How to restart iPhone XR

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The iPhone XR changed the way it allowed you to restart your smartphone. There is no Home key, and accordingly, you can reboot the device in another way. With this, the old reboot version still works.

To restart the iPhone XR, the user needs to follow these steps:

  • press the “Power” button and hold it for ten seconds;
  • a special window will appear, at the top of which you need to press the reboot key.

The iPhone XR will now reboot by turning off and on by itself. No further action is required. This method is relevant if the iPhone XR smartphone works as usual. However, even with Apple technology, strange freezes can occur, and in this case, this method of rebooting is ineffective for the user.

There is also a fallback that will allow you to restart your smartphone:

  • you need to hold down the “Volume” and “Power” key for 10 seconds;
  • the smartphone screen, if it worked, will go out, and after a couple of seconds an Apple Apple will appear.

This reboot is called “Hard reset” and is specifically designed to reboot the iPhone XR in case of unforeseen situations.

How to restart iPhone

The Apple phone, like any other smartphone, can freeze, which raises the question of how to restart the iPhone. On different iPhones, this is done in its own way, so it’s worth taking a closer look at specific models and ways to reboot them.

How to restart iPhone if the screen is not working

To restart iPhone if the screen does not work, you need to use Emergency Restart. Different versions of the iPhone do it differently.

If the user has an iPhone 6S and below, then you need to do the following:

  • you need to simultaneously press the power button of the smartphone and the home key, doing this for 7-8 seconds;
  • after the smartphone turns off completely, you need to release the keys;
  • a bull’s eye should appear, which will be a signal that the smartphone is working in a standard state;
  • if it does not appear, you need to hold down the power key and wait for the apple on the smartphone display.

This reboot method is called “Hard Reset” or “emergency reboot” and thus it works on any smartphone, up to iPhone 7. iPhones version 7 and higher received a touch-sensitive home button and such manipulations no longer work with it.

With them you need to do the following:

  • you need to press the power key and the volume button. So you need to hold the keys for about 7-8 seconds;
  • then an apple will appear on the smartphone display;
  • if the apple does not appear, you need to hold down the power key.

This reboot method is relevant even for iPhone X and above, where the Home button has completely disappeared.

How to restart iPhone 10

Even the Iphone 10 can freeze and in this case the user must restart their device. This can be done in two ways.

If the gadget does not work as usual, then you can restart your iPhone 10 as follows:

  • hold down the “Power” key on the smartphone for a couple of seconds;
  • on the smartphone, regardless of the open application, a window with a reboot will appear;
  • you need to confirm the restart, after the smartphone will perform the necessary actions in automatic mode.

This is how the iPhone X reboots if it works.

If the smartphone is frozen, then you need to perform slightly different actions:

  • you need to hold down the “Power” key and the “Volume control” key on the smartphone for a couple of seconds;
  • the smartphone screen goes out, which indicates the success of the specified operation.

The iPhone X will restart and work normally, and freezes will disappear completely.

How to Force Restart iPhone

In order to force restart iPhone 6S and versions below, you need to do the following:

  • hold down the “Power” and “Home” buttons for 7-8 seconds;
  • the smartphone screen will go out and an apple will appear on it;
  • if it does not appear, after the procedure done, you need to hold down the “power” key, after which the smartphone will turn on.

In order to restart the iPhone above version 6S, you need to perform slightly different manipulations:

  • you need to hold down the “Power” key and the “Volume control” button, which is located on the right side of the device;
  • hold the keys for 6-7 seconds;
  • the bull’s eye will light up on the screen, which will mark the return to stable operation of the device.

An emergency reboot is needed in order to return the smartphone to working condition if any unforeseen situation occurs.

How to restart iPhone 5

There are two ways to restart iPhone 5.

The first method is suitable if the smartphone is working properly and the user can use it:

  • you need to hold down the “Power” key, which is located in the upper right corner of the smartphone;
  • hold for a couple of seconds;
  • it will be possible to make a “Swipe” on the smartphone screen and reboot.

In this case, the smartphone will perform all the necessary operations on its own.

If the smartphone does not work or freezes during operation, you need to do the following:

  • hold down the “Power” button and the “Home” button for 7-8 seconds;
  • after that you need to wait until the apple appears on the display;
  • if suddenly the apple does not appear, you need to hold down the “power” key for three seconds.

This is how you can restart your iPhone 5.

How to restart iPhone 7

iPhone 7. is the first smartphone from Apple that has slightly non-standard reboot methods. The home button is now touch-sensitive, so the reboot methods have changed.

If the smartphone is working normally, then the reboot can be done as follows:

  • you need to hold the power button for a couple of seconds;
  • a special window will appear in which you will need to press the restart key.

Now the smartphone will perform all the necessary actions on its own.

If the phone does not work, then you need to follow these steps to restart your iPhone 7:

  • simultaneously press the “Volume Control” and “Home” keys;
  • wait 5-7 seconds for the smartphone to reboot.

If the iPhone 7 refuses to turn on in this case, then after the actions taken, you need to hold down the “Power” key until the branded apple appears on the screen.

How to restart iPhone 6

There are two methods to restart your iPhone 6.

The first one is designed to reboot the smartphone when it is in working order:

  • you need to hold the power button for three seconds;
  • select the “Restart” button on the display;
  • wait while the smartphone performs these actions.

Then the iPhone 6 will reboot itself, the user does not need to do anything else.

If the smartphone is frozen, then an emergency reboot will help:

  • you need to press the “Include” button and hold it;
  • press the “Home” button;
  • hold down two keys for a couple of seconds;
  • the smartphone will automatically shut down.

After the steps taken, it remains to wait until the apple appears on the display of the iPhone 6 and it turns on by itself.

Camera (black screen) and flashlight not working in iPhone. how to fix?

Hey! Just recently, I had to update an iPhone 5S on iOS 10 to one friend and everything would be fine, but then I would not write this article 🙂 In general, the next day he came to me and said literally the following: “Apple is all scoundrels They artificially make devices obsolete. they force them to buy new ones. Look, after the update my rear camera stopped working (there is now always a black screen), and the flashlight does not turn on, it constantly writes about some kind of overheating, although the device is completely cold “.

I can certainly believe that Apple is somehow being forced to buy their new gadgets (for example, adding new chips). But not as barbaric. a simple update breaking cameras. Therefore, it was decided to try to correct this ailment and it worked! How? I’ll tell you now, let’s go!

From the outset, it should be noted that, with regards to this problem, the rear camera and flashlight are dependent on each other. The camera will show a black screen, and when the flash is turned on, it will be written: “The flash is off. Cooling is required before using the iPhone flash. ” This is, so to speak, the main symptom.

So, first of all, I climbed to look and see what people write about this. It turns out that the Apple forum already has a whole thread dedicated to this ailment. And there will be enough such “lucky ones” (with the camera not starting after the update) for the whole town. True, it mainly deals with the iPhone 5, but the 5S, as well as other gadgets on iOS, are also mentioned. Here are some tips and actions we managed to spy on. after completing them, the camera worked again for some:

  • Enable or disable power saving mode (how to do this?).
  • Switch cameras (from front to back) several times. Until the black screen disappears and it starts to turn on.
  • Apply a little pressure around the camera (very carefully!).
  • Close all applications that might be using the camera and try again.

If it does not help, then we proceed with the standard set of Apple technical support tips designed to eliminate any error related to the iPhone and iPad:

  • We do a hard reset of the gadget. How? The answer is here!
  • Full reset of content and settings.
  • Restoring the latest current firmware via DFU mode.

If this does not help, then you will have to climb inside the gadget.

In the event that the device is under warranty, do it yourself oh how it should not.

If the skills of assembly and disassembly are not alien to you, then we check and turn on / off:

  • Camera loop.
  • Battery.

Perhaps they just moved away after a fall or other blow. If the phone is unofficially restored, reassembled, or has undergone some kind of “handicraft” repair, then very often it can be noted that there is no special film on the cables, which allows you to securely fix the cable in the connector. And at the slightest fall, it just falls out.

Even if everything is in place and it seems to you that they are firmly installed to the end, in order to solve the inoperative flash and black screen when starting the camera, you need to pull them out and insert them. Yes, a simple reconnection is enough in most cases.

It should be noted here that a friend bought an iPhone 5S on the market and who, how, and from what assembled it. we naturally do not know. In any case, if on the previous version of iOS this did not prevent the camera from starting normally, then after the update something went wrong and instead of the subject we saw a solid black screen.

I hope that you will not get to the point of disassembling the device and making the camera with a flashlight work in other, simpler ways. Although there is nothing difficult in the last version, you just need to act carefully and not break anything else! 🙂

What malfunctions occur in the iPhone most often

If your iPhone crashed, crashed, stopped working after a poor-quality flashing, went out after installing updates, the device may require qualified repair. The most common “symptoms” of such malfunctions are the following iPhone malfunctions:

  • the screen does not work
  • the screen goes out
  • the screen turns off
  • “Black screen” (no backlight)
  • iPhone screen slows down
  • the smartphone has turned off and does not respond to any commands
  • cracks appeared on the surface of the screen
  • other damage to the display has occurred

If you drop and crash your phone, first check to see if your iPhone is still working. If the smartphone turns off, goes out and does not respond to any commands, and large cracks appear on the surface of the screen, it will hardly be possible to do without professional repair of the device. But if the iPhone’s screen just went out, while the device does not turn off, the touch screen remained intact, and the calls still go through, you can try to fix such breakdowns yourself.

Why touchscreen malfunctions occur

To answer the question: “What should I do if the iPhone screen goes blank, but it works?”, The first step is to establish the cause of the malfunction of the smartphone. Various errors in the operation of the screen most often occur for the following reasons:

  • damage to the display after being dropped or hit
  • moisture inside the iPhone
  • system crashes when flashing iPhone, installing updates, etc.

All these breakdowns can lead to various malfunctions of the iPhone.

How to troubleshoot iPhone yourself

If after falling, hitting and other troubles, the iPhone remains turned on, and the screen is intact, but at the same time it goes out, stops responding and makes sounds, or starts to slow down, you can try to restore the device to work on your own. Try restarting your smartphone first. This can be done by pressing the following buttons at the same time:

  • screen lock button
  • Home button
  • power button

If after such an action the display is on, the call is in progress and the touch screen reacts to touches, you can continue to use the device without fear. If the screen remains dark and still refuses to work, although the smartphone is turned on and rings, and the beeps pass, try the following:

  • remove the protective cover (sometimes it causes the screen to go blank on the iPhone)
  • change the charger and other components (sometimes they force the smartphone to turn off, slow down and turn off the screen on the iPhone)
  • remove the decorative case (it can also be the reason for the iPhone screen to go blank)

If all these actions did not help your smartphone, whose display stopped working, it is unlikely that you will be able to fix it yourself. You should not continue trying to eliminate the black screen. this can lead to the fact that the phone starts to slow down even more, stops ringing, turns off and goes out altogether. In order not to harm a smartphone even more, which fell and whose display stopped working, you should entrust its repair to professionals.

Screen stopped working on iPhone

And get the best deals from trusted masters.

  • Compare and choose the best conditions
  • Feedback from interested professionals only
  • Don’t waste time communicating with intermediaries

If the screen on iPhone stopped working, there is a chance to fix it yourself. The reasons for such a malfunction can be different: from mechanical damage upon impact and moisture getting inside the phone to system errors when flashing and rebooting the smartphone. Violations during the operation of the iPhone can lead to the following problems: the screen does not show or goes out, the display module stops responding, there is no image on the touchscreen, the touch glass is damaged, the smartphone does not turn on at all.

You need to know the causes of the malfunction in order to determine if you can cope with such problems yourself or if you should send your iPhone for professional repair.

Who should I give my smartphone for repair

Situations in which the iPhone’s screen went blank, the display module was damaged, or other problems occurred (for example, the sound was cut off) are familiar to any repairman. If your smartphone is dropped, a dark screen appears, etc., you can return it to any service center for repair. However, if you do not want to wait long for the wizard to fix the black screen and overpay for repairing the screen that turns off, contact Yuda for help.

An experienced YouDo master knows how to make fast and high-quality iPhone repairs, while the for his services are the lowest. Performer Yudu will promptly fix the following issues:

  • iPhone screen goes blank (display is dark)
  • the screen does not respond to taps
  • no display backlight

Skilled performer Yudu can help you quickly and inexpensively deal with a situation that requires screen repair on an iPhone.

IPhone 6 & 6s: Fix Black Screen, Display Wont turn On, Screen is Blank issue

IPhone has blanked out screen, but it works. what to do

Force iOS update

The firmware update usually takes about 40 minutes. After the performed procedure, your iPhone and display should take some time to work. It usually takes up to 40 minutes for iOS to download from Apple servers. Usually, an emergency reboot of the device helps to cope with any failure during the firmware update, but if this does not happen, try entering DFU Mode and resetting the settings to factory settings.

What can be done

Unfortunately, there is no advice that helps in 100% of cases. We can offer such methods of “treatment”.

First, make sure you are not using the beta version of iOS, completely disconnect from receiving test builds.

Charge your smartphone properly. Do not charge your iPhone all night and follow simple rules for using gadgets in the winter.

Discard applications that are embedded in system programs. The App Store is now full of add-ons for iMessage, extensions for Safari, informers for the Phone app, third-party keyboards, and other add-ons. All of them are embedded in the system and can affect its operation.

Disable the Raise To Wake function (Settings. Display and brightness. Raise to activate), which is responsible for turning on the display when the user picks up the iPhone in his hands, or Opening with a finger (Settings. General. Accessibility. Home. Opening with a finger).

It happens that it is the simultaneous operation of these two options that leads to system failures.

If all else fails, you can reset your iPhone to factory settings and use your smartphone, gradually adding apps from the App Store and making changes to settings.

Yes, the output is not the best, but this is the only way to establish exactly what exactly leads to the appearance of a black screen in a particular case.

We wish you not to get into such situations, and if you do, find the right way out faster. Happy holidays!

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Typical reasons why the iPhone screen won’t turn on:

  • If the phone is dropped on a hard surface or other mechanical damage that may damage the display, the flex cable may come off.
  • Full discharge of the smartphone, which can lead to the fact that the “apple” device stops functioning. vibrate, transmit signals, show an image of an apple, etc.
  • There is a bug in a specific application. In this case, the display darkens when you enter this application.
  • A failure occurred during the download phase of updates. At the same time, the apple icon is constantly on the screen and nothing else happens.

Repairing your iPhone yourself is a bad idea

IPhone users do not have to open the gadget by themselves. Just take a look at the two screws next to your iPhone’s charging port. they’re star-shaped! That being said, is an excellent repair guide.

One of the most frequently asked questions is “My iPhone works, even rings, but it has a black screen. What to do?”. This often happens when the device is dropped. In the simplest cases, you just need to reboot your smartphone. But sometimes this happens even with a careful attitude to the device, and standard advice does not always help. The root of the problem could be a beta update or a conflict between third-party applications. This means that you need expert advice, but keep in mind that there is no single one hundred percent solution, options are possible. So…

Why does iPhone have a black screen

Black screens on iPhones can be for a variety of reasons, from hardware glitches to firmware issues.

Fix Black Screen Through iPhone Hard Reset

It is better to start with the simplest option. The procedure is common for all smartphones, the only difference is in the combination of buttons, depending on the model:

On iPhone models 5 and 6 and their versions, a long simultaneous press of two buttons: “Power” (On / Off) and “Home” (Home) is required for about 10 seconds until the logo (apple) appears.

On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, the same action, but with the “Power” (On / Off) and “Volume Down” (Volume Down).

On 8/8 Plus versions, quickly press and release “Volume Up” and “Volume Down” alternately, then hold down “Power / Sleep” to the Apple logo.

On 11 / XS / X versions, press and hold the volume up or down button and the side button until the Turn off slider appears.

If these steps did not help, then move on to the next point.

Why iPhone works but the screen is black

Spontaneous freezes and glitches of the iPhone, unfortunately, are no longer a rarity. Many are worried about this, but it seems that Apple is not going to do anything.

Our reader Alexander described the problem best of all:

It happens periodically several times a day, I did not reveal any sequence leading to this. Honestly, I’m already tired, I don’t have the strength to endure this mess, I want to fire my iPhone against the wall, he infuriates, is already ready to sell both.

Such a problem really exists, and the described case is far from the most difficult.

Iphone 6 / 6 Plus: How to Fix Black Screen, Display Wont Turn On, Screen is Blank

IPhone has blanked out screen, but it works. what to do

If the iPhone does not have a screen, not all owners know what to do, but meanwhile the question is very, very relevant: the cost of the display is high, so replacing it unknowingly can lead to unnecessary expenses. To avoid this, it is important to know two things: the reasons for the occurrence and how to fix the problem without harm to the phone.

iPhone works, but the screen does not light up

Often, by “off”, users mean insufficient backlighting, which confuses the wizards. If your screen just glows dimly, but the picture on it is clear and the device’s response is good, increase the brightness in the settings. 100% will help if the firmware is original and correct. A non-working point for changing the backlight can be the cause of an error during the update, this is corrected by the firmware, which is also better to do in the service.

If you don‘t want to contact the service for such a trifle, try resetting the settings to the factory settings, it can also help. Do not get carried away with unauthorized flashing: the same JailBreaks are capable of injecting malicious code into the system, forcing individual iPhone nodes to malfunction.

Choosing a service

High-quality service is the key to the iPhone’s work

“IPhone works but the screen is black? Our masters know what to do! ” A similar statement in different forms is found in contextual advertising and in paper advertisements, the essence is the same: to lure you as a client. Don’t be fooled by discounts and free diagnostics: a licensed service takes money for diagnostics, but then deducts its amount from the cost of the service. What to look for when visiting:

By the way, services that promise “only original spare parts” are often cunning: Apple does not have original spare parts, there are high-quality Chinese counterparts. The paradox is that phones are repaired with the same parts from which high-quality replicas are assembled. After handing over the device, do not forget to take the certificate of acceptance of equipment for repair, in which the identifier of your iPhone must be indicated.

Screen stopped working on iPhone 4

Before rushing about in a panic and looking for advice wherever possible, check if your device is frozen. Yes, Apple devices almost never freeze, which is why this phenomenon is mistaken for a breakdown. The non-working screen in this case is easily corrected by rebooting (holding the shutdown button and sleep / home). If this helps, but it is repeated often, immediately contact the service. the screen is in order, but the system itself or the components are “naughty”. they need to be repaired.

IPhone Screen Blank Is Alarming

If the restart did not help or the apple symbol does not appear, go to the next step. Another reason why the screen on the iPhone 4 does not work may be its Chinese origin: non-original equipment breaks down very quickly, not to mention the fact that its repair exceeds, but then go broke on replacements.

IPhone 4 screen not working: what to do

Check the battery charge before disassembling

The first thing to start diagnosing with is checking the charge level. Oddly enough, one of the reasons people turn to Apple services is banal forgetfulness: a completely discharged phone may not turn on even when working from charging, which people who are especially prone to panic perceive as a breakdown.

If charging is okay, check your iPhone. It does not show the screen, but everything else works. you should think again if you or anyone else has ever poured the device, because the remaining moisture is insidious and hurts the entire device slowly, even if it worked before. There were no such cases? Well, you are a very neat user, so the reason that the iPhone’s screen stopped working, the sound is there, and the calls go through, is either a breakdown of the screen as a whole, or a loose cable.

Having experience in assembling and disassembling complex electronic devices, you can independently disassemble your iPhone and check the reliability of the loop fastening, but remember: if the phone has a guarantee, this should not be done, then any service will withdraw the warranty due to opening.

There is no guarantee. there are no fears, you can check. In the case of a correctly looking cable, it is better to take the iPhone for examination. Advice for owners of CRT TVs and screens (if there are any): do not put the device on them, the screen does not work for the iPhone 4c after a long lay. Either charging with reboot or service helps. The effect of the CRT on the iPhone screen is palpable.

Screen does not work on iPhone 4s after flooding

Having “expiated” your device, you run the risk of finally ditching it, so do the following as soon as possible:

  • Turn off your phone;
  • Disconnect the battery (you will need a small screwdriver, it is screwed on);
  • Wipe off any visible water;
  • Place iPhone in a container of rice and leave for 24 hours.

After that, the device can turn on, but it is better not to risk it and contact the service. Instead of rice, you can use a hairdryer or a special cover, but in the case of a hairdryer there is a risk of damaging the insides and finally “killing” the device, and in the second case, the price of the cover may be higher than the price of repair from honest craftsmen.

iPhone under warranty

You have a warranty iPhone 4s, the screen does not work, you do not know what to do. refer to the Apple website with a question. If the phone is not stolen, not overbought from another customer, or has not been exposed to the outside from your side, then Apple engineers will be happy to help you, because the high price includes a cool warranty service.

The site will help you determine the position of the nearest licensed service, tell you what to take with you, and also warn you against self-repair. Remember: during the warranty period, any breakdowns not related to drowning or mechanical damage is a service problem, not yours. Do not be afraid, the masters will be happy to help you, especially if you are polite to them.

iPhone not working, dark screen

The option when the iPhone turns itself off, does not respond to charging and then does not turn on is quite common. Everything happens due to the fact that the iPhone was lying unnecessarily for a long time, while its charge was full. After that, the phone turned off and does not turn on again.

If the iphone has a black screen and does not turn on, then there may be several reasons:

  • Water ingress into the case, as a result, oxidation of contacts and failure of modules.
  • The fall of the iPhone, as a result, the separation of the cable.
  • No matter how trite, but severe frosts can disable the gadget. As a result, the iPhone stops not only charging, but also turning on. In order for the system to work, you need to warm it up, it will be enough to put the device in a warm place for 15 minutes.
  • It is also possible that the iPhone is discharged and a black screen appears. If iPhone is completely discharged, the device may not turn on or charge. What to do if iPhone is on charge and does not turn on for a long time? We read
  • If iphone won’t turn on even after charging? You must press the Lock and Home button. Keep them in this position for 20 seconds, then wait about a minute. At this time, the BIOS should start, and the system will work, the iOs will start loading.
  • If the iPhone has gone out of the screen, the phone is discharged and does not turn on while charging, the problem may be in the breakdown of parts of the device, failure of the charging cable, malfunction of the charger itself.

What to do if iPhone stops working, screen goes blank and won’t turn on? No need to panic, there is a way out of any situation.

If the iPhone is on charge, but it turns off and does not even turn on. In most cases, the following actions work: Simultaneously press and hold the “Power” and “Home” keys for a few seconds. A hard reboot helps in many cases. After that, the mobile device should work like new.

If, after the performed manipulations, the mobile does not turn on even when charging, the problem may be more serious. If the iPhone is not responding to any action, it is a hardware or software error. In order for the mobile to work, you will need to change the battery or charger. In any case, the help of a specialist will not hurt.

Why is the phone not working

If the iPhone does not turn on, then the reasons may be as follows:

  • Discharged to zero. To resume work, you just need to connect it to the power cord and wait 15 minutes. After that, you can try to turn it on. If the iPhone does not turn on after charging, then the problem should be looked for in another.
  • If, after 15 minutes, the phone does not load, and a lightning bolt and an outlet are displayed on the screen, then it means that not much time has passed after charging.
  • If the iphone turns off and does not turn on, it does not respond to charging, what to do. In this case, the iphone just went into save mode. This happens if it has not been rebooted for a long time.
  • To resume the operation of the device after restarting, you must press and hold the lock button and the Home key for 20 seconds. After that iOs download will start.

Important: if you have an iPhone 7, then in order to resume its work, you need to hold down the Power button and the volume down button for 20 seconds. This will lead to a hard reboot of the device. This usually helps with many problems, including iOs glitches.
If the iPhone does not turn on and does not charge, then the device is simply frozen. To solve this problem, it will be enough to restart it.

The phone stopped charging and won’t boot

There are many reasons iPhone won’t turn on or charge.

  • System crash. In this case, the iphone does not charge and does not turn on as a result of rebooting the RAM, which interferes with its full-fledged operation. The system cannot cope with all the information and the mobile device starts to fail. To correct this situation, you will need to reboot the entire system.
  • If the iPhone does not turn on after restarting, then the reason is clearly different.
  • Mechanical damage to the mobile device. Strong impact may cause the iphone battery to detach from the case. At first, the device may not work at all, while the sound of a dangling battery will be heard. Next, the cable breaks, which connects the battery and the board. After that, the mobile does not turn on and does not respond to charging. To solve the problem, you will need to replace the battery.
  • Using counterfeit chargers that can cause iPhone to turn off and not turn on, unresponsive to charging. Due to low-quality accessories for mobile devices, power surges or moisture may get inside. In this case, the charging connector will also suffer.
  • Iphone may be discharged and no longer turn on or charge due to damaged microcircuits. Along the chain, all the microcircuits of the device begin to be damaged, leading to a complete loss of performance. In addition to the fact that the iPhone itself turned off, and after that it does not turn on and does not charge, it constantly has no cellular connection.

It will be very difficult to solve such a problem on your own; you will need special equipment. This will require the help of a service center or the hand of an experienced craftsman.

The phone is completely discharged

What to do if iPhone is completely discharged and does not work while charging? If the iphone does not turn on after a full charge, then you need to put it on charge and wait at least 15 minutes. If after this time the iPhone does not turn on while charging, what should I do? You need to wait a little longer, some models require half an hour to resume the system.

That if the mobile phone has not been charged for a long time and now does not turn on, you can resume its work in the following way:

  • Put it to charge until the battery symbol appears on the screen. This can take a long time. If, after a day, the mobile screen does not light up, it means that you will need to replace the battery.
  • If the iphone does not turn on charging, then the problem is in the cable or ribbon.

The phone won’t charge

Everyone understands that if the iPhone does not charge, then the battery will soon run out and turn off. What to do if iPhone stops charging and won’t turn on?

  • Check if there is current in the outlet. This happens quite often, the phone was charged, but it does not charge.
  • Clean up contacts. It happens that the iPhone screen goes blank, it does not turn on. In this case, you need to check the contacts that could get clogged with dust. All connectors are cleaned using the needle included with the iphone. After disassembly, it should work, if this did not happen, then the problem is different.

There are many more reasons why your phone won’t charge or turn on. Each case is individual, sometimes the mobile can work after resetting the settings to make the system work again.

Breakdown reasons

The reasons are simple to the point of banality, remember, has this happened with the iphone 5 in the foreseeable past? If yes, then this article is for you.

  • iPhone fell on a hard surface. display cables could fly out of the connectors.
  • Pressing firmly on the display module
  • The device fell under water. water ingress and short circuiting of vital circuits.
  • Strong heating of the gadget. damage to microcircuits
  • Software error (iOs)
  • Poor repair grief by craftsmen (tear off your hands)

A yellow spot appeared on the screen

A rare kind of problem with the iphone display, when yellow spots appear on it, there may be several or one of them. The iphone display is a fragile thing, just put it on a hard surface, and difficulties immediately arise in work.

Before proceeding, you need to clarify, the yellow spot on the iphone screen is glue. If they appear on a new iphone 5, 6, 7, 8, you should contact the warranty department, you should change the device without any questions. Or you can wait 2-3 months, before handling, the glue should dry and the problem will go away by itself.

  • If yellow spots appeared while using the device, for example, a couple of years after purchase, then you should think about replacing the entire screen.
  • The iPhone battery failed and began to swell, literally, pressing the screen from the inside.
  • Recent renovation, apparently not done in the best way.

Display is on, but partially or completely unresponsive

The reasons are the same as in the case when the screen went out on the iPhone, read about them in the previous chapter. It is necessary to clarify the symptoms of a non-working touchscreen in order to correctly resolve the issue with it.

In this case, the problem is precisely with the screen sensor, which suddenly stopped working in whole or in part. This can occur due to shock or other mechanical damage to the matrix. In this case, the glass of the phone will remain intact, without cracks, but the system will not be able to work as it should, for example:

  • iPhone is not responding to pressing
  • Responds to user actions for a very long time
  • On 7, 5, 6, part of the sensor does not work
  • iPhone lives its own life, not paying attention to pressing

Display bar

The stripe on the iPhone screen can confuse any user, even the savvy and capable, without instructions, to hard reset the device on their own. You should not be upset, perhaps it will not come to an expensive repair. What to do when the iPhone does not show the screen, we will consider in the next chapter, while we dwell on the symptoms.

  • Stripes can be single or across the entire sensor. loop or connector problem
  • Colored or gray and black. cable or connector problem
  • Smudges appearing on the monitor. in this case, only replacement with a new part.

The stripe on the iPhone screen is a reason to contact the service center. Or, if the iPhone does not work properly, open it yourself and check the integrity of the monitor and camera cables. You can carefully disconnect all the conductors and reconnect them, sometimes this helps to remove colored stripes from the screen.

The display does not turn on, the phone is working

A common iPhone glitch, when the display does not turn on, and all phone functions work, a call goes through, Siri answers requests, etc. Sometimes you can see that the backlight is on, but the iphone 5s screen does not work. just black, no image, even the sensor reacts to pressing.

How to fix when the screen went out on iphone 6 and the call does not turn on, we will analyze in the following chapters. For now, you need to find out why this occurs in order to understand what kind of situation you have.

Frequent problems

First you need to understand what happened to the phone, we will analyze the main causes of breakdowns before proceeding to solve the problem. There can be many reasons why the screen on the iPhone has gone out.


The solution to technical problems is quite universal, we try to do everything according to the list and with a high degree of probability, the phone will come to life and will delight you with stable work for a long time.

  • If the screen does not show properly on the iPhone 5, the first thing is to remove the protection, remove the cover, protective film, and other “decorations and frills”.
  • When the phone itself is working, receiving calls and the backlight is on, but the screen does not work, a “hard reset” of the device will help. To do this, press and hold the “POWER” and “HOME” keys, after 5-10 seconds the iphone will reboot, and in 80% of cases it will work as it should.
  • The streak on the iPhone screen can be caused by a recently installed “Jailbreak”, as this pirated application affects many of the functions of the device. Therefore, we are trying to remove it from the phone.
  • If the phone screen does not work after the impact, then it is worth inspecting the loop of the screen module, it could be damaged if it fell, the verdict is to replace the entire module.
  • An extreme option, when nothing helps, is replacing chips and broken modules. Units can re-solder the module on their own, it is better not to try it yourself, but give it to the masters who have special equipment for these manipulations.