What to do if the iPhone does not catch the network

Any modern smartphone is, first of all, a mobile phone, and then to everyone else. Its most important function is to receive calls and make calls. To do this, a SIM card with a telephone number assigned to it is installed in each device, and a special indicator indicates successful registration in a cellular network and the signal strength is indicated.

iPhone does not catch the network. what to do? This problem prevents the commission of voice calls, so we need to deal with it.

Lack of communication

When you are outside the city, on trips, the connection often disappears. this is not the fault of the device. A small trick will restart the search system for an affordable network: activate aircraft mode for 30-40 seconds, disconnect it. After that, the phone will find a signal if it is present.

Tip: Despite the fact that the aircraft mode is marked with a special icon on the upper line of the condition, its accidental activation can not be replaced. With problems with communication, it is useful to make sure of its inaction.

Constant search for the iPhone network, what to do?

First of all, make sure you are in the area of ​​coverage of the cellular network. Launch the “Settings” application, go to the “Cellular Communication” section (or “cellular data” on iPad). Check if you have a mobile data transmission enabled.

Pay attention to the SIM card. First, try to just jam it. If not helped, it is necessary to check the performance of the SIM card. You can do this by borrowing from colleagues or friends of their iPhone and trying to exchange SIM cards.

Use the network settings. Go to the “Settings” “Basic” “Reset” “Reset the network settings”. Keep in mind that Wi-Fi networks and passwords, mobile network settings, as well as VPN and APN settings are also reset.

If nothing has helped and the device continues to report on the search for the network, go to the “Settings” “Basic” “On this device”. Here we are interested in the line “Firmware of the modem”. If the line is empty, there is no information, probably the reason for the eternal search for the network lies in the breakdown of the modem of the device.

In this case, you should not rush to reflash the device into iTunes, as is often recommended, simply because the lack of power on the modem chip will not allow this. Itunes probably give you an error, and the iPhone will stop turning on. In this case, it is most reasonable to turn Apple to the service repair service.

iphone, cannot, find, network

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Incorrect time settings

Here the secret lies in the features of the operating system itself. If the time zone, as well as the time/date does not coincide with the current indicators, then the iPhone does not catch the network. It is very easy to eliminate this problem, it is enough to connect the smartphone to the Internet and perform simple manipulations.

  • Next, you need to activate the item automatically;
  • If the default switch is in an active position, then you must first turn off this mode, and then turn it on again;
  • Reload a mobile device.

This method is very simple and at the same time effective. But first you must definitely connect to the Internet so that the iPhone is registered on the Apple server. If this condition is not observed, then the cellular signal will not appear.

Problems with the SIM card

It is worth paying attention to the SIM card. There may be problems with the network if the SIM card was incorrectly cut and the microcircuit was damaged. Often, such a nuisance arises for those users who are trying to save and prize SIM cards to smaller at home, improvised means.

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In addition, the SIM card can be damaged when moisture enters the connector, as well as for a number of other reasons. First you need to check the performance of the SIM card. To do this, it is pulled out by a special key that comes with the supply and replaced with another. If everything works, then you need to change the SIM card.

In some cases, the smartphone helps to turn off and turn on. You can also try to turn on and off several times the “on the plane” mode.

IOS failure

Do not forget about updating the operating system, since on the old version everything can work incorrectly. To check available updates, you should cross the settings. the main ones. about this device. If there are available updates, then the operating system will automatically ask for their installation. If there is no connection to Wi-Fi, then you can connect via the cord to the computer and open itunes there. Through it, the device is already updated to the latest available version of iOS.

Problems with operator settings

If you checked the date and time, tried to turn off and turn on the smartphone, but the recording of the “no network” did not disappear, then the reason lies in another. It may well be that the operator simply does not provide services in the region where you are now.

You can try to activate the “plane” mode for a few seconds, and then turn it off. The same can be done in the home region if the network does not catch. It happens that the connection is simply buggy and you just need to restart the smartphone. As an option, turn off and then turn on the smartphone.

If suddenly this did not help to eliminate the problem, then you need to check the operator settings. They go to the settings. the operator and here check whether the mode is activated automatically.

The hardware malfunction of the smartphone

There are often cases when the iPhone stops catching a network due to hardware breakdowns. The cause may be damaged by the antenna, as well as moisture that came inside the case and led to the oxidation of parts. The reason may be poor.quality repairs using non.original components. To eliminate the malfunction, it is recommended to contact the corporate service center, where experienced craftsmen will conduct diagnostics and will be able to repair the mobile phone in a short time.

From the impact or when moisture hits, the modem on the motherboard can be damaged and the modem. In this case, the mobile device will also constantly look for the network, and in the settings it will not be possible to see the modem firmware. To make sure that the modem is not damaged, you should go into the settings. the main ones. about this device. the firmware of the modem. If the field is empty, then the modem is broken and only qualified masters will be able to help here.

Replacing a modem is a painstaking and complex work that allows you to restore the modem part and return the mobile apparatus to life.


iPhone may not see the network under poor weather conditions. It can be snowfall or frost. The reason for such a problem may be incorrect work of a nearby mobile tower.

If before that the smartphone worked without complaints, then you should wait out bad weather, and then see if the network has appeared. You can also turn off and turn on the smartphone after a couple of seconds.

Damage or failure of SIM card

In the process of independent solution of the problem with the search for a network, you should pay attention to the SIM card. Often it can be damaged when pruning, can fail when moisture gets or for other reasons. Pull out the SIM card using the key in the box from under the phone, put the SIM card in place. Turn on. turn off the “plane” mode several times.

It happens that the gadget is blocked by a communication operator under a SIM card of a particular operator. The phone simply does not support other SIM cards, writes no network. You can contact us at the service center, we will be able to unlock on IMEI. As a rule, such a service takes from several days to 10 days, depending on which operator the device is laid down.

Definition of the problem

In the iPhone, problems with the work of the Internet are associated with the following reasons:

  • There are errors when connecting to mobile data transfer;
  • Wi-Fi work is incorrect;
  • Failure in the operation of the iOS operating system;
  • Technical problems in the operation of the device.
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The first three reasons, the user can identify and eliminate independently. For this, it is necessary to determine in what type of connection the Internet disappears on the iPhone.

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What to do if the iPhone shows a constant search for a network?

If you are faced with a similar problem, then you need to perform the following actions:

  • Make sure you are in the area of ​​the mobile operator.
  • Check the operation of the network by turning on or disabling the option of the transfer of mobile data. To do this, go to the settings menu and select the “Cellular Communication” item (mobile data).
  • If the network disappears when it is in roaming, then you need to make sure that this option is connected on the device. It is necessary to go to mobile phone settings and select the “Data Parameters” section, and then “Roaming Data”.
  • If the settings are installed correctly, and the search for the network continues, then you need to restart the operating system.
  • Check the update of the mobile operator. Install them if a new version appears. To do this, connect the device to Wi-Fi. Next, you need to go to the settings by opening the field “Basic”. In the section “On this device” information will be displayed about the available update. You will be invited to update the settings. Answer him positively.

You can find out the version of the update of the mobile operator in the settings “On this device” by selecting the “Operator” section. If you install a new SIM-ku, you will need to download settings for a new communication supplier.

IPhone constant search

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iphone, cannot, find, network

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It often happens that when the iPhone is turned on, there is a constant network search. The smartphone may not respond to pulling out SIM cards, and continue to search for the network. This usually happens after you extend the battery, the firmware flies, and the owner is at a loss, not knowing what to do. It turns out in order to restore the work of the device at all it is not necessary to review it.

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IPhone constant search (iPhone). The most common causes of breakdown:

In other words, the use of your SIM card does not correspond to the operator, which is indicated in the settings. In this case, this cannot be called a serious problem, since its elimination even from an experienced user will take no more than a few minutes.

If the smartphone is constantly looking for a network, and you do not know what to do, then try to go to the settings in the “network search” section, turn on the automatic mode. As a result, the device should independently choose the necessary network. If it is not possible to solve the problem in this way, then the search for a network of a particular operator must be performed in manual mode.

It is possible that the card has come out or the owner has not replenished the balance for a long time. Less commonly, it happens that the SIM card has undergone mechanical influences, especially when the user often rearranged it.

The reason for the malfunction of the mobile device cannot be excluded. ranging from improper software operation to violation in electronic components. If you can reinstall the software on your own, then in the future, failed spare parts, it is realistic to replace only in a specialized center, where our specialists will be happy to help you with joy.

As practice shows, smartphones rarely break on their own. Only inaccurate treatment or non.compliance with the rules of operation can lead to a variety of breakdowns.

For example, customers often contact our service center with the problem of a constant search for the network on the iPhone (iPhone), and with new phones. Our masters perform diagnostics and find that moisture got into the phone case. We quickly solved the problem and issued a guarantee for a smartphone.

There are other cases when the owners of smartphones are contacting us by performing different manipulations with settings. As a result, it turned out that the device was luminously imported in Russia, and it is configured to another operator. I had to “flash” it and solve the problem with a constant search for the IPhone (iPhone) network.

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Permanent search for the network on iPhone (iPhone). What to do?

  • Before repair, you need to put the phone on the aircraft mode, and then turn off. However, this does not always help.
  • Then enter the settings. the operator and check that the network is found, but simply does not display on the display.
  • Go to the settings, the main one, about the device and look, if whether below, opposite the firmware of the modem number.

If the operator appears in the settings, but the IPhone (iPhone) network is still displayed in the upper left corner, the modem firmware version is indicated, then this excludes the likelihood that the gadget has any mechanical damage.

Then you need to get it out of this condition by going into the settings. the main. cell data and activate cell data and 3G. Then wait until 3g appears. If it appears, but the search continues, we go into the settings, turn off the network, and for 1 minute it will appear.

If there is no miracle, then the problem can be solved by connecting to iTunes. Sometimes the firmware is restored after connection and appears in the list of ITUNES devices of your smartphone. 3G method requires time and patience, so do not rush, the network may not appear immediately.

What to do if the network has disappeared on the iPhone

There are a number of signs that indirectly or quite clearly indicate problems with the connection: the network periodically disappears; communication appears only on the street or indoors; Cellular communication works correctly, but there is no Internet connection.

  • If this problem is associated with the coverage area of ​​a particular mobile operator, which is most often, it is enough to change the location so that the connection is restored.
  • Rarely anyone pays attention, but one of the reasons for the lack of communication is low temperature. iPhone does not always work correctly in the cold, losing a network or disconnecting.
  • Reload the smartphone, perhaps an unforeseen failure occurred.
  • Check the network settings, their parameters, the availability of updates. It is necessary to check: settings of the date and time on the air mode, other parameters, setting the correct indicators. If necessary, reset the network settings.
  • Remove the SIM card, check its integrity, installation correctness. A rather common reason. a poorly cut SIM card, damaged chip. Replace the damaged SIM card or correctly install the working simka in the tray.
  • Contact the communication operator to clarify: the state of your account, the absence of problems with the connection in the region, the lack of locks.

If the listed actions did not bring a positive result, we recommend that you contact the specialists of the company Repair My Apple, the professional support of which will help to competently and without any problems from any difficult situation.

It is worth noting that in the absence of a connection, the reasons, as always, can be divided into hardware and software.

iphone, cannot, find, network

Software failures most often arise after an incorrect installation of software or updating the system: the firmware incorrectly rose, the specific software works with failures, unlicensed programs and applications are installed. Solution. reinstalling software. To avoid the complete loss of iPhone performance, developers do not recommend carrying out independent recharge of the system, this procedure is better to entrust the professionals of the service center.

Hardware problems are associated with damage to a particular module. antennas, modem, motherboard microcircuits. Damage can be caused by ingestion of component fluids, mechanical exposure (strokes and falling). there can be many causes, their origin and consequences should be determined during the diagnosis of the device. Only the exact testing data will help to develop the optimal cost plan for the cost and terms.

IPhone blocking. It is important to make sure that your iPhone is not “creeped” for a particular mobile operator, as a rule, a foreign one if you purchased a smartphone on the Internet or brought from another country. To check this assumption, put another SIM card. Only experienced specialists can remove the lock.

In conclusion, it is worth recalling that the solution of all IPhone performance problems should be trusted by Repair My Apple specialists. We will accurately determine the malfunction, promptly, efficiently and inexpensively eliminate it.