Quiet sound on the iPhone when talking: add volume

Open “Settings” → “Music” → “Equalizer” and select the “Late Night” preset. After that, the iPhone sound will change and will become louder.

How to increase the volume on Android? You can enlarge the volume through the engineering menu. To enter it, you need to open a set of numbers and enter the following combination: ###. Next, go to Audio, select Normal Mode and Type = Sph and after that we consistently change the values ​​from Level 0 to Level 6.

iphone, talking, interlocutor, settings

The problem with the speaker

It is usually either clogged, or water falls into it, or from certain conditions he just broke. This happens if the user actively used the iPhone, for example, on the beach, and the sand leaked, which clogged the grid.

If the smartphone connected to headphones using Bluetooth, or to other devices, a malfunction could occur in operation and sound playback. It is usually due to the fact that the basic sound settings can switch to Bluetooth devices, and not on the built-in speaker.

You can fix the breakdowns either at home or in SC. But if the user himself works as a repair, he will only worsen the situation, and if you contact the service center, it overpays a lot of money. So everything here depends only on the choice.

Reverse situation

Consider the opposite case. You do not hear the interlocutor on the iPhone 5S. Problems arise as a result:

  • incorrect operation of the operating system;
  • microphone breakdowns as a result of shock, concussion, power loads or oxidation of compounds;
  • dipping dust, dirt, pile into a conversational speaker, preventing the transmission of a clean signal;
  • disabling electronic nodes;
  • Motherboard faults.

iphone, talking, interlocutor, settings

It is impossible to use the iPhone for a direct purpose if one of the subscribers does not hear another. What to do with a faulty “apple device”, know the masters of our SC. Employees will repair iPhone 5S in St. Petersburg cheap, but at the same time.

  • free diagnostics;
  • information support for customers;
  • Favorable for services and replaced spare parts;
  • efficiency at all stages;
  • Implementation of warranty obligations.

Do not think. Call today! Repair does not take much time, and after adjustment you can talk on the iPhone and enjoy the clean, distinct and loud voice of the interlocutor.

Everyone categorically healthy! We continue and today already finish (for the next year. it is almost exactly the subject of a factory marriage in iPhones. In the queue we have a novelty. iPhone 7 and his larger brother iPhone 7 Plus. Whether Apple managed to make a wonderful gadget, without any defects? Now let’s see and find out.

Important note. Since new devices and only recently appeared on sale, the article will be complemented as information about new identified defects in the seventh iPhone. And you can also participate in this. Why not? If you have something to add or you yourself collided with any common marriage in the iPhone 7 (Plus), then do not be lazy and be sure to write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Everything, with the entry finished. Go to the most important. Defects. Begin!

Disable Bluetooth to disconnect from the device

If your iPhone is connected to another Bluetooth device, the sound will pass through it, and the iPhone microphone will not work. The first thing you have to do is disable Bluetooth.

Spend up from the bottom of your iPhone to open the control center option. Disable and enable Bluetooth option. If it is turned on, touch it to turn off. In addition, go to the Bluetooth settings and disable the option.

Clean the microphone

As part of the equipment on the iPhone case, the microphone may not work due to dust and debris. You can use a hairdryer or toothbrush to remove dust from the microphone, or use paper clip to remove trash inside the port of the microphone. Just check again if the iPhone microphone is now working.

Restart your iPhone

Once your iPhone is stuck in a specific mode, the microphone for the iPhone should not work. To solve the problem, you only need to restart your iPhone to get rid of the problem, respectively.

Step 1 Go to Common iPhone Settings. Click Finish the ability to restart your iPhone.

Step 2 Slide the switch to the right to turn off the power and then your screen will become black.

Step 3 Wait at least 10 seconds. Then tap the power button to turn on the iPhone. Now the microphone should work fine.

Test microphone iPhone

In some cases, the iPhone microphone simply does not work for a specific application due to conflict. Therefore, when you do not hear anything in the video, shot by the camera “Camera”, write the audio file to the Voice Notes application to check it.

Tell me, hey, Siri to do something

Another way to check the microphone on the iPhone. Use Siri. On the old iPhone, press the “Home” button to activate Siri, or say “Hi, Siri” to wake it up. On iPhone 7/8 / X / XR / 11 Use a voice or side button to activate Siri. Then ask your question or talk to Siri. If everything is in order, then the microphone of your iPhone works without problems. If Hey Siri does not work, you should search for other ways to solve your problem.

Restart your iPhone

Reset your iPhone can bring your device to the factory state. As for the case, you can fix the iPhone microphone does not work problems associated with any application or settings.

Step 1 Go to Common Reset Settings, you can completely delete the contents and settings on your iPhone.

Step 2 Click Erase Content and Settings Option. When the request appears, enter your password and start resetting the settings.

Step 3 When the iPhone reboots, configure it as a new device. Check again whether the iPhone microphone works.

Update the iOS device

When there are some known software glitches associated with an iPhone non-working microphone, you can simply update the iOS version for the iPhone to find out if it works.

Step 1 Family Settings General Update to Check if the new version of iOS is available.

Step 2 If the update is available for your device, click Download and install to get it.

Remove the iPhone Case

You can use the iPhone Case to protect your iPhone. However, in some cases a microphone can block. As a result, the iPhone microphone will not work. In such a situation, remove the case and try to connect the microphone again.

Ask an Apple Store to help

If you tried the above solutions, and the problem with the iPhone microphone does not work, you’d better search for the nearest Apple Store and seek help in Support.

technical issues

All of the above tips do not always help, since the cause of the lack of volume can be mechanical. We list the damage under which the microphone stops working:

  • Inside the dynamics there is a magnetic coil, the coils of which are connected to the contacts on the board. One of these turns can break through, which will lead to the failure of the detail.
  • There are telephone models, where the speaker is connected to the board through the loop. Such a wire is able to simply break or tear away from the connector.
  • It is possible to rub the tracks on the chip, which is responsible for feeding the power to the microphone and speaker.
  • To convert and transmit sounds in the design of the device there is a special chip, it can also burn or mechanically damaged after a strong impact.
  • The volume button is also not eternal and often breaks at the time of the disconnected sound.

Carry out independent repair of such elements real, but only if you have relevant knowledge. In other situations, it is better to attract mobile phones to a service center to restore the microphone performance.

Why sat down speaker on iphone 7

If the iPhone suddenly sat down speaker, then the reasons can be the most different. Most likely:

  • Mechanical damage. It is worth remembering whether the phone has fallen lately or did not hit him. In most cases, the problem can be solved in the service, to cope with it yourself, at home is far from every.
  • Software failure. This also does not rarely. You can correct the situation yourself. it is enough to just restore or enable the system. Do not forget about creating a backup.

Another frequent cause of the occurrence of breakage. there is a factory deficiency. If it comes to exactly the iPhone 7, then encounter a marriage regarding the work of the dynamics, it is possible enough. Since the release of this version of the phone, many users appealed with complaints about the specified problem. Unfortunately, the developers did not comment on a similar phenomenon.

That in this case should be done users? First of all check the device immediately after purchase. It is clear that the breakdown can manifest itself much later, but to check, without departing from the cashier, is still recommended.

Important! It is necessary to maintain a warranty check and contact the seller in case of such a significant deficiency, as a bad sound.

Problems with a speaker, sound. this is a phenomenon from which Apple products are not insured. But it is worth saying that most of them are solved quite simply, which was told in the article. The only thing that can be recommended by users is not to try to solve the problem independently, if difficulties arise or not confidence in the initial reason.

How to enlarge the volume on the iPhone 8

Increasing the volume of the ringtones of the call or music in iPhones is possible through the settings. The user needs:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Find subsection “Sounds”.
  • Go to “Call and Warnings”.
  • Edit the volume depending on your own preferences.

In some phones, more modern, there are sub-clause “changing buttons”, which is not active yet. This suggests that the sound control function will appear in the following buttons, but there are no applications on the old phone versions of the phone.

Setting, sounds

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iphone, talking, interlocutor, settings

How to check the operation of speakers on the iPhone

No sound. a rather common problem in modern smartphones. Could fail both front and main speaker. It is impossible to use a device with such a defect for the destination. you simply do not hear the sound sound or the word of the interlocutor when talking. The problem occurs both on Android and on iOS devices. Below is described what to do if the speaker does not work on the iPhone 6.