Is it possible to use Viber without a SIM card

To register an account in Viber, you will need a phone number, and, consequently, a SIM card. However, some users have the question: is it possible to use Vaiber without a SIM card? For example, if it was lost, damaged or blocked. Today we will try to understand the problem and give a reasonable answer to it.

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To begin with, for registration in Viber you will need a SIM card in any case, since there are no other opportunities for creating an account. Further, the messenger can sometimes request confirmation of the number to make sure that you are you.

You can use the application without a SIM card, for example, in Viber for a computer. However, in order to enter your account on the PC, you will need to confirm the data through the phone. The number does not have to be confirmed, but the messenger on the smartphone must be installed, and your authorized account must be in it.

Confirm data through the phone

Confirm the number

After that, you can use Viber on PC without a phone and SIM card.

What is the difference between Viber and WhatsApp?

Programs are very similar and are designed by a booty line for instant transmission of text information, such a free analogue of SMS messages. There are differences between these programs and for some they will be critical:

  • WhatsApp is conditionally free, or rather the first year, the application can be used for free, and then you need to pay a monthly fee. 0.95 per year. Viber is still completely free;
  • With the help of Viber you can call, and WhatsApp does not provide such an opportunity;
  • Viber discharges the battery a little faster than its competitor. But, at the same time, Skype and other archaic messengers, the battery is more “eaten” by a lot of more, due to the fact that they are constantly hanging in the background;
  • Weibar has a client for a desktop PC, with which you can synchronize the addresses from a smartphone/tablet and use the application on all devices.

An interesting fact in 2011 WhatsApp quickly gained popularity in the Netherlands, and this is in the country that sets one of the highest tariffs for SMS messages in Europe. WhatsApp became a cheaper alternative and contributed to the fact that the final annual income of mobile operators fell by 13%, even followed personnel contractions.

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Install Weiber on a tablet and iPad without SIM card and phone

Virtual numbers are used to connect Viber not only on PC and laptops. This mechanism also works on tablets and iPads, if there is no SIM card on them.

In a situation, if a person does not have a smartphone, or he uses a button device, an android emulator can be placed on the tablets. Next, you need to download and register Viber. The only thing is that it will not be possible to do this on the iPad. The reason is simple. the iOS emulator does not exist.

Read more about installing the Viber messenger on the phone in our new article, completely dedicated to this.

installation, viber, tablet, card

Option without an account on SIM

A case without a SIM card means that SIM is not inserted into the tablet on which the messenger is installed and the Viber account is not registered to its number. This, of course, does not mean that it is not required, but her role will be enough even in a simple mobile phone. A algorithm, how to install Weiber on a tablet without a phone, will have the same look:

Note! You can deceive and do not use the mobile number at all. It is only necessary to indicate the stationary and put the condition for receiving a free call with the voice dictation of the code

Convenient settings

Viber. a universal application of voice, text and video messages via the Internet. The messenger rightfully earned the reputation of the most reliable and most common program in the world, one of the main advantages of which is the possibility of creating group chats from 3 to 250 people.

To implement the function of group communication in the chat menu, press the “” button and add the chat. In the chat, collect the desired group, alternately adding participants from the list of contacts. Confirm the creation of a chat with a click on a checkmark.

In addition, pay attention to the function of verification. It is available for both dialogue and for communication in the chat. Confirmation that communication is hidden from users, will be the notification “Chat is encrypted”.

Installing a program for transmitting messages to the most common brand of tablet from Samsung is a sure way to quickly and safely transmit information to other users. Messenger supports calls to mobile and stationary phones. For the originality of the menu, it is equipped with a set of interesting colorful stickers.

installation, viber, tablet, card

I hope you were useful for information on how to connect and how to activate Weiber on a tablet. If you have taken something new for yourself, share an article with friends on social networks, I will be very grateful. In the next article I will tell you how to install WhatsApp.

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Installation without a SIM card

Above the instructions for installing an application on a tablet with a SIM card were considered. And what to do for those who have only Wi-Fi tablet equipped? In principle, the steps are practically no different, but two Android devices will be required to work.

Launch and configuration

Install the messenger on the tablet and on the smartphone according to the instructions. As soon as the load is completed, we start Viber on a smartphone and carry out the activation of the number. how? Read above.

Now we launch the wiber on the tablet and enter the same number into the field as for a smartphone. The code comes, introduce and use it for pleasure. The main thing is to remember that the work requires active Internet connection, in this case, this is Wi-Fi.

By the way, this instruction is suitable for the computer, if there is a need to use the messenger and it is to us.

Phone book

This problem is also solved, to enter the number for each number, but through the smartphone to synchronize the numbers and the account in Google can. Further, just go to the same account on the tablet and allow access to the application to it.

Viber will automatically check the contents and, in case of detection, will form a list. an analogue of the phone book. Quick, convenient and most importantly safe for you.

Option with a tablet

Is it possible to use the Viber application on a tablet without a SIM card?

The next question is whether it is possible to use the Viber application on a tablet without a SIM card fully? Unlike a mobile phone, you can use the application, even if there is no SIM card in the device. Only here it is necessary to use not another specially created account, but a Viber activation function on an additional device.

How to Install WhatsApp on iPad? Get WhatsApp for iPad without Jailbreak (2022)

In this case, your SIM card remains in the smartphone, and you can use the messenger on your tablet. But if you suddenly want to create a separate account for the tablet and use it, then you will have to buy for it and install another SIM card. In this case, it should also not be removed from the device, otherwise communication in the Viber application will not be long.

Also on our site there is an article about synchronization of the Viber application with a computer. There you will see all the necessary nuances of using the same account on a smartphone and computer.

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We also carefully examined and studied what features Viber has for different popular brands of smartphones. You can find cognitive articles on our website about this. instructions for installing Viber on a tablet

Installing the messenger on the tablet practically does not differ from the usual installation on a mobile phone. Viber is attached to your phone number, therefore, you should have a smartphone. If you have not yet become a happy owner of such a device, then ask someone from loved ones, you can still promise them that you will not watch correspondence or photos.

You need to download the Viber application to your tablet, the App Store will help us with this. Download the messenger from there and load it to our device. In the App Store application store, we enter the name of the Viber application in the search, just don’t forget to put a check from the “only iPhone” in the upper left corner. Yes, Viber without a SIM card can work well on iPad.

WhatsApp Installation on Tablet without SIM

  • The procedure takes a couple of minutes.
  • A window will appear on your screen that will allow you to register in the system.
  • Enter your region and the phone number to which access code in the SMS message will come.
  • Message will come to the phone. Next, enter the code into the corresponding window on the tablet and end the installation process.

That’s all, you installed Viber without a SIM card on the tablet.

Recall that you can communicate with loved ones or colleagues only if you have the Internet on the tablet. Since you do not have SIM cards in a tablet, Wi-Fi will help you.

If suddenly you don’t have Wi-Fi at home, then you can find it for free in cafes, shops, parks or other public places, or maybe your neighbor has an unpacked Wi-Fi.

installation, viber, tablet, card

Viber messenger is an excellent alternative to many other applications that are used to communicate with people. Viber will reveal to you unlimited opportunities and provide various unique functions. For information, this application in the world has already been used by more than 200 million people.