Huawei Watch GT 2. Smart watch review

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Huawei has been consistently and persistently developing its own wearable device segment. The new generation of “smart” watches has again turned out to be affordable and interesting in terms of features. Such price compromises are justified, because the “smart” decisions of the Chinese corporation still do not reach the recognized market leaders, although they confidently follow their trail and even step on their heels somewhere.

The Watch GT 2 is still good looking. In terms of design, everything is traditional and familiar. There are only about four varieties of this sports version of watches, while there are models with different sizes of screens and straps and different colors and coatings of the case. The buyer will definitely find something to their liking. However, not only this watch is remarkable.

As before, the round dial is framed by a metal frame, on which the time intervals and numbers are applied. On the right are two buttons, which are still responsible in the menu for the functions of returning to the previous screen. Sometimes it seems to me that it would be enough to leave only one of them on the case. The buttons have a confident and tight stroke.

Metal and glass are sufficiently resistant to external influences. For three months now I have been using the watch in various conditions, but it still looks like it was just taken out of the box yesterday. The “sport” version looks solid and even massive, of course, on a man’s hand. For girls, there are more modest and graceful options. However, the ability to change the strap allows you not only to easily change the style of the watch itself, but also to combine it with any type of clothing.

The number of main sections in the menu has increased. So, a new function has appeared. the ability to measure the level of stress. Apparently, stress accompanies me on a regular basis, but I don’t even know about it. The watch analyzes the heartbeat and its position in space with a certain frequency, on the basis of which it displays a conditional stress scale. I would not completely trust this function, although it looks very interesting.

Another new section proved to be more useful. Finally, a full-fledged player has appeared that allows you to control sound playback on your smartphone. For the brand’s wearable electronics, this is progress. It’s especially nice that the control buttons work with any type of streaming and player on Huawei and Honor devices. You can not only switch tracks, but also adjust the volume. However, controlling the volume slider is not very convenient.

Unfortunately, the watch does not feature full-fledged multitasking. That is why in the training mode you can see only the name of the track, but it is impossible to either switch it or adjust the overall playback volume.

The number of training regimes has not changed. They are still only started manually. In automatic mode, the watch only counts the number of squats and steps. Among the new applications, only one can be noted. the program “Breathing exercises”. With this application, you can normalize your general condition through breathing practices. However, you are unlikely to use it regularly, it is too specific a function for stakeholders.

Perhaps the most important achievement is the emergence of a speaker and microphone. With the help of the watch, you can make calls, while speaking through the watch you will be on the speakerphone. There are no questions about the quality of the interfaces. Everything is fine. If you answer a call using your phone, you can choose how to start a conversation: using your watch or using your phone. In any case, new use cases provide more options. In other ways, do not use the microphone in work, because the voice assistant is simply absent here.

However, the speaker can be used to play music. It is not loud, but it sounds nice. The watch has 4 GB of internal memory, of which about half is available for storing audio files. You can connect headphones or a speaker to the watch to output sound directly via a wireless communication channel. Past and lost features of Android Wear come to mind.

Unfortunately, you cannot respond to incoming notifications. In the future, it should be possible to listen to audio recordings that are received in instant messengers. In fairness, it is worth noting that now notifications arrive more quickly, and that long hitch that was in the previous version of the watch is gone, as well as there are no errors with duplicate notifications.

In general, all the new features of Watch GT 2 are more due to software updates than any other reasons. I suspect that the previous generation of watches, unfortunately, will not receive a new version of the software. The price difference between the first and second generation is about 3 thousand rubles, but the possibilities of the new item are certainly wider. If the first Watch GT still gets the new version of the firmware, then there is not much point in purchasing the second version.

The manufacturer notes that the watch uses a new Kirin A1 chip. The same processor will be used in the entire line of wearable electronics of the company in the coming year. It is quite energy efficient, because the battery life of the Watch GT 2 has not decreased at all in comparison with the previous generation. In the mode of a permanent connection with a smartphone, the watch lasts a week and a half, in the mode of autonomous use. more than fifteen days. Excellent performance. Always active screen mode is available, but as before, it is limited to just two dials with three different color variations.

The watch has the latest Bluetooth and GPS, but lacks Wi-Fi and NFC. Accordingly, contactless payment is out of the question. All wireless interfaces work flawlessly. Active GPS in training mode can drain the battery in six hours, twice the performance of the previous generation and potential current competitors.

Huawei is once again releasing the next generation of watches that leave familiar emotions and impressions. A good and balanced watch at a competitive and adequate value. Their flaws are hidden in the fact that the company has not yet been able to implement and include in the firmware. However, their advantages are due to the fact that all the possibilities presented are implemented simply perfectly and efficiently.

WEAR FAQ: WHATSAPP ON Huawei Watch GT 2, GT 2e and GT 2 Pro

Oddly enough, a guide to using the world’s most popular messenger WhatsApp on smartwatches from various manufacturers is consistently in demand. Users often wonder if there is WhatsApp for the Huawei Watch GT 2. The developers do not pay enough attention to wearable electronics. However, there is a solution. Let’s talk about the possible options for using the messenger on Huawei smartwatches, then.

In fact, the Instagram app was launched a few years ago on the Huawei Watch 2 2 Pro, which runs Wear OS, but the company later removed it due to poor user experience and the need for large disk space to install the app. It was the only social media app.

It’s the same with WhatsApp, it takes a lot of space to install. Smartwatches Huawei Watch GT 2, GT 2e and GT 2 Pro come with a minimum amount of memory and run on proprietary LiteOS software. Even if the watch doesn’t have WhatsApp, the option to use WhatsApp on Huawei smartwatches is still there. Of course, the functionality is limited, but it can be used to communicate with contacts right from the wrist.

Here’s a way to use WhatsApp on Huawei Watch GT 2, GT 2e and GT 2 Pro smartwatches:

Download the Huawei Health app on your phone

This is the first step to pairing smartwatches with smartphones from Huawei or other manufacturers. The official Huawei Health app is available on the Play Store, iOS App Store and App Gallary.

Open the “Health” application and go to the “Devices” section

It takes some time to successfully pair the watch with your phone. After pairing, open the application and go to the “Devices” section.

This step is necessary if multiple wearable devices are connected to the mobile phone at once. Select the desired wearable device and activate it.

On the main page, the Notifications option is ready to be changed. In this section, you can choose which applications the owner wants to receive notifications from on the Smart-watch screen.

In Notifications, you will see all downloaded applications

All applications available on the connected smartphone are listed. It sends you app alerts if you receive notifications on your smartphone. Scroll down the list to WhatsApp Messenger.

This is the last step. To receive all WhatsApp notifications on Watch GT 2, GT 2e and GT 2 Pro, click on the switch. After activating the toggle button, the watch will display all incoming messages in the notification area.

Now, when a new WhatsApp message arrives on the smartphone, the notification will be displayed on the smartwatch as well.

How to manage WhatsApp messages on Watch GT 2 models

Swipe up or down to view the message.

Huawei Watch GT 2. How to Setup and Customize Detailed Features Walk-through

To delete a message, swipe right.

You can delete all messages by selecting the option Clear all.

Due to limited storage space, only up to 10 messages can be stored at a time.

If the user receives more than 10 messages, only the last 10 will be saved.

By following these simple steps, it is possible to receive new WhatsApp messages on the smartwatch screen. Yes, you can only view the message, and you cannot reply to them right now. You can only delete them. Please note that in order to receive notifications on your Huawei Watch, you need to give permissions to WhatsApp notifications on your paired smartphone. If some groups or contacts in your WhatsApp account are muted, these messages will not appear on the smartwatch.


Huawei Watch GT / GT 2 and Honor Watch Magic are the most popular smartwatches in their category. They attract by their affordability, easy operation, modern “buns”, and stylishness. In their generation, they became leaders, and the development companies continue to delight the public with more modern innovations. They spend a lot of time, effort and money to make the device perfect. But in the process of operation, it is almost impossible to avoid problems. One of them is incorrect display of incoming notifications. It most often occurs due to internal system failures or loss of contact with the phone.

Huawei Watch GT / GT 2 and Honor Watch Magic do not receive notifications: reasons how to set up?

Notifications are not received on Huawei Watch GT / GT 2 and Honor Watch Magic. this is a common problem for owners of such technology. It is especially acute, because for most owners of a smart bracelet, alerts are very important. Owners customize the display of calls, messages, social media, health and more. And when a failure occurs in this direction, it becomes not so comfortable to use.

How to set up notifications on Huawei Watch GT

Solves the problem of re-configuring notifications on Huawei Watch GT / GT 2 and Honor Watch Magic.

  • Check the current connection between smartphone and watch. To do this, log into Huawei Health, look at the “Connected devices” section. If the tracker is not displayed there, then start the search, confirm pairing.
  • Check the permissions section where you should allow sending alerts. If this option is disabled, incoming SMS will not be displayed. Activate it by moving the slider to the active phase.
  • Make sure Huawei Healths is on autostart and runs in the background when you unlock (turn on) your phone.

If all parameters are functioning correctly, then restart the gadget, try a new debug. Then check the audio profiles. When the Do Not Disturb mode is activated, new SMS will not be displayed on the screen of the device itself and the paired Smart gadgets. Also remember that the tracker keeps the last 10 notifications. He does not keep everything else in his memory, and does not broadcast on his display.

If these tips did not help to return the SMS display, then we advise you to interrupt the connection between it and the smartphone. Then, on your mobile device, you reinstall the administrative software, reconnect the gadgets via Bluetooth.

Huawei Watch GT 2 design and straps

Externally, the new watch has changed minimally compared to last year’s Watch GT. The main innovations took place around their display, in the previous version it was covered with glass, which was framed by a metal frame around the perimeter. At the same time, the screen itself was slightly recessed into the case.

But in Huawei Watch GT 2 this decision was abandoned, preferring an all-glass panel that covers both the display and the entire upper part of the case, smoothly flowing into the metal edges.

The lower part of the watch has changed minimally, now it is round, like the front, it is still made of matte plastic and contains a block with an optical heart rate sensor.

The design of the Huawei Watch GT 2 can be attributed to a classic watch, creating it in the company clearly inspired by such models as the Omega Speedmaster (this watch was on Buzz Aldrin during the landing on the moon in 1969) and the Rolex Submariner. But depending on the strap used and the selected dial, the appearance of the Huawei Watch GT 2 can be changed towards a more sporty one.

As already written above, the set includes two straps at once: leather and silicone with a width of 22 mm, as well as a girth from 140 to 210 mm. In addition, the watch uses a standard fastening system, so the complete straps can be replaced with any others with the same width.

The dimensions of the Huawei Watch GT 2 are 45.9 x 45.9 x 10.7 mm, and the weight without strap is 41 grams. The watch turned out to be as large as the previous version, so for those who are looking for a more compact model, the company also offers a version in a 42 mm case with 20 mm straps.

In addition, the new Huawei watch has 5ATM water and dust resistance with the ability to be immersed in water to a depth of 50 meters for up to 10 minutes. But the manufacturer does not recommend diving in them.

Huawei Health App

To connect the watch to a smartphone, the wireless Bluetooth protocol is used and you must first install the Huawei Health app, which is available on both Android and iOS.

Basically, it is a centralized hub where the user can see the number of steps taken, minutes of activity, last exercise, heart rate, sleep, weight and stress level. It also implements the connection of Huawei devices, as well as the ability to configure and update them.

Huawei Health has a fairly user-friendly interface with large blocks on the main screen, a section with exercises, connected devices and user data.

All the information collected for hours is illustrated with beautiful graphs, while there are decryptions for most of the data, which allow you to better assess your activity and level of training.

Interface, controls and notifications

Despite the active development of the new Harmony OS announced by Huawei, the Watch GT2 is based on another development of the company. LiteOS. And this system is fully consistent with its name, it does not allow the installation of third-party applications, the maximum download of additional watch faces, but at the same time it offers almost all the functionality necessary in a smart / sports watch.

The interface of this system is quite simple and consists of a main screen with a dial, scrolling to the right or left, you can access information panels with data on heart rate, stress level, weather, activity, as well as audio playback with control buttons.

Unfortunately, you cannot customize them or delete those that are rarely used. In general, personalization in Huawei Watch GT 2 consists only in changing the dials, there are no other customization options for yourself.

If you pull the screen with the dial from top to bottom, then the quick settings panel will open, and from the bottom up. incoming notifications.

The main control of the watch interface is through the touchscreen display, but there are also two mechanical keys on the case. The top one is responsible for calling the main menu and returning to the main screen with a dial. And the lower one by default opens a menu with a choice of exercises, such as running, cycling, swimming and more, but it can be customized by choosing a different action.

By default, the watch screen turns off if it is not used for more than 5 seconds and automatically turns on with a characteristic turn of the hand when you need to see the time. But there is an option with an always active display, in this form it is dimmed, dial animations are reduced to a minimum and only the clock is displayed. Nevertheless, this still negatively affects the autonomy, it is almost halved in this mode.

Huawei Watch GT 2 can show notifications that come to a smartphone, for example, messages in a messenger or email. But you can only see them on the watch, and even then not always completely. You cannot do any additional actions with notifications, be it a banal deletion of a message or the ability to quickly respond to it with a short phrase. In this regard, the device is very simple.

Fortunately, there is an option to either turn off alerts completely, or select those programs from which they will be displayed on the watch. This is implemented through the Huawei Health app, which will be discussed below.

Huawei Watch GT 2 sports features

As befits a modern smartwatch, the Huawei Watch GT 2 can count steps, continuously measure heart rate, track sleep and exercise. The latter include outdoor running and cycling, pool and open water swimming, rock climbing, rowing, stationary bike, orbitrek, and triathlon.

In addition, the watch has 13 running courses for different levels of physical fitness, so you can start training right away, without having to search for them and additionally download them.

For example, while you run, the watch collects data on training duration, calories burned, average pace and average speed, cadence, ascent and descent altitude, and calculates the predicted VO2Max level. And during the run, they continuously measure the pulse, and they do it quite accurately, if the watch is tightly fastened two centimeters from the wrist. Like most other manufacturers, Huawei uses an optical heart rate sensor with a green laser and photocells that detect the movement of blood in the veins. The disadvantage of this technology is the insufficiently accurate measurement of the heart rate in water, but otherwise modern optical sensors lag behind the accuracy of chest straps to a minimum.

Unfortunately, Huawei Watch GT 2 is not able to automatically detect the type of physical activity, so if you go for a run and do not start tracking manually, the activity will not be saved. On the other hand, a “cold start” of a device with GPS takes 20-30 seconds in an urban environment, except for the first start, which can take several minutes without a smartphone. The GPS module itself determines the position of the clock quite accurately, within a few meters, but the denser the building around, the less accuracy.

In addition to sports functions, Huawei Watch GT 2 also helps to monitor your health. They count the steps taken, remind you to get up to warm up, periodically count the pulse and warn if it has increased significantly or, on the contrary, has become too low, and also track sleep, determining its duration and quality. Well, for those who do not want to wake up from the alarm clock, the watch can wake up with a light vibration.

Contents of delivery

The watch is sold in a solid box, inside which you can find the device itself, a leather strap, a magnetic charger, as well as a USB Type-A to Type-C cable for it.

Connecting gadgets to the phone

The application is used for Android and iOS devices. You can connect wearable devices to the program. watches, heart rate monitor and others. To connect, use the “Devices” tab at the bottom of the navigation bar.

To connect additional gadgets you need:

  • Launch the application.
  • Select the “Devices” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the big button “Add”.
  • Select the type of gadget and open the corresponding menu item.
  • Select the required device.
  • Synchronize your smartphone and, for example, a bracelet.

The features of connecting other devices are no different from connecting bracelets.

Important! The application was created for Huawei devices, so you won’t be able to use other bracelets or watches to synchronize with your phone through this application.

Problems with Huawei Health

The clock is not perfect, but the process of updating the software should be started with the Huawei Health app. a companion program that is responsible for some features, such as notifications, additional alarms, weather forecasts, and so on. And most of my questions are related to this application.

Huawei Watch GT “data-medium-file =”Ч600.jpg “data-large-file = “Ч1024.jpg” src = “ / uploads / 2018/11 / Huawei-Watch-GT-25-342 × 709.jpg “align =” left “title =” Huawei Watch GT “/ Huawei Watch GT” data-medium-file = “https: / /Ч600.jpg “data-large-file =” content / uploads / 2018/11 / Huawei-Watch-GT-26-493 × 1024.jpg “src =” × 709.jpg “align =” left “title =” Huawei Watch GT “/

The ability to set only five alarms, for example. Of course, a trifle, but why is it necessary? In budget watches and fitness bracelets, this limitation is limited by the memory of the devices themselves, but in the case of OS Lite and 200 hours, this should not be a problem.

The fact that you can choose more than five apps to receive notifications on your watch is sweet and tasty (again, compared with competitors), but the window for selecting these apps itself would be nice to spice up with, say, a search, or sorting settings, or a simple toggle switch. “Enable all”.

Huawei Watch GT “data-medium-file =”Ч600.jpg “data-large-file = “Ч1024.jpg” src = “ / uploads / 2018/11 / Huawei-Watch-GT-28-227 × 470.jpg “align =” left “title =” Huawei Watch GT “/ Huawei Watch GT” data-medium-file = “https: / /Ч600.jpg “data-large-file =” content / uploads / 2018/11 / Huawei-Watch-GT-29-493 × 1024.jpg “src =” × 470.jpg “align =” left “title =” Huawei Watch GT “/ Huawei Watch GT” data-medium-file = “ /11/Huawei-Watch-GT-30-289Ч600.jpg “data-large-file =” 30-493 × 1024.jpg “src =”Ч470.jpg ” align = “left” title = “Huawei Watch GT” /

Replying to SMS Messages on Huawei Watch GT2 Pro! [Mood Messenger] ⌚

Because the initial sorting of programs at this point is alternatively gifted. It is not alphabetically, not by the time of creation, nor by anything sober-minded. For example, I have the first three applications in the list. Calendar, Messages and… 3DMark. Thank you Huawei Health, it’s always interesting to know how much my Huawei P20 is gaining right now in Ice Storm Extreme!

What you need to do with Huawei Heath: remove the restrictions on the number of alarms; seriously shovel the sorting of programs that send notifications to the clock.

Huawei Watch GT 2: Not-so-smart but still superb

Registration and account login

When starting the application for the first time, the user must accept the license agreement, confirm the region of residence and register the profile. The account registration procedure is the same for all types of devices, including Honor and Huawei owners. The program does not have any “clear” account registration, you only need to select the country of residence and enter information about yourself.

In the “My Profile” section, you can set the gender of the owner of the smartphone, age, weight and height. Based on these indicators, the program will determine the calorie consumption during physical activity. It is difficult to transfer application data from an old to a new smartphone, since for some reason such functionality was not created by the developers.

There are several options for data transfer:

  • Synchronization with Google Fit, with which you can save all information and use it after updating or changing phone. In this case, the use of the Health program becomes problematic.
  • Transferring data through your account login. To do this, at the first start, you need to select any region except Russia or Ukraine. If you select a different region, the message “Login to your account” will appear. After logging into your Huawei account, the data should appear, as it is stored in the cloud.
  • Transferring data using a phone backup and transferring all information to a new device. It is carried out using the preinstalled Phone Clone program. Instructions for using the program are contained on the official Huawei website.

There is no exact way of transferring, each may contain bugs and errors. Full reset of program data is possible.

Answers to popular questions

Below we take a look at the answers to frequently asked questions about the Huawei Health app.

What is Huawei Health

The Health app from Huawei is designed to track various metrics generated by wearable devices. electronic fitness bracelets, smart watches, and more. You can enter information from a smart scale into the program and track changes in weight and percentage of body fat.

Is there a version for a computer?

Huawei Health is not designed for a computer, and no special Windows software is provided. To work through a PC, you can download and install an Android emulator. After that, configure the desired application in it and track the data.

Main functions

All applications related to health monitoring and sports have approximately the same functionality. Huawei Health works on all Android devices, including all smartphones and tablets from Honor and Huawei, as well as gadgets running iOS and iPadOS on the iPhone and iPad, respectively. All reports on the operation of wearable devices are transmitted to the smartphone in real time.

The Health program has the following functions:

  • Keeping a training diary, taking into account their type and time spent;
  • Control of getting up in the morning and overall sleep quality (sleep and its phases are tracked using a fitness bracelet or Huawei Health on the watch);
  • Control of the distance traveled, the total number of steps to complete the daily goal, display of the pedometer on the lock screen;
  • Receiving and organizing data on heart rate during exercise;
  • Monitor calories burned during daytime activity, including deducting calories while walking and exercising;
  • Adding and monitoring the performance of training and health goals;
  • Systematization of weight data and automatic data update if the scales are “smart”;
  • Several types of cardio workouts that allow you to take into account the peculiarities of running on rough terrain and in the gym;
  • Monitoring achievements when using the program.
  • Other functions depending on the devices used with the application.

New Huawei Watch GT notifications are not accompanied by a vibration signal, but only display them on the notification panel if:

  • Do not disturb mode is active;
  • are you sleeping;
  • you are on the move;
  • several notifications arrive at once within 10 seconds;
  • the battery level of the watch is extremely low.

The problem with notifications on Huawei Watch GT: they do not come, no signal, cannot be read, etc.

It just so happened that the problem with notifications on the Huawei Watch GT was discovered very quickly. It seems to be one, but complex: notifications do not come, sometimes they come, but not all, either without a signal, or are not read, or disappear

And since it gradually acquired a certain systematic character and it was no longer possible to ignore it, I had to think about something.

As it turned out, this problem cannot be solved by simply rebooting the Smart-watch. The work of the notification system, if it is getting better, is not for long. But as you master the functionality of the Huawei Watch GT and gain some experience in operating this model, some solutions appear by themselves.

That’s what we want to tell about them. So, in order:

problem with notifications on Huawei Watch GT. do not come

  • check the current state of the Smart-watch connection to the smartphone;
  • go to the settings of the Huawei Health application, connect the Watch GT and check that notifications are turned on for them (Huawei Health. “Devices.” Huawei Watch GT. “Notifications.” “On”);
  • Along the way, we recall that both Android smartphones and iPhones require separate permissions to send application notifications (including pop-up notifications) to smart watches, so open Notifications and check the notification settings for each of the required applications (“Settings “.” Notifications. “” Application notifications “and further down the list);
  • we check the current state of permissions for autostart and launch in the background for Huawei Health (in the application settings), if these permissions are not present, then the smartphone will automatically disable the application, and notifications will not be sent to the watch;
  • if everything is allowed, turned on and connected correctly, then we try to restart the smartphone and reconnect the Smart-watch to it again.

problem with notifications on Huawei Watch GT. some are not displayed

First, we carry out all the checks listed in the previous paragraph.

We also remind you that the Huawei Watch GT model does not show pictures and emoticons in messages, therefore, upon receipt of a message containing a picture or emoji, the watch will show the corresponding notification, but without such content.

problem with notifications on Huawei Watch GT. empty

  • Huawei Watch GT stores only the last 10 notifications in memory, so all previous ones can be found and viewed only in a smartphone;
  • upon viewing the notifications in the smartphone, their copies in the Smart-watch are automatically deleted;
  • the notification is removed by swiping to the right, so when you need to save it on the notification panel after viewing, you need to press the button and return to the notification panel.

Smart watch Huawei Watch GT 2: everything you need to know before buying a gadget

Smart watch Huawei Watch GT 2: everything you need to know before buying a gadget

  • Appearance. An excellent accessory that will complement the image of a modern person. There are several color options for the case and watch, and the strap is easily replaceable. The screen is large, but with an acceptable thickness, which allows you to sleep in the watch and be able to track your sleep phases. You can get used to smartwatches Huawei Watch GT 2 quite quickly. The cover of the smartwatch on the back is plastic, but the main part of the case of both models is made of stainless steel. the watch really looks decent.
  • Screen. The watch is equipped with 3D glass, Amoled matrix, color screen and touch buttons. You can install any watch face on the screen, which can be selected in the manufacturer’s application “Huawei Health”. there are a few dozen watch faces to choose from. The “always on display” mode is available in two versions. analog and digital. There is an auto-brightness function. Good display of information even on the sunniest day!
  • Message, notifications and calls. This model of smart watches from Huawei implements the ability to receive calls at a distance of up to 150 meters from the smartphone, which is very convenient, especially during sports. The watch displays contacts, there is a list of recent calls. It should be noted that when making a call, the call itself comes from the phone.
  • Moisture protection. Huawei Watch GT 2 is distinguished by reliable moisture protection, which allows you not only to take a shower or a bath in the watch, but also to visit the pool or open water. as, in fact, with the fitness tracker mi band 4. In addition to moisture protection, the watch has good protection against dust. All this makes this smartwatch model an excellent gadget not just for a modern metropolitan resident, but also for a lover of a tourist lifestyle.
  • Music. Thanks to the built-in speaker and microphone, you can listen to music through the speaker or Bluetooth headphones with the Huawei Watch GT 2 smartwatch. To do this, you need to load music into the memory of the watch itself. only 2GB of internal memory for mp3 format is available. You can download music to your watch through the Health app. Please note that music is recorded in the watch’s memory, but through the smartphone’s memory (not directly.)
  • The Huawei Watch GT 2 uses the following sensors in its arsenal: heart rate monitor (measures heart rate), altimeter (measures altitude), gyroscope (reacts to changes in the angles of a person’s orientation), accelerometer (measures the projection of apparent acceleration), barometer (measures atmospheric pressure) and digital COMPASS.

Smart watch Huawei Watch GT 2: a brief description of the gadget

  • The Watch GT 2 smartwatch is available in two versions. 46mm and 42mm.
  • There are three modifications to each model. sport (black case and silicone strap), classic (silver case and leather strap), and elite / elegant (metal strap and case. there may be options in silver and gold colors).
  • The most important feature of the Huawei GT 2 watch is the manufacturer’s declared 2 weeks of active use on a single charge thanks to a super powerful battery and a proprietary Kirin A1 processor.
  • The clock works on the Light OS operating system quickly and easily. However, there is no way to load third-party applications on the watch.
  • The Huawei Watch GT 2 can be paired with any phone. not necessarily Huawei, it may well be an iPhone or the same Xiaomi smartphone.

Smartwatch Huawei Watch GT 2: ample opportunities for sports and health

  • show the user’s daily activity with standard parameters (how many steps passed, what distance in kilometers and how many calories were spent on it);
  • there are 15 modes of various training;
  • are able to determine the type of load (aerobic or anaerobic), maximum oxygen consumption, muscle recovery rate, and training efficiency;
  • the Huawei Watch GT 2 is comfortable for swimming in the pool, as it detects all the movements of the swimmer. and bras, and crawl;
  • have a convenient timer that can be set on the quick access button;
  • great tracking gadget that records the route via GPS;
  • the ability to accompany your workouts with music through a speaker or Bluetooth headphones. By the way, the watch has Bluetooth version 5.1, and the TOP 10 best headphones can be found in the article at the link;
  • smart watches Huawei Watch GT 2 track the heart rate 24/7;
  • monitor sleep and provide tips for improving sleep quality using the Health app (Huawei Health);
  • there is a stress analysis function. each user will be able to customize this function and its capabilities to suit their needs.

And most importantly, which once again I want to draw the attention of readers, the Huawei Watch GT 2 smart watch can really work for two weeks on a single charge, taking into account the active use of all these functions!