mobile devices on your Windows PC. The program will help you create a backup copy of your data from a mobile device and restore it in case of accidental deletion or software failure that resulted in data loss.

The program supports searching for backups in iTunes and iCloud cloud storage, as well as searching for deleted information on the device itself. Also, Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery supports recovering deleted data in cases where data has already been lost and there is no backup.

Features of Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery

  • Backing up and restoring data.
  • ITunes and iCloud recovery support.
  • Find Deleted Files on iPhone.
  • Restore contacts, messages and call log.
  • Recover voice and text notes.
  • Recover photos, music and videos.
  • Application recovery.

Offer valid until August 14, 2020

To get a free one year key to Apeaksoft iPhone Data Recovery, do the following:

Go to the promotion page (in English). Enter your Name and E-mail Address. Then, confirm your agreement with the terms of the privacy policy by checking the box “Agree with our Privacy Policy” and click the button “Get Now”.

An email with a Registration code will be sent to your email. If the letter does not arrive for a long time, then check your spam folder.

Download and install the program on your computer.

System requirements

  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 / Vista / XP (SP2).
  • ITunes 10.7 or higher installed.
  • Supports devices with iOS 5 and higher (including iOS 14): iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS Max, XS, XR, X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s / 6s Plus, iPad. Pro, iPad, etc.

Terms of the offer

  • The promotion is valid until August 14, 2020.
  • You must activate the program before the end of the promotion. If you reinstall the program, the license will be lost.
  • 1 year license provided for one device.
  • For home non-commercial use only.
  • Free updates to new versions are not available.
  • Free technical support not available.

Helpful information

  • For participants of this promotion, the APKEGNK promo code is available for the purchase of any Apeasksoft programs with a 50% discount.

System requirements

  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7.
  • Mac OS X 10.8 or later.
  • Processor: Intel.
  • RAM: 1 GB.
  • Latest version of iTunes required.

In the program window, click on the account icon (Activation menu), enter your activation key and click “Activate”:

[Completed] Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone. Free License for Windows and MacOS

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is a useful tool that will help you recover deleted data from iPhone mobile devices using a Windows or macOS computer.

The program will help you recover your photos, music, documents, voice memos, contacts and other important data that you might have accidentally deleted or lost as a result of a crash.

Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone is compatible with most iPhone mobile devices and allows you to recover not only files, but also application and operating system data, such as call history and reminders.

Key features of Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone

  • Recover photos, videos, music and other files
  • Recover contacts, notes and calendar events
  • Recovering Safari Bookmarks
  • Recover messages from WhatsApp and Viber
  • Recover data from iTunes and iCloud backup files
  • Supports iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8, 7, 7s, 6s, 6 Plus, 6, 5s, 5c, 5, 4s, 4


To work in the Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone application, you need to connect your mobile device via a USB cable to your computer, following these conditions:

  • The computer must have the latest version of iTunes installed and running. for Windows (64-bit, 32-bit, or Microsoft Store) or macOS (iTunes). You must be logged into your Apple account.
  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, confirm the computer’s permission to access your data when asked “Trust this computer?” To trust your computer, click “Trust”.

Free Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone License

To obtain a free Stellar Data Recovery for iPhone license, follow these steps:

Go to the promotion page (in English)

Select the version of the program (for Windows or Mac), enter your name (Full Name), e-mail address (Email), check the box “I am not a robot” and click the “Submit” button.

A letter will be sent to your e-mail to confirm the mail address. Follow the link in the letter or click “Validate your Account”.

After you confirm your email address, you will be sent an email with the application activation key.

Download and install the program on your computer:

Terms of the offer

  • Lifetime license available for 1 computer. Windows or Mac to choose from.
  • License for version 5.0.x only. program updates to new versions are not available.
  • Free technical support not available.
  • For personal non-commercial use only.

How to disable Samsung activation code

If you want to sell your Samsung phone, you may need to disable Samsung Reactivation Lock. Knowing how to enable Samsung reactivation code, you may find it similar to disabling Samsung reactivation code. It is also very easy to disable this feature if you want to enable it. And you can read the following steps to disable it.

Step 1: Open your Samsung phone and go to Settings on your device. Then go to Personal Lock Screen and Find My Mobile security. You can see the reactivation lock feature is enabled as shown below.

Step 2: To turn off Samsung Reactivation Lock, simply slide the switch to the left.

Step 3: And you will be prompted to enter your Samsung account password in the process of disabling Samsung reactivation lock. This operation will confirm that you are the owner of this device.

How to enable / disable Samsung activation code

How to enable Samsung activation code

By default, Samsung Reactivation Lock is disabled. Some users do not know how to enable Samsung Reactivation Lock, and below we will list detailed steps on how to simply enable Samsung Reactivation Lock.

You need a Samsung account to help you complete the process. (Forgot your Samsung account? Recover Samsung account first.)

Step 1: Open your Samsung phone and go to Settings. Then you need to touch the “Personal” tab and then select “Lock screen and security”. Next, you need to select Find my mobile. Here you will be prompted to enter your Samsung account password.

Step 2: After you have entered the correct password for your Samsung account, you will see the screen shown below.

As you can see in this picture, Samsung’s Reactivation Lock is disabled. What you need to do is turn it on by simply sliding the switch to the right.

Step 3: After you enable Samsung Reactivation Lock, you will be prompted to confirm if you want to open Samsung Reactivation Lock or not. Just click OK. After that, you will successfully enable Samsung Reactivation Lock.

What is Samsung Reactivation Lock

Samsung reactivation lock. one of the most important security features on all Samsung phones. This is a security option whose purpose is. prevent other users from activating your Samsung phone when it is stolen or lost.

It is not the same as Device Lock, which is used to unlock the device when it was turned off or inactive.

If you choose to enable Samsung Reactivation Lock, your device will require you to sign in to your Samsung account before you want to reset your Samsung phone. So even others get your device, they still can’t restore it to factory settings without your Samsung account. But you must remember your Samsung account.

How to Recover Data After Bypassing Samsung Reactivation Lock (Android Data Recovery)

Honestly, it’s very difficult for Samsung to bypass Samsung’s reactivation lock. If you successfully skipped it and factory reset your device, you might want to know how to recover data on Samsung device. Here we will recommend the best way for you.

After factory setting your Samsung device, you can choose to recover data with Apeaksoft. Android Data Recovery.

It is one of the best recovery software that you can use to recover deleted or lost files like photos, messages, contacts and other file types other than 20. And you can use it to extract data from your Android phones, tablets and SD cards. By the way, it is compatible with 5000 handheld Android devices.

Below are the detailed instructions to recover data after removing Samsung Reactivation Lock.

First, you need to go to the Apeaksoft official website and then download Android Data Recovery to your computer. Then complete the installation according to the guide. Now launch Android Data Recovery to start this recovery process.

Then, connect your Samsung device to your computer using a USB cable. This professional software will automatically detect your device, including your device version. Then it will give you instructions on how to open USB debugging on your phone. Follow it and then click OK.

Now, this software will list all the file types for you to choose from. Just select the type of file you want to recover and then this software will automatically root and scan your device.

When the scanning process is complete, it will list all the data that you can recover. You can preview them before restoring by choosing the file type. Then select what you want to recover and click the Recover button to recover data after you bypass Samsung reactivation lock.

This tool also provides the ability to extract data from broken screen or forgotten Android phone password for backup. So even if you fail to unlock Samsung activation, you can still extract data from it.

Ultimate Samsung Reactivation Lock Instructions

Samsung device provides Samsung reactivation lock function to keep your device secure.

This feature is especially useful when your Samsung device is stolen or lost by mistake.

To keep your Samsung phone safe, you can enable this feature.

If you are still not familiar with Samsung Reactivation Lock, don’t worry, in this article we will introduce you to this feature in detail, including what Samsung activates the lock and how to enable or disable it, as well as how to recover data after bypassing this feature.

What you need to do is read this article and get this information now.

In this article, we will explain in detail what Samsung reactivation lock is, and how to enable, disable and recover data after bypassing Samsung reactivation lock.

If you still have questions about this feature, just leave a comment or contact us. Hope you can get something useful from this article.

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7-Data Recovery Suite is a popular tool for recovering deleted data on PC. Available in several flavors: Free, Home, PRO, 1 Year and Enterprise.

The application runs on the Windows platform. The utility is very popular, so the developers took care of translating the graphical interface into the most common languages ​​in the world, Russian is among them.

Sometimes we have such situations when we, having deleted a file, often recklessly or purposefully, understand that we need a document, and this was the only copy. And then we are faced with two ways: either to start anew to compose the text, or to find an application that helps restore what we have deleted. This utility is exactly what 7-Data Recovery Suite is.

As I said earlier, the manufacturer releases the utility in five different modifications. The most stripped down is the free version. If you install it on your PC, then with its help you will be able to: recover data from a hard drive and external drives with a 1GB limit at a time. By purchasing a modification of the utility for a period of 1 year, you will receive everything that is offered in the free version, but with an unlimited amount of recoverable data, free technical support and free utility updates for one computer.

The home version of the application will offer the same functionality as the 1 year versions, with the only difference that it can be installed on three PCs and a lifetime license is offered. The PRO version contains all the functions of the home, but it can be used in the enterprise and restore data from Windows Server 2003/2008. And the most comprehensive version. Enterprise, completely repeats the PRO version, to which the use on an unlimited number of PCs and technical service is added.

I think that this program will be in demand by many users. Which version to choose is up to you, and you can download 7-Data Recovery Suite with the code in Russian at the following link.