The “Boot with original save” setting

How to use iCloud Media Library? It’s important to understand what this option is, how it works, and how it needs to be set up in any given case. Even a child can do it all.

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The second item to set up the media library is “Downloading with saving the originals”. If you activate this line, all photos and videos on your Apple device will be stored in their original form both in iCloud and in the memory of the device in use.

Normally this setting is not used. Activating it quickly fills space on both your smartphone/tablet and the cloud service. Especially if iCloud Drive is activated along with it.

So, what happens if you press the off button? This depends on whether iCloud Photos only works on your iPhone. If it does, anything you haven’t downloaded or shared with another service may be lost. Apple will store them on iCloud servers for 30 days, but after that they will be deleted.

Deleting music in the Settings app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

  • Open the Settings app.
  • Tap “Basic,” and then tap “iPhone Storage” or “iPad Storage.”.
  • Scroll down to Music and tap it.
  • Swipe left on the artist, album or song.
  • Tap “Delete.”.

How to turn off the iCloud media library in iTunes

There may be several reasons why a user may want to use AppleMusic without iCloud media library. For example, you do not want to synchronize your personal collection with the songs in the cloud, or your personal collection has more than 25,000 tracks. You can always disable the iCloud media library, but of course there are some limitations. Let’s look at how to disable the iCloud media library in iTunes.

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iCloud Media Library is a special service from Apple that allows owners of mobile devices of this company to transfer media files to the cloud storage and make them available from any device. Here are its main features: Storing an unlimited number of photos and videos in iCloud Drive.

How to delete photos from iPhone, but keep them in iCloud? It is possible to disable it in the following settings menu: open Settings. Photos and Camera. Disable the slider next to iCloud Media Library. Then open the Photos app and delete all your photos without worrying about their safety in the cloud-based iCloud storage.

If you have an additional device with My Photo Stream album and iCloud Photos disabled, My Photo Stream album will still appear on that device. All new photos taken or added to the media library appear on this device in the “My Photo Stream” album.

Start iTunes, choose “Edit” (on PC) or iTunes (on Mac) in the top menu of the program and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Click the Devices tab and check the “Deny automatic syncing of iPod, iPhone, and iPad devices” box, thereby disabling such actions. Press “OK”.

About deleting documents

How to turn off the iCloud media library? This is another operation that does not require any special skills or knowledge from the user. But we’ll get to that later. We forgot to review the process of deleting files from the media library. We have already figured out how to update it. the operation is done after connecting to Wi-Fi.

Some of the Files were not copied to the iPhone because iCloud Music Library is Enabled. [SOLVED]

To delete a photo/video from your media library, you need to erase it from the “Photos” menu item. The document is then placed in the “Recently Deleted” folder. Here it will be stored for a month. Only then will the file be permanently erased from the iCloud library.

If you do not want to wait, you can simply open the “Recently Deleted” folder on your “Apple” device and, by highlighting the desired document, press the “Delete” button. This will forcibly erase your media library files.

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Change password

If you decide to change it, the best way to do it is through the browser. This is the fastest and most effective way to change the password in iCloud. As with disabling cloud storage, we need to remember our current access code.

To do this, go to the official Apple ID site. Enter your data. your email address and security code. After that you will be moved to the control panel of your account. In the Security section, click the “Change password” link.

Now, when the pop-up window appears, you should enter: When you change it, you’ll be prompted by Apple what requirements the new password must meet (including a minimum of 8 characters, upper and lower case letters, and special characters). It is important to come up with a more secure code to make it harder to break. Once you’ve filled out everything correctly, click on the “Change Password” button. Done. Now we have to verify it by logging into iCloud from all the devices connected to our account.

You see, disabling iCloud and changing the security code to access the cloud storage is not difficult. Remember, if you’re going to buy a used iPhone, be sure to ask the seller if the iCloud lock is disabled. An iPhone with an activated lock is useless, and disabling it without knowing the password is extremely difficult.

If you want to sell your iPhone, be sure to reset it to factory settings, disabling iCloud beforehand. That way we not only give you a fully functional phone, but also keep your data safe from prying eyes.

The complete guide to iCloud [Part 2]: managing photos

When working on macOS Catalina, an existing image library is imported when you start the Photos app. These are usually files in the Photos folder under your Macintosh account. If you use the Optimize Mac storage option to save low-resolution copies to your hard drive, everything stays the same. Opening a photo will download the full version of the photo. Everything about photos applies to videos.

Any photos you take or import from Apple Camera Connection Kit (on devices with iCloud enabled and an Apple ID logged in) are automatically uploaded to iCloud Photos. They will appear in the Photos app on Macs, if iCloud Photos is enabled there too.

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You can manually import photos from other sources, such as your camera, into the Photos folder. When you connect a camera that’s set to USB access, it will appear in the sidebar of the Photos app. Click it to view and import photos. You can use File Import to retrieve photos from any connected storage.

Storing Photos

So, the iCloud media library is on, now all you have to do is to start using it and admire the convenience. The first function of the service is the cloud transfer of photos. If you have iCloud active, then every photo you take during the day will have a backup in the service. It will be stored for some time to protect you from accidental deletion of data. Then you can simply delete it from your phone, and it will stay in the cloud forever. Quite a handy method, especially when you often have to take pictures. But that’s not all there is to it, because the iCloud comes with a photo editor. Of course, it is not as advanced as Photoshop, but it allows you to edit the color scheme and cut unnecessary things out of the frame. And this is more interesting than any similar service, the most interesting thing is that you can use the editor from any device.