Apple has released iPhone 11 with a slot for two SIM cards

U.S. corporation Apple recently introduced to the public three new smartphone iPhone 11, which differ from each other by technical equipment and size. As you would expect during the announcement not all the details about these electronic devices were revealed, but this is understandable, because in this way the manufacturer has deliberately concealed from users important information that may be critical for some customers. Thus, as it became known, all three new flagships “Apple” corporation is equipped with support for two SIM-cards, but one of them is already built into the phone, working on technology eSIM. As a consequence, it can not be used in Russia, that is, in fact, the buyer overpays for features that are not available to him.

Nevertheless, to the joy of all buyers, Apple has released iPhone 11 with a slot for two SIM-cards. In such a model of mobile device you can install two physical SIM cards at once. Such models, unfortunately, will go on official sale only in China and Hong Kong, that is, only in these two regions of the world will be sold models equipped with a full-fledged slot for installing two “sims” at once. In Russia, sold in Europe, the European version of new products, which has only one slot for one, and the second is an eSIM. Simply put, the Russians can not buy a dual-sim phone officially, and the “gray” market to do so is not very safe.

The iPhone 11 model with two physical SIM cards is model number A2223, the iPhone 11 Pro model is A2217, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max model is A2220. All of these mobile devices can boast a tray for installing two nano-SIM cards, which has a slightly different design than the usual, where you insert only one such. It is dual-sided, allowing both the upper SIM card and the lower SIM card to be installed at the same time. Apple’s new flagships, as their description says, only support alternate mode of operation, which means that when communicating by voice using one number, incoming calls to the other will not be received.

In Russia, as well as in European countries, are officially sold models A2221, A2215 and A2218, which belong to the models iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max respectively. Such, if they are bought in a condition certified for the Russian market, can boast of a two-year warranty on the entire Russian territory. If you buy a European model with exactly the same model numbers, it will be covered by a one-year warranty. It is expected that eSIM will be legalized on the Russian market in 2020, but no one has decided anything for sure yet, so this may not happen after all.

Earlier it became known that Apple dropped for the most desirable models of the iPhone.

The front of the iPhone 11 is not much different from the iPhone XR. Apple has retained the “monobrow” that houses the front camera, talking speaker, Face ID system and the usual set of sensors. If you look at the device from behind, the differences from last year’s model are already more noticeable. The novelty is distinguished by a new dual camera on the back and the Apple logo, located in the center of the body. Gone, too, is the “iPhone” inscription.

Like the older models, iPhone 11 is made of glass. According to Apple, it is the most durable glass among smartphones. It is hardened by a double ion exchange and is not afraid of scratches and falls. However, this has yet to be tested. The device is available in six colors at once: purple, white, yellow, green, black and Product(RED). The new shades are gorgeous, looking very bright and stylish.

iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max with two SIM-cards: where to buy, price

As is often the case, using an electronic SIM card (eSIM) in the new iPhone is not possible in our country, due to the lack of support from most mobile operators. The only exception is TELE 2, the services of which can be used by residents of the capital region. Other Russian citizens have to make do with a single SIM card. However, there is a way out of this situation. The fact that all models of iPhone 11 are also available with a tray for 2 physical SIM cards. They only come to Asian markets, so you can’t find them on Apple’s official Russian website. Many visitors to our website are interested in where you can buy an iPhone 11 with two SIM-cards, their price, whether they will work in Russia, and in addition, whether there is a warranty on such models. To these and other questions we will try to give a comprehensive answer.

Which models will receive two SIM-cards

So, there are two versions of the Eleven, which differ in the slot for one or two physical SIM cards. The latter, as in the case of the previous line of smartphones, ships only in China, Hong Kong and Macau. They can be distinguished by the model number:

From all other devices simultaneous connection to two mobile operators is possible only in eSIM nano-SIM format.

How to determine the model number of the iPhone

It is best to buy iPhone 13 in a trusted online store, which has a lot of good reviews on the web. For example, which has been selling Apple, Samsung and other leading electronics manufacturers for about 10 years and offers a huge selection of both certified devices and models with a worldwide warranty. In this case it is enough to look at the packaging of the smartphone the number is written on the label, next to the IMEI. If the seller is suspicious, or the device is bought out of hand, then you will need a more thorough check.

With the phone turned on, go to Settings General About this device. In the menu that opens you can see all the necessary information, including the name of the smartphone, serial number and model, iOS version, etc. Unfortunately, this data may not always be genuine fraudsters can easily spoof information by software methods. It is best to check which model the serial number refers to on the Apple website, namely on the warranty eligibility verification page. In addition, you should check the model number, which is engraved in the slot for the SIM card tray on the side of the display.

How to distinguish a regular iPhone from a dual SIM-card iPhone

I’ve seen different models of iPhones with two sim cards on sale. Is it real or fake? How to tell the difference?

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Apple has been releasing models with dual-SIM support since 2018. Most models have one physical SIM card and a second built-in eSim. Models produced for the Chinese market are equipped with a dual slot and have support for two physical sim.

Support for two SIM cards is available in such models:

iPhone XR ▸ iPhone XS Max ▸ iPhone 11 ▸ iPhone 11 Pro ▸ iPhone 11 Pro Max

Note that there are no iPhone XS models with a dual SIM card tray.

You can tell the model with support for two physical SIM cards by the sim card tray. It will have a pair of slots on different sides to install the main and additional SIM cards.

However, it is best to be guided by the model number.

Such models support one physical SIM and eSim:

iPhone XR A1984, A2105, A2106 ▸ iPhone XS Max A1921, A2101, A2102 ▸ iPhone 11 A2111, A2221 ▸ iPhone 11 Pro A2160, A2215 ▸ iPhone 11 Pro Max A2161, A2218

These models have support for two physical SIM cards:

iPhone XR A2107, A2108 ▸ iPhone XS Max A2103, A2104 ▸ iPhone 11 A2223 ▸ iPhone 11 Pro A2217 ▸ iPhone 11 Pro Max A2220

Find out your iPhone model number in one of the following ways:

In the Settings menu Basic About this device

The model number may be stamped on the back of the iPhone (not all models are labeled this way)

The model number is printed on the case below the SIM card tray.

The camera

The iPhone 11 has two 12-megapixel lenses: a primary wide-angle lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens. Both are capable of shooting 4K video at 60 frames per second.

The ultra-wide-angle camera lets you take more of a picture or get an unusual angle. The telephoto lens found in the iPhone 11 Pro isn’t here, so don’t believe anything about optical zoom in the specs. By it you mean “zoom in”, that is shooting with an ultra-wide-angle lens. And the fivefold magnification is achieved by software.

Here are some examples of photos taken with the new ultra-wide-angle camera.

Improvements have also affected the main camera. For example, we improved the Smart HDR mode that helps to work through the dark parts of the frame without overexposing the bright parts. Such frames are obtained when shooting in automatic mode without switching the lens.

The camera does not have to look for a face to take portraits. It means that you can take pictures of any subjects with bokeh, which was missing the iPhone XR camera.

The 12-megapixel front camera, as well as in older models, learned to shoot movies in 4K and 60 FPS. No complaints about the quality of selfies. the examples are below.

Also the front camera can shoot slow motion video. Apple calls them sloofies. Below is a slow motion video from our host Irina.

All 2019 iPhones have support for night photography. The camera now knows when the light in the frame is not enough, and increases the shutter speed. Everything happens automatically, no inappropriate function triggers. The user does not have to interfere with the algorithms and can shoot night landscapes as usual.

Apple has significantly redesigned the camera interface. Some of the functions are hidden under the arrow at the top of the app, and there is a zoom slider at the bottom that automatically switches lenses when needed. You can enable simultaneous shooting with both lenses in the settings. Then a part of the image shot with the ultra wide angle lens can be added to the frame in the “Adjust” mode.

The script for the main button has also changed. Long press press automatically takes a video, and to take a series of still images, users move the button to the left without removing their finger from the screen.

No more 3D Touch, get over it

This is the weakest point of the new iPhone for all the fans of strong pressure. If you didn’t have an iPhone XR and loved 3D Touch, the pain is assured. You get used to a good thing fast, but it takes you a long time to get used to it.

In the past two weeks, I haven’t been able to fully transition to the new long tap system. It doesn’t work and that’s it. With 3D Touch, it was a fraction of a second, but now the response time is longer.

Typing text, correcting instant word mistakes by moving the slider. Previously, it was enough to press down hard at any point on the keyboard, but now you have to tap and hold the space bar, which works every once in a while.

Or another example. With 3D Touch, I could instantly hide a notification, just tapping it more and then immediately swiping down. Now you have to hold your finger on the message for a second and then swipe.

Nikita was right about editing the desktop. If before we were presented with 2 separate actions on the context menu and delete, but now for just one delete you need to tap and then change the order of applications, or drag the icon to the side. It takes more time and it’s not very nice.

Once upon a time, the iPhone was my unattainable dream: in their heyday. When the fifth one just came out and I was still a student. It was very expensive for me, the purchase seemed unrealistic. But then a couple of years later, my ex-husband gave it to me. I was insanely happy and lived with it for almost 6 years. With the phone, with my husband less

It wasn’t until 2021 that I was ripe to buy a new. The iPhone is no longer a luxury item. And the limit of my dreams, too. I had no doubt that I would take my iPhone again. Over the years, I’ve become so attached to it that I couldn’t imagine myself with another phone. I chose practically, based on my finances, and decided that the best choice for me. Apple iPhone 11 smartphone. That’s what I bought with the protective glass and its sticker, it cost me almost 57,000.

Title: Apple iPhone 11 Smartphone

Country: brand USA, assembly China

♡ 11, 12, 12 MINI OR 13 MINI

I chose between three models: 11, 12 mini and 13 mini. The budget was 60 thousand. The requirements were few: a good camera, not too old model, preferably larger in size. The 11 and 12 mini fit the price perfectly, which cost about the same. In the month of purchase came out and 13. The 13 mini version was over budget, but I decided to consider that as well. It’s new.

In the 12 mini and 13 mini was a fundamental flaw for me: size. I’m sure it has its own connoisseurs, but I had the same model 5 for that time and I really wanted a bigger phone, I do a lot of writing and watching from it. I ended up rejecting these options. They’re certainly newer. and that’s a plus, but the size was decisive.

I had a long choice between the 11 and the 12. There’s no fundamental difference in design. except that the 12 has sides that make the fans squeak. These facets repeat the facets of the fifth. And once again we come back to the fact that with him I was already. In terms of features are roughly similar, 12 is just a little newer. The camera is slightly better and night photography, but in social networks, which eat up the quality, these differences are erased. And both phones take worse pictures than my DSLR. Decided not to overpay for that 20k difference and ended up settling for 11.

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In the store I was solemnly brought a box and asked: “Will you remove the foil or shall we do it?? I said, let’s you do it. To which the girl rounded her eyes and said: “What are you doing?! it’s an iPhone. All the buyers dream of doing it HERE. I was furious and took the film off the box myself, but I still do not appreciate the importance of this act.

The box is nice. Maximum laconic, the design for so many years has not changed much. Okay. I like everything, it’s expensive and delicious.

Cardboard is very hard, opens/closes softly. Everything inside is on special pads. Neat pad for the phone, cable and manual. Everything is well thought out.

Instructions on separate inserts. To be honest, I have not read much, I know everything. But for those who are new to iPhones, it will be useful to study everything.

As always, there’s a brand logo sticker. I think there used to be two put in. Right now I have one.

Well, of course, this is the maximum aesthetics. I chose black, and it fully met my expectations. Impeccably beautiful, glossy.

There’s a dark silver mirror apple in the center of the back panel.

iphone, many, cards

The edges are rounded. And I really like the lack of frames, unlike the fifth iPhone. The small bangs on top do not bother me at all.

The size was not as huge as I expected. Perfect for me: big, but not a shovel. The weight is also acceptable, moderately heavy. Metal.

The cameras are convex, but not as convex as in newer models. And compared to the fifth, they’re huge.

Immediately in the store, I asked to glue me the most powerful glass. Knowing my crookedness and the hooliganism of my two year old daughter, this is a necessity. Glued the most expensive, for 2500, some 3D something.

And here is a case took the most common, cheap, for 100. silicone, shockproof, with special corners that protect the glass, and the back panel, and the camera.

The bundle has long been a cause for discussion/judgment/mockery on the part of android addicts. What can I say? Yeah, it’s a little creepy to buy a phone like this and without a charger. It’s kind of a price reduction move. And the salespeople are very active in pushing for a charger. I decided to take it later and use the charger from the fifth. I’ve got the charger, and I just bought a new cable. was glad there would be two.

In general, the cable. the only thing that is in the kit. I longingly remember the fifth: cable, unit, headphones and case.

♡ Switching from iPhone to iPhone

The most unusual to switch from one iPhone to another. Turn on the new one and follow the recommendations on the screen. Familiarize the iPhones, look from one to the other through the camera. and tadam! data transfer from one to the other.

I even had a stupor. Same screen saver, same programs in the same places, same open pages in the browser. It’s like the screen is bigger. It’s not the same phone. My brain is broken. It did not feel like a new phone at all. It’s all so nauseatingly familiar.

Only some passwords are gone.

In terms of physical sensation. I got used to the size and weight quickly, but sometimes it is still difficult to take pictures, especially selfies. I did not understand how to operate it, but it was like my hands knew what to do. I was so worried that there was no button, but in fact it was no problem at all. Fingers really knew how, what to sweep where. I still don’t know what the magic is.

But the differences are insignificant, you quickly understand what’s going on and how to use it. It’s like we’re getting to know each other really fast.


In terms of functions. Well, it’s pretty much the same. But there are some important and not very important, but cool, which were not in the fifth. I will now briefly run through all the main functions and features:

    Screen. Large, bright, clear. The brightness can automatically adjust to the light. But as it seemed to me, it makes my eyes tired more than the fifth

In general, in all respects, the phone is cool, the price is appropriate. Many of my friends have tried to dissuade me from buying: Why do you need the iPhone, it’s a ponce, now android a hundred times cooler, cheaper, more beautiful, etc. I did not enter into such an argument. They are meaningless, because simply to each his own. And I bought an iPhone 11 and I’m awfully happy

For me, this is a separate point of raving admiration. The cameras in 11 iPhone are good. Even the front. Even in a lousy light makes decent pictures.

But in good light, you get a pretty good quality picture. Now I sometimes just take pictures on the phone even for reviews

I would also like to mention the portrait mode. I do not particularly like it. I do not like the artificial background blur, after the DSLR cuts the eye. But a lot of people go in. But what a little bit frightening clarity comes out:

The regular camera is a beauty. Even the night shots are pretty good. It’s coming along a lot.

Takes great pictures of everything. People, nature, animals, food.

In general, it suits me fine. The quality is excellent, for life is good enough. Video also shoots great.

When I switched from android to iPhone, the experience was WOW. And when I switched from an iPhone to an iPhone. even though there’s a big difference between the two, I haven’t felt any dramatic change. Better, cooler, more modern, but the point is the same. Honestly, it even loses out to the fifth one in some ways. For example, it was easier to type, it was easier to move the cursor on it, and it was easier to make screenshots. No offense, eleven

And yet. After all this time, I can’t get enough of it. How beautiful it is. How fast. What a big and bright screen. How cool is the battery life? How does not turn on in the cold. How it takes photos. These are the little things that make up comfort.

I love it, it’s great.

  • price-quality
  • design
  • comfortable size
  • fast
  • a lot of useful features
  • holds a charge for a long time
  • does not run out in the cold
  • great camera
  • Big and bright screen
  • smart
  • bundling
  • No headphone jack

If finances allow you to get the latest model. it’s very cool, in technology, the newer. the better. But I do not see the point in leaping over my head for a fairly arbitrary difference: I’m for the practical approach. For me, the best combination of features and price was the Apple iPhone 11. I have been living with it for the third month, I love it tenderly and have never regretted the choice.

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Very nice, beautiful and comfortable phone. Recommended ♡♡♡

The iPhone 11 was bought by me in November 2019, a couple of months after it came out. Was hesitant, watched a bunch of review videos on YouTube. Was choosing between the iPhone XR, 11 and 11 pro. In the end, I gave up the XR because it has no night time camera mode (it might come in handy, but it was only 5 thousand dollars cheaper) and the iPhone pro. Because it seemed small and expensive. The iPhone pro has three cameras in the back and the scheme of their location gave me the association “stay out of the house”. will kill” or something like that, I don’t know what this badge is called, maybe something with radiation))) I just don’t like it)

Since we have stores in town with Apple products not Rostest, it was possible to find a variant of this model with two sim cards. It would be a big plus because I have a working SIM card.

Solved! I got the lilac one with 64 gigabytes for 53500r.

iphone, many, cards

The package included headphones, charger and wire. Oh, and paperwork and a SIM card pin, as always. over, the charger was a Chinese standard (lost somewhere, I will not show already) and I was given a load of the plug adapter for our Russian outlets). By the way, the plug was not useful to me, it was from my previous iPhone, and the wire I bought the original, but two-meter, very convenient. Which was in the kit. I carry it in my bag with my iPad charger (in a pinch, I can quickly charge my phone or Airpods)

  • Т.к. I had an iPhone 7. the difference was noticeable from the start, it’s different gestures and controls! I liked everything and everything is comfortable, I quickly forgot about the button. Controls are intuitive. Some menu items are now in other locations. But I think that in the first couple of days of owning a new device, you can look it up and down and find everything
  • Setting up and transferring the data was very convenient, but time consuming. By the way, it is necessary to update the new device if the old one was on iOS. It’s a long time. That was the reason for the whole mess. The phone itself works very fast, nothing is slow. But the first time for some reason it got very hot for me and I already thought if this continues. It would be a shame to take it back to the store. I decided to try it just reset. Hallelujah! It helped and this did not happen again. He probably just got tired of my pushing.
  • 2 physical SIM cards. really fire! You can set one number as “working” and the “P” will be displayed next to the number you want to call (or on incoming calls). And with the personal “L” numbers (but the designations can also be customized, I’m just comfortable as it was by default). Of course if you call with one SIM card the caller on the second one will be told that he is not a subscriber, but it is no big deal. Then you will receive an SMS that. That you received a phone call. There’s one thing I don’t understand. Why was it possible to make 2 PHYSICAL SIM cards in the version for Hong Kong, but for the rest of the world. no? Some kind of e-SIM, which you can’t tell if it works or not and it’s not everywhere Everyone would only say thank you! Thank our stores with such products. I don’t need Rostest at all when there is this option Worried only about whether you can disable camera clicks in silent mode (you can’t do that in models for some countries, they have their own laws). As a result it is possible to! (I use the camera for work and although it is not forbidden to take pictures, the clicks are distracting in silence).
  • Addition to the previous point: you can install 2 WhatsApp. I installed one business, the second for personal contacts. Everything works great, sounds, notifications, etc. Kudos to the Chinese!✌
  • The quality of photos has certainly changed for the better! Now I also take photos for work on the phone and if I don’t have enough light. The night mode comes to the rescue.
  • The battery. Compared to my previous seven. fire fire! The first time the iPhone 11 battery lasted 2 days! For an iPhone this must have been a record. Now, after a year is less of course, but it depends on the use. I don’t play games, but I watch a lot of videos and sometimes give online lessons on WhatsApp, Skype and Zoom. The lessons go for an hour, sometimes 4-5 per day on different platforms, then of course I need to recharge. Anyway, my daily use. is calls, WhatsApp, a bit of sitting in Insta, YouTube videos, some photo processing On average, after a year, by evening (23.00) there’s 20 percent left. 30. I put it on the charger out of habit and because then I have no time to charge it during the day if something happens.

And now a little bit about the disadvantages.

In the first month of use hurt my little finger that holds the phone from below. I thought it would never end. But apparently I pumped it that after a while it stopped hurting)))) Well maybe the size is still a bit too much. But that depends on what kind of task you have. If it’s like me. Sometimes to conduct online studies, so a smaller size would be uncomfortable to do so.

The iPhone 12 came out, I turned it in my hands, read and looked at it, thought that the edges would not be noticeable in a case anyway, and decided not to want it The difference is not so great to change the phone. I would say that for me it is not.

As for the new MacBook Air on the M1, I have something to say. Follow the link if you’re interested.

iPhone 11 / 11 Pro Max: How to Insert Sim Card Properly & Double Check

After a year (and a couple months) of use nothing bad has happened to the phone, nothing has fallen off or broken (I wear a case and glass), it is as relevant as it was, the battery holds great, everything just flies on it. I recommend the price remained the same, the price of the model for two sim cards for 64 G, no Rostest, was 53500, and remained the same.