All ways to copy contacts on Xiaomi phones

Suppose you store contacts on the “sim card”, but what to do if the number of numbers has long exceeded its limit? And if you want to specify additional numbers, add photo, address and other information?

In this case, simply copy the data into the memory of your Xiaomi smartphone:

After these actions the system will offer you a list of linked accounts, where you can copy phone numbers.

Usually users choose Google-account, because without it the full-fledged use of Xiaomi smartphone is impossible.

However, you can choose any other account: for example, Mi or Yandex. After selecting the necessary numbers on the SIM-card and press the “Import” button at the bottom of the screen.

Not only will the system save all your contacts to your phone memory, but it will also link them to your account so they’ll always be with you in the future.

In order to transfer phone numbers to the internal memory of your smartphone, you need to do the following steps:

Access your contacts using the Phone app, “Contacts” tab, or the Contacts app directly:
To bring up the number management menu, you need to hold down the left touch button on the phone for a long time (three bars). This will bring up the corresponding list (see “Contacts” on page 31). (see figure below), where you need to select Import and export:
The phone will read all the contacts stored on the SIM card and display their list. It remains to select the numbers you want and press the Import button at the bottom of the screen:

The device copies the data and displays a message that the import was successful.

How to transfer contacts from phone to SIM card on Xiaomi

The process of replacing your smartphone with a new one is always a pleasant event, but it also brings with it many problems.

Firstly, on the new device, if you do not transfer to it all the data from the old device with the help of the cloud, you will need to download and authorize anew the applications that were used on the old device.

Another common problem is an empty contact list on the new device, which must be filled. Agree that manually moving dozens or even hundreds of numbers from an old device is a time-consuming and not very pleasant task. For these cases there is a possibility to copy contacts from the smartphone to the SIM card and then transfer them to the new device.

However, it is important to understand that the memory of the SIM-card is limited, and only a certain number of numbers can be transferred.

To perform this procedure on your Xiaomi smartphone you should perform the following steps:

  • Go to “Settings”;
  • Then go to “System Applications”;
  • Then. “Contacts”;
  • “Import and export” there you will see a section called “Export to SIM card 1”. After you press on it, the device will give you the information that only 249 contacts can be copied, and unfortunately the rest will not be copied. From the list you will need to select contacts that you want to transfer to the SIM-card, then at the top of the screen click on the checkbox to complete the process. There will be a notification on the screen about the end of the process.

In this simple way you can save yourself from unnecessary work with a new device and save a lot of time.

It is necessary to know also about the reverse process, such as transfer of contacts from SIM-card to telephone.

For this again you need to go to settings, then to “System applications”. After this we choose “Contacts. Import and export”. The next step is to press “Import from SIM card” (be careful here, if the phone has two SIM cards, select the right one).

Once the above steps are done, the device will offer you a list of accounts that are attached to the phone to copy contacts. In most cases users choose Google account, because it is one of the most convenient, and it is almost impossible to imagine the modern world without Google applications, especially on a smartphone like Xiaomi.

Once the account will be chosen, you only need to mark the numbers you wish to transfer to it from the SIM-card, and then click “Import” to complete the process.

This is also useful for the fact that if you lose an important contact as a result of, for example, its accidental deletion, it will be easy to restore it with the help of the Google account, since it is copied there automatically and stored in the cloud.

It is possible to transfer contacts without using the SIM card. How, you may ask? It’s very simple, I’m sure that the information will be useful for you.

To do this, we go the familiar way:

  • Go to “Settings”,
  • Select “System Applications”,
  • “Contacts.”
  • “Import and export” go to “Send contacts” and in the list of methods that will be available you should select the application called Mi Drop (in newer versions. ShareMe). Once you click it, your device will start a remote search for another Xiaomi device nearby. On the device to which you want to transfer your contacts, Mi Drop should also be turned on and then press the “Get” button.

If you do the right sequence of actions, the devices will establish a connection and after you confirm the copying of contacts, they will be transferred to the desired device.

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Xiaomi transfer phonebook from a file.vcf

It is assumed that you have connected your phone to your Google account, or your SIM card has the appropriate.vcf file.

Setting up for apps camera and microphone access permissions developer mode. Xiaomi Mi.

As mentioned above, if you go to the phonebook (phone icon) and then to the settings, you will not find the options to restore the import/export of contacts, because here are the phonebook settings, but not synchronization with the cloud.

Synchronization settings are now located in the Contacts app, which is, shall we say, system. Here is the application we need today, and with it we will solve the issue of transferring phone book of contacts from the file.vcf, located somewhere in the cloud folder, or on the SIM-card.

The application Contacts in a new phone is not on the main screen.

2 Swipe up from the bottom of the screen

will open the ribbon of recent activity, and then the required summary of icons installed on Xiaomi applications.

You can display the Contacts application on your home screen for your convenience.

I have, as seen in the screenshot below, only 2 contacts in the phonebook. Now I need to load the earlier saved phonebook from the file.vcf

Follow the arrow to open the control panel of the Contacts application (three horizontal bars).

If you do not have the application for some reason, you can easily download it from Google Play.

Go to Settings as shown on the picture below

Scroll down the settings bar and find the Import and Export contacts option

In this case we need to import (transfer) in phonebook Xiaomi all saved contacts.

Choose the desired action Import contacts or Export

Next, you will need to specify the option in our case to import contacts

At this step, it is possible to specify the location.vcf file, for example, on SIM card, or saved contacts on SIM card: t.If you have not yet connected your Xiaomi to your Google account, where you usually store backups, you can first download the contacts file to your computer, and from your computer to your SIM card. And then this.vcf and specify to restore the phonebook contacts on the new Android.

As you understand, the file with a backup of contacts will have some name, for example 0002.vcf that’s what you need to specify.

Next, if it is a new phone, the system prompts you to specify the location of the file.vcf

I store all backups in folders located on Google drive, and then transfer to my phone on demand.

So, let’s choose.vcf file with fresh data

After selection, the process of transferring contacts starts.

Setting app permissions for camera and microphone access; developer mode. Xiaomi Mi.

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If you have previously stored contacts on the SIM card, then you can easily transfer them to your phone. Open “Settings” “System Applications” “Contacts

Choose “Import and export” “Import from SIM” choose the SIM-card from which you want to import contacts.

This way you can transfer contacts saved on your SIM card to and from your phone memory.

Synchronization with SIM

One of the oldest and most effective methods. Although it has a few weaknesses. Some providers set a limit on the number of phone contacts that can be stored on the SIM card (this applies to older formats). And it is impossible to transfer all the stored information in “contacts” with one SIM card.

If these disadvantages do not discourage, then in the phone book of the old phone, select the function “Copy/import contacts to the SIM card. After that, inserting it into Xiaomi, you can easily synchronize them.

How to Transfer Contacts in XIAOMI Redmi Note 8. Copy Contacts

New technology using QR code

Specially allocated this method, it is a kind of know-how and gives the transfer super modern sound. To activate it, you need to go to the specified path: “Settings”. “Advanced Settings”. “Mi Mover.

The application is in the settings, so it is trusted. To pair the two Xiaomi smartphones, a QR code is sent, after which it is possible to transfer anything, including the copying of contacts. All you have to do is to choose what you want and add it to the transfer, what could be easier. The only inconvenience is the obligatory presence of Wi-Fi in the phone of the sender and the recipient.

Ways to transfer from iPhone

The iPhone and Xiaomi do not have common apps, so use the Gmail app to transfer files.

  • In the email settings on your iPhone, disable synchronization with iCloud. Uncheck the item that prompts you to delete the subscriber list.
  • Gmail is assigned to your iPhone account by default.
  • Synchronize your data with Gmail. After that it will be possible to copy contacts, photos and videos to the specified e-mail address. Go to the same Google account with Xiaomi and copy the necessary files.

The most common way to export/import contacts involves moving them between the phone and the inserted SIM cards. Everything can be done quite easily, but first you must run the contact management menu. To quote experienced users, “To launch any hidden menu, you need to press the touchpad function button underneath the device’s display. Xiaomi manufacturer marked the desired button with three horizontal lines.

After launching the desired menu, proceed as follows:

A variant of import from a storage device assumes that the device contains data of the format previously exported there.vcf, which is called vCard. After pressing this button, confirming the import, the user will activate the process of searching for vCard data in the smartphone.

If the data is imported from the SIM card, then after selecting the account to which the transfer will be made, you will need to select one or more entries. To mark more than one entry at a time, do not just press any of them, but press until the cells intended for marking appear.

  • Block “Export” allows you to generate the same vCard, putting it in the phone, and if you move the contacts on the SIM card, then when you click the device will immediately notify the number of records that can be moved.

Also via the menu “Import and Export” you can transfer contacts from SIM (device) via different system and installing programs: SMS, Bluetooth, e-mail, as well as Skype, WebMoney Keeper or official applications of different social networks.

The last item “Import to Mi account” allows you to transfer between Mi and Google accounts.

If you are moving from one Xiaomi phone to another of the same brand, be sure to read the article how to transfer data from Xiaomi to Xiaomi.