32, 64 or 128 GB: how much storage space you need on your smartphone?

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How much stuff fits into the phone’s internal storage area, and how spacious should it be?

Ever heard of the Big Mac index? While the purchasing power of your salary can be measured in hamburgers, phone memory is more complicated. How much data can fit on a modern smartphone with 32GB, 64GB or 128GB of storage? Let’s count together and at the end we will figure it out: how to determine the amount of phone memory sufficient for you?

Phone manufacturers are constantly competing in the number and sophistication of cameras. The result is predictable: the photos are getting heavier! And we shoot all the time: children, cats, food, parties, endless selfies Meanwhile, the weight of one photo, especially with modern effects such as “bokeh” or “live photo”, can already reach 4-5 MB.

If we take 4 MB as the average weight of a photo, then 1 GB of a phone can hold an average of 256 photos. Here’s how many photos phones with different memory sizes can hold:

  • 32 GB = 8192 photos
  • 64 GB = 16384 photos
  • 128GB = 32768 photos

Simply put, even if you are an avid Instagrammer and take 10 photos a day, it will take you about 2 years to completely fill the memory of 32 GB of photos. So, in theory, your phone will be outdated or broken faster than full of photos.

In addition to photos, we all enjoy filming videos, and then carry them with us on the phone to show our friends. Meanwhile, the vast majority of smartphones are comfortable recording videos at least in HD. Many devices can handle Full HD with ease.

The weight of one minute of video depends on many factors. resolution, video bitrate, audio bitrate and much more. But on average, 1 GB of phone memory holds approximately 18 minutes of Full HD video (1920 × 1080) and 26 minutes of HD video (1280 × 720). The result is the following picture:

HD (1280 × 720) Full HD (1920 x 1080)
32 GB 832 minutes 576 minutes
64 GB 1664 minutes 1152 minutes
128 GB 3328 minutes 2304 minutes

Count yourself. The phone memory of 32 GB will fit more than 800 short videos for YouTube. well, or 10 full movies in Full HD for 1.5-2 hours. But, as already mentioned, depending on the quality of the shooting, the videos can weigh even more.

So how much memory does it take?

When choosing the amount of device memory, it is recommended to focus on the type of content that you consume the most, as well as how intensively you use your smartphone.

  • A 32GB smartphone will be useful if it is not the main device you are using. If you often change phones, or use your smartphone only outside the home, or use it mainly for communication (social networks, calls, instant messengers), this amount of memory will be quite enough.
  • It is better to buy a 64 GB smartphone if you need it not only for communication, but also for work. If it is important for you to have all the necessary documents, data and programs on your mobile device anywhere, wherever you are, and also if it is a creative tool for you. for example, you shoot a photo or video. you need to have more memory.
  • A 128GB smartphone is the choice of those who actively use their phone for entertainment. Games, movies, music, videos. they all have to be stored somewhere, especially if your phone is your only device. After all, many these days, if their work is not connected with a computer, they simply refuse to purchase a PC or laptop.


If decent cameras that can compete with cameras appeared in smartphones relatively recently, then even phones with buttons can play music. And the most popular audio format for the phone was and remains MP3. light and high quality. Of course, there are audiophiles who prefer FLAC, but are there really so many of them among us??

1 minute of “decent” MP3 with a bitrate of 320 Kbps, on average, takes about 2 MB. It is easy to calculate that 1 GB will fit about 512 minutes of good music, that is, 8.5 hours of continuous listening. Thus, phones with different memory sizes will allow you to listen to music:

  • 32 GB = 272 hours
  • 64 GB = 544 hours
  • 128 GB = 1088 hours

Think about it: even with a 32 GB phone, you can listen to music for more than 11 days without a break for sleep and rest! Of course, hardly anyone would think of this. But if suddenly something, there is such an opportunity.

Apps and games

And, perhaps, the most active consumers of the memory of our phones: applications. This is why it is difficult to predict the average volume. Popular applications for communication and entertainment (, Instagram, Gmail, Viber, Skype) weigh, on average, 110 MB. But the weight of games can vary from 45 MB (Andry Birds) to 1.5 GB and above (Infinity Blade 3).

In addition, one should not forget that in addition to the weight of the application itself, there is also data that it needs to work. they also take up space in the internal storage. So, the popular 2GIS travel guide itself weighs about 140 MB, but the weight of the maps that it downloads from the Internet can reach several GB.

How to live if there is little memory?

Not everyone can afford modern devices with a large amount of memory. Many are forced to live with a phone of 8 or 16 GB. in the segment of devices up to 10,000 rubles, they are most common.

If so, it doesn’t matter! Here are some tips on how to comfortably use a device with little memory.

  • Get a memory card. find out how to choose the best.
  • Transfer mobile apps to a memory card. here we explain how.
  • Prevent automatic smartphone updates. we have already written why this is necessary.
  • Get an account in the cloud storage and periodically upload data there. we will show you how to choose the best.
  • Clean up the phone memory. how to do it, read here.

About the functions of a modern phone

Today, even in provincial cities, it is very rare to find a person who would say that he only needs a telephone for making calls. There are fewer and fewer such people every year, as the world is changing, and with it the attitude of people to the functions of various things is changing.

For a modern person, a smartphone serves not only as a means of making calls. It performs a huge number of functions that were previously simply inaccessible for mobile devices, due to the insufficient level of technology development.

Such powerful, in terms of technical characteristics, gadgets like the iPhone 7 are quickly becoming an indispensable thing for a person, due to the wide functionality that they provide.

With your iPhone, you can view emails, high-quality videos, take incredible photos, use millions of apps from the App Store, and more. The complete list will turn out to be quite large, so there is no point in listing it.

A video review of the new iPhone can be viewed at the link:

Varieties of iPhone. series, configuration

In order to choose the right iPhone for yourself, you need to understand what are the features of each model. If we are talking about numbered versions, for example, the iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7, it is worth noting that these are completely different phones, both from a technical point of view and in terms of user experience. They use technologies of different generations, so it makes no sense to choose which is better and which is worse.

It’s the same with the S versions. In fact, the S version of the iPhone is a slightly improved version of the previous generation, but in this case, the new model really becomes more powerful and technically productive, and sometimes acquires new functions.

In fact, there is nothing strange here, and in order to answer this question, you need to understand in more detail how people can use the iPhone 7.

32 GB version

The smallest version of the iPhone 7 in terms of storage capacity is the 32GB model. It is worth noting that it is not available in all colors. The new iPhone received five different colors, of which the color “black onyx” caused the greatest excitement. It is not known for what reasons, but it was for this model that Apple decided not to release the 32 gigabyte version.

Also interesting is the fact that the iPhone 7 was the first Apple release in which exactly 32 GB of styles are minimal. In the previous generation, the minimum memory size was 16 GB.

The version with such a capacity should be paid attention to those people who do not use the phone as a professional tool, but simply use it in everyday life. The volume of 32 GB is enough to download the music you want, install all the necessary applications and store your personal archive of photos. Although in some cases the user needs more space and 32 GB may not be enough. There is a way out of this situation, but we will talk about this later.

Technologies in our time are developing so rapidly that even having bought the latest smartphone model right now, a person cannot be sure that in a month something newer, more modern and technologically advanced will not appear on the market. However, this is not a reason to think that a high-quality device bought even a year ago will quickly become outdated and will not perform its main functions.

Modern smartphones are a real breakthrough in the field of IT. And this is especially true of the beloved Apple company. Their phones have remained relevant, stylish and productive for many years, despite the fact that the company tries to delight users with a new iPhone model every year.

At the moment, the flagship of Apple is the iPhone 7. It is worth noting that it is the iPhones that occupy the most significant share in the smartphone market today. Very few companies in this area are capable of giving Apple even the slightest competition. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that buying an iPhone 7, a person gets the most advanced gadget on the market.

256 GB version

In 2016, Apple decided for the first time to release a compact device with such a huge amount of memory. The main reason for this was the fact that the seventh iPhone has a large number of functions that were not available before, and which require a significant capacity of the device.

You need to understand that for the average user, the 256 gigabyte version is really overkill. A person who does not use the iPhone as a professional device runs the risk of simply overpaying for the extra gigabytes that he will not use. In this case, it is better to choose the version with 32 or 128 GB.

It is quite another matter if a person needs not just a modern phone, but a truly professional gadget. It can be used, for example, to shoot 4K video, which takes up a huge amount of memory when saved, or to install professional applications, of which there are a huge number in the App Store, for a variety of needs.

The price for the 256 GB version will be the highest, however, it is fully justified for people who need a professional tool, and not just a good smartphone.

The video compares the download speed of iPhone 7 flash drives with different memory sizes. 32 GB and 256 GB

128 GB version

Another unexpected decision by Apple in 2016 was the abandonment of the 64 gigabyte version in the new iPhone 7. For many users, the transition from 32 to 128 GB seemed very abrupt. Indeed, there are a huge number of people for whom 32 GB is not enough, but they do not want to overpay for 128 either.

In fact, this decision is quite rational and justified. The 128GB version will be ideal for users who are used to not worrying about storage space and downloading whatever they need to their phone. Nowadays, the 64 GB version would not provide such an opportunity, as progress continues, applications improve, become more complex and functional, and, therefore, take up more space in the device’s memory. Therefore, 128 GB is ideal for the average person.

What memory does the iPhone 7 have and how to use it?

Despite the fact that the performance and technical characteristics of the device do not change with the increase in memory, it is still worth paying attention to, and in order not to make the wrong choice, you need to proceed from how the iPhone will be used. Different versions have their own advantages, so they should be discussed in more detail.

Which one lasts longer

The battery life of the iPhone 11 is excellent, the phone can easily withstand a day of very active use or two days of vigorous load. Compared to it, the iPhone 12 performs less, but not much. According to my subjective feelings, the iPhone 12 will withstand a day and a half with a similar load.

Note that the iPhone 12 case now completely covers the bottom of the phone.


The iPhone 12 is good for everyone, but it costs significantly more than last year’s iPhone 11, which fell decently in price. For example, I take the official prices: for an iPhone 12 with 64 GB they ask for 79,990 rubles, but an iPhone 11 with the same amount of memory costs 54,990 rubles.

64GB iPhone Storage Is Enough ?

Now with 5G

At the presentation of the new products, a lot of words were said about the iPhone’s support for 5G networks. On the one hand, this is an obvious shortcoming of the iPhone 11, it does not support them. On the other hand, while living in Russia, you still will not be able to evaluate high-speed networks in practice.

The era of flat sides has come.

Less bezel, stronger glass

The long-suffering display frames, for which only a lazy gadget writer did not criticize the phone, became thinner. At the same time, the display size remains the same, but the screen resolution has increased, and the matrix has also changed from IPS to OLED. Now the image quality of the “basic” iPhone is not inferior to the Pro version.

The notch remains, but the bezels in the iPhone 12 are smaller.

Both phones support P3 color gamut and also have True Tone, but the iPhone 12 has added HDR support. Even in the pluses of the new iPhone, you can add a higher margin of brightness and a more contrasting screen.

iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.

The iPhone 12 also received Ceramic Shield, which protects the screen when the phone is dropped. Apple says it’s four times stronger than old glass.

Which iPhone is better: iPhone 11 or iPhone 12?

Buy a new one more expensive or an old one cheaper?

The new iPhone 12 turned out to be excellent in all respects, the new “base” iPhone now looks no worse than the more expensive iPhone 12 Pro, and there are enough differences against the background of last year’s iPhone 11. You can find out about all the details in the video, Valentin shares his opinion, and at the same time offers to take part in the drawing of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12:

Let’s go over the main points and highlight the main advantages of the new product. Phones for testing were provided by our friends from Biggeek.ru, as always, thanks to them for the excellent service.

Minimalistic kit

Apple has a new concept: together with phones, we get a minimal set of accessories, no more charging and headphones, just a cable. over, in such a minimum configuration, both the new iPhone 12 and the old iPhone 11 are sold. Therefore, if you suddenly come across the eleventh iPhone in a large box with a charger and headphones from the old batches, consider yourself lucky.

New iPhones now without headphones and charging included.

Updated cameras

The front camera has not changed. both smartphones have an identical 8-megapixel module. The main camera in the iPhone 12 is now more light-sensitive, but the sensor is the same as in the iPhone 11. But neural networks help to achieve better results: night mode appeared for both the ultra-wide-angle camera and the front camera, and the third generation Smart HDR analyzes the scene and adjusts the colors depending on lighting.

If you take pictures every day, like to be confused with the processing of photos. take the iPhone 12 definitely. For all other cases, the iPhone 11 will be good.

Other colors

Last year’s iPhone 11 comes in six colors: classic black and white, (PRODUCT) RED, pale yellow, and the same pastel lavender and green.

In the case of the iPhone 12, the palette has been updated: black, white and pinkish rather than red (PRODUCT) RED remain. A new blue appeared and remained green.

Price difference

Today both models are sold in only two variants. 64 GB or 256 GB. The cost of different versions is:

  • Apple iPhone 8 64 GB. 699
  • iPhone 8 256GB 849
  • iPhone 8 Plus 64GB. 799
  • iPhone 8 Plus 256GB 949 dollars.

It follows that a model with a higher value is 150 more expensive than an analogue with a smaller volume.

How much memory to choose for the iPhone 8/8 Plus

Many users who set out to purchase the products of the American corporation Apple first of all pay attention to the cost of the device and its memory. Choosing the right amount of internal storage space is of paramount importance, since these smartphones do not have flash drives. Therefore, it is important to figure out whether 64 GB is enough for the iPhone 8. After all, the lack of this parameter can significantly spoil the impression of the device in a couple of weeks after purchase.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. a new line of smartphones in the assortment of the “apple” manufacturer. The devices have almost identical characteristics and are in the same price segment. The slight difference in cost and specifications makes it a little difficult to choose between 64 GB and 256 GB.

Who needs 64 GB of memory?

Note that earlier models did use the amount of internal space with a maximum value of 32 GB. Accordingly, the transition to the 64 GB model should have completely covered the users’ appetites. But is it?

In fact, it all depends on how actively the volume is used. If you download a music library, which on average takes 5 GB, and also add several films, then the user will have about 30-40 GB at his disposal, which is quite a lot.

However, modern technologies do not stand still. With the advent of the new 4K video format, movies and videos have become simply gigantic, while taking up almost all the memory in devices.

The user can try to free up internal space by transferring files to the iCloud cloud service and using the new junk app cleaner.

In addition, remember that out of the declared 64 GB, part of the memory (about 4 GB) will be occupied by the pre-installed operating system.

It is difficult to imagine a modern mobile device user who would not have installed games or applications on his device. But they also take up a lot of memory. For example, programs for formatting and processing photos and videos require about 2 GB, only the necessary office applications will take another 1.3 GB. And this is just a small list of possible applications. Even more memory requirements are imposed by modern games. some of them can be more than 2 GB.

If you count 10 heavy programs and 10 games, then a considerable amount will be released in total. At the same time, it is important to remember about the constant updating of the cache of games and applications, which also requires some memory consumption.

This means that there is not much space left for video recording. Especially if the Honor 8 Series models can shoot video at the highest resolution in the history of the IPhone. At the same time, the frame rate reaches 60 FPS. Thus, one minute of video recording will take up 400 “meters” of memory. There is an opportunity to change the quality of shooting to standard 1080p, but this is not at all interesting.

As for music, it is less memory-demanding. The middle track takes about 9 MB. This means that the size of the Playlist has practically no effect on the total amount of memory.

Who is the 256 GB memory for?

Some users do not want to solve the problem of the iPhone’s lack of memory, install programs to clean up unnecessary applications and constantly make sure that there is always free space on the disk. It’s easier for them to pay 150 and never come back to this question.

Over the years, users have been comfortable with devices with 128GB of storage. However, the manufacturer decided to provide either a large amount of free memory. 256 GB, or reduce its volume to the critical minimum. 64 GB.

Is it worth saving and buying a 64GB iPhone 8

For users who prefer autonomous work with a gadget, 64 GB will obviously not be enough. Storing a music collection, many games, films, photos, as well as constant shooting in 4K require free space, which means that you will constantly have to clean up your memory, delete something, and move something.

If the user listens to music online or prefers to enjoy radio broadcasts, downloads no more than 2-3 films for a single viewing, and stores his own photos and videos in the cloud, then 64 GB will be more than enough, and it is inappropriate to overpay for more memory.

  • 1000 songs;
  • 2500 standard photos;
  • 2500 Live Photos;
  • 20 most popular applications;
  • 2 hours of video with 4K resolution and 30 fps;
  • 10 best games;
  • Apple app package.

If this is enough, then 64 GB will be enough in the choice of the version. With more of your own videos, you will need 256 GB of memory. For 150, the user gets 4 times more internal space, and whether it is worth overpaying for this is an individual decision of each.

How to increase storage on iPhone

The solution was found by replacing the iPhone’s flash memory. After carrying out diagnostics and disconnecting the battery, in order to de-energize the device, as well as all the loops, the engineer proceeds to dismantle the old (faulty) memory module.

Before the start of dismantling, the chip is cleaned from the factory compound.

The module is “soldered” from its place on the board. This process is very complex and painstaking, since temperature conditions must be observed so as not to damage the motherboard and the elements that are on it during installation. For this, the engineer uses high-tech equipment and heating.

How Much iPhone Storage Do You Need? 64GB or 128GB? Is 64 GB iPhone Storage Enough?

But you can’t just remove the old memory module and put in a larger one. First, the memory is checked on the programmer. It is very important to understand whether it is readable on the hardware or not, because if the memory module is completely defective, you cannot read technical information from it (which includes the iPhone serial number and other data).

The next step is where the fun begins. In order for the iPhone to “accept” the new memory chip, it needs to write data from the old module. This information is stored in a special section of memory. With the help of professional equipment, it is copied and written into a new memory chip. This is the only way the third-party module will work with the iPhone.

Here you can choose. install a chip of the same capacity or increase the iPhone’s memory. Many, as a rule, make a choice in favor of the second option: since the memory is still changed, why not upgrade it. The only but very important limitation is that you cannot install a memory module that is not supported by the manufacturer. That is, the chip with 512 GB of memory in the iPhone 8 Plus will not work if the smartphone is designed to work with a maximum of 256 GB of memory.

Before installing a new memory module, it must be checked on the programmer. information should be read from it without problems. After that, the module is prepared for installation (BGA balls are restored), and it is placed on the board.

The engineer connects all the cables, the battery, and also installs a special waterproof rubber glue. This is a special layer between the body and the glass that protects against unwanted liquid spills.

When a new memory chip is installed, iTunes will automatically detect the iPhone in DFU mode. Therefore, before use, specialists flash the device: this allows you to once again reveal memory errors, if any. If all the previous steps have passed without errors, then the iPhone is activated already with a large amount of memory. In our case, we managed to increase the storage capacity of the iPhone 8 Plus to 256 GB.

As you can see, it’s not enough just to have a new memory module to replace it in the iPhone. In order for the new chip to “take root”, it is necessary to prepare it using professional equipment, which is impossible to do “at home on the knee.” Before we ourselves saw how the Apple Pro engineers did it, we had no idea that such a procedure was even possible. Therefore, if you have a faulty memory module (or just want to increase the amount of internal memory in the iPhone), you can contact the specialists, readers of AppleInsider.ru will also give a 10% discount.

We looked at how you can increase the storage capacity of your iPhone. This is some kind of magic

When buying an iPhone, many people often choose the version with the minimum amount of internal memory. It’s cheaper, and at first it seems that the same 64 GB will be enough (my computer in the early 2000s had a 40 GB hard drive!). But then it turns out that it was necessary to take at least an “average” model to fit the entire collection of offline music, photos and videos. But don’t buy a new iPhone because of this.?

Professionals have long learned how to increase the amount of flash memory of the iPhone using a sophisticated technological BGA repair. The bottom line is that engineers are replacing the memory module, and although an increase is only possible in the range allowed by the manufacturer, it is still very cool: for example, you can increase the internal memory on the iPhone 8 Plus from 64 GB to 256 GB (this is the maximum Apple allows).

How did you come to this?

In general, the original idea was not at all to increase the amount of internal memory of the iPhone. As we were told at the Apple Pro service center, they are often contacted with a broken memory (nand-flash) in a smartphone. Such a problem is evidenced by errors during firmware that occur in recovery mode or DFU. 9, 14, 4013 and 4014. Sometimes the iPhone can be reflashed with such an error, but later the smartphone itself switches back to recovery mode.

Longreads for you

Apple began evaluating the maintainability of its devices, but only in France, where it is required by law. This will allow consumers to appreciate how easy it is to repair the device in the event of a breakdown

Google is giving up unlimited storage on Google Photos. I tell you how easy and simple it is to download all your pictures and videos from there and transfer them to iCloud

It used to be thought that many iPhone components could not be repaired. However, Apple has developed a new repair methodology that removes a number of existing restrictions. So far, however, only for iPhone 12 owners

And what is the interesting price?) Is it not equivalent to selling / buying another one with a large amount of memory?)

Support for the latest version of the OS

Which iOS version does iPhone CE support? Is the iPhone SE worth buying in 2021 and how long will it last? Yes, everything is very simple, iPhone SE supports iOS 14, the current version of the OS. And that’s great, which means there’s still a whole year to go around with the phone and get the latest software updates. After that, it is not yet known whether the iPhone SE will support iOS 15, but we can say with confidence that if not, then the smartphone can be used normally for another couple of years until the applications stop updating (remember that popular applications are updated on two.the last three versions of ios).

3.5 mm audio jack

In modern smartphones, there is almost no mini-jack for standard headphones anywhere, which is bad, and the iPhone CE has a legendary 3.5 mm jack, this is a big plus to its purchase.

IPhone SE specifications

Should you buy an iPhone SE in 2021 if its technical parameters are 2015? Worth it because the A9 processor is powerful enough to handle any task and current application. 2GB of RAM also adds performance to the iPhone CE. Although this is the very minimum, it is still enough. And just remember how many years Apple kept 1 GB of RAM for the norm Today, the iPhone SE is worth buying in 2021, because its hardware is still relevant.

Storage iPhone SE

Should I take the iPhone SE in 2021, won’t it be low on memory? Will not be, now the iPhone CE is available in modifications for 16, 32, 64, 128 GB of permanent memory. I recommend not to consider 16 GB at all, but starting from 32 GB it is normal. 32 is suitable for the person who does not often take photos / videos and who needs a basic set of everyday applications. And 64 and 128 GB is enough for anyone.

And at the end of the topic, it is worth noting that this is a very compact, convenient and beautiful smartphone, which also works smartly, has all the modern chips and supports the latest iOS updates. This is a great option for lovers of small phones. It is also suitable as a second phone, as it is not expensive. iPhone SE is worth buying in 2021!

Should you buy an iPhone SE in 2021

On the threshold of the third decade of the second millennium, mobile phones have stepped far ahead compared to their ancestors ten years earlier. The main visual differences: a large bezel-less screen over the entire area of ​​the front panel; the presence of several cameras for different shooting modes; lack of “home” buttons, instead of which frontal sensors are often used to scan the face.

And at this very time, we still have the opportunity to walk around with the good old compact form factor, with a small display, an ordinary mechanical home button with a fingerprint scanner and just one main camera. Meet the iPhone CE is a smartphone that is relevant today, made according to old traditions. Should you take the iPhone SE in 2021? We will answer this question according to 4 main criteria, by which we will evaluate the current model:

IPhone SE camera

Still quite relevant 12 MP 6-lens with support for 4K video at 30 frames per second. HDR is there, Live Photos are present. There’s even slo-mo 120 and 240 frames per second. Well, full of stuffing, not too many useful features have now been added in modern iPhone models. Therefore, there are no questions about the camera, the iPhone SE is worth buying in 2021, this is still relevant.

The autonomy of the iPhone SE

Should you take the iPhone CE in 2021 if it has an old, small battery? Definitely worth it, because although the battery in the iPhone SE is not large, the energy-efficient processor and good optimization of iOS 14 allow the device to work for an adequate period. The battery capacity of the iPhone SE is 1624 mAh. This is enough for a full day with moderate use or a day and a half with modest use. In the end, what modern smartphone can boast of other indicators now? iPhone SE in 2021 is worth taking.