How to set the iPhone charge indicator in percent

We all plan anything. From shopping in the store for every day before where and how we meet old age. What is needed for proper planning? Of course, the accuracy of data. Even such a trifle, as the battery level, you need to know how exactly it is exactly possible in order to plan your day and nowhere will not come. And sometimes for this not enough to evaluate how much the indicator scale is filled, the data is needed in percent.

On iPhones The ability to display the charge indicator appeared with the output of the 3GS model, on the IOS version 3 operating By the way, then, in June 2009, the battery percentage indicator was no longer a wonder, but Apple, being ahead of the planet in innovation, was often forgotten about comfortable trifles.

Why do you need to know the battery charge in%?

To evaluate how long the smartphone can extend offline. In the early Apple charges, the percent charge was displayed on a blocked and unlocked device screen. next to the charge icon. In the phones of the iPhone X, XS, XR, 11, 12 and 13 series from this visual element, due to the appearance of “MONOBROS”. the cutout eaten a piece of the top of the screen, not leaving the place to display the charge.

The iPhone 13 “MONOBROV” became a little less fat, but the% icon did not return.

We learn the charge percentage from Siri

Just ask Siri, how much battery charge you have. She kindly tells you about the state of your battery in the dialog box.

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View battery charge in percent on other new iPhones

On the new iPhone, put the charging percentage so: go to the settings and select the “Battery” tab. This section should be located slightly below the “Basic” item.

Then in the “Battery” section find the “Charge in Percent” switch. You must translate this switch to the “Included” position, and in the status bar, along with the battery icon, the value of the charge will be shown in percent.

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Models and Display Methods

All models of apple smartphones, depending on the available ways to display the charge level in percent, can be divided into several categories.

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  • From iPhone 5 to iPhone 7 Plus. All these devices are available at once 4 methods. This is a widget on the main screen, displaying through the control panel, in the settings, as well as using Siri’s voice helper.
  • From iPhone 8 to iPhone 8 Plus. Only 3 ways of display remained here. It is a widget, control panel, as well as a kind voice assistant.
  • From iPhone X and newer. All fresh versions of apple smartphones are eventually 2 options. This is the control panel, as well as Siri.

Tweak BatteryPerCent12 Displays the charging percentage in the battery icon

On this, everything. as you can see, activate the display of the battery charge data in this form is extremely simple. Note that digital data gives a more accurate idea of ​​how quickly the gadget can turn off, and this possibility of iPhone is undoubtedly very useful.

Different ways to show the percentage of battery charge on iPhone 12, Mini and Pro Max:

The easiest way to check the remaining battery charge without returning to the main screen is the control center. For people who constantly check the battery of their phone, opening the control center. the best option.

If you want to access the control center even more, it’s easier or you want to scroll down every time you need to check time, it is difficult, you can add a gesture to the settings menu so that the control center opens a simple gesture.

  • Go to the settings menu, scroll down to the “Accessibility” section and select the “Touch” parameter.
  • At the bottom there is an option “Back to top”. Click on it

Having installed a new gesture, you can open a double-touch control center when you want to check the battery charge percentage or something else. Access to this gesture is not required only from the main screen. Every time you press twice, the control center appears.

Battery charge as a percentage on new iPhone

So, in order to put percentage of charging on the iPhone, you need to open the iPhone settings and go to the “Battery” section. This section must be slightly below the “Basic” section.

And then everything is very simple. In the “Battery” section there is a “charge in percent” switch. Turn this switch to the “Enabled” position and in the status bar, next to the battery icon, the value of the charge will appear in percent.

This method works equally well on all iPhone models with new IOS versions, including iPhonex.

How to make a charge in percent on iphone x

Many users of smartphones and other mobile devices are used to evaluating the current battery charge by the percentage indicator, which is usually in the upper right corner of the screen. Such an opportunity was in all iPhone models. In the settings there was an option, after the inclusion of which next to the battery icon (in the upper right corner of the screen), the charge indicator appeared in percent, which reported how many percent of the battery remains from the user.

But, with the iPhone X output, this feature simply disappeared from the settings. In this regard, many users are interested in how to make a charge in percent on the iPhone X.

Immediately let’s say that it is impossible. Apple decided to abandon the option that allowed to watch the battery charge in percent. This feature was removed from settings and no tricks that would allow it to be turned on, simply no. Such an Apple solution is most likely due to the fact that on the new iPhone X simply there is no place to display the battery charge in percent. The protrusion at the top of the screen eats most of the information panel.

But if you are used to navigate exactly on the charge of the battery in percent, and not on the image of the battery icons, then you can open the “Management Item” and see how much percent remains. After all, while the “Management Item” is open on the screen. The battery is displayed precisely as percent. If you do not know how to open a “management item”, then do the following:

Touch the right upper corner of the screen in which the battery icon is located.

Without releasing finger pull down, until the “management point” opens.

Pay attention to the top of the screen, a indicator that displays its percent charge should appear next to the battery icon.

Unfortunately, in order to see how much battery charge remains these actions need to be performed every time.

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Recall, earlier in order to enable percent display, you need to open the “Settings” application and go to the “Battery” section.

After that, the display of the percentage could be enabled using the “charge in percent” switcher.

You can read this in more detail in our article “How to put charging percentage on the iPhone”. Most likely this instruction will also be relevant for iPhone XR and iPhone XS.

Is it possible to withdraw the level of charge to the main screen

If the user wants to charge, so that it is displayed in the upper corner of the phone, then it must first see, which model it uses. If it is an iPhone to the 8th model inclusive, then it can do it enough simply through the settings.

If this is a new flagship, then problems arise, since the developers narrowed the space of the upper curtain. In their opinion, a fairly animated curtain, which does not climb space, makes it minimalistic and simple.