Many owners of apple technique are familiar with problems that relate to listening to music. If there is the Internet, then audio can be listened without restrictions. Unfortunately, you can’t listen to music on the iPhone without the Internet. But for this there are special applications, as well as other methods that allow you to listen to audio recordings without access to the network.

The easiest way to listen to iPhone music without the Internet is to transfer the audio files from a computer (PC) to the phone. To do this, you only need to install iTunes on PC and add the required files there. After connecting the phone through the cable, the entire library of audio files will move to the Audio section on the iPhone.

You can read more about this method on our website about this method.

We use a free list of listening to music

As mentioned earlier, to listen to music, you can use a number of applications. There are really many of them, some of them are conditionally free. Conditionally due to the fact that the first week of use is free, but after that the user will have to buy a subscription that the service is completely free.

In some sources, you can use the service only with advertising.

It is worth considering the most popular applications that are suitable for iPhone systems.

Zvooq. Music for Life

The first application that helps to listen to many music for free, from modern songs, ending with very old and long.forgotten compositions. In order to listen to music, it is enough to take it and score in the search engine on the site. Next, ZVOOQ will fulfill everything for the user. He, in turn, can add any of the compositions either to the site, or to his album.

There are a lot of music. The developers were able to make it so that it was for every taste. On the main page you can find hits that are popular now. You like the melodies can be downloaded, listened in offline mode. You can also choose songs by genres or at random.

If you want, then you can completely entrust the choice of the system. That based on user preferences will select the music that he should like. If she did not like it, then the cube is clicking that re.elects the song. The system will give a random song again. Another function is to ask the system the system to give a selection.

The application is paid and works only by subscription. But the user can get about a month of free use after the application tests. As the test time ends, the application is most often removed.

Idownloader Pro

The next application does not differ from the previous. It helps to save all nerves when downloading a large amount of data. If you use the usual Safari on the iPhone, then you can use no more than 5 files, and their download takes place for a very long time. This utility helps upload about 50 files at the same time, and do it in the background. The background mode is convenient, as you can do all your business in parallel. All downloaded tracks can be listened and immediately removed if there is excess.

The application has a player, as well as a video player. If you use the password, you can work without advertising. The user should not be afraid about the uploaded files, as there is support for interrupted downloads.

The program has one big drawback in the fact that there is a limit of ten minutes when downloading files. This is partly not an application bug, but simply a feature of the iOS system.


This is a unique platform that is designed to spread digitized music for free. The user can listen to music for free, and payment is needed only if the limit is exceeded.

It is still wonderful that to listen to music, the user does not need registration. If you need to download tracks, then preliminary registration is necessary.

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The site is designed with different elements of the social network, that is, you can even write messages on the platform, but do not use emoticons. Tracks are attached to the messages, including for private listening.

The application is convenient in that it works almost free of charge, since if you do not go beyond the limit, then everything will be calm enough, payment of services will not be required.

Free Music Download Pro

Free Music Download Pro. file downloader that uses the catalog of the above application SoundCloud. There are a sufficient number of tracks in the catalog to listen and download them, and do it in good quality.

It is also interesting that finding and downloading music, tracks are very simple. To do this, it is enough to score the name of the track name in the search line. It is enough to choose the right one from the proposed options, click on a rectangle located on the right. It denotes the download field.

The load speed is high. For convenience, you can sort by songs, performers and so on. If desired, you can even rename the downloaded track several times. This service, although paid, is suitable for real music lovers and music lovers.


Waltr is an application for devices from Apple, which will help the apple mobile phone fill various music, and do this in the most common format. You can even use jailbreak or other special programs for connection.

The functionality is extensive and very simple. It is necessary to start the application using the USB to the iPhone or iPad, and then drag all the necessary files using the mouse. After they are converted, it will immediately become clear to the system. File downloading is almost instantly.

How to Listen to Music Offline On Apple Music


Yandex Music is another way to listen to your favorite hits on the iPhone without the Internet. This service differs favorably with others in that it allows you to immediately download albums. In this case, the function of preserving individual compositions is also present.

iphone, application, listen, music, internet

To start using Yandex music:

All loaded songs will be available in the “My Music” section. The first month, using the service is free, and from the second you need to issue a subscription for 190.

Various applications

Similar to Apple Music, the functionality has many other applications from developers. The list of opportunities for the most part is similar, but each individual product offers something of its own, unique and interesting.

The work of such applications is organized in a similar manner. The user needs to do the following:

  • download and install the program;
  • go through the registration process and gain access to the phonotext;
  • save the tracks you like in memory of your device;
  • get the ability to listen to saved songs without the need to connect to the network.

Applications offering similar functionality in the App Store a huge number. What to do? How to find the best?

Of course, you can “get confused” so well. install and evaluate each of them yourself. But why waste time? After all, I have already done everything for you. I selected the highest quality, popular, convenient and worthy attention of the program from this category.

All of them were considered in the framework of the corresponding publication of the blog-the best applications for music in the iPhone-you can only choose the most acceptable option for you and instantly plunge into the world of your favorite sounds without any restrictions and dependence on the Internet. Hooray!

P.S. Put a “like”, press on the buttons of social networks, listen to music on your iPhone in offline mode, do not restrain yourself!

How to listen to tracks without connecting to a network through a standard application?

The possibility of playing your favorite tracks is available to every iPhone owner, which is called “out of the box”. If you study in detail the main menu of the phone, you can notice the label of the “Music” application. A pre.installed player allows you to lose compositions, combine them into one album, sort music by genres, alphabetical and performers. It is also possible to play audio files without connecting to the network. To listen to the music offline, it is worth performing the following actions:

To listen to the music offline through this application, you should configure the software. To do this, we perform the following:


iHeartradio-free applications for radio for Android and iOS, which does not always require Wi-Fi or the Internet to work. It has stations for both AM and FM, covering everything: from country to rap and almost everything that stands between them.

As a rule, iHeartradio is flowing, but there is a function that allows you to load music to the device for listening in autonomous mode. This is the function of the preim class, it costs investments if you are going to constantly use this application.

iHeartradi is available for iOS and Android.

We begin correspondence in Telegram with an Audio_vk_bot bot (follow the link to the iPhone with the installed messenger).

Enter the /Link command to get a link to go to VK.

We are waiting when the browser version of the social network opens (sometimes you have to wait a couple of minutes).

Open the section with the search for music, find your favorite group with tracks or enter a link to our profile to access your personal playlist.

Press the icon near the desired track and it loads into a chat with a bot.

From here you can send a song to the favorites (this is a chat with yourself, the contents of which are stored in the Telegtram cloud and can be saved on the device for listening without connecting to the network).

Be patient, the bot is sometimes updated or is not available.

HOW TO DOWNLOAD ANY MUSIC on iPHONE?! (2022. Offline Music)

We’ll have to spend a little time to pull the necessary songs into the messenger, but after that they will not go anywhere and will be available on all devices with this account.

Do not forget that due to the presence of two options for the Telegram and Telegram X messenger, you can use two accounts on one iPhone.

So you can leave one account for communication, and select the second exclusively to the music.

Now, to listen to tracks, it is enough to turn on any loaded composition from the division of the chosen or directly in a chat with a bot. So that the tracks play one after another, go to the mini.player and select the reproduction mode sequentially or mixed up.

Now you can disconnect from the network and block the smartphone, background playback will not be interrupted.

In case the bot is unavailable, you can look for music in any of the music channels, for example, here:

Or use such a vkm_bot bot (it is without access to music groups, only search).

Then it remains only to find tracks and save them in the chosen.

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Download via iTunes

To download music on the iPhone through iTunes, you will need a computer (suitable for both MacOS and Windows) and a phone connection cable. All musical files, loaded in this way, can be played in the “Music” application, which also needs to be installed on the phone if it is absent:

  • The first step is to install iTunes on a computer. The program needs to be downloaded from the official website of Apple, install on PC and enter it under your data.
  • Next, you need to load music on a computer into a separate folder.
  • Having launched iTunes, you need to select in the “File” menu or “Add the file to the media”, or “Add the folder to the media text”.
  • Having dragged the necessary files, you can start transferring them to the iPhone. The next step is to connect the phone via cable.
  • Further, in the “Music” section, select “Synchronize music” and click “Apply”.
  • Having waited for the completion of copying, you can open the “Music” application and check if the uploaded files are available to listen.

This way to listen to offline music for the iPhone is not suitable for everyone. Someone may simply have no opportunity to use the computer.

What method of listening to music without the Internet to choose an iPhone user depends on personal preferences. The best option is to try loading through iTunes and use the free period in popular services to draw conclusions.

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