20 best rear view cameras

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Many people who have recently bought a car have a stereotyped dashcam. the only must-buy solution that can ensure traffic safety. Rear view cameras. devices that provide safety when parking. The quality of the image directly depends on the safety of driving, especially in large cities. In the rating below you will see a selection of the most interesting solutions in this segment.

Best Mortise Rear View Cameras

Rear view cameras. inexpensive devices that can save the car from damage when parking and in heavy traffic. Not all car models have this option, which gave rise to a whole segment of mortise cameras. It is this type of device that is easiest to mount, they protrude minimally above the surface and at the same time significantly expand the driver’s field of vision. The cameras themselves differ in many parameters: the type of matrix, analog and digital image resolution and light sensitivity.

Digma DCV-210

Despite the most affordable cost of a reversing camera, the Digma DCV-210’s performance makes it a serious competitor in the market. The device has a spill-resistant housing and a wide-angle lens provides a better view behind the vehicle. 170 degrees. IR illumination comes in handy. when maneuvering in the dark, the visibility of obstacles is just excellent.

The video resolution is fully consistent with the cost of this camera. 640×480 pixels. However, the DCV-210 does its job well. After inserting this device into the rear bumper (from the side it looks like a parking sensor), reversing the car will be as safe as possible both during the day and at night.

Interpower IP-950 Aqua

Excellent functionality makes Interpower IP-950 Aqua one of the best rear view cameras. The viewing angle is only 110 degrees. However, it allows you to see the entire environment in front of the rear bumper. Bad weather conditions will NOT be a hindrance. With the help of a nozzle that supplies water for flushing the road dirt camera from the glass, the latter will be cleared in a matter of seconds, and nothing prevents the driver from seeing where he is going in reverse.

In addition to such a serious competitive advantage, the Interpower IP-950 Aqua flush-mount camera has everything you need to be used as a video parktronic. The frame displays lines that simulate the trajectory of movement. This will allow even inexperienced DRIVERS to back up like real pros. The presence of a CMOS sensor automatically adjusts the brightness of the image in accordance with the illumination. The camera does its job well in the dark.

AutoExpert VC-214 (393348)

For those who do NOT want to spend more than three thousand rubles on buying a rear view camera, there is also a solution. AutoExpert VC-214. This camera offers almost the same set of benefits to its users, but at half the price of the flagship solution. The main element of the device is a matrix made using CMOS technology. Its resolution is almost a record for this class of devices. 648×488. In analog format, this figure is 420 TVL (television lines). Signal-to-noise ratio is also high at 45 decibels.

A small disadvantage of the device is its low light sensitivity. 0.6 lux. In practice, this will result in an insufficiently contrasting picture when using the camera in unlit parking lots and roads. But the difference is NOT as striking as it seems: with a limited budget, AutoExpert VC-214 will fully justify the money spent on it.

Incar VDC-002 (408002)

Incar VDC-002. a camera with a standard cut-in design, which is also located in the price range of up to 4 thousand rubles. It uses a high-quality CMOS sensor with a resolution of 628×582. by this indicator, it bypasses all its competitors in the market. The large 1/3-inch sensor captures a lot of light. In practice, this ensures good visibility and high image contrast both day and night.

Flush-mount design makes installation easy. this is the method used by most manufacturers on the market. A small disadvantage is the lack of adjustment of image modes: only mirror image is available to the user. There are no camera accessories either. most will NOT need them, but still additional options could add a couple of points to the device’s piggy bank. The combination of characteristics makes the camera one of the best on the market. High image clarity plays a decisive role in operating the device. in this parameter, Incar VDC-002 simply has no analogues.

AVIS 311CPR (433954)

This rear view camera is the leader in the rating due to the matrix, which is made using CCD technology. It provides the highest possible light sensitivity. the image quality in cameras is much higher than that of analogs with a CMOS sensor. A resolution of 512×492 pixels (or 420 TVL) is enough to get a high-quality picture. This camera is the only one in the rating that has direct and mirror image in the viewfinder. most models can only boast the latter. The minimum illumination at which the 311CPR operates is 0.1 lux. even in complete darkness, the contours of objects will be easily distinguishable.

Reviews from car owners also confirm: this camera. the best in its segment. Even small inconveniences associated with a non-standard screw design, rather than negate its main advantage. the highest image quality in all conditions. Do not forget about the accessories that can be purchased for AVIC models.

Best Overhead Rear View Cameras

Overhead rear view camera. the best opportunity to protect your car when parking. Its outrigger design allows direct estimation of the distance between the obstacle and the bumper. This allows the car to be parked with an accuracy of several centimeters, avoiding even minimal damage. Another advantage of such cameras. versatility: they can be installed on almost any vehicle.


The most advantageous offer in our review among overhead rear-view cameras. SHO-ME CA-9030D. The Chinese device, despite the affordability, is not so bad. It has an excellent horizontal viewing angle. 170 degrees and also quite good resolution (656×492). This is more than enough for excellent control of the situation behind the car. The minimum illumination level at which the picture is quite legible can be within 0.2 Lux. So at night the light from the reversing light will be more than enough for the camera to work correctly.

Owners praise not only the cost of the product. SHO-ME CA-9030D shows an image with parking guidelines, which is very convenient, especially on a new car. allows you to quickly get used to the new dimensions. The rear-view camera body is protected from moisture and dust, but there are copies with defects in build quality. Poor sealing in the area where the cord exits from the body may cause fogging of the lens glass. A few drops of sealant will solve this problem. Given the affordability of the price, many owners do NOT consider such deviations a reason to refuse a more profitable purchase.

AutoExpert VC-200

The miniature rear view camera makes it easy to install. You can place AutoExpert VC-200 under the bumper and in the license plate area. The parking lines built into the broadcast are useful for beginners. Give it back by car, with such an assistant they will definitely avoid many troubles. The picture comes out pretty confident in quality. the analog signal outputs 420 TVL. This allows, rather than looking closely at the details, it is good to see all the obstacles behind the car, including at night.

Owners first of all pay attention to the wide-angle lens. The 170 degrees declared by the manufacturer are NOT at variance with the real capabilities of the device. This visibility allows you to accurately control the trajectory of movement, and not fear of touching the edge of the bumper any obstacle. The robust body is excellent weatherproof and washable. some owners use the camera for the first year, which confirms its high operational stability.

Blackview UC-27

With a light sensitivity of 0.2 Lux and a factory-set high white balance, this rear view camera delivers crisp images. And if the daytime broadcast may seem a little excessive in brightness, night photography guarantees safe reversing in the car. In addition, the presence of parking guidelines when the camera is located in the center will be a good orientation for novice DRIVERS.

Installed outside, the Blackview UC-27 camera is reliably protected from moisture and will serve its owner for more than one hour. Of the 170 degree viewing angle declared by the manufacturer, only 120 will be available to the user. This is quite enough for comfortable use. Considering the cost of this rear-view camera in the owners about such a discrepancy absolutely comments of negative reactions. Blackview UC-27 performs its task of ensuring the safe movement of cars perfectly.

Xiaomi 70 mai HD Reverse Video Camera

Already from the name Xiaomi 70 mai HD Reverse Video Camera it becomes clear. this rear view camera is well worth the attention. Despite the fact that it is designed for use with the original recorder of the same brand, it will NOT be difficult to connect the device to the OEM car monitor. If the device has a port for connecting an RCA connector, there will be no complications. High-sensitivity 720p sensor ensures excellent image brightness, allowing the camera to confidently deliver high quality images in low light conditions.

The HD Reverse Video Camera is a wide-angle 138-degree lens. The monitor displays all the space in front of the rear bumper. The absence of blind spots and the translation of parking lines allows even inexperienced drivers to confidently back up. The camera body has a high degree of moisture protection and can be located anywhere in the rear of the car. Unlike wireless cameras, installing the Xiaomi 70 mai requires some skill. it is better to entrust hidden cable laying to specialists.

Alpine HCE-C1100

Alpine has long established itself as a flagship automotive electronics manufacturer. Its camera has the best matrix in all respects: the shooting resolution is 1280×960 pixels. In analog format, this figure is 330 TVL, which is also enough to get a clear and contrasting picture.

The model also has a maximum viewing angle (180 degrees) and a minimum noise level (40 dB). The minimum illumination threshold is 1.5 lux. the premise of the volume was the extremely small size of the matrix (1 / 3.8 inches). The delivery set includes a remote control. The device can automatically adjust brightness and white balance. other solutions are NOT able to adapt these values ​​to the driver. Also, it should be noted that the device is compact: the camera is smaller than almost any model in its segment. Reviews also unconditionally prioritize the Alpine model.

Best rear view cameras: mounting on license plate frame

The rear view camera can also be installed on the license plate frame. These devices are much more compact than their counterparts and allow you to disguise it from prying eyes. Problems can arise only at the stage of selecting fasteners. the number of their species is very large.

Interpower IP-616

The Interpower IP-616 rear view camera is very easy to install due to the compact connector on the end of the cable from the device to the monitor. This greatly simplifies concealed installation, allowing you to gently push a thin wire under plastic panels, and without requiring the removal of the casing elements. Despite the affordable cost, the equipment is made at a fairly high level. The camera has the necessary degree of moisture protection, which is confirmed by the words of the owners with many years of experience.

Good and internal filling. The broadcast of parking lines and IR illumination allows you to perfectly orient yourself even if the reverse lamp in the car burns out. The used CMOS sensor OmniVision OV7959 provides good clarity in any light. The owners also positively note the frost resistance of the gadget. Interpower IP-616 remains operational up to 40 ° C.

Blackview UC-77 Silver LED

The LED backlight installed in this camera allows you to get excellent picture quality even at night. The image is broadcast in a mirror image and fully corresponds to the reflection in the mirror. Also, for convenience, there are colored parking lines, which show the trajectory of the car, allowing the driver to orient himself more accurately.

incar, rear, view, camera

The rear view camera is completely sealed and has a fairly sturdy housing. During installation, it is possible to adjust the position of the camera to the horizontal line, depending on where the frame is installed (trunk lid or bumper). This allows the UC-77 Black to be used in any vehicle, including cargo vehicles.

AutoExpert VC-204

By changing the frame of the car registration number to AutoExpert VC-204, the driver will get an excellent video monitoring system behind the car. Installing the frame itself will NOT cause any difficulties, but since the rear view camera does not have a wireless interface, you will have to tinker with laying the cable to the monitor on the dashboard. this is not an easy task. The product is of satisfactory quality. the plastic is UV resistant, and all seams are tightly fitted. AutoExpert VC-204 can be adjusted vertically for optimal picture adjustment.

The analog signal resolution of 420 TVL gives a clear image from the camera, and a decent viewing angle (170 degrees) does not leave “blind” zones when reversing the car. The picture is broadcast in a mirror image and with the output of parking lines. The owner, if necessary, can disable these options, which allows you to install a frame with an integrated camera in front of the car.

Sho-Me CA-6184LED

The camera transmits an analog signal in PAL or NTSC format to the head unit. Built-in LED lighting provides sufficient depth of vision for safe parking. In addition, a parking pattern of the vehicle’s path is superimposed on the image, which greatly facilitates driving (when driving in reverse) by a driver with little experience. The camera is not wide-angle, but, nevertheless, the angle of view allows you to control the location of external objects at a distance of at least a meter from the edge of the car.

The video equipment is integrated into the license plate frame and can be installed on any vehicle. If the location of the device is not in the center of the car, parking guidelines can be turned off. In this case, the height of the frame for a high-quality view should be NOT lower than 50 cm from the road surface.


To install the device, you just need to change the license plate of the license plate. Power is connected to the reversing light, and the video signal through the CVBS connector is connected to the video input of any broadcasting equipment that supports NTSC color images. Infrared light provides good visibility when using the camera at night.

AVS345CPR maintains performance at temperatures from. 30 ° C to 50 ° C, fully sealed housing and adjustable horizontal angle. This allows the correct use of static markings of the trajectory of movement, which is superimposed on the broadcast picture. With its help, parking is greatly simplified, which is important for drivers with little experience.

The best premium rear cameras

If you need a premium rear view camera. worth paying attention to in favor of overhead solutions. Such devices make it possible to park a car in any weather: they have the highest quality image and have extremely full functionality.

5 Incar VDC-412

The characteristics of this rear view camera can be assessed just by picking up the device. high quality materials and full compliance with the form factor of the original brake light of such car brands as Mercedes-Benz or Volkswagen (minibuses) makes it easy to install the device in place of this element. The device, unfortunately, is NOT wireless, so you have to pull the wire to the monitor on the front of the car. Fortunately, the manufacturer did NOT skimp on this issue. it will definitely be enough.

The performance characteristics of the device are also pleasing. The camera is equipped with a wide-angle lens (170 degrees) and a CMOS-matrix with dimensions of 648×488 pixels. By automatically adjusting the white balance, the device provides a contrasting image at any time of the day. An element such as parking lines is projected in the picture and allows even an inexperienced driver to provide high precision reversing maneuvering. IR illumination additionally provides better picture quality at night. The efficiency of its work allows you to safely back up even with an inoperative rearview lamp.


Universal rear view camera is suitable for installation in a regular place instead of a brake light. It is suitable for commercial vehicles such as Peugeot, Citroen and Fiat. The presence of infrared diodes allows maneuvering at zero illumination. the backlight is quite powerful, and allows you to get an accurate picture of obstacles located more than a meter from the rear bumper of the car.

There are rear-view cameras and parking lines. they are well marked and give an accurate indication of the distance behind the vehicle. The alternative brake light is made from the same material as the original part. ABS plastic is resistant to UV radiation and damage. The camera has reliable protection against moisture, does NOT fog up in case of drops and has an almost unlimited operating resource.


Garmin solution. the most functional of those presented in the rating. A wide range of possibilities will allow you to put the car accurately and easily. This has largely become available thanks to parking tags. lines, which are superimposed on the device screen and show exactly where the driver should stop the car. Also, the cameras have the best moisture protection among the presented ones. it supports IPX7 standard.

From a technical point of view, the camera is from Garmin. far from the flagship of its segment. The maximum shooting resolution is limited to a modest 640×480 pixels. The viewing angles are pretty small too. only 140 degrees. The 1/3 inch matrix shows itself well in the dark, but does not compensate for the lack of resolution. In terms of price / performance ratio, the model is still inferior to the two devices described above.


The camera allows you to monitor the space behind the vehicle while reversing. The wide-angle lens (170 °) provides good visibility, and the static line markings allow the driver to act more confidently. The low noise level of the signal gives a picture with high contrast and a resolution of 500 TV lines (in NTSC format). With this image quality, a standard backlight is enough for confident camera operation (illumination intensity above 0.1 Lux provides good visibility).

A secure mount allows you to mount the camera wherever the owner wants it. For convenience, you can purchase adapter mounts for different car models, which are made in the form of a plafond for license plate illumination and have an adapted seat. Reliable fastening and waterproof housing ensure long-term equipment operation.


The leading position of the rating in this category is occupied by the camera of the ALPINE brand of automotive electronics, popular in the market. It has a number of advantages, which justify the rather high cost of the equipment. High quality wide-format image (horizontal viewing angle is 180 °, vertical. 70 °) allows to implement the innovative MultiView technology, which allows broadcasting different image processing modes:

  • Shows a wider viewing angle;
  • Broadcasts two SEPARATE images of the left and right side of the space in front of the rear bumper;
  • Top view allows the most accurate parking maneuver.

Using the HCE-C2600FD camera to broadcast the view behind the car significantly Reduces the likelihood of collisions, even if an inexperienced driver is behind the wheel.