What to do if the power button broke on the Android smartphone

The damaged smartphone power button can knock you out of the rut and make the smartphone to carry the smartphone, and even buy a new device at all. However, not everything is so scary as it may seem at first glance. In some situations, poor operation of the power button can be a purely program error, and not hardware and it can be easily “Return to Life”. In addition, it is also possible to reassign the function key using special programs. All these ways today will be speech.

Return the power button

Programs and applications

Unfortunately, solve the problem of the non-operating power button with the program at the time of breakage will not work. However, there are several applications that can be installed in advance, for example, at the first signs that the junk button. At the moment, users are available to the following applications and programs:

  • Power Button to Volume Button. Already from the name it is clear that the main task of the program is to transfer the inclusion feature from the start button to the volume knob.
  • GRAVITY SCREEN. ON / OFF. The application increases the sensitivity to the movement of the device. If the phone is left for the horizontal surface for a long time, the screen is automatically blocked. However, it is worth raising or move the device as it turns on.
  • Shake Screen ON / OFF. Simple and easy to use an application that can turn on the phone even without touch screen. Enough to shake the device enough to activate the display.
  • Proximity Actions. A program that allows you to control the smartphone using special motion sensors.
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Double tapping on the screen

If it did not help, it is recommended to try to knock on the screen two times in a row. If you have a smartphone with an amoled screen, then almost certainly it supports the wake-up function called Double Tap. It allows you to awaken the device without using the physical power button.

Double tapping on the screen includes smartphones with amoled screens

True, there are a pair of conditions. First, it is necessary that the function is active, and, secondly, so that the smartphone is charged. Because it will not be possible to force it to activate the screen. But if the screen turns on, simply remove the lock and use.

huawei, does, work, button

Using special applications

We will tell you about the application that allows you to turn on the smartphone using the audio adjustment keys. in case you have been able to turn on the smartphone.

We go to Play Market and using the search we find the application Power Button to Volume Button. Download it, install.

Run the application, put a tick next to Start Volume Power On Boot Up, and also click on the gear to appear by the message Volume Power IS Currently Ebabled.

Must work. True, judging by the reviews, it works not on all the version of Android.

How to restart Huawei if it is hung and does not turn off?

There are 2 main ways to restart the Huawei phone if it is hung. Both are extremely similar, but maximum available. In the first case, users will need to press the RESET button for a long time. Hold it in a clamped position should not less than 20-30 seconds, and sometimes it is required and a minute. If the actions described do not help turn off and restart the device, it is recommended to go to the second approach. It implies:

  • simultaneously clamping the shutdown button and increase the volume;
  • After that, a menu with several action options should appear on the Android screen;
  • After that, you will choose a reboot and restore the device.
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An alternative solution could be extracted from the battery smartphone, but modern android devices contain built-in batteries, so the specified actions will not work.

huawei, does, work, button

How to configure the name of the caller on the Honor Band 5, if not shows who calls

How to restart Honor if the power button does not work

First you need to test the key to work. It will make a simple option to call the Recovery menu. To call it, you need to press the power key for 10-15 seconds and any volume control button. During this time, a system menu is displayed, in which options for resetting parameters are available. If this did not happen, then the Module of the “Home” key or “Nutrition” does not function.

In this case, there are special installation programs that ask the phone to turn on and re-start.

One of these. Power Button to Volume Button. It is in open access in the playmarket, and this software does not require this software. Just download, install and open. It will help restart the Honor phone as follows:

Judging by the reviews of users on the forums and in groups, the program really helps rebut the gadget, but it works not on all versions of Android.

The screen is not blocked during the conversation: Causes

Built-in sensor tracks each device movement. When Honor approaches the ear, the display is automatically blocked. If this does not happen, then there was a breakdown. Let’s figure out the main problems:

  • lack of blockage on the gadget itself;
  • calibration failure;
  • time breakdown of the sensor;
  • Microchip requires a complete replacement.

Starting with a simple reboot device. To do this, hold the “Home” and “Lock” buttons. After switching on, check the option. If the situation has not changed, we recommend contacting the service center. Independent intervention will lead to a serious breakage.

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Why do not work touch buttons on Huawei and Honor. Causes

This malfunction refers to the category of serious. After all, without working buttons “House”, “Forward” and “Back”, the management of the smartphone will noticeably complicate. To begin with, get acquainted with the reasons, you can probably fix the problem yourself:

  • Continued or oxidized contacts. This in any case requires relevant repairs.
  • Mechanical breakdown. Occurs after an unsuccessful drop in the device.
  • Moisture.
  • In some smartphones, turn off the touch buttons in parameters, or change their purpose. Probably this is the main reason for the wrong functioning of the buttons.

Most of the causes are related to mechanical damage, that is, when the touch keys is damaged, the most likely to be taken out of the phone and repair.

Replacing the power button

To troubleshoot the switching key, you need to replace or the button itself, or the electronic key on the internal board transmitting the signal.

Replacing the outer element can help if the element fell out of the housing, cracked or has a cavity in its base, where the ribnes ribs broke. The procedure is available only on the condition that the user can independently disassemble the device. To carry it, it is necessary to have a similar physical key from the donor device or purchased in the store. It is enough to disassemble the case and set the button to the corresponding grooves.

If the problem lies in the electronic component, or the housing of the smartphone does not understand at home, then it is better to contact a specialist.