Signing in to your account from your iPhone

You can login to iCloud by entering the ID and cipher you created earlier. To do this, go to the site iCloud and fill out a login form.

When you first enter, opportunities will open up:

  • iCloud updates;
  • Sign in to other Apple products using your iCloud account.
  • Log in to the game center and see the statistics of achievements.

Note: if you need to sign in to your personal iCloud mail page, you must first create it on any Apple device. If you don’t, you can’t log in to your email from other devices.

Apple device owners are the first to enjoy the personal cloud file storage service. That’s the way it works. simplicity. the brevity and convenience of devices. this is exactly what Apple has won the leadership position in the market of mobile gadgets. However. on iPhone, the first signs of storage appeared in the 5th version of iOS at the time of beta-testing of it. In its finished form, however, as a ready-made service. iCloud was introduced to users in October 2011. Authorization is done with an Apple ID. A little later (in 2014), the conservative iCloud drive appeared, which is a cloud for storing data in a more traditional sense.

In other words. Device authorization (account sign in) is carried out with the help of a special identifier that comes with the Apple smartphone or tablet for sale. This ID is designed to prevent any attempt to intercept the technical information of the device, the owner’s personal data and other sensitive information. For those who don’t own an iPad or any other gadget from the same manufacturer. You can register an identifier yourself. To do so:

Done! Now we have our own Apple ID account with which we log in to our iCloud account. It is worth noting that such a possibility appeared not so long ago. Until recently, it wasn’t possible to sign up from Android or Windows. The manufacturer’s focus on its own devices (it didn’t disappear) was an influence, but the company felt that in this case it wasn’t worth emphasizing its elitism.

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Signing in to iCloud on your Android mobile device

If you want to access the cloud storage iCloud and some branded services (Photos, Notes, Reminders, Find iPhone), it is enough to sign in to your Apple ID account at the corresponding site via any browser for Android.

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    Use the link above to go to the main page of the service and enter your Apple ID. email address. Then click on the round button to the right with an arrow inside.

and click again on the confirmation button to the right.

To the question “Do you trust this browser??” should be answered in the affirmative.

Important! If your account is secured with two-factor authentication, you need to enter a confirmation code sent to your Apple device or a tethered phone number.

icloud, enter, storage, your, phone

For example, if you sign in directly to iCloud, you can view and download its content. Use the drop-down list at the top to quickly switch between the other available web apps.

Please note! The web version of iCloud opened with an Android browser does not offer Apple-branded services such as Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. The last three can only be used on a computer (Mac and Windows) and iPhone/iPad. The first three will be explained later.

Signing in to iCloud

The following steps will help you access iCloud. You can sign in to the cloud storage account from your iPhone if

  • Go to the main application page and click on “Create an Apple ID” link
  • In the tab that appears, you must enter your personal user information, come up with a secure password and login. You’ll also need to ask a few security questions that will help you regain access to your account if necessary.
  • Then you need to activate your registered account. To do this, follow the link that will come to the specified email address.

If the account was created earlier, there is no need to register again, because all the user’s gadgets are united under the same iCloud login.

Login to the account from the phone by simply entering the old username and password

Open iCloud mail on Android

There are several ways to activate your email on your smartphone, each of which will unlock iCloud login to your account and allow you to continue receiving email through the cloud on Android.

Android mail

  • Create an unnamed e-mail on your Android device. Email”, “Yahoo”, “Outlook” will do.
  • Open the created client, type in your iCloud mail credentials and click “Configure manually”.
  • In the “Server” window, select “Account Type, type in “IMAP. This will open access to the manual configuration, where you will have to enter the following data.
  • Enter iCloud email address into the “E-mail” field
  • Enter the username all the letters up to
  • Repeat your mail access password.
  • In the “Server” window type “”No spaces, with all dots, capitalized.
  • In the “Security type” window, enter the capital letters “SSL.
  • Type 993 in the “Port” window.
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Important! You do not have to fill in other boxes of the paragraph (IMAP path prefix). Click on “Next” and start setting up the SMTP server

  • Enter the smtp characters in the “Address”
  • Under “Username, password”, duplicate your data from the IMAP settings.
  • In the “protection” window, enter the characters “SSL”, you can “TSL”.
  • Enter the numbers of the port 587.

Important! If you’re prompted for authentication, click “Yes.”

This is the most secure synchronization setting. All your correspondence from iCloud will be duplicated and sent to the mail service on Android.

Via the myMail app

In Google Play you need to choose “Synchronizer for iCloud Mail” and install the application. After installation, you will be able to receive all your mail on one smartphone. The service allows you to add all your email accounts and use a single mailbox for all your mail.

Synchronization takes place automatically, after filling in the necessary fields.

iPhone Storage x iCloud Storage AWESOME Tip!!

Users note that the way to synchronize cloud storage with Android through the service myMail, or other applications Google Play, works in 30% of cases, more often you have to use the manual setting.

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Through the generated password

An interesting and quite secure way to sign in to iCloud from android using a generated personal password. To open cloud storage mail, use the following instructions.

  • Go from your PC to of. Apple page where you created your account.
  • Open your account and go to “Security”.
  • Select the APP SPECIFIC PASSWORDS option. Next to the option is a link that generates the password.
  • Enter your password in the box (you can use Android Email) and click “Create”.
  • In the window you will see the generated password, save it and go to the Android settings.
  • Open the “Settings” option.
  • In settings, open the “Accounts menu” option, for example, on Android 8 this would be the “UsersAccounts” option.
  • Open the “Add account” option, click on the icon.
  • Click on the “Personal (IMAP)” icon, in the window next to it, type in your @iCloud
  • Enter in the upper left window the application password generated from Apple.

Important! Identification of the settings is automatic, after identifying the settings, continue the process of synchronization

  • Click the “Next” icon, select the “Sync Setup” icon, and check the account options.
  • The created e-mail will be synchronized and displayed in the Gmail app along with other accounts.

Ways of viewing

How to view photos in the cloud on your iPhone? There are several options.

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Today, you can view data from Apple’s cloud service:

  • Through the menu of iCloud settings;
  • Through the built-in features of your mobile device;
  • using a special program for Mac;
  • Through the official site of the cloud storage.

Let’s try to make Accent at work mostly with mobile devices. The rest of the techniques are usually the least questionable.

What is iCloud?

iCloud is a cloud service created by Apple Corporation, where your data, various types of backups, photos, data from applications, documents for remote work, various types of downloads, save for iPhone settings and many other types of information are stored. In fact, all information that in any way creates a copy is stored in iCloud.

By default, the user of iPhone and other devices from Apple is given 50 GB of free space, and if this amount is not enough, then he can buy an additional plan, where the volume is increased, for example, to 200 GB, which is enough to store all the photos from the phone. But if we are talking about 4K video then we need much more memory.

How to sign in to iCloud from Android and if you can get into your account

People fall into three types: those who are crazy about Apple products (i.e. smartphones with iOS); those who prefer Android phones; and those who are still unable to decide between Android and iOS. In general, this makes sense, because each manufacturer has its own characteristics, and it would be cool to combine them. The good news is that you can do this by connecting your phone to your iCloud account. We’ll tell you how to sign in to your iCloud account from Android.

Search on your phone

How to see the cloud on your iPhone? And set it up? First, let’s understand where the iCloud authorization log is located. It will not be difficult to find it.

Where in the iPhone cloud? Usually the following steps are required to authorize in the corresponding service:

  • Turn on the “apple” device, and then open the main menu of the device.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Go to Apple ID.
  • Click on the inscription iCloud.

That’s it. Now the user has to specify the data from the “apple” account. After that, it will automatically bind your cloud data to your Apple ID. You can use the feature you’re learning!