Trade-in iPhone in Russia. the terms of the program, what iPhones are accepted, how to calculate the price of an old smartphone

July 26 in Russia, the official program for receiving old iPhones in exchange for new ones (trade-in) was launched. What are the conditions of the program, which iPhones are accepted, is it profitable or is it better to sell the iPhone on the secondary market? Detailed understanding of trade-in program in Russia in this article.

What is trade-in?

Trade-in is a program for exchanging old devices for a discount when buying a new one. When you surrender your device in trade-in, it is evaluated based on the relevance of the model, its technical and external condition. The amount at which the device was valued is provided to the user as a discount on the purchase of a new.


In simple words, you bring your old iPhone to the store, return it (after the evaluation) and you immediately get a discount to buy a new iPhone in the same store.

Why Apple has launched a trade-in program in Russia?

Apple officially launched its own trade-in program back in 2013, but it has not started working in Russia. Well, now the company has come to its senses, or they have decided to give Russians the opportunity to surrender their old iPhones?

In fact, the official Apple trade-in program has not reached us yet. The program of exchange of old iPhones for new ones has been launched by Apple’s Russian partners. retailers “Svyaznoy” and re:Store. The indication to launch the program “from above,” however, was probably. In June 2017, Apple’s main competitor Samsung launched its trade-in program in Russia. Apparently, Apple did not want to lag behind.

Where to surrender old iPhones in exchange for new ones?

The trade-in program was originally launched at re:Store and Svyaznoy. Applying to the salons of these stores you can evaluate and if you want you can sell your old iPhone in exchange for a discount on the purchase of a new model.

In the near future, the trade-in program will be launched at M.Video”. It is reported that the retailer is finalizing an agreement with Apple to provide its customers with such an opportunity.

Until what date is the trade-in program valid??

According to initial information, the trade-in program at Svyaznoy and re:Store was supposed to be open-ended. However, when studying the rules of the program, we noticed that in re:Store the promotion runs from July 22 to August 13, 2017. Svyaznoy trade-in program rules do not specify an expiration date.

What iPhones can be surrendered under the program?

The following iPhone models can be returned as part of trade-in program:

  • iPhone 4 8/16/32GB
  • iPhone 4S 8/16/32/64GB
  • iPhone 5 16/32/64GB
  • iPhone 5S 16/32/64GB
  • iPhone 5C 8/16/32GB
  • iPhone 6 16/64/128GB
  • iPhone 6 Plus 16/64/128GB
  • iPhone 6S 16/32/64/128 GB
  • iPhone 6S Plus 16/32/64/128GB
  • iPhone 7 32/128/256 GB
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32/128/256 GB
  • iPhone SE 16/32/64/128 GB

In other words, you can sell any used iPhone, starting with iPhone 4.

Which iPhones are discounted by the program?

The following models are discounted when you surrender your old iPhone:

  • iPhone 6 32GB
  • iPhone 6 Plus 32/128 GB
  • iPhone 6S 32/128GB
  • iPhone 6S Plus 32/128 GB
  • iPhone 7 32/128/256 GB
  • iPhone 7 Plus 32/128/256 GB
  • iPhone SE 32/128 GB

Is it possible to surrender an iPhone for a downgrade?

Suppose you stopped liking your iPhone 6s Plus because of its impressive size. In the trade-in program you can surrender it and get a discount to buy a compact iPhone SE, there will be no problem.

Is it possible to get an installment when buying an iPhone in trade-in program?

No, you can buy a new iPhone after getting a discount for surrendering the old one only for cash, or for credit. over, no other iPhone discounts are available for getting a discount for surrendering your old smartphone.

How old iPhones are valued?

The amount of the discount on the purchase of a new iPhone for surrendering the old one is determined after:

  • Testing the smartphone using a special Belmont Trading app, which evaluates the technical condition of the device,
  • Examine the appearance of your iPhone,
  • to check the functionality of the iPhone.

When the store employee has determined the value of the old iPhone, it is voiced to the buyer, who can refuse the change, if the size of the discount does not suit him.

How to evaluate your iPhone from the comfort of your home

A system for estimating the value of old iPhones participating in the trade-in program is available on the official Euroset website. When estimating it allows you to take into account the model, technical and external condition of the smartphone. However, the list of available for surrender iPhone in the system does not include all models, so this calculator should only be used to pre-estimate your smartphone.

What’s the maximum discount for surrendering your iPhone?

The maximum possible discount for the purchase of a new iPhone for surrendering the old one is 30%. This means that when you return, for example, a 64GB iPhone 6s in perfect condition, you will get a 256GB iPhone 7 Plus for as much as 31,000 off.

What is more profitable. to sell an old iPhone or to trade it in?

As foreign practice shows, selling an old iPhone on the secondary market is more profitable than surrendering a smartphone through a trade-in program. However, if you have no time or desire to sell your old iPhone by yourself, the trade-in program will really help you out.

My iPhone is in terrible condition, can I exchange it??

The trade-in program accepts iPhones that are broken or have a poor appearance. But in this case the discount will be reduced. In addition, employees of Apple retailers may not accept blatantly “dead” iPhones.

I bought my iPhone on installment, can I participate in the promotion?

According to the rules, the promotion does not include iPhones that were purchased through the installment program without a down payment and overpayment.

Is it possible to get money in hand for giving up an old iPhone?

No, for surrendering your old iPhone, you get only a discount on the purchase of a new one. No money is given out.

Can I trade in someone else’s iPhone??

When you return your old iPhone for the trade-in program, you must confirm the ownership. According to the rules, published on the official site of re:Store, you must deactivate “Find My iPhone” function on the device. It is not necessary to have proof of purchase, according to the rules.

A few more important points

  • If you agree to surrender your iPhone under the trade-in program, all information will be removed from it. We recommend that you take care of making a fresh backup copy in advance.
  • An iPhone sold under the program cannot be subsequently exchanged or returned.
  • The exchange of an old iPhone for a new one.
  • You can buy a new iPhone only in the store where you returned your old iPhone.
  • Only individuals over 18 years old may take part in the program.

How to turn a new or used iPhone into an iPod Touch in under 5 minutes!

Will the program cover the iPhone 7s and iPhone 8??

In September 2017, Apple will release its new flagships, the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8. We contacted re:Store representatives to clarify whether the trade-in program will cover the latest Apple smartphones. According to them, it all depends on whether the program itself will be in effect by then, as the terms and conditions say it will end as early as August 13.

Can I use my discount to buy an iPad or Mac??

No, the discount you get from turning in your old iPhone can only be used to buy a new iPhone.

Can I trade in my iPhone purchased abroad?

No, your iPhone must have been purchased from one of Apple’s authorized retailers, a list of which can be found on the company’s website.

Note that in the future we will update this material with examples of real cases of surrendering old iPhones under the trade-in program.

Backing Up

Connect your old iPhone or any other iOS gadget to your Mac or PC, and launch iTunes (you can download iTunes for your computer here). Go to the tab with the connected gadget and select the “Browse” menu on the left side menu of “Settings”. There are two ways to create backups via iTunes: in iCloud or directly on your computer. Use the second option, because a local copy is much faster than using an Internet connection.

Select the “This computer” backup method.

Click the Create a copy now button.

Wait for the end of the backup.

How to use an old iPhone

Apple smartphones are the most liquid and they are cheaper than other gadgets on the market. You can sell even a 2 year old iPhone for a bargain, which is almost impossible in the Android world.

If you have had your iPhone for 4-5 years, it does not make much sense to sell it anymore. There are a lot of such gadgets at any online marketplace, but to get some worthwhile money for them will not work.

Instead of selling it for next to nothing, find a new use for your old iPhone.

To use it as a 4G modem

If relatives have already bought an Apple smartphone, you can use an old iPhone as a modem. This variant is suitable for those who do not use models with Dual SIM support, but would prefer to have two calling plans from different operators.

We use the SIM card on our main smartphone for calling, and the old one for streaming the Internet.

Right for iPhone: Anyone from iPhone 5 onwards. The main thing in advance check the list of supported frequencies in your model.

Turn into a terminal to control the smart home

There are more and more smart gadgets in our homes, and it’s getting harder and harder to control them from a basic smartphone. Usually you need to charge your gadget when you get home, and it’s not always convenient to carry a modern phablet around.

It’s much easier to allocate an old unused iPhone for this purpose and manage your home gadgets comfortably with it.

Which iPhone works: Any model that supports iOS 10 with the Home app will do. You can use iPhone 5/5c or newer devices.

If you use Xiaomi’s ecosystem at home, even an iOS 9 smartphone will do. This is the minimum requirement of the Mi Home app on the App Store.

Make a video camera for surveillance over the Internet

Even the most mediocre smartphone camera is good as a surveillance camera or baby monitor. The smartphone will need to be plugged into a wall outlet or Power Bank, and you can use the simplest tripod or mount to place it in a comfortable place.

For software, we recommend the Manything or CCTV camera app.

What iPhone is suitable: any model with support for iOS 8 or newer.

Make it a player or iPhone for jogging and working out at the gym

To avoid discharging the main smartphone, you can use an old gadget to work out in the gym or on the street. This solution has several advantages at once.

First, the old smartphone is more compact and comfortable to wear even in the simplest sports uniform.

Secondly, an old gadget is not so sorry to break or damage.

Thirdly, the main device, as already mentioned, will not run out of power during sporting activities and will not be distracted by notifications.

Which iPhone is right for you: to use Apple Music you need iOS 8, but to use Airpods you’ll need an iOS 10 gadget.

Set it as an alarm clock and a bedside clock

With a suitable docking station, you can turn an old smartphone into a convenient bedside clock.

Both the standard app for displaying the time and more sophisticated analogues from the App Store are suitable for this purpose.

Don’t forget to turn off the autolock (Screen Settings and Brightness Autolock) and the advanced clock with alarm clock and Siri is ready to use.

Which iPhone is fine: Any iPhone, as long as it has the app you want.

Give your smartphone to family members

The easiest and most trivial solution is to give away an old iPhone to an elderly parent or grandparent. This will allow you to partially integrate them into the familiar ecosystem of Apple services and abandon the long-fatigued Skype or Viber.

To communicate with relatives, they will use the handy FaceTime. Even an old iPhone with iOS 9-10 versions is times more convenient than a budget Android smartphone or tablet.

What kind of iPhone is suitable: even the oldest models like iPhone 4s can be used as a communication terminal. Ideal for this role are the iPhone 5/5c/5s, which are good in both size and hardware capabilities. For undemanding users it’s good enough.

Leave it in your car as a video recorder or navigation device

If you have not got a black box in your car, you can use your old smartphone for this purpose.

Download the CamOnRoad DVR app or similar, find a suitable mount for your windshield and connect your smartphone.

This recorder will outperform even the most advanced modern models. Get a quality camera, a large touch screen, GPS and other smartphone features.

With a navigator it’s even easier, just choose your favorite application and download the maps of your region. Your choice of Yandex.Navigator, Waze, Google Maps or any other analogue.

Applicable iPhones: Most of these applications require iOS 10 or newer.

Use as a smart speaker at home

We already told you how to turn any iPhone into a speaker for the house. You can pump up your existing speaker or pick up a new one for your smartphone.

The gadget will not be tied exclusively to Apple Music, you can use any streaming service or online radio.

What kind of iPhone is suitable: practically any smartphone model.

Don’t forget about jailbreak which can add a lot of features to your old gadget. So, for example, the smartphone can become an AirPlay receiver or a car system with CarPlay on board.

All this allows you to find a use for even the oldest iPhones, which can not be profitable to sell on the secondary market.

In iOS there is a preinstalled utility that allows you to quickly set up a new device, saving all the data and settings from the old gadget. As of iOS 15, it allows you to transfer data over the cloud for free, even if you use the standard iCloud for 5GB and the files on your device are much larger. This is a great option if your computer doesn‘t have a lot of free space to transfer via PC intermediary.

It’s really easy to use. Turn on the new or factory reset smartphone next to the old one and turn it on. There’s a “Quick Start” panel that will walk you through all the steps of the data transfer.

You’ll need to point the camera of the old smartphone over the new one, which will display a connection animation, then enter the passcode, set up Face ID and log in to your Apple ID account. After that, the screen will prompt you to sync your data locally or via iCloud. Choose the appropriate method, wait for the transfer to complete and you’re done, you can use your new iPhone 13.

But this method has a couple of serious drawbacks, because of which it is not suitable for everyone. In particular, “Quick Start” requires the new device to be reset to factory settings, which means that if you walk around with a new phone for a couple of days and then decide to transfer data from the old one, all the content created during this time will have to be deleted or uploaded to the cloud manually.

And, as we mentioned, you are transferring all your content and settings at once. This can be inconvenient if you want to keep some of your photo and video archive on your old device and transfer, for example, only photos from the last year to the new device so that you have more space on your drive. You also run the risk of losing content, such as audio files, which you downloaded to your smartphone’s memory in a way other than through the Apple Store

How to transfer photos and videos from one (old) iPhone to another (new) one

Photos and videos are part of our lives. They allow you to quickly fill gaps in memory and play certain moments with a few taps on the display. And that’s why storing them is of utmost importance. There are many ways to transfer photos and video from one iOS device to another, and in this article we will describe some of them.

Of course, the easiest way would be to back up your iPhone in iTunes, but that would also move all your other data like music, contacts, etc. along with your photos and videos. And what if you need to move only photos and videos? Solutions as always a lot.

Older models of iPhone smartphones, which Apple slows down allegedly because of battery wear and tear, turned out to be possible to make work faster. According to Gizchina, it’s enough to change the region in the basic settings of the device.

For Apple smartphones five years ago (and older) to use the full potential of its hardware, you need to select France in the region settings. In some cases, this can improve the performance of the device by 5-10%, as confirmed by benchmarks.

As an example, the portal Gizchina cited the smartphone iPhone 7, which was released five years ago, in September 2016. By today’s standards, this is an outdated model, although Apple still supports it by releasing iOS updates for it.

If you test the iPhone 7 on the popular GeekBench benchmark without changing your region, it comes in at just over 286,600. Points. If you select France in the settings, then under the same test conditions, the final number of points rises to more than 298.3 thousand.

The backup in iCloud doesn’t actually store the most important data (contacts, photos, etc.д.)

The following data is not included in the iCloud backup:

  • Contacts;
  • Calendars;
  • Notes;
  • iCloud Photos ;
  • Messages from iMessage ;
  • Voice memos;
  • Text (SMS) and multimedia (MMS) messages ;
  • Health data;
  • Data stored in other cloud services, such as Gmail and Exchange;
  • Apple Mail data;
  • Apple Pay information and settings;
  • Face ID or Touch ID settings;
  • Contents of the music library and iCloud app store.

If Messages to iCloud and Photos to iCloud are enabled in the iCloud settings, iMessage, SMS, MMS, photos, and videos are automatically synced to iCloud. And they are not backed up to iCloud.

Some of this data is also available to Apple, even if it is not included in the iCloud backup. If there is information on the Internet: it can be photos, notes, contacts, etc. д., then Apple is also able to access it. This means that the company could also hand over the data to law enforcement.

What this has to do with

The need to install iOS 10.3.4 on the iPhone 5 is related to the problem found in older versions of the system with the work of geolocation (GPS), due to which many applications that synchronize time by navigation system can not function properly. The problem is that in iOS itself, the time is also automatically set via GPS, but because there is some limitation in the time-counting system that Apple does not share in detail, after Nov. 3, 2019. the smartphone will start setting incorrect times. As a result, this error in the system will turn off the GPS in your smartphone, which will stop working Safari browser, which needs to synchronize time.

Disabling GPS not only makes Safari inoperable, but also disables connection to iCloud Backup, which will be the reason for “over the air” updates. The e-mail client, the App Store and all the navigators, which can determine a user’s location only by GPS-coordinates, will also be out of order.

New Generation Trade-in. With a guarantee

Great Steve Company launched a new trade-in program. It offers three exchange options, two of which are completely atypical for Russia.

  • Exchange of used for new. The traditional trade-in exchange program allows you to exchange your old smartphone for a new one with a surcharge.
  • Defective smartphone can be exchanged for a new one. Customers are offered to exchange broken, drowned and failed for other reasons smartphones for new ones. An exchange for the exact same model of iPhone. which is surrendered under the trade-in program. If you return a broken silver iPhone X with 64GB of memory you get a new silver iPhone X with the same 64GB.
  • Used-for-used exchange. The program allows you to exchange your smartphone for another with a minimal additional fee. The resulting smartphone will be used, but in “like new” condition.

In the case of each program, customers get a full warranty. When exchanging a used smartphone for a new one, the warranty is two years: one year from the manufacturer and one year for consumer protection. When exchanging a faulty smartphone for a new one, there is a one-year warranty from the manufacturer. When exchanging a used one for a used one, customers get a three-month warranty from Great Steve’s company.