Disappeared on the phone Honor what to do?

We use the phone as usual, make calls, listen to music and watch the video, and suddenly the sound suddenly disappears. We reboot your smartphone, try to run various applications, but the sound is still not. Honor smartphones are subject to this problem, like any other gadgets. And having met with the lack of sound on our honor we are trying to decide what to do next. What to do if the sound was gone on our Honor smartphone, what are the causes of the problem and how to fix it. we will tell about it in our material.

The reasons for the absence of sound on Honor can have both software and hardware nature. And sometimes it is quite difficult to determine immediately what exactly the culprit of dysfunction.

Usually, among the most common causes of the loss of sound, the following can be distinguished:

  • There is a random failure of the phone Honor;
  • The sound is accidentally disabled by the user (in the settings or activated “Do not disturb” mode);

I broke the speaker on the phone. what to do

The best solution in such a situation is to contact the master in the service center. An experienced specialist will be able to quickly and easily understand what cause is a problem, and if the owner of the phone tries to independently repair the phone, he risks creating new breakdowns in it.

By reference you can see what to do if the speaker broke in the phone:

Further, the article presents several ways to solve this breakdown.

Change settings

Sound may be lost in a specific application, so you will need to go to the settings of this application to configure the required volume level.


Also, if the sound disappeared, you can try to return it using the operating system settings of the phone. To do this, it is necessary to lower down a special slope in which you can adjust the settings, and edit the sound volume level in it.

If there is no such function in the user’s device, it can do the following:

  • First you need to open the settings and find the section “Sounds”;
  • After you need to select a profile that is set at the moment;
  • At this stage, a special window must be opened in which the user can adjust the sound settings at will.

Make a reset to factory settings

Such a way helps to solve a variety of breakdowns and problems in the smartphone system. Make it very easy: you only need to go to the mobile device settings, find the section “Restore and Reset”, and then click on the “Reset Settings” button.

On how to reset the phone to the factory settings, you can see the link:

Connect headphones

Check the performance of the speaker in the phone you can connect headphones. If the sound is heard in them, not even very clear, you can solve this problem yourself. You just need to blow the headphone socket.

It also happens that the headphone socket has an impact on the work of the speaker. For example, the user noticed that the sound disappeared only after turning off the headphones. It could occur due to the fact that the mobile device with a disconnected headset determines it as connected. This can be understood by headphone icon at the top of the screen. In such a situation, the user can try to fix the phone independently. To do this, you need to do this:

  • Before disconnecting the headphones from the phone, you must press the button to increase the volume level;
  • Disable and connect the headset a couple of times;
  • You can also try to blow the headphone jack;
  • If it happened so that water in the socket or the button for regulating the volume, it is necessary to disassemble the mobile device, as well as clean the contacts in it from oxide.

There are also situations in which certain contacts hold the plug in the headphone jack. Using thin tools, they can be opened at home or attribute a smartphone for repairs to a special master.

Cleaning from viruses

In addition, there are often cases of mobile devices attacks. Malicious programs. As a result of such an attack, the phone comes out of order, and the sound can aby.

First you need to make sure that the phone really has virus programs. This can manifest itself in a large number of advertising on the device. Various banners will constantly pop up, will appear on the working screen, and notifications will come even if the user does not exploit the phone.

Also, the battery in the device will be faster or even hot. Applications will be out of order, will open from closing without user influence. over, the phone will become “independent” and will download different programs, folders will appear that do not know what they answer.

It is not necessary to worry much when viruses appear on a mobile device, since they can be very easy to get rid of them. This can be done as follows:

  • To begin with, the user must check its device for viruses using special antivirus programs. They can be installed, however, it is worth paying attention to the fact that the program is really working and did not bring new problems to the device. After checking, you must delete those files that the program will show viral;
  • However, if viruses are already available in a mobile device, they may interfere with the correct operation of the antivirus program, so it is necessary to reduce the harm from the attack. You can do this by turning on the “plane” mode, so viral programs will disappear access to the Internet. After that, you need to check the list of applications and falams, and all unknown removes;
  • Viruses from the phone on the Android operating system can be deleted by going to the “Administrator” section. There you can detect malicious files and take them right;

If you cannot delete a suspicious program, you can try to go to secure mode. This can be done by turning off the phone, clinging to the button to reduce the volume level.

  • You can remove malicious files from a computer through a personal computer if a good antivirus is installed on it. This will require simply connect the smartphone to the computer using the “USB debug” mode. It can be turned on by going to the settings;
  • The most operating way is to reset the phone to factory settings. Before it needs to make a backup of all files so as not to lose them.

Why the smartphone slows down and how to fix

In “Diagnostics” there are many pre-installed scenarios

Here are some possible problems with which you may encounter, and tips on their elimination, which, as a rule, gives “diagnostics”:

  • If the smartphone slows down, perhaps the reason for everything. a large number of unprotected events in the curtain of notifications. Close or read them to return the smartphone to the former performance.
  • If your smartphone does not connect to the Internet, you may have a Wi-Fi module disabled, a SIM card is used without a connected network exit service, a restriction on the use of the Internet or you are in a bad coating zone. “Diagnostics” can identify most of these scenarios and notify you on how to troubleshoot problems or eliminate them.
  • If the smartphone battery is discharged too quickly, it is possible that everything in the active Bluetooth connection to which data is transmitted. And it is not necessary that you are the transmission initiator. Practice shows that Bluetooth is often worst and used for surveillance.

Repair your smartphone “Diagnostics” will not be able, but advise what to do with it is easily

Despite the fact that I had no complaints about my Honor View 20, after the diagnostic test, the smartphone did not like the performance, autonomy and operation of the top speaker. To increase speed and increasing the work time, it recommended to turn off the power saving mode and turn on the autowarity, which is quite comic, considering that the energy saving for some reason was perceived precisely as a negative trigger. But for repairing the dynamics I sent me to the service center. With him really turned out something not that. the sound that the device reproduced during the test I almost did not hear.

The fact that instagram. One of the most popular mobile applications, deny senseless. Every day hundreds of different users come here to lay out your photos. At one time I often began to use it, which decided to put the time limit. Among the many advantages of “Insta” was one significant disadvantage. Orientation on smartphones. Photos here you can upload exclusively from the smartphone. Even on some tablets, he works clouds, but now everything has changed.

When it comes to the release of a new beta version of Android, many users are confused. In addition to builds a new version for developers, you can often find versions for public testing. Sometimes there are also branches, like Android 12 L. All this is incredibly confused by those who understand what beta is, but far from the deep processes passing in this market. Deal not just, but we will try to answer the question of what kind of version. And most importantly, maybe I will understand why it is at all this happens and where it takes such a large number of Android versions.

Today we have almost no need to use passwords. When registering on websites or online services, password managers generate them. At the input, they automatically substitut them, verify the URL with the stored in memory. And to unlock the smartphone, the absolute majority of us use biometry. No matter what it will be. face, iris eye or fingerprint. The main thing is that thanks to them we can not enter passwords. Almost. Because from time to time, biometric tokens sweat, and the single embedded option is to enter a protective combination manually. And what to do if you. Although kill. You can not remember her? We understand.

Speaking speaker does not work

There is no simple answer to this question, since after reading many pages of forums can be distinguished 2 Classic problems:

If you notice that when talking, the speaker stopped working. then you need to remember that before that happened to the smartphone. A lot who writes that the problem appeared after the next update, the decision is to wait a new.

If the upper speaker stopped working without any explicit reasons. then use some advice that helped participants of the 4PDA and MIUI forums:

Other problems with playing music from the phone

Volume may not be absent in any separate application. In this case, you must open a program or game settings and configure the appropriate volume level. There are unusual problems with sound. For example, the speakers seem to make sounds, but with wheezing and impurities of rattling sounds. When you turn on music, sounds are mixed. Such anomalies at home is difficult to fix. And still try to do it. Restart the smartphone and, if possible, remove the battery from it.

Leave the device in this state for several minutes, and then collect it again. There are recommendations at the level “Just knock on the device building”. But you should not do this. Problems with the device that are solved in this way are not really long-term. If you managed to move to shift some object from the contacts inside the smartphone, there is no guarantee that this conductive element will not block more important contacts. And then on the phone may not only do not work speakers, but also more important modules. Decide what to do in this case can only specialist.

Second Stage. Reset Network Parameters

To accomplish this procedure, you need to repeat the following instructions:

  • We find in the mobile settings menu and go to it;
  • Click on “System and Updates”;

To verify the result obtained, it will be necessary to restart the mobile device.

No sound during conversation

No sound during conversation? There is a way to check what is the reason

If collided with the fact that the phone does not work, the quality of the signal of your operator is noticeably deteriorated or fails. This is unlikely, but try to check it out: just insert another SIM card into the smartphone and try to make a call or ask you to call you. If the sound appeared, contact the Operator for Clarification: You may have to wait to end the removal of the network failure.

Check the volume configuration if the sound is turned on

In most Android phones, when you go to the volume settings, you will see four sliders. the volume (melody) of the call, the volume of the media, the volume of notifications, and the volume of the system.

The volume (melody) of the call is what you need to properly adjust. Install the required comfortable value of this slider.

Also check if other sounds are well heard. music, video, alarm signals. If there is no sound and there, then the cause of dysfunction is not in the settings (see the tips on).

Still try installing another ringtone to call. This is especially true of third-party ringtones, not relatives for this smartphone. It can help solve the problem of the lack of incoming call on the device when the rest of the sound works fine.

On iPhones, the “call / silent mode” switch can be configured to disable the sound of the call. This switch is on the volume switch. If you see an orange color on this switch, then your phone is set to vibration mode. Switch it to the sound, and you will again hear the ringtone when the call arrives.

The human factor due to which the phone speaker does not work often

Well, it is necessary to remind about the purely human factor because of which there is no sound on the phone. Sometimes installing, for example, a widget with sound settings, we are the thought that now will be convenient to adjust everything, screw all the settings in different directions. After that, we realize that it is possible and without a widget and remove it either it is forget about it without changing the settings back.

I have everything on this) I wish good luck!

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