Huawei HG8245H-characteristics, instructions, configuration, firmware, wi-fi

Routerhuawei HG8245H is a device for managing Internet networks and telephone. The router works both with wire and wireless networks. The device belongs to the GPON-terminal class, so using this device you can achieve a high connection speed (up to 1.2 gigabits per second).

Outwardly has the appearance of a small rectangular box of white color. On the sides of the device there are 2 antennas for working with wireless networks. Please note that the device is available in various versions (HG8245A, HG8245M and others). However, they are slightly different from each other (usually only factory data by default vary).

The detailed technical characteristics of the device are presented in the table below:

Technical capabilities Router, control of Wi-Fi networks, work with IPTV connection
The number of connectors 2 incoming ports, 4 outgoing ports and 1 USB port
Access speed Including speed. up to 2.4 gigabit per second, outgoing speed. up to 1.2 gigabits per second
Wi-Fi standards 802.11 b/g/n
Encryption AES, TKIP, WPA/WPA2-PSK
Compatibility with operating systems Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Linux, MacOS, UNIX and others
Dimensions Approximately 3 x 17.5 x 13 cm
special instructions It is possible to filter on Mac and IP addresses, there is a built-in protection against DDOS attacks

Specific qualities of the device

Among the distinctive features of the router stand out:

  • High.quality materials that are used to create the device case, as well as the maximum degree of protection of the optical port;
  • The use of the minimum possible level of energy, in connection with which it is possible to control it remotely;
  • This device can receive a signal at high connection speed (thanks to Gigabit-s development).

Why drop the settings

Some confuse the dropping of the router with rebooting. So, rebooting is a shutdown and turning on the device. All parameters are preserved. And reset is a return to factory settings. That is, all parameters will be returned to its original state.

The reasons for resetting the settings of the router are different.

  • You cannot enter the web-integer-forgot the password or someone changed it.
  • You got a router who have already been used before you, and you need to configure it again.
  • You changed something in the settings, the Internet does not work. But you don’t remember what parameters have changed.

It happens that due to the voltage difference or software failure of the router settles. Then it should also be reset and reject it again. It is worth dropping the settings of even a new router just bought in the store. It is possible that he was already included there for the purpose of checking or demonstrating and changed something.

Hardware reset button Reset

The easiest way to drop a router is to use the Reset button. The advantage of this option is that you do not need to enter the settings. This is especially true when you do not know the password. The whole procedure takes no more than a minute.

Almost all Reset routers are on the back panel, next to the network ports.

There are exotic options for the location of the reset button, but they are rare.

Most often the button is drowned in the case. To press it, take a clip, straighten and insert it into the hole. The power of the router must be included.

You need to hold the button for ten seconds or longer. Look at the LED indicators. When they blink and go out, the settings are reset and the button can be released. The router will load with factory parameters.

Entrance through the Web Inte Web integration

To configure the Wi-Fi Router Huawei after the first inclusion, to enter the Inte Wee, you will need:

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  • Install the Internet connection. For this, the network cable must be connected between the modem and PC.
  • Any installed browser starts on the computer.
  • The address is entered in the address bar., on the keyboard to cross the transition, click the Enter button.
  • After loading on the monitor, the form of greeting will be displayed where the login and password are introduced to identify the user. The default set. Root and Admin, respectively.

Next, the “Login” button is pressed and the web page of the router is displayed.

Types of connection

Having opened the web-integer, it is necessary to set all active LAN ports and save changes. Further, the sequence of actions is as follows:

  • In the “WAN” tab in the “Modification” section, it is necessary to highlight the “Route” subsection, and on the line “Servicelist” indicate Internet.
  • The next step. you need to choose the type of connection. In the column “IP Acquisition” to install prro.

At the end, to ensure access to the Internet, you need to save all the changes by clicking on the “Apply” button. Most experts strongly recommend rebooting the device.

Entrance to the web platform for configuration

According to the label, which is located on the rear panel of the device, the settings web-intake are at ( or You can get into it by entering this address into the search line of any browser. If everything is done correctly, then the authorization page will open, in which it is necessary to enter the data for the entrance: Login and password from the account. They are also indicated on the rear label and by default are Admin: Admin.

The entire configurator is divided into 4 parts: the main page, Internet management, home network and maintenance of the device itself. On the first tab, you can start a wireless.set wireless tuning master and other useful things.

Error at the entrance to the web-integer

If an entry error occurs, then the data is most likely filled out incorrectly: in the login or password there are extra or missing signs. You can also enter as a password not admin, but 1234. If the router has been purchased from a person who has already used it. In this case, to return standard authorization data will help reset settings, which will be described in detail below.

Password change to input in settings

Immediately after a successful entrance, it is recommended to change the password and other data for authorization. Some models themselves strongly offer to change the password if the router sets up for the first time. Do not ignore this and agree to change password. In the absence of a change in the change, you must go to the “Service” tab and find the “Change password” item.

Internet setting depending on the type of connection

It is important not only to think about configuring a wireless network. Without access to the Internet, she will not make sense. That is why the “Internet” or “WAN” tab is creating a connection to the provider, taking into account the data indicated in the contract with it. It also depends on the type of connection.

PPPOE protocol

If the Internet is provided by PPPOE, then the logic and password that the provider gives out when concluding the contract will be required. The actions are as follows:

  • Select the type of pppoe;
  • Enter the login and password;
  • Turn off the possibility of secondary connection;
  • Mark the line “Connect automatically”.

Connection through dynamic IP

To install this type of connection, you do not need to enter the login and password from the provider. It is enough to do the following:

  • Note the lines of the inclusion of the connection and Internet;
  • Determine the type as IP;
  • Select the type of connection NAPT;
  • Type of addressing. DHCP.

L2TP or PPTP connection

L2TP is practically no different from the previous type, except that the operator server name is additionally required. Instructions:

  • Select the type L2TP;
  • Enter the login and password;
  • Install a checkmark opposite the “dynamic IP”;
  • Enter the server address;
  • Set the size of MTU with value 1460, which will be optimal.

But PPTP is both dynamic and static. Often providers are in touch in this protocol, so you need to be able to configure it. To do this, you need to know the data for entering the server and the address of the server itself. If everything is known, then you can start configuing the PPTP of the dynamic version:

  • Select the corresponding type;
  • Enter the login and password for the entrance;
  • Activate the dynamic IP and fit the server address;
  • The MTU value is set in optimal value 1420;
  • Automatic connection function is activated.

Important! If a static IP was obtained with the same protocol, then the parameters will differ a little, and will include: data for the entrance, your IP, IP server and a subnet mask, gateway, as well as the DNS server address. It is important to replace at the stage of IP settings from dynamic to static.

Password protection and change

In the right corner of the upper menu there is a button “Service”. She hides global router settings.

In order to protect the router, you can change the password for access to Web-Inteateis. This is done from the page “Account Management” from this block. It also indicates that such actions are recommended to be periodically repeated.

It is not worthwhile to worry that a password’s change will not be affected. the concept of an account on this page belongs to the address that is entered in the browser for entering the settings.


Topics The question of updating the router. This is done from the same page “Management”.

The user is offered two opportunities:

  • Check the availability of fresh firmware. the router will send a request to the manufacturer’s website and after a while will tell the answer.
  • Or there is a firmware already downloaded and unpacked. install it. Both functions are located in the neighborhood in the central part of the page. The update is in standard order:
  • The “review” button selects the firmware file:
  • the “update” button it is installed;
  • The router is overloaded with updated.

Mention that during the process the router should not be disconnected from the network, unnecessarily.

Firmware update

We enter the menu and at the top of the page click “Update”. In the opened tab, click the “Checking Update” button. If a new firmware version is available, click “update” and wait for the end of the process.

huawei, router, reset, factory, settings

In no case do not turn off the router at this time. this will lead to the failure of the device.

Default password and password change

By default, standard login and password for access to the menu. Admin/Admin. You can change it at the “Settings” menu item. “system”. “password change”.

huawei, router, reset, factory, settings

To make a reliable combination, use our password generator. The generated symbols are displayed only on your computer or phone, they are not stored anywhere and dropped right away as soon as you leave the page.

Router firmware update Huawei B315S 22

How to make an update of the OS router (that is, firmware):

  • Switch to the upper panel to the “Update” section.
  • Select online update or local. In the first case, the router will run the search for updates on the network. If they are, the upgrading will begin to load and subsequent installation of the upgrade.

How to restart the router

You can restart hardware: turn off the power adapter from the router, and then connect it again after 10. 15 seconds. You can also use the power button. You can start rebooting through the web panel: go to the “System” menu, select a reloading point and, using a special button on the right side of the screen, restart the device.

Use Huawei as a repiter for the main router

Huawei routers can be configured as an amplifier of the signal (repeater) for the main router in the house or apartment, if the last device does not cope with its task, it does not cover the entire room with a signal. You need to configure the bridge mode (WDS):

    Go to the “Home Network” section. to the “Most Most” tab “. Activate the Bridge option.

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Go to the WDS tab to configure the repiter mode for the router model

How to make ports of ports on Huawei

For the passage (redirect) of the port, the following must be performed:

    In the Internet section, open the Forwarding tab.

In the Forwarding section, click on the plus

In the Port Mapping section, go to the creation of a new integrate

Technical characteristics table Huawei E3372H:

4G ranges 800/900/1800/2100/2600 mHz
3G ranges 900 /2100 mhz
Ranks 2G 850 /900 /1800 /1900 mhz
Antenna connector Two CRC9 connectors (TS-5)
Support SD cards Microsd
Wi-Fi Not supported
The category of modem Cat. four
Data acceptance speed Up to 100 Mbps/s
Data transmission speed Up to 50 Mbps/s.
Dimensions Height. 88 mm, width. 28 mm, thickness. 12 mm, weight. 35 g.
Inte Wee USB 2.0
Settings Web-Inteateis
The number of LAN ports 0

The Huawei E3372H modem is adapted to work with all communication operators. Supported frequencies:

The Huawei E3372H USB modem has two CRC9 connectors to connect an external “MIMO” antenna. The level of amplification of the mobile signal and the increase in speed depends on the manufacturer of the used antenna and the applied technologies in it.

When connecting a modem, a mobile 4G Internet is organized to the router’s USB port with the possibility of distributing via a local Wi-Fi network for other users.

Additionally in the modem there is a connector for microSD cards.

Than we will flash?

There are two stick and hilink firmware platforms. The former interact with the modem through a special software client, such as Megafon Internet or MTS Sonnect Manager. The main disadvantage of stick of firmware is the speed limit of 20-30 MBS, and the client himself is often stupid, then he does not see the modem, then the Internet will fall off at an unnecessary moment.

The latter make a certain semblance of a router from the modem, access to which is carried out through the Web Inte Web (IP address of the device). Hilink has no speed restrictions and is easily synchronized with any router, for example, even an updated zyxel router from the box immediately recognizes the modem. Hilink has more flexible settings and exceeds Stick in terms of reliability, so the conclusion is obvious.