How to distinguish iPhone 7 from counterfeit software?

You can also distinguish 2 methods of operational verification:

iPhone 7: how to distinguish an original from a fake

With the growing popularity of iPhones, the number of counterfeits is growing, especially for the iPhone 7. Everything you need to know about the iPhone 7 how to distinguish it from a fake when buying your first gadget, we will tell you in this article.

Today, the iPhone is the leader in sales in the electronics market. Therefore, a large number of fakes appear. It’s one thing when a copy is bought deliberately, and another when it is offered under the guise of an original device. Therefore, if you decide to purchase an iPhone 7, you need to know how to distinguish it from a fake.

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How to distinguish a fake from an original iPhone 7?

There are a lot of exact copies on the market, which are difficult to distinguish at first glance. At the same time, even the software is so well made that when testing for 5-10 minutes, it is impossible to identify a fake. Therefore, you need to carefully analyze the phone when buying, to look closely at even the smallest details. Let’s note a number of factors that are seen in counterfeiting:

  • The first factor is the step between the case and the screen. While the original gadgets are missing. Note also that such a feature is noticed in the original, in the case when the display is replaced with a copy.
  • The differences are also visible on the case. First of all, this is a large thickness compared to the original, as well as the thickness of the protective glass, which is minimal, with any fall the screen will crack. Inconsistency of the lettering on the lid, a different font and
  • Poor fit of elements. For example, the button on the original iPhone is a vibration-sensitive touchpad, while the counterfeit has a standard mechanical one. Also note that the charging connector dangles a lot, so it will fail in 2-3 weeks.
  • Lack of camera protection. On the original phone, you can see the fit of the camera elements and the protective glass, which you will not notice on a fake.
  • And another highlight is the operating system. This is a good copy of iOS; an unknowing person at first glance can hardly distinguish it. The outstanding factors are the inoperability of Apple branded applications, such as iTunes, Apple Music and others.

In addition, it can be highlighted that even when connected to a computer and other devices, it is identified as the original iPhone. But you won’t be able to use it as a full-fledged one.

Paying attention to these factors, you will understand how to distinguish a real iPhone from a fake 7. But production is moving forward, therefore external factors can be excluded and you need to concentrate on other points of determining a fake.

Box and equipment

Also, in order to understand whether the iPhone 7 is fake or not, you should pay attention to its packaging. Upon purchase, you should receive:

  • Hardboard box with factory film.
  • Instructions for the phone with the Apple logo.
  • Original headphones, charger and cable. Everything is white. The wires must be flexible and soft.
  • Headphones should be free of corners, sagging or burrs.
  • Also, the serial number of the phone must be written on the box, and coincide with the inscription on the case.

Difference of structures

Both the case and the headphones themselves are made of smooth plastic. It shines pleasantly with a gloss, but does not slip in the palm of your hand. Most likely, the fake will not be as cool. It is worth examining the device carefully:

  • For defects on the surface of the “droplets” and the charging case.
  • Compare the color. it should be white for both the accessory and the case.
  • Easy to open case.

Cheap plastic is felt in the hands, it bends, it can crack when pressed. If there is even the slightest suspicion about the quality of the materials, you should listen to your intuition and look for Apple Airpods in another place where there will be no fake.

Packing quality

It is worth paying attention to which box the headphones are packed in. The real packaging from Apple is all white, to match the device. The “droplets” themselves are drawn on the front panel.

Differences during work

You can recognize real Airpods by sound. Music from them “pours” crystal clear, without noise and creaks. The bass is clearly audible. The fake has a slightly muffled sound. No matter how well a fake is done, it will not achieve such an ideal sound.

  • Apple headphones sync with any device wirelessly in seconds. Perfect work, no lags. A copy, too, will most likely be able to do this, but it will take more time to connect.
  • The original battery is used sparingly. The autonomy of the counterfeit will be lower.

The main signs of non-original Airpods

Noticing the following 3 nuances when buying the coveted headphones, you should think: is the accessory really real? So, what should be on the alert for the buyer choosing Airpods?

How to distinguish Airpods from a fake: 7 clear signs of a fake

The realities of modern business are as follows: “The more popular the product, the more counterfeits it has.” And let the snow-white headphones from Apple not be confused with anything: they differ not only in perfect sound, but also in build quality, ergonomics, and elegant design. Music lovers are crazy about such an accessory. They buy it as a sign of status, they brag about it and value it.

External differences between the copy and the original

So, picking up branded headphones, a responsible buyer looks at:

How to distinguish original Apple Airpods from fake: tips

To be sure of 100% authenticity of your Apple Airpods, you need to be able to distinguish a fake for a number of signs. They are conventionally divided into 2 categories: visual elements and workflow.

Low cost

The suspiciously low price of the headphones casts doubt on their authenticity. Original Airpods cost about 200. The user pays such a fabulous price for the brand, ease of wearing, ultra-modern filling and crystal clear sound.

Examining the smartphone

The screen of Iphone 7 has a transparent film that protects the screen from damage. There should be no air bubbles on its surface, this may indicate that the film has already been peeled off.

The iPhone 7, like other Apple models, does not have memory card slots. The smartphone already has built-in memory for 16, 32, 64 GB, etc.

There is space for only one SIM card. Models with two or more SIM cards are fake.

It is necessary to carefully examine the smartphone screen. The original Iphone 7 has a smooth transition from screen to body. The protective glass on the real Iphone is also thin.

It is worth paying attention to the “Home” button. In the Iphone 7, it is a highly sensitive touchpad. The counterfeit has a regular button, like on earlier versions of Apple’s phone.

The camera is reliably protected from any external influences. There is no free space between the lens and the “rim”. The camera on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is different. The first model has a round camera, while the plus model has an oval and horizontal camera.

How to tell an iPhone 7 from a fake in 5 steps

When making a purchase of a fashionable smartphone, the question arises: how to distinguish an iPhone 7 from a fake? After all, the more popular the model, the more often it is copied and passed off as the original. The article provides tips to help you make the right decision.

Fortunately, even a clever fake can be distinguished from the original version.

How to tell an iPhone 7 from a fake in 5 steps

To learn how to distinguish an iPhone 7 from a fake, just follow these 5 steps. Start with unpacking and visual inspection. Finish with a software check.

Checking the package contents

  • instructions;
  • headphones;
  • cable;
  • power adapter;
  • smartphone itself.

All components are made of high quality materials. The instruction is printed on high-quality and thick paper, contains complete information about the device. Details can be found here: memory size, serial number, etc.

Checking your phone should start with packaging

Apple appliances are sold in white boxes that are securely protected with foil. The integrity of the transparent film means that the packaging has not been opened earlier, and therefore, the iPhone has not been used.

Now you need to inspect the box

The top cover has a colorful image of the corresponding model. On the sides there are the inscription “Iphone” and the company logo in the form of a bitten apple, each element is made by means of embossing.

IPhone 7 software check

Now it’s worth turning on the iPhone and checking it “from the inside”. When turned on, the company logo appears on a white background. The picture quality on the original iPhone is very good, the colors are bright and juicy.

The surest way to verify the authenticity of a phone is to check it using a special program. You need to connect your device to your computer via USB cable and launch iTunes. You can download “iTunes” on the official Apple website. If the smartphone is not original, the program will report an error.

It is necessary to carefully study the applications on the iPhone. The original phone screen must have: calendar, camera, “Apple Watch”, messages, etc. Special attention should be paid to the “App Store”, in Iphone 7 it cannot be replaced by “Play Market” or another application.

All Apple products work only on iOS. Android smartphones are copy.

Fraudsters offer more and more quality fakes. However, simple rules can help you avoid getting hooked and make the right purchase.

The most obvious differences between the original iPhone 7 and the copy:

Smartphones of the iPhone line are in great demand among consumers in many countries. As you probably know, due to the popularity of the device, we are seeing such a trend as an increase in the number of fakes. This year, Chinese manufacturers even managed to release a copy of the iPhone 7 prior to its official release. Outwardly, such a device may be identical to the original, so it can be difficult to recognize a fake.

Today we will look at all the differences between the iPhone 7 and many Chinese counterfeits, so that you do not become a victim of fraud when buying a device on the Internet or from your hands. You should remember that each product can be copied, and the more popular it is in the market, the more often the fraudsters manage to deceive the buyer. Apple’s next-generation flagships have broken sales records of their predecessors, so the chance of acquiring a copy has increased significantly.

If you buy an iPhone 7 new, then the front panel should be covered with a branded film with a tab, which must be peeled off when you start using it. Each phone is equipped with a short color instruction manual of unprecedented quality: the font is smooth, without defects, and the colors are juicy. In general, everything indicates that this is an expensive product.

The configuration of the iPhone series smartphones has not changed since the first generation. Inside, there is still a white EarPods headset, a Lightning cable and a charger in the same color. Be careful, as it is not difficult for Chinese manufacturers to copy accessories. Pay attention to details, such as how the cable and headphones are neatly folded, they are pulled together with beautiful transparent ties. And the wires themselves are covered with very soft rubberized materials (fakes have very hard plastic elements). Original accessories should be free of tears, sagging and sharp corners.

The Apple iPhone 7 feels like a solid, well-built device in your hand with a nice coating on the glass that protects the display. In its cheap copies, everything crackles and bends, which immediately catches the eye. When you turn on the original iPhone 7 for the first time, a bitten apple will immediately appear on the screen, and behind it the phone will prompt you to activate it for work. If you still doubt the authenticity of the purchased device, then connect it to your computer via USB and run iTunes (install if you do not have it), and it will immediately inform you.

Every Apple smartphone, including the new iPhone 7, has a beautiful screen with a juicy, crystal clear picture and a Russified menu. All devices of this line work on the iOS operating system, it cannot be otherwise.

Here are some tips to help you get ready before buying an iPhone 7:

If you have something to add or want to clarify any question, then take the opportunity to leave a comment below under this article.

How to distinguish an “iPhone 7” original from a fake: possible methods and useful tips

recently, it was easy enough to identify a fake. Only the appearance of the antenna and the shape of the body gave out an unoriginal mobile device. Today’s fakes are very similar to real smartphones. Therefore, many are interested in how to distinguish the original “iPhone 7” from a fake and not fall for the bait of scammers.

What to look for?

Counterfeit mobile devices have a small step between the body and the screen. This also gives out repaired phones with the help of non-original components. It is also worth paying attention to the thickness of the protective glass on the screen. The counterfeit device is almost twice as thick as the original, and the edges of the device are hemispheres. Fake devices do not have an oleophobic coating, so spots and smears from fingers appear on the screen after a short use. Genuine Apple mobile devices do not have an additional memory card slot. Technological features of branded gadgets do not imply the use of two SIM-cards.

How to visually identify a fake?

Many potential buyers are wondering how to distinguish the original “iPhone 7” from a fake in appearance. On the front side of the mobile device, there should be a factory film with a peel-off tab. The smartphone is sold in a cardboard box with a smooth, tactile surface. The kit includes: charger, headphones and white cable. Pay special attention to the wires. They should be soft and there should be no sharp corners on the surface of the headphones. Mobile device has a non-removable back cover.

Counterfeits often have an incorrect brand or model name. The user can connect a mobile device to a PC with iTunes installed. When the original device is connected, the system will detect it and automatically sync with it. If the program does not provide information, the smartphone is a fake.

How To Spot a Fake iPhone 7

For clarity, the article presents a photo of the original and fake “iPhone 7”.

In addition, you should pay attention to the camera. In the original mobile device, the camera is protected from any external influences with the help of special glass, there are no gaps, irregularities. The counterfeit is significantly different from the original camera, sometimes a sheet of paper can be squeezed between the lens and the rim of the camera.

How to distinguish the original “iPhone 7” from a fake by number

The most reliable way to distinguish a fake from an original device. analysis of the serial number. To do this, just select the “General” item in the “Settings” section and select the inscription “About device”. This section contains information about the serial number of the mobile device. This number should be entered on the official Apple website. The user will be provided with information about the warranty period and other data. If the serial number is not recognized, then the device is a fake.

Other ways to determine

Let’s consider how else you can distinguish an original device from a fake. You need to be patient and check all the functions in your mobile device. First of all, pay attention to the presence of scuffs and scratches. If the body of the smartphone has a curved shape, then it is better to refuse such an acquisition. It is important to check the functionality of all connectors and buttons.

Connect your mobile phone to the charger immediately. This will allow you to check the continuity of the charging process and the correctness of its operation. Then you should insert a SIM card and check the Internet. You can record multiple videos and test your microphone. To check if Touch ID works, you just need to enter your fingerprint.

Evaluating the design

Not a single one, even the highest quality fake, can exactly repeat the original design of the “iPhone”. Chinese manufacturers have not yet been able to reproduce an exact copy of this device.

This statement applies not only to the body of the mobile device, but also to the technical capabilities. Counterfeits take much longer to load programs and applications.

Buyers Tips

Stylus included

No modern manufacturer (including Apple) now produces gadgets with resistive displays. Among the originals, the stylus in the kit can only be found on Samsung Note series.

Connect your gadget to iTunes

This is the most effective and simplest way to distinguish an original iPhone from a “fake” one, but it requires a computer or smartphone at hand. When you connect the original iPhone via USB cable, iTunes will definitely try to recognize and sync it. If iTunes remains indifferent, most likely you are in front of a fake.

You can also check the Apple smartphone for originality by the serial number and IMEI. how to do this, read here.

How to distinguish an iPhone from a fake: other ways

If outwardly the iPhone does not show any signs of a Chinese counterfeit, use other verification methods:

“Sticky” sensor

If you have to make an effort to, for example, swipe from right to left to go to another screen, you are dealing with a “fake”.

Check the Settings menu

Follow the path “Settings”. “General” and try to find the section “Software update”. In original devices, it is located directly under the section “About this device”.

There is no this section in the settings of Chinese fakes.

Pay attention to the quality of the Russification of the menu. The Russian language is considered one of the most difficult, so spelling mistakes in the names of sections and paragraphs of Chinese iPhones are not uncommon.

It’s no secret that in the modern world, the iPhone, like the entire range of Apple devices. it is not just convenient and “sophisticated” gadgets, but one of the most popular and recognizable brands in the world. Despite this, unlike other smartphones, iPhones are more often brought to service centers with a breakdown. Guess which one? Yes, broken case and display.

Along with the new models, Apple is releasing branded protective “clothing” for its products. iPhone, iPad and MacBook cases.

The price tags for original covers for Apple gadgets are off scale, and therefore, so many replicas have been released for a lower price and with sufficiently good quality that it is quite difficult to distinguish an original from a fake. But of course it is possible. And, now, we will tell you:


If you choose a leather case, not a silicone case, then there will not be much difference, the signs of a fake are approximately the same.

The first thing to pay attention to. this is the packaging. It should be of no less quality than the cover itself. The fact is that packaging for iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices are created on automated production lines, which gives excellent quality, while the “Chinese” versions are assembled in a semi-automated or even manual mode.

All text printed on the box is in Apple’s San Francisco font, while copies use standard Times New Roman or Arial.

Also, on the back of the original box, you can find two stickers: the first. with information, and the second with a barcode, which, if you get confused, you can check by going to the Apple website and in the page code find the exact model of the case that matches the inscription on the packaging sticker.

This also applies to packages for the Smart Case for iPad. The packaging is original and on the reverse side. detailed instructions for use and all the possibilities of the cover, which also saves you from non-original versions.

The second point, which gives out fakes. Inner side of the cover. On the inside, the accessory has a microfiber coating, which helps to avoid damage to the case from dust. On original products, microfiber is softer, fits snugly to the edges without gaps, does not come off, unlike a replica.

The text on real cases is easy to read, all letters are visible, while on fakes, the text is either absent altogether, or it is difficult to make out.

Picture of the original Apple cover

The same story goes for iPad protective accessories. Absolutely on all variants of the original covers, the inscription is made clearly and accurately.

The hardest to identify. outer part of the cover. I would like to warn you that if there is a good quality copy in front of you, and at the same time, you have never held an original for iPhone in your hands before, then you can hardly find differences by touch. Silicone is soft and pleasant in both situations and the logo is flush.

But, there are still differences that are noticeable to the eye. On fakes, the seams on the sides of the product are clearly visible, while on the original there are practically none.

The picture “Original cover-overlay Apple”

Another external difference is that the “apple” on the copies is, as it were, glued over the silicone, in leather versions, as outlined along the contour. In the original versions, the logo is always “depressed”.

Of course, it is important to pay attention to the connectors for the buttons and the camera, they should fit perfectly, in the original case the buttons are easy to press, the edges of the cutout do not interfere with switching the silent mode switch. Counterfeits, however, were noticed in functional inconsistencies, for example, in a case for iPhone 6 / 6s, a camera connector designed for iPhone 7.

How to distinguish an original silicone case on an Iphone from a replica


  • Price. The original accessory will be at least twice as expensive as its fake, due to the quality and duration of wear. Therefore, the low price of the cover, first of all, should alert you.
  • Sock. Naturally, the original case will have a presentable look longer. The edges of the originally matte cover will wear off sooner or later anyway, but the replica will begin to shine sooner. Also, the original product gets dirty less and is easier to wipe off if something happens, even models of light colors.

Which cover to choose: original or a copy. it’s up to you, but now, having made a choice in the direction of the original accessory, you will not become a victim of scammers.

Learn to distinguish the original iPhone 7 from a fake gadget

With the growing popularity of the Apple brand, there are more and more fakes that are distributed around the world and sold as an original. Only recently has it been possible to identify a fake only by its appearance. for example, the antenna in the iPhone or the shape of the case does not correspond to the real one, now fakes can be very similar to the real ones in appearance, and therefore you have to determine the authenticity using software methods.

How to distinguish an original iPhone 7 from a fake? In this article, we will look at the main signs by which you can understand this.

External features

Take your iPhone 7 in hand. on the front side, you should definitely see the factory film with a tab for peeling it off at the bottom. Cardboard packaging with bright colors and a pleasant surface inside. instructions with the Apple logo. Also in the box there are headphones, a cable, a charger, and all this is only in white. Pay attention to the wires. they should be soft, unlike Chinese ones. hard or even plastic. There are no sharp corners, sagging or burrs on the parts of the headphones. The back cover of the device is not removable. In the original gadget, the cover is removed only if you unscrew the screws. Slot for one SIM card only, no external storage is inserted. The main “bloopers” of not real gadgets:

  • Errors in the spelling of the brand, model, as well as name errors in the operating system.
  • The back cover must be labeled “iPhone”, model number and certification marks.
  • Lack of antenna.

Precautionary Methods

Using Serial Number

Let’s take the desired smartphone in hand, go to the menu, select “Settings”. “Basic”. “About this device”. “Serial number”. From your smartphone, go to the manufacturer’s official website in the check section ( Enter the number of the iPhone you are checking. If it is not fake, then you can see its model, production date, technical support by phone and other information. If the tested apple device is not original, you will see the message “Unfortunately, this serial number is not correct. Check the available data and try again”.

How to distinguish an original iPhone 7 from a fake using the operating system

The original gadget has only one operating system and no other. IOS. If you are a user of Apple technology, you should know how it looks (icons, button style, font, etc.). If not. ask friends or acquaintances to help you recognize IOS from other operating systems.

Go to the standard AppStore application. if the gadget is a replica, then you will be redirected to the Google Play Android application. If you are an Android smartphone user, you will surely recognize this application.

You can also try connecting the tested phone to a laptop or PC with iTunes installed. When a smartphone is connected, it detects it and makes an attempt to synchronize. If the program does not show any information, then it failed to install the device, i.e. this smartphone is not original.