How to install an APK application on Android TV?

Look for a way to install an application on a TV with Android TV, which is not in Play Market? There is a simple solution. You can install APK, that is, the application directly from the installation file, without using the Google store.

Not all applications are available in Play Market for Android TV. But this does not mean that it cannot be installed on the TV. Since we are dealing with Android, they are not limited by the Play by the markete itself and we can install applications manually from the APK file. Thus, you can install software that you usually cannot find in the Google store for Android TV.

As you know, APK files are applications installations, a kind of equivalent of program installers for Windows with an extension “.exe “. Therefore, download the APK file with the application, copy it, for example, on a USB drive, connect to the TV and install it. See how to do this. step by step.

Download application in the form of an APK file

The first thing to do is download the installer in the form of APK. There are many sites on the network from which you can download the latest versions of applications in APK format. Let us dwell on one of them, namely Apkmiroror.

Open the APKMIRROR website in the browser, then using the search engine find the program you want to install on Android TV.

The search results will be displayed available versions for loading. Select the latter, that is, the one that is displayed in the very top. You need to choose the option corresponding to the architecture of the TV processor. If you do not know which suits, download everything. During the installation, the system itself will determine which one is suitable for the TV.

When choosing a place for loading, save immediately to the flash drive. If you are already loaded onto a local disk, connect a removable carrier to a computer and copy a loaded APK onto it.

Installation of applications directly from the computer

You can install the necessary applications through a browser on a computer. The TV tied to your account will be displayed in the list of devices on the Google Play website. You just need to choose it after pressing the installation button.

Thus, you can install many applications that, when searching from the TV in the issuance, simply will not be displayed. This also applies to games that can play with new colors on a large screen. For greater convenience, you can also install a browser right on TV that allows you to use the Google Play Web version.

Using voice search

Most Android TV devices are complemented by remote controls with vocal support support. It is activated by pressing one button, after which you can utter a command to start the desired application or search for the necessary content. Similarly, you can carry out search queries in the Chrome browser.

With the launch of Google Assistant, the possibilities of voice interaction with Android TV TVs should be significantly expanded.

Update your TCL Smart TV

The launch of the old or outdated firmware version often causes problems with the device. Companies produce new updates that include corrections of previously known problems. Therefore, even if you do not face any problems on your TV, update your device using an accessible version of the software.

Here’s how you can update your TCL Smart TV:

  • Press the house button on the remote control.
  • Go to the setting system system update.
  • Click check now, and the device will begin to check the presence of new updates. If a new firmware is available, the device will automatically start loading and installing.

[Note: Do not turn off the TV until the installation process is completed. After that, the device will automatically reboot.]

Reinstall the application

There may be a problem with the application, so it does not open. The application will show signs that it opens, but then automatically closes. If the above methods do not work, you need to delete and reinstall this specific application.

Go to the option of the application manager in the settings and delete the application to remove the application. After that, download it from the Google Play store. TCL Roku TVs are not supplied with the Google Play store. So this method will not work on this type of TV.

How to add applications to TCL Roku TV

There are three ways to add applications to your TCL Roku TV. These are simple and very easy ways. The methods mentioned below will also show you how to install applications if you do not have access to your TCL Roku TV.

  • Turn on the TCL Roku TV TV and connect it to Wi-Fi network.
  • Click the “Home” button on the remote control TCL Roku.
  • Select the Streaming Channels option on the screen.
  • Now you will see a list of categories from which you can choose.
  • Just scroll and view the categories for a specific application that you want to install.
  • Having found the application that you want to install, select it and click the “Add channel” button.
  • The application will be downloaded and installed on your TCL Roku TV.

Method 2 via the Internet

  • Go to your PC and run your favorite browser.
  • Now go to
  • Click the “My Account” button to enter the system.
  • Be sure to go into the same Roku account with which you entered your TCL Roku TV.
  • After entering the system, just enter the name of the channel you want to watch on the TV in the search field.
  • Finding a channel, click it, and then press the “Add channel” or “Buy” button.
  • After you added the channel, go to your TCL Roku TV.
  • Open the “Settings” menu, then the “system” and, finally, the “system update”.
  • Now click the Check button now.
  • TV will check the availability of updates and install all channels if you added them.
  • Now you will see the channel you added on the main screen of the TV.
  • Roku application can be downloaded for free on Android and iOS.
  • Launch the ROKU application and enter the system using your accounting data ROKU.
  • Click on the Channel tab, then select the option “Channel store”.
  • Now you can view and select the desired channel on your TCL Roku TV.
  • Just click on the option to add the channel, and now you will have an application tied to your account ROKU.
  • If you have installed a PIN code for your ROKU, you will need to enter it.
  • Now that this is done, just check for updates on your TCL Roku TV.
  • The new added channel will be loaded and installed on your TCL Roku TV.

Using a smartphone as a remote control

You can manage Android TV not only with a complete remote control and gamepad, but also using a smartphone. For this there is an official application from Google, available on Android and iOS.

APK. Application Package Archive is the format of the archive containing programs for the Android operating system, in Windows their analogue is the extensions of Jar, ZIP.

The program can be a browser, calculator, games, a book of culinary recipes or a cataloger of films with reviews. You can use the installed programs under one account on PC. through an emulator, on a TV, tablet and smartphone.

What is the difference between Android, Google TV, Android TV, Smart TV

The operating system on a smartphone and TV is not the same. They differ like Windows Server from user windows 10.

Not all Android programs are completely compatible with your television prefix.

Android TV was created as a unified environment for any TV models from different manufacturers. In fact, the operating system is adapted to specific tasks: control from the remote control, voice assistant, unified desktop.

Smart TV. opportunities depend on a specific manufacturer. There may be a power to the very minimum of the OS or an almost complete version with additional buns like a full.fledged browser, the ability to replace the remote control with a smartphone, create several desktops, a picture in a picture, etc.D. The biggest minus is that they are all different and useful functions can be protruded by the decision of the manufacturer.

How To Install APKs on Any Android TV| Especially For TCL users| Hacker Hero

Google TV is the next generation Android TV. The corporation recently announced a global automatic update. now they look the same from a visual point of view. Google TV is based on 10 versions of the operating system.

How to use the Internet on TCL Smart TV

Since TCL Smart TV TVs are supplied with two different OSs, that is, Rokuos and Android TV, we will look at both Smart TVs.

Rokuos TVs have been developed to simplify the life of the final user. You have many channels that you can add for free to your Roku TV, but not in the web browser. In addition, a person will not be able to install or upload an unpublished web browser to the TV. However, there is one way that you can use to view the web pages on the Internet on the large screen of TCL Roku TV, by duplicating the screen or broadcast of the screen. It doesn’t matter if you have Android or iOS. Screen broadcast is supported by all modern devices.

The screen broadcast is useful when you want to share or present a video, image or something else on a big screen. This method requires both devices to be connected to one network, and also eliminates the need for unnecessary cables. However, you must take into account that to enter and control the screen you will need to use the device from which you are broadcasting, such as a mobile phone or computer. You can read our detailed guide on how to broadcast from any device on Rokutv, regardless of TV brand.

View web pages on TCL Android TV

Now the TCL Smart TVs are supplied with the own Android TV OS by Google. This includes the entire Google Play Store and its set of applications designed for Android TVs. Now you can say that since this is the Google OS, it should be delivered with a previously created web browser, such as Google Chrome, true? Wrong! The reason why web browsers are not built into Android TV systems, just that there are applications for almost everything. Want to watch Netflix or listen to music via Spotify? There is an application for this.

The Google Play store has a lot of applications for TV, but when it comes to web browsers, you will find them only a few. This is due to the fact that browsers are not optimized to work with the input through the D-PAD of the remote control, and navigation through the browser can also be a headache. At the same time, you can just download a few browsers available directly from the Play Store.

One of the best web browsers is Mozilla Firefox and Jiopages. Although Firefox is an excellent browser, you will need to get an application by loading it unpublished. Jiopages is one of the best web browsers available for Android TV. It works great and can be used for free. Although the application is intended for the Indian market, you can always use VPN to install it on your Android TV.

How to download a player

Important! There is no program on the Google Play, so you should look for a suitable version of other sources.

When downloading, you should pay attention to the version, corrections, additions, since intermediate or test options may turn out to be non.working.

Download Forkplayer TV can be carried out on a USB flash drive or directly on Smart TV. In the first case, restrictions on viewing content are possible. In the second, the TV will have more opportunities.

Installation of a player on different TVs

There are certain nuances on how to install FORKPLAYER on Smart TV of different models.

You can do this from the device by changing DNS, or from a removable medium. In some cases, you can run the application from the flash drive each time without direct installation.


Before moving on to the FORKPLAYER installation on Philips, you should check the TV for the installed megogo widget. Further instructions for downloading the application on Philips looks like this:

  • In the Smart TV settings, select “Installation”.
  • Click on the “network parameters”, remember the characteristics: write or take a photo.
  • Click back in the menu “Network” Select “Static IP”.
  • Then, in the “Static configuration” in the DNS1 column, enter
  • Other parameters: gateway, set. Mask, IP address-filled according to photographed data.
  • Reload the device.

After turning on Smart TV, the type of megogo icon will change. If you press it, the launch menu/FORK Store Application will be displayed. You will need to choose the latest version of FORKPLAYER. By pressing it, the starting page opens, on which tabs with the most popular resources are displayed. There is a search count where you can find the necessary content by name.


For all TVs with Smart TV function, an option is suitable without changing DNS. You can use the same method for Thomson devices. It will be necessary to perform several simple actions:

This method is considered the simplest. over, most resources open without problems. Films, TV shows, videos are available at any time, just enter the address and enjoy viewing.


The FORKPLAYER installation will help increase the functionality of the Haier TV. The action scheme is as follows:

  • Connect Smart TV to the Internet.
  • On the remote control press.
  • Enter the browser, click on the remote control button.
  • Enter the Operatv in the address
  • Press the red button on the remote control again.

After performing the described actions, the starting page of the Forkpleere opens. It can be added to the bookmarks so that you do not repeat the procedure every time. Click the red remote control again, move to the asterisk, click on it.

At the end of the procedure, you should configure Forkplayer. Starting settings are already ready. It is important to enable permission to display content. This is done in the menu by pressing three points in the upper part of the screen. You can configure the starting menu by adding or deleting certain sites.


For Smart TV Doffler, the FORKPLAYER application will also be useful because it will provide access to resources that are not displayed by other browsers. The installation procedure is as follows:

  • In the network settings, configure the Internet connection. Through the “Specialist” tab, determine the connection method (wired or wireless).
  • Click on manual IP address settings.
  • In the primary DNS line, enter 85.17.thirty.89.
  • In the column secondary DNS indicate (This address works if the donor is installed for Megogo use combination
  • When the question appears about the use of a proxy server, click “No”.
  • Save and connect.

Before starting the installation, you should decide on the application with the donor and download it through the official website or store.


For Smart TV Asano, you can also use the described methods. Suitable for devices a method with a change of DNS and without a change.

The first option is not always effective, since it can be difficult to choose the DNS address. In the second case, the actions are as follows:

  • Run on Smart TV browser.
  • Enter Obovse in the address
  • In the open fork Store, select the latest version of the player.
  • A list of playlists opens, when you press the reproduction.

If you need to find other content, you can use a global search.

How to transfer files from computer to TV

To do this, you need to download a couple of applications on PC and your Android TV. Open the Play Market on TV and find the Send Files to TV application. It is free, but includes purchases.

It is convenient to transmit files from PC to Android TV through the application

  • Install it and go to the Android TV settings to give the necessary permits to transfer files;
  • Select “Applications”, then scroll down to the “Application Resolution” item;
  • In the list of permits, go down to the bottom of the list by selecting “files and media files”;
  • We are looking for our Send Files to TV application and click OK on the remote control;
  • Select “Allow” so that the program has access to files on TV.

Without this permission, the application will not be able to work with.APK

This is not all. It is important to allow the installation and operation to unknown applications.

  • We return back to “Applications” and select “Security and Restrictions”, then “Unknown Sources”;
  • We activate the slider near our Send Files to TV program.

You have to dig a little in the settings, but it’s worth it

Now you need to install the same program on your PC. Honestly, it was a big problem to find it: it is removed from Microsoft Store, and in other sources you need to try hard to find it. But the program can be downloaded from this link. You can safely install. there are no viruses there, I checked.

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You will need a file manager to install a file on a TV. I advise Solid Explorer, it is free and is in Play Market for Android TV, simple and understandable in use. It is important to give him access to the file system and install unknown applications.

Solid Explorer is simple and understandable to use

  • In the settings, select “Applications” again;
  • We go to the point “Applications resolution”, then “Files and Media Feals”;
  • We turn on “allow” in Solid Explorer;
  • We go back and go to “Safety and Restrictions”, select unknown sources and activate the slider near Solid Explorer.

The program has been established and all the necessary permits are given. Next, you need to go to the APK Mirror website from the computer. it is precisely the applications downloaded from there that work on Android TV. All my attempts to install the same Google Chrome from the Google website ended in failure.

All my unsuccessful attempts to install Google Chrome on Android TV

Both TV and PC should be connected to one Wi-Fi network!

  • After installing the Send Files to TV, the icon will hang in the train. Also start the program on the TV;
  • Press the Send Files with the right mouse button: Select the file.APK on a computer;
  • Then select your TV in the window to send the file. Be sure to run the program on your TV: otherwise the computer will not find a device;
  • Click twice on the device: File transfer will begin.
  • After the end of the transmission, we go to Solid Explorer and select the Downloads folder. Open the file.APK and start installing.

Next, no unforeseen situations should occur. Google Chrome works on Android TV, but in order to conveniently use it, a wireless keyboard and a mouse will need. Thus you can install the application on Android TV.

How to send a file from phone to TV

The same can be handed over by sending a file from a smartphone on Android to your TV.

    From Google Play to a smartphone

  • We install if the same application on Android TV from Play Market has not yet been installed
  • After that, open the Send Files to TV application on both devices. Now click “Send” on your smartphone and select the APK file that you want to send.
  • On the TV, open Solid Explorer, select the Downloads folder and set the program.

Send Files to TV applications for a smartphone also works in the same way

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Thus, you can install any applications on Android TV. Do not forget to connect a mouse or keyboard so that it is convenient to use them. Still, from the remote control in the navigation by Google Chrome there is no much sense.

Most people have a budget that needs to be followed, and it is here that the choice of the right budget phone enters the game. You want to choose a model that not only corresponds to your budget, but will also last a long time. This is important so as not to spend more money on the purchase of a new phone. After all, it is often a little more expensive to buy something more profitable at once than to save now, but in a year to pay again. Several factors can make you buy a new phone, but you need to choose wisely, so let’s figure out what to pay attention to when buying.

Oh, this dispute between Android and iOS probably there is nothing more than this confrontation. Since two platforms appeared, about half of users on each side does not recognize the existence of an alternative. At the same time, sometimes does it quite tough. This is already a confrontation that goes beyond simple competition. People perceive this as the battle of their beloved football team with another in the final of a major tournament, rejoicing in their successes and the failures of the enemy. But, there is a certain percentage of people who are ready and even want to change the platform. Recently, they are clearly moving to one specific side. That’s how it looks like.

While smartphones are preparing to get Android 13, TVs with Android TV operating room are just starting to get Android 12. This is due to the fact that each OEM manufacturer must optimize iron for his device. My TCL TV literally offered to be updated this week, and I did not refuse: it is true that at first glance there are not so many differences. However, if you watch the TV every day, then you notice what has changed with the naked eye. Today I’ll tell you whether it is worth updating the TV to Android 12 and how to do it.

Installation from a flash drive

If you use built-in services for installation of applications for some reason, you can download the software of interest to PC, transfer to a flash drive and load it to the TV. However, on TV receivers of different brands, this process will differ.


For Samsung TV receivers, the need to install a flash drive may occur if the user wants to download third-party applications that are not in Samsung Apps. Procedure:

  • format the flash drive connected to the PC in the FAT32 system;
  • open a USB drive, fundamentally create a catalog called “Userwidget”;
  • download the necessary widgets on PC from the network with archives and copy them into the folder created on the flash drive (without unpacking);
  • Insert a flash drive into a USB port of TV.

Next, an automatic installation will begin, at the end of which the “Package Is Done” will appear on the screen.

In order to install third-party software on LG TV receivers, which is not in the LG AppStv store, you can also use a flash drive as an intermediary:

  • First, the archive is downloaded to the PC with an interest in the utility;
  • Then the flash drive is formatted in FAT32;
  • Further, a uploaded file is copied to the outer drive into the root;
  • Then the flash drive is connected to the upper connector on the television receiver;
  • And at the end of the My Apps section, the flash drive opens and the installation file of the widget is pressed for launching the installation.

Important! Applications installed on LG TVs from an external drive may not work without connected flash drives. In addition, some flash drives may not be suitable for installation of third-party software. And TVs with one input of USB may not support the installation of widgets.


The process of installing applications with flash drive on Philips TVs is identical to the Samsung TV receivers.

Removing applications

If there is a need to remove widgets (due to the overflow of memory of the TV receiver or loss of relevance of software itself), this is done in different ways, depending on the OS of the TV.

  • At the LG receivers, you must click on the label and, holding it, drag the display to the upper right corner of the display until a notification appears about the removal of the program. Another solution is to go to the section with applications, press the “Change” button in the upper part of the screen on the right, and then select an unnecessary widget and click “Delete” in the context menu.
  • On Samsung TVs you need to go to Samsung Apps, find an unnecessary widget and click on the “Delete” button on its page, which will appear instead of the “Install” button.
  • On TVs under the control of Android, application removal is performed in the same way as on phones with a similar OS. So, you can erase unused software in the store on Google Play or in the “Applications” section in the settings of the TV receiver. A full list of software is available there, in which you can choose unnecessary software and delete it by clicking on the corresponding command in the context menu. As on smartphones, in this section there will also be system applications (preinstalled by default), which cannot be removed.

So, installing widgets on TVs with a Smart-TV function is usually made from the corresponding application store (own or Play Market). Another solution is to install files from the flash drive by downloading a distribution from the Internet, but in this case you need to be careful. downloading content from unverified sources, there is a risk of loading on a malicious software or viruses.

How to install apk file on TCL Google TV from USB disk