How to open a direct on Instagram version on a computer. Simple ways

Direct is one of the sections of Instagram. With its help, users of the social network have the opportunity to conduct correspondence with each other. Previously, this function was available only in the mobile application of the online platform. Therefore, there are many alternative programs and extensions for messaging through PC or laptop. You can open a direct on Instagram on a computer in 4 ways.

The ability to create a conversation in the directory on the computer appeared in people who prefer Instagram, only in 2020. Until this moment, there was no such possibility, since all the functions of the social network were available only for a smartphone. But users have repeatedly raised the question that it is not always possible to send messages from the phone. The developers took into account their wishes and has now become affordable to create conversations with PC.

Previously, people solved this issue using the following 4 ways.

Where is the direct on Instagram?

Insta was created for iPhone and Android smartphones, so there are more options in the mobile version than on a computer. But even from the phone, it can be difficult for beginners to find messages due to the fact that developers prefer to use a minimum of flags. Direct on Instagram is located on the right side at the top of the page and is designated as a paper aircraft. By clicking on it, you will find yourself on Instagram Direct and you can communicate with whom you wish. If you were answered, look at the message by clicking there.

Everything is clear with the mobile version, but PC often arise difficulties. Coming from the computer, you will see that there is no dialogue icon on the main page, and Darect simply does not work. If the Windows 10 operating system is installed on your PC, then go to Microsoft Store and install the official Instagram application. Then click on the “Entrance My page” and get back. So you can use the direct on Instagram and read messages, you can only find a familiar airplane flag. But if the computer version is below 10, you have to resort to the help of online services.

Web applications online

Online services are convenient in that they do not occupy PC memory and at the same time allow you to write and read messages in the same way as on iPhone or Android. Okogram, Idirect and Directbulksender are considered the best online chats. All of them work according to one principle: it is enough to go from the computer and enter the name and password to use the diver. In addition, functions such as an answering machine for incoming messages, the greeting of new subscribers and planning publications are available in them. But there are also disadvantages. Almost all of these Web applications are paid and you can use them for free 7 days, and then you will have to buy a subscription or look for other options.


You can install a program that imitates Android, for example, BlueStucks on a computer. Install the emulator on your PC and use the Insta application in the same way as the mobile version on the phone.

To open the Darerect checkbox from the computer, after downloading, restart the INST page and click on the phone icon.

It will be transformed and acquires all the possibilities of the mobile version, and this is not only Instagram Direct, but also the publication of posts and stories.

Ways to go to the direct Instagram through PC

Web Version of INSTA has a very similar integer with a mobile application. But what is not in it is the aircraft icon in the upper right corner of the screen. It allows you to get into chats for subsequent reading or sending notifications. Under the posts themselves in the tape there is also only a heart, a cloud of Комментарии и мнения владельцев and the ability to add publication to saved. So, where are the directors on Instagram in the browser? It is not, but there are options on how to go to direct with PC:

Choose the option by convenience, and then with writing SMS-OK instagrams there will be no problems.

Expansion for the browser

With the help of extensions, you can get through the browser on the direct Instagram. They easily and free of charge on the computer, installation takes a couple of minutes. In addition, there is an instruction, but in general and in appearance it is clear how to work. An example of such a program is Downloader for Instagram. The possibilities, however, are very limited in expansion. it is allowed to read dialogs and see the updates, but you can’t send messengies yourself. This creates some inconvenience, but those interested in such a program are still located.

Through the code

Page code allows you to go to the mobile version of the application. To call it, just press the F12 keyboard, and then select the tablet icon with the phone in the top line. Now the version is like mobile. Although, judging by the reviews of people, this option does not always allow you to find direct instagram through the browser. Its plus is that it is quite simple and does not require additional downloads, everything is done in one minute. But if you need to keep in touch with friends in Institute constantly, then emulators and non.official programs, as well as an application for dozens of Windows, will be better and effective.


This option is distinguished by the need to pay money for installation. Such services are rationally used by businessmen who promote services through the instrument messenger, sell goods, advertise products. They need mass data. All that is required is to download the service on the computer (having previously paid for the product), register, enter the profile. Now send emails.

For simple human communication, this method is not rational. expensive, inconvenient, and the integration is not the most familiar. If the above sentences are not suitable, then there is another opportunity to communicate with people through the industry.


Emulators simulate all the actions of mobile applications. That is, the functions and integrations are completely preserved. The most common emulator is BlueStacks4. Download it on PC, and then:

  • Enter the Instagram into the search line.
  • Under the displayed application, click “Install”.
  • Waiting for downloading and automatic launch.
  • Insteads opens, in the upper corner on the right there is an airplane.
  • Here he is the treasured direct without restrictions.

It is easy to take these five steps, and in return it becomes available to the exchange of emails. Some users claim that the emulator is not the most convenient version. But before the release of the program for Windows. this was the only way to take place on Instagram. Although even now the owners of the Mac can not do without it.

A selection of online services for communication on instagram

Paid services are very popular, and have their own niche among a number of useful programs. To obtain access to direct, they use:

  • IDERect.IO-simple service for exchange SMS-kami.
  • convenience and simplicity. key advantages.
  • Tooligram. wonderful for mass mailings.
  • SMM Geeks. in demand in people promoting their stores and pages, there is a filter of addressees, you can set the search parameters.
  • Zeus. you can send the text and different files.

These services have undeniable advantages, but again more intended for quick promotion and mailings.

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Direct Message for Instagram for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is actively used by most people around the world. Therefore, there is a special opportunity for him. the installation of expansion for the Instagram messenger. It is installed for free and allows, in addition to sending emails, download photos and video files to your computer.

For use, you will need to launch Google Chrome with an extension, click on the phone icon in the right corner on top, and then find an airplane in the usual mobile format. Now choose a friend, and get with him without restrictions.

IG DM program for using direct on Instagram from a computer

Web version of For Instagram Direct DM is a free messenger that optimizes the Instagram direct. Its functions:

  • reading notifications;
  • sending text SMS;
  • Adding multimedia investments;
  • sending emoticons (and their choice is very wide);
  • There is an option to leave SMS-ki unread so that the interlocutor does not find out about viewing;
  • It has a distinctive integration, but everything is simple in management;
  • really quote other notifications.

This program began to quickly gain momentum due to its uniqueness and ease of use. Instagrams evaluated a convenient integration, and most importantly. the lack of a fee for using the service. Access to download is not limited, including the operation of the device.

Methods of entering Instagram on PC

This may be very expensive, especially if the phone is in roaming. You can enter Instagram from the computer under the following conditions:

Access to a social network from a laptop or stationary PC is carried out through any browser, in the address line of which its official address is recruited.

For those who want to use Instagram in Russian, the entrance from a computer can be made in one of three ways:

  • Download on the official website and install the application for PC. It will be possible to go on Instagram after the introduction of the login and password. The application is available in Russian.
  • Especially for the Windows 10 operating system, a computer version of the client has been developed, which allows users to communicate in Direct, but this application does not work stably and requires improvements. To install the application, you need to go online online to Microsoft Store and find a free version there in Russian.
  • Through special emulators created to work with applications released under Android.

Users often complain: “Access to my page from a computer is impossible”. This usually happens because they are incorrectly trying to authorize on the social network, which can be done not only with the help of a login and password, but also through another popular network.

Therefore, at the first entrance to Instagram from the computer, you need to choose exactly the option that was used on a mobile or tablet. After identification at the first entrance to Instagram via PC, opening the main page will occur without entering registration data.

Why is there no direct?

In the usual mobile version of Instagram, the Direct is located in the upper corner of the page on the right. The icon looks like an airplane. Messages from new people on which you have not subscribed, fall into the category of “requests”. They can be viewed, and then read or reject.

However, if you open Instagram through a computer browser, you will not find messages. This option is not on the computer. The developers simply did not pay due attention to the presence of a messenger on PC, since most users prefer the mobile version.

Direct on Instagram on a computer

  • We move from a computer to the Instagram web
  • Log in under our username and password.
  • In the upper right corner we go to direct.
  • We use the direct (read and send messages).

In the Direct, you can write a message, create a chat and attach a photo (you can also delete messages).

As you can see, directing on the computer is a little limited, but it will come down to correspondence.

Instagram promotion will become easier if you respond to messages via PC.

I can’t find direct on Instagram through a computer. What to do?

If there are no icons in the web version on the computer, then try to update the browser (or go from the other).

In Google Chrome: Click on the Troete in the upper right corner. Put the mouse cursor to the “Help” and click “On Browser”.

Start checking the availability of updates. If there are updates, then a new version will be established and direct.

It still does not work to see messages from the computer?

Apparently, the necessary updates have not reached you yet.

But there are two three ways with which you can open a direct through a computer:

  • Instagram for Windows (official program for Windows);
  • Open the mobile version of Instagram on PC (see. in an article or video lesson below);
  • Download Instagram for PC via Bluestacks (Android emulator).

Where to download a mobile version on PC

There are several mobile versions for the computer.

Appendix from the Microsoft store

On the official page of the Microsoft online store, the Instagram program is available for download. Open it through the “Start” menu, introduce the word “instagram” in the search. The first item is the right option.We load to the computer, then start the installation.

After the process is completed, it is necessary to go through the authorization procedure. The telephone version of Instagram to the computer allows you to send text messages that are located in the Direct functions. But photography is still inaccessible.

Important! The method is suitable only for Windows OS 10


An alternative to the official application serves as “ruinsta”. It was created specifically for workstations with full functionality as for mobile operating systems. In order to download the application. you need to go to the official website and press the “Download Ruinsta” button.

After downloading the file, open it. The installer will start. follow the hints of the installation wizard.

Next, we run “Ruinsta” and pass the primary authorization procedure. If the user has already been registered, just enter the accounting data. Otherwise, you will need to register a new account.

Important! The registration of a new accounting name is best held on the official Instagram website

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For owners of workstations under the control of Mac there are also similar programs. “Photodesk” is an application with advanced functionality, which is not on Instagram.

The Inte Week is fully adjusted at the request of the user, photos are displayed in various variations, they can be sorted by albums. The only drawback is that there is no way to post your notes.

The second drawback is completely paid. It can be purchased at the AppStore store.

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Visual Grub

The application is identical to the previous one, but with one important difference. “Visual Grub” is completely free. The integration is built on the principle of simplicity and comfort. Minimum buttons and various navigation, maximum photo. You can download it through the official online store “Apple”. Thus, you can download the mobile version of Instagram on a computer from different sources.

Through the browser

Using the browser, the easiest method of visiting INST on PC and using the partition for correspondence. To get this functionality at the disposal, the following actions are required:

instagram, mobile, version, entrance, computer, direct
  • It is necessary to go to the browser used daily.
  • In the search line you need to write the address of the photo network.
  • The first thing that the search engine offers is selected.
  • The entrance is made to the profile.

This is where the process is completed. Using a similar option, the user will not be able to fully communicate with subscribers online through a special section. All you can do, view content, allow the images and leave likes.

It will be easy to deal with the proposed functionality, as on a smartphone. If you can not do without conducting correspondence with users, you should use a special emulator.

Can you delete messages

It is possible to delete messages on Instagram in several ways, depending on which letter you need to get rid of:

  • If you need to delete the message from your interlocutor, call the menu with a long press and select the “Change Sending” item. The message will be erased, even if a person has already read it.
  • To remove the dialogue completely, find it in direct and long press, call an additional list of options where you need to select “Delete”.
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If you need the interlocutor delete the sent message, ask him to do this first. You can also add a person to a black list or complain about him.

How To Post On Instagram From Computer (2021)

You can send personal messages on Instagram through a chat direct. The function was introduced recently, but became popular among users. In order not to send advertising offers and spam, the number of messages per day is the limit. For communication, this does not interfere, but saves from unwanted letters. So that no one can find out personal information, the message can be deleted not only at home, but also from the interlocutor.