Spyware for Android. a list of best solutions

Recently, a lot of new spyware has appeared to appear on phones that imply a hidden installation for tracking and wiretapping subscriber. Good or bad it is not the topic of this material. Just wonder the top 10 most popular solutions.

In the functionality of a normal program for surveillance for the Android phone, there are several possibilities: Calling and reading SMS messages, smartphone geolocation operations. There may also be a listener of the environment, the conventional secrecy of the mobile spy on Android and many other things. It all depends on the specific program.

Best Smartphone Smartphone app. Cocospy

Cocospy. the best surveillance application for a foreign phone on the market. It actively uses millions of users in 190 countries of the world and consider this program as much without reason.

Cocospy is fully legal and manufactured by a company that has an ideal reputation. As soon as the application is installed, its icon can be deleted by making the program completely invisible.


Special features:

  • Monitoring social networks. Cocospy allows you to monitor activity in various social networks and messengers. Instagram Telegram, WhatsApp. You can read all sent messages, view contacts and T. D.
  • Keyloger. One of the most interesting functions of Cocospy. With it, you can find out which buttons click the user. With this, you can record other people’s passwords. and independently enter the user accounts on social networks.
  • Geofensing. In Cocospy you can install borders for the owner of the smartphone. If the user crosses them, you will immediately receive a notice. Excellent way to track other person’s movements.
  • History of calls. You can get full access to user call history. You will learn where he called how much talked, and also get detailed information about contact.

How to follow a strange smartphone without the owner‘s knowledge

STEP 1: register in Cocospy.

Step 2: For Android. Get Root Rights On Your Goals and Install Cocospy.

STEP 3: for iPhone with jailbreak. get access to the iPhone, make a jailbreak, then install the application.

Step 4: for iPhone without jailbreak. just enter the Apple ID and password from the user of the user’s interest.

STEP 5: Go to the control panel and get any information that interests.

The best free spyware app for Android- MSPY

mspy is another popular and convenient attachment for remote tracking.

It has the same features as COCOSPY, but presented in this list below due to its greater cost.

MSPY also gives you the possibility of tracking the Android telephone device without the need for its ruting.

What distinguishes MSPY?

First of all, options for remote tracking. Without receiving root rights, you will be available geodata, message log, call log and browser history on Android target device.

However, its routing will open you access to the advanced features of the program to which:

  • Access to the keyboard: The option providing you with all keys to be prescribed by the owner of the target device.So you can calculate passwords on social networks. After that, you can get access to accounts.
  • Geozone: Similar to the same function in COCOSPY- Install the physical border for the target device. There is an additional installation of the alarm clock for your alert about its intersection.
  • Combining social networks: Getting full access to the accounts of the owner of the target device on various sites.

How to monitor Android devices using your own Android or iPhone smartphone?

  • Buy mspy. You can purchase a package of Basic, Premium or Family.The Basic package is perfect for those who want to access the basic functions of the application without resorting to the ruting of the device.Premium, on the contrary, useful to get root-rights to use extended program functions. Family set will be useful to those who want to track several Android devices at the same time.
  • You will be sent an email with a greeting and reference to the control panel.
  • You will need to configure your account. Select the type of device you are going to follow: iPhone or Android.In the event of the last, you will additionally ask you if you want to keep track of or without root-rights.
  • Now take the target device, install MSPY on it, and then delete the program shortcut. If you prefer the routing function, you will also need to get root-rights.At this stage you will receive additional recommendations.
  • Go to the control panel and proceed to the Android smartphone monitoring.

Top 10 Android Statistics raised the demand for spyware for Android phones

On the other hand, no matter which modern Android OS has not yet been on sale, you can use Android SPY software to track your adolescents on the Internet to make sure their digital security, as well as your employees in the workplace so that they can Report as need. ,

Therefore, being at your service, we have collected information about the best software to track phone 2020 in terms of compatibility, prices, pros and cons. They are strongly recommended and allowing all the rabbit whole on Android.

If there is a need to “spy” for someone’s telephone, use the Cocospy application. Millions of users from 190 countries of the world have already checked its reliability and functionality in practice.

The huge plus Cocospy is that it is not necessary to risk once for its installation, hacking a smartphone firmware. For surveillance for the iPhone, you do not need to download the application at all. So you can follow the phone, without even touching it.

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Phone surveillance programs

All information in this article is provided solely for informational purposes. Nor the editors of the SPY-SOFT site.Net nor the author are responsible for any possible harm caused by the materials of this article. Keep in mind that access to data without prior written agreement with their owner is prosecuted by law.

Programs for surveillance for telephone legal?

Yes, if it comes to your juvenile children.

Is it possible to install applications for the phone remotely?

To install, require physical access to the device or access using the remote access program.

Are there free software for telephone?

Yes, we wrote about this in the article “Best Free Caylogger for Android”, but it is designed for people disassembled in computers and phones. There are also free avast antivirus (link above), with the help that you can track the location of the phone, but the functionality is at times less than those considered in the program article.

Is it possible to send applications to e-mail?

You can, if you have a written permission, from the owner of the device, to install such programs.

NEO-Call Spy Mobile Spy

Neo-Call Spy. Originally created under Symbian, now also works on iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phones. Sends information directly to another mobile phone. This program is based on the IMEI number, that is, the attacker must know his goal.

The program tracks SMS, call list, location; remitantly listens, logs keystrokes. She gets teams from a control mobile phone in hidden SMS messages.

Flexispy. Spy Program for Premium Class Phone!

Flexispy. maximum functionality and excellent performance. Making your choice in favor of this program, you understand what spend money. Value for money at a good level. T.E. not cheap, nevertheless it is a premium segment, but quite in reasonable. In addition, recently there has been a tendency on the service not yet to reduce the rates, but rather to more thoughtful pricing. T.E. The program for the telephone listener is now sold in different sets and, accordingly, at different prices.

Service has been present for a long time in the Western market and now, after Russification, has become more accessible in RuNet. It is necessary to pay attention to it, since a better product is to find now just will not work!

Set of spy functions

Full. Some functions are unique (without competitors without analogs).


Now you know how to install a telephone surveillance by number without the consent of the subscriber. But it is important to remember that it is legally it can be done far from all cases.

For example, parents are always worried about their child. And they can use spyware for listener phone on legal grounds. And they can do it on legal grounds. With these ways can take advantage of jealous husband or wife. So you can make sure the spouse. However, here the legality is extremely relative. But applying such programs on other people’s phones, you clearly violate the personal rights guaranteed by law.

Telephone tracking services are not free. There are many of them. You can get acquainted with their services and tariffs on official sites.

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