It’s he or he?

The first thing you need to do is open your web browser and send it to the main website, such as WWW.Google.COM or If you can connect to these websites, but have problems with an application or another website, this is not a problem with iPad. This is a problem on the other side, and the only thing you can do is wait until it is fixed.

But if you can’t even connect to the Web site, such as Google or Yahoo.

Restart device

The simplest and logical method for solving numerous difficulties with a Wi-Fi connection is to restart the device (shutdown and after a few seconds. inclusion). This method will not tell you why the problem has previously arose, but it often helps to solve it. To implement this method, you need to find the “Power” button, which is needed within a few seconds to hold until the display indicator appears. Then click on it to turn off the device. If the device does not respond to your commands, you will have to use the forced shutdown of the gadget, for which it is necessary to hold the “Home” and “Power” keys about 10-15 seconds. As a rule, after the next turning on the device, it will perfectly perform its functions, it will only be enough to click on the Wi-Fi connection icon.

Resetting network settings in the iPad or iPhone will cause loss of information about DNS servers, as well as access to home Wi-Fi, as the IP address data disappears on the device. Together with this, logins will be lost, passwords and many other information that was on the device. Therefore, the optimal option for the lean owner of the gadget will be a reset of network settings, which can be performed, passing in the menu: “Settings”. “Basic”. “Reset”. “Reset network settings”. Thanks to this operation, you can get rid of small disorders in the settings. Due to the return to the standard settings, you can work in the initial mode. If the gadget does not see the connection anyway, it is necessary to use other methods.

Reset iPhone Network Settings

How to connect the Internet for iPad: two options

You can connect the iPad to the Internet using one of two ways that are:

The first way is more rational, since it is absolutely free and has a large range. In addition, Wi-Fi network is stable, which almost completely eliminates the likelihood of disabling the device from the Internet at the most inappropriate moment (for example, when viewing a streaming video or on time downloading a file). Today, Wi-Fi access points are used not only at home, but also in various public institutions.

Internet connection via Wi-Fi technology supports any iPad model. In order to use such an Internet at home, you just need to buy a Wi-Fi router and set it up properly, what can be done on your own or with the help of a provider specialist.

In order for the iPad to connect to the Wi-Fi network you need:

  • go to the device settings and select “Wi-Fi” item;
  • enable Wi-Fi;
  • Select from the list of the attached networks of your networks (when setting up the network, any name can be specified, so it’s not difficult to find it in the list of ipad);
  • When the network is selected, the device will prompt enter the password, which is also set while setting up the router (although the password can not be installed, for security purposes it is recommended to be made);
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It remains only to conduct a password correctly and test the network performance using a browser. In order to connect the tablet to the new Wi-Fi network, for example, in a cafe or house at acquaintances, you need to do the above-described procedure again, and so as not to connect to manual each time in a frequently visited place, the password for connection can be saved. Thus, the device will independently connect to the network when it gets into its radius. It is very convenient and saves a lot of time. The Wi-Fi iPad connected to the Wi-Fi network makes it possible to experience all the advantages of the modern tablet, make the device more functional, as well as abandon the use of a computer when solving minor tasks.

If the iPad is needed to solve workers or business tasks, for example, for navigating, links with work colleagues (used continuously and not stationary), it is better to connect the device to the Internet using 3G / 4G technology. This will give the opportunity to use the network wherever there is a coverage of the selected mobile operator, and not only in close proximity to access points. Note that this Internet connection method is available only in those models of tablets in which there is a 3G or 4G communication module.

To use the 3G / 4G network on the iPad, first of all, you must purchase Micro-SIM, which today releases each cellular operator, and insert it into the device. Before purchasing a SIM card, it is recommended to choose the most suitable tariff to be able to use all the advantages of the Internet at the most optimal price. If the Internet will be used constantly, the optimal solution will be an unlimited offer. Connect the gadget to the mobile 3G or 4G network is very simple. To do this, it is enough to go to the device settings, select the “Cell data” item and enable the settings section of the same name. After that, in the upper left corner of the tablet, the operator’s inscription and the signal indicator appear. It remains only to check the connection using a browser.

In some cases, to connect a gadget to a mobile Internet network, you will have to make additional settings. You can get the necessary data in the service center of any operator or on its web site.

Update using a computer:

On a computer with MacOS Catalina 10.15: Open the Finder window. On the Mac computer with MacOS Mojave 10.14 or earlier version or on Windows Computer Open iTunes.Connect the device to the computer.Find your device on your computer.Select “Main” or “Settings”, and then click “Check Updates”.Click “Download and Refresh”.If necessary, enter the password.

Wi-Fi is, but the Internet does not work

If you encountered a situation where the signal of your Wi-Fi network is strong, but the Internet connection does not work, pay attention to this instruction.

On iPhone or iPad (reboot, “forget network”, reset network settings, flashing)

Naturally, the first thing to make a complete set of measures to troubleshoot a possible error in the IOS settings, moving on the list from the simplest to complex:

Turn off and turn on Wi-Fi at the control point, restart the device.

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In case the iPhone or iPad is incorrectly connected to the Wi-Fi network, try to “forget” network. To do this, open the settings application, go to the Wi-Fi section and click on the “I” icon next to the signal level icon.

If it does not help, discharge network settings. To do this, go down the way: Settings → Basic → Reset and click on Reset Network Settings.

In some cases, you can resort to the recovery procedure for. What is the difference between the update of software recovery, as well as this process is performed, we told in detail in this material.

On the router (router)

Restart Router. Whatever trite it sounded, but the restart of the router in some cases really contributes to improving the work of the wireless network on iOS.

Change the encryption method (often it is for this reason that the iOS device does not want to connect to Wi-Fi).

Reset the router (router) to factory settings.

Folk remedies

However, if you have an old iPhone 3GS or iPhone 4 with a broken screen and a non-working home button, you can take a chance to risk it health and make one of the temperatural impact methods tested by thousands of users. Namely. heat the smartphone with a hairdryer to a critical temperature and then reboot, or vice versa. freeze the iPhone in the refrigerator (and this is not a joke).

Sometimes it gives a positive, but temporary effect and confirms the presence of a hardware plan.

Contact a service center

If the iPhone still refuses to carry out Internet connection, then with a high probability, there are mechanical damage or factory marriage of the corresponding module. Such a problem should not be eliminated independently at home and better contact the service center.


The easiest, logical and fast way to eliminate most temporary glitches when the device is working. reboot (shutting down and inclusion). It is enough just to press the “POWER” button and hold it for several sections until the “Turn off” slider appears and turn off the device. If the device “hung up”, then it is necessary to hold the POWER and HOME buttons for 10-15 seconds for forced shutdown.

Usually after switching on everything works fine and you only need to re-click on the Wi-Fi connection icon.

The Internet is the total name of hundreds of millions of smaller networks, the same local networks associated together. In these small networks, the billions of devices interact with each other through the TCP / IP protocols. These computers can be associated with each other with physical wires, optical cables, radio communications or other technologies that will still appear in the future.

So, when your device has a Wi-Fi connection, then you are connected to some local network. But the local network to which you are connected, it can not be connected to the Internet. This is where the problem is. Let’s look at it Read more.

The whole thing can be in Wi-Fi. Router

If you have problems with Wi-Fi, you have only with some specific network, and no of the above methods helped, then it’s time to check what happens in the equipment distributing the Internet. Router. If this is your router to which you are connected, then try to restart it or in extreme cases to reset the settings (it will be necessary to enter them again to access the Internet, according to the settings of your Internet provider). Therefore, try to restrict ourselves to reboot from the device menu or physical shutdown button (or remove for a few seconds the plug out of the outlet).

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If there are problems with not your network, but the one you have the right to use, refer to the equipment owner, the administrator of this network or other people having access to equipment and which are able to solve this problem. If network equipment can restart, consider that you are lucky. most often the problem is solved.

What to do if the iPad fails to connect to Wi-Fi?

First, make sure your device is in Wi-Fi. Experiment with the location of your device, in order to improve the reception. Also check if your Wi-Fi router works and is there an Internet connection on other devices (for example, on a PC or laptop). Just in case, restart your router, just pulling out the outlet from the network. Also check on your router, and if necessary, update it. There are cases that it is outdated on your iPad, which is also the reason for which it does not connect to the wireless network. Therefore, if you have iPad 2 or iPad mini with an old version of iOS, update them.

If everything is in order with the network sources, then try to go to the “airrest” on your device, and then turns back to normal mode. If this trick did not work, restart your device.

Did not work out? Then go to more radical means. To start, click the “I” icon near your network, and then click “Forget this Network”. If this method has led to fail, we use extreme methods. in the device settings, select the “Reset” item, enter the password if you need and select “Reset network settings”.

This option will not only reset all the settings associated with the Internet, but also delete all saved passwords. Therefore, this method must be used only in extreme cases.

But another radical method is the recovery of data from the backup. Of course, for this you need to prudently save your device data in iTunes. Connect the device to the computer, and manually update your iPad. It is worth noting that in this case absolutely all the data will be erased, and your device will seem to be just out “from under” boxes.

It also happens that the reason lies not in the program part, and the tablet does not connect to the network due to the mechanical breakage. Remember whether you didn’t drop your iPad lately or did it lie for a long time in the raw room. Mechanical punch or moisture ingress inside the tablet could lead to a plug of a loop connecting the processor part of the iPad with a modem board. In this case, the only way out will be fixed in specialized service centers.

If your iPad was brought from the US, the case is most likely in the settings of your router, which limits the number of free channels.

The fact is that in Europe to work with a wireless connection, 12 or 13 channels are used, and in the USA. only 11. Thus, if your router spends a distribution on 12 or 13 channel, then your iPad simply will not see the network. It is possible to solve this problem as follows: