What to do if the computer hovers? Enlightening a computer

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Computer hang. this is a failure of the operating system, as a result of which the computer stops responding to user actions and respond to system commands. The following lists the main signs of computer hangs:

  • The computer does not respond to user actions: Unable to open or close the program window, or go to another window by pressing the Alt and Tab keyboard. The mouse pointer moved to the “System is busy” mode (took the type of hourglass) and does not enter the usual mode for a long time;
  • Mouse cursor froze on the screen and does not move while trying to move the mouse, the computer does not respond to keystrokes;
  • When you press the NUMLOCK key (it is located at the top of the digital key block, to the right of the cursor keys) does not light up, or does not go out the light-diode of the key status indicator.

With a computer hang, in case it still continues to respond to the command coming from the keyboard, you should simultaneously press the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys. The Special Program window will appear on the screen, which is called Task Manager

For each application running Microsoft Windows, the operating system creates its own task, in other words, the definite amount of RAM to execute this program and monitors the operation of the application loaded to the computer resources.

In other words, we can say that from the Windows point of view, each program running on execution is a task. If the working program suddenly caused a computer hang, in most cases you do not need to resort to an emergency reboot: it is enough to find in memory that caused the task failure and remove it, that is, forcibly terminate its further execution.

In the Task Manager Program window contains a list of all task runs in the system: In the Task, the task name is displayed, in the Status field. its current state (in Windows XP to view the task list, click on the Task List on the Task tab at the top of the task manager window). The normal status of the task is the state works.

If the task “hung” and does not respond to system requests, its state will be determined as it does not respond. To remove one of the tasks, highlight it with a mouse in the list and click on the RECOGE TASK button. If, after removing the task, the computer has not resumed work in normal mode, in Windows 98 / Millennium Edition, you can forcefully restart the computer by pressing the termination button.

If the computer hovers and call the task manager window, it is not possible (the computer does not respond to the keystroke), press the RESET button on the front panel of the system unit or turn off the computer power and turn it on again, if unsuccessful, contact the service center, where you will help you help.

The computer reboots in itself if the file does not open

What to pay attention to windows 10

I want to immediately note in my first recommendation to pay attention to the disk. The fact is that Windows 10/11 is very “zeal” loads a hard disk: with its updates, when loading the system, when checking some files, etc.

And very often, at these moments, it may “tight” hang (on the Microsoft website, complaints about the work of the OS with HDD).

Diagnostics and checking for 5 min. For beginners (fast test in new Victoria 5).

Therefore, if you previously had no such problems, and they appeared immediately after installing (or updating) Windows 10/11. most likely the problem is associated with this.

In general, according to my observations, quite often the computer ceases to hang when switching from an old HDD to a new SSD (or at least freezing becomes significantly less). On the screen below, by the way, the speed difference between SSD and HDD is shown.

SSD Drive Speed ​​Test (NVME, SATA), HDD

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For example, not so long ago on a single laptop (which was loaded for 2-3 minutes, and then the minute “slowed down” and fool) installed SSD. began to load in 15 seconds., You can proceed to work immediately.

Apparently, the developers did not speak, the system works very actively with the drive and because of this, all these “hanging”.

If you can hear how the cracks, clicks, and crushes the hard disk. the problem may not only concern.

In this case, I will recommend to see the smart disk readings, and it will not be superfluous to check the disk on the Bads and errors (perhaps the computer “dead” hangs just because the disk began to raise and will come into disrepair. Such behavior of PC, by the way, one of the first signs of this. ).

To help!

How to check the hard disk on errors and broken sectors (Bad blocks). step-by-step instruction

Having sides a specific program in Windows 7/10

Most often, the users hang one specific program. It can hover for various reasons. not enough RAM for its work, conflict programs, antivirus blocks some actions of the program and T. D. In this case, no keys act within the program, only the mouse. Then we can only close it and, if necessary, open anew. T.E. Reload the program that in most cases it is successful.

In order to close the program, we use the task manager:

  • Click the keyboard shortcut in Windows XP, Vista. CtrlaltDelete. in Windows 7 and above. Ctrlshiftescape.
  • The task manager will open, where you will see the application opposite which will be “not replied”, select it.
  • At the bottom of the window there will be a button “Remove the task”. Press it, and the program closes forcibly. You can try to run the program again.

The computer screen is hung on Windows 8 or Windows 10. try a little-known key combination to troubleshoot the problem

It turns out that Windows makes it possible to use the standard key combination to restart the video driver. You can use it at any time by pressing the combination of Win Ctrl SHIFT B.

As soon as you do it, for a moment the computer screen will darken and sound a beep. So the computer reacts to the video driver reset. After a second, two pictures on the monitor will return to the previous state. Since such an action affects only the graphics driver of the system, all open applications will remain in the same place. No data will not be lost.

Many users probably paid attention to problems with video that occur after the next update of Windows 10. Combination of the Win Ctrl Shift B keys just allows you to correct the problem. Sometimes it may occur when leaving a laptop sleep with connected external monitors.

This combination works only in Windows 8 or 10, so users of Windows 7 will have to look for another solution. However, the way will work no matter what graphics drivers are installed in the system. Settings from NVIDIA, AMD and even integrated Intel graphics can be reset.

What to do if a laptop hangs

This article (for my modest look) is logical to divide into two parts (in time of hanging):

  • First Type: If the freezes occur after Windows loading, during its operation (for example, during games, copy files, etc.);
  • Second Type: At the Windows Upload Stage, T.E. You can’t even get to the desktop to run something from the software (this is in the second part of the article).

What Shows Task Manager

And so, if the hang is not “dead” (when there is nothing more except the Reset button). try running the task manager (combination of buttons: Ctrlaltdel) and see if it does not meet applications.

If there are applications such as on my screenshot below (notepad does not respond). just click on it right of the mouse and in the menu that appears, select “Remove the task”.

By the way, it is also recommended to close those applications from which high load on the CPU and a hard disk (under 90%).

I note that very often high load create: torrents, video editors, games, browsers (when opening a dozen other tabs). After restarting applications, often the load from them drops and the computer ceases to hang and brake.

To help!

1) The processor is loaded at 100% without a visible reason, slows down. what to do

2) disc is loaded at 100% in Windows 10. What can be done

Diagnostics of the disk status

Next I recommend with the help of special. Utilities Check the disk status (HDD / SSD) and see the SMART reading (very often “dead” hangs happen when the disc begins to draw). You can do this using utilities: Hard Disk Sentinel, HDDLife, Crystaldiskinfo and.

Smart. Spec. Disk self-diagnostic technology (designed to prevent a sudden disk failure, and notify the user’s problem in time).

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In general, in this regard, I like the HDDLife utility most (it automatically analyzes all the SMART readings and makes the output based on the “health” of the disk and gives an exemplary forecast for how much it will last). Cm. Screenshot below.

On the left. everything is in order with the disk, right. reliability and productivity in question

Of course, if the disk testing utilities show that there are problems with it. for diagnostics it is recommended to replace it with another drive and check the laptop operation with it. If freezes stop. you need to purchase a new disk. ☝

To help!

How to find out the condition and health of the hard disk, how to see the SMART reading (HDD, SSD) and evaluate how much time will last disk.

Diagnostics of RAM Planks

As a rule, if there is a problem with the ramp of RAM hangs, there are suddenly at any stage of Windows, programs. over, in some cases, there are critical errors, the appearance of a blue screen and.

In any case, when the cause of the problem is not explicit. check the rashes of RAM is one of the first actions. Important moment: if you have several of them. it is worth disassembling a laptop and leave only one of them (t.E. Test a specific dice. if everything is ok with it, install another shoe, and run the test again).

Windows already has a means to check the memory (and in general, it is not bad enough). To run it: Click the WinR combination, and in the “Run” window, enter the MDSCHED command, press ENTER.

MDSCHED. command for checking RAM (WINR)

Next, select the verification option (for example, to hold it when you turn on PC) and restart the device.

Checking runs fast enough if with the bar everything is OK. then you will see a message that the problems are not found (not detected).

    Try to get the bar from the slot and clean it with the contacts with gum and brushes (see. photo below);

Cleaning memory contacts with rubber band and tassel

To help!

Test RAM (RAM): Checking RAM for errors. see. Step by step instructions

Temperature check (in t.C. under load)

Very often the cause of hanging and brakes in laptops is the high temperature of the CPU (processor). Why?

The fact is that special works. “Protection” (two-level). when a certain temperature threshold is reached (each CPU has its own data). the CPU begins to reset the frequency of work and its performance falls (in order to reduce the temperature).

If the temperature continues to grow and reaches the critical value. the laptop is simply rebooted or turned off. That is why modern processors burn quite rarely.

Find out the temperature of the CPU and others. Notebook components can be using special. Utilities. I am impressed by more AIDA 64 (see. Screenshot below).

Step 5

If all of the above tips did not give any result. it is probably a computer hovering “tight” and no tricks will allow you to maintain open documents.

To forcibly restart the laptop: Hold the power button for 5-10 seconds. (hold until the laptop does not turn off, making a small “peak”).

To reboot PC: usually just click on the “Reset” button (it next to the power button). If the “Reset” buttons are not. then you also hold the power button on the laptop for 5-10 seconds on the laptop.

Power button and reboot on laptop and PC

Note: In general, resort to such a way off / reboot (if possible), it costs as less as possible!

If suddenly, the power button does not help turn off the device. try to turn it off from the power supply (I reset the plug from the outlet).

For laptops, it may be necessary to. Battery (although honestly, did not meet in the last 5-7 years laptops, which would not have turned off the power button. ).

Additional Information

If no more problems with the computer did not happen, and now it began to hang. try to restore the sequence of your actions: You may have installed some new devices, programs, performed some kind of “cleaning” computer or something else. Useful may be a rollback to the Windows recovery point created earlier, if soor.

If the problem is not solved. try to describe in detail in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, exactly how it is hanging, which preceded him, on which device it happens and, perhaps, I will manage to help you.

My experience of treating a computer from hanging tightly.

With such a problem, I came across twice and I can say right away that the problem is not simple, and as far as I understood, it is corrected by long and hard dances with a tambourine. In the first case, the error occurred randomly (our list), in the second in games mainly in Battlefield.

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Computer tightly freezes random.

In the first of this kind of malfunction, I met at work. At a certain point, one of the computers of our employees failed, a complaint against computer hangs.

  • Mat. pay.: ASUS P8H61-M LX3 R2.0
  • Video card: ASUS GeForce GTX 550 Ti
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-2310 2.9Ghz
  • Power supply: FSP460-60HCN
  • RAM: 2x2GB

Once in close proximity to the source of discontent, I discovered the deepent computer that did not react to any manipulation, only the reboot with the root of the button./ OFF., After rebooting, the computer continued to work in normal mode, but not long.

I realized that the problem is hardware and the first thing I decided to pay attention is a video card. Deleting discrete video I connected a VGA connector to the video card built into the motherboard. Turn on the computer. It all started up and for several days worked as expected, then the hangs again continued, and in search of the decision, I went to push the Internet spaces. There were plenty of different spare parts and I continued my dance around the computer hanging tightly.

  • Rearranged RAM. I tried to put my memory on one bar, installed my memory into other slots, changed the memory to another.
  • Changed power supply.Referent to BIOS.
  • Turning off the sound card.
  • Disabled the built-in network, with a network connection by Wi-Fi USB flash drive.
  • Changed the processor to a similar.
  • Changed HDD.
  • Reinstalling Windows. Used version. Windows 7. (Did not check the computer work with other versions of Windows).
  • Replaced motherboard for similar. At this stage, my dance was finished, the computer no longer depended on the tight, the source of discontent was eliminated.

In the future, a new mat was installed in the computer. fee a little on the new one that was before.

According to the results of the work, I thought that I found a way to solve this problem, which was actually in the replacement of the motherboard, but in some forums I met people who changed the mat. fee is usually exactly the same, and the problem remained.

Computer tightly freezes in games.

For the second time, when I ran into a malfunction, the victims turned out to be my home computer. The problem appeared after installing a new SSD to 120GB and installing Windows 7.Honors from the previous case was that the computer was tightly depended only in games, and it was in Batlefield. I played different Batlefield (Heroes, 1941,3, Online) and in each of them after some time there was freezing. The freezes have not yet been observed in such games like Dota 2 and Far Cry 3.

  • Mat. pay.: ASUS P5KPL Pro
  • Video card: ASUS GeForce GTX 550 Ti
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO CPU E8300
  • Power supply: Power MAN IP-S450AQ2-0
  • RAM: 2x2GB, 2x1GB DDR2
  • Rearranged RAM.
  • Referent to BIOS.
  • Disabled the built-in network, with a network connection by Wi-Fi USB flash drive.
  • Changed video card. T.to. in my mat. No integrated video changed external GTX 550 GFORCE 9600.
  • Returned the system back to HDD.
  • Installed the system system from zero in AHCI mode (Advanced Host Controller Interface. The mechanism used to connect HDD, SSD) on the SSD disk with the creation of the GPT section. After that, the computer began to hang randomly (as in the first case).
  • Replaced power supply. On this hanging stopped. Victory!

As a result, the culprit was a faulty power supply.

The computer freezes after installing a new video card

Faced with another manifestation of the problem described in the article, namely the computer begins to hang or hang after installing a new video card.

In this case, there are two solutions to the problem:

  • Make sure that the power of your existing power supply corresponds to the power recommends that the video card manufacturer recommends. If not, replace the power supply.
  • Refresh BIOS to the latest version.

hung, screen, computer

Performing the above actions must correct the problem with the computer.

SFC scanning

If you perform scanning SFC on your computer, it will show you if there is any broken / damaged file in your system, and also deletes it from your system. To do this, first open the command-line window in the administrator mode by searching in the Start menu.

After that, as soon as the command prompt window opens, enter the following command on the command line and press ENTER.

Scanning will begin immediately and may take a few minutes.

After the scan is completed, you will see the results in the command line window.