Volvo rear view cameras

Volvo’s reversing cameras help you feel confident when reversing, even in low visibility conditions, making it easier to park and less stress for novice drivers. The taken picture is displayed on the monitor in the salon.

Volvo‘s rearview cameras will help you park quickly and easily, and when reversing, do not be afraid to knock down an obstacle and damage your car. The devices are highly resistant to negative factors, since they are always outdoors and are exposed to rain, snow, strong winds, changes in humidity and temperatures. Usually their lens is made of tempered glass, which is scratch resistant and prevents image clouding.

The principle of operation of rear-view cameras

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The video camera is attached to the car bumper, license plate or one of the body elements. It connects to the monitor in the salon (via cable or wireless). Power is supplied from the reversing light. As soon as the car starts to move backward, the camera receives current and immediately starts shooting, feeding the image to the monitor.

All the variety of modern devices can be divided into the following groups.

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  • Installation stealth
  • The design of the video camera is specially designed for a specific car model
  • Best viewing angle and camera height
  • No need to make additional holes for mounting, which can lead to loss of warranty service

Volvo XC90 backup camera installation

Universal cameras. The devices have a simple design, they can be located anywhere. Often, the devices cut into the rear bumper or are fixed with self-tapping screws on a horizontal base. The important advantages of universal cameras are the lower cost and the possibility of the driver choosing the place of installation. However, they are poorly protected from vandals, in terms of image quality they are inferior to standard counterparts and do not allow changing the angle, moreover, if the bumper touches an obstacle, the devices can be damaged. Often in such cameras, infrared illumination is provided, due to which a high-quality picture is displayed on the monitor even in complete darkness.

Number frames with cameras. This solution is quite simple. The devices are easy to install, the driver can adjust the attitude to the horizon and the viewing angle, and there is no need to make additional holes in the body. The disadvantage of number frames with cameras is ease of access to them and the possibility of theft.

Another important point is the presence of parking lines superimposed on the image from the rear view camera. This feature will help you accurately calculate the distance to an obstacle and make parking easier.

Volvo’s state-of-the-art rearview cameras will prove useful to every driver, regardless of their experience. Indeed, sometimes it is impossible to determine what is happening behind the car by looking at the rearview mirrors. This simple and effective device will help prevent strikes against obstacles that cause damage to others and your own vehicle. With them, you will always feel confident when driving in reverse gear.