Correction of the print error on the printer HP

Holders of printed products from HP sometimes face the fact that the notification “Printing Error” appears on the screen. There can be several causes of this malfunction and each of them is solved in different ways. Today we have prepared for you the analysis of the main ways to correct the problem under consideration.


Very often users buy a new device, but neglect it with the correct setting. It is not enough only to connect it to the computer, you often need to change a number of options. For HP Laserjet 1018 there is a special program that facilitates all the settings of the device. It is suitable at least for the following models: 1018, 1020, 1022. and is called HP Print and Scan Doctor. As a rule, it goes along with the device on a separate disk. In this case, it will not be difficult to install it. If you have not found a disk, download it from the official HP website. The application eliminates most of the software problems, loads the necessary drivers, conducts the basic settings of the Laserjet 1018 for subsequent printing.

You can often do without Print and Scan Doctor. All versions of Windows already have a convenient device manager. It can be found in the control panel, in the section “Printers and faxes”. There we expose the default hp laserjet 1018. After that, all files when pressing the “Print” button will send data to our car.

Reason: the turn of the print was hanging

When you print a lot of documents and send them to the printer one, it happens that the print queue freezes (t.e. some kind of failure occurs and the printer cannot get out of this state).

Ideally, you need to cancel the entire print line (remove everything from it) and try to send some document again.

By the way, he noticed that the print queue more often hangs when printing large documents: texts, sheets (where there are many graphs), documents, the size of which exceeds dozens of megabytes.

How to view and clean the print queue

Go to the control panel (how to open it) Windows at the following address: “Control Panel \ Equipment and Sound”. Next, you need to open the “Device and Printers” tab (see. screenshot below).

After that, you need to find a connected printer, and click on it with the right mouse button. in the context menu select “View the Printing Establishment”.

In the print line, all the documents that are in it should be deleted. To cancel the seal. just click on the file with the right mouse button, and click “Cancel” (as in the screenshot below).

I must note that sometimes the print queue freezes so that it cannot be noted in such a common way.

First you need to open the services, for this, press the Winr buttons. Enter the Services command.MSC and click Enter.

Next in the services, find the “print manager”. Click on it with the right button and stop its work.

Note! This service is needed so that Windows can put the printing of documents in line if it is disconnected. you cannot print on a printer.

Next, go to the folder. C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers (administrator rights will be required). In this folder, see if there are any files there. If they are, remove them all from it.


After deleting files, do not forget to turn on the print manager in the services!

After cleaning the print line, try to open the printer properties and make a trial print (see. screenshot below).

laserjet, printer, does, print

Fix : Printer not accepting print command

This is necessary to make sure that with the printer itself and its connection to the computer. everything is in order. It’s just that sometimes the print queue freezes due to certain “broken” files, and it is logical that it would be necessary to check this moment.

The simplest options

Disabled power or connection

Turning off power or cord of connection with PC or laptop is not uncommon. They need to be checked for integrity and, if necessary, replace with new. First try to include any other electrical device in the outlet to make sure of its working condition. Then you should remove the power cord from the printer itself and re.connect.

If the USB cable is used to connect, then it should be connected only through the rear unit of the connectors on the PC. Try to replace temporarily with another wire. When the device is connected to the network via Ethernet to the outlet, you need to check the socket itself and the patch cord. It will not be superfluous to verify the quality of Wihi, if there is such.

Fucking or not paper in the tray

First check the presence of paper in the tray. Next, turn off the device out of the outlet and check the paper to the paper. Inspect from below, open the front cover and take out the cartridge, open the rear cover. If you notice the remaining paper, then carefully remove it from there.

Toner or paint ended

Some printers of the printers are programmed in such a way that if the paint ends in their cartridges, then the seal on such a device is blocked before replenishing consumables. This is more characteristic for jet devices and laser, which are equipped with special chips. Detailed information on this issue should be searched on the Internet indicating the exact model of your printer. Many counters can be reset and for a while this will unlock the seal.

Reinstall the driver to the device

I cannot but note that a lot depends on the driver (and its correctness). Often, when installing an inappropriate version of the driver. The printer either does not print or freezes (as in our case).

By the way, this can happen, for example, after updating Windows (for example, when many updated Windows 7 on Windows 10. It turned out that some devices work with the new OS incorrectly and there are simply no drivers approved by the manufacturer for them).

Be that as it may, I recommend reinstalling the driver again. How can I do that?

Use special utilities to automatically update drivers. They themselves will determine the model of your device (printer), the Windows OS version will find a driver for it and install it. I talked about the best such utilities in one of my previous articles (link below).

By the way, before this it is advisable to open the device manager (how to do this), and remove your printer in the “Printing Queen” section.

Device Manager. Delete the device

1) First determine the printer model (usually there is a sticker on the device), then load the driver from the official website of the manufacturer.

2) after stop the “Print Manager” service (about how to do it. told in this article above).

laserjet, printer, does, print

3) Open the Windows \ System32 \ Spool \ Printers \ folder and delete all files from it (it contains temporary files sent for printing).

4) reboot the computer and start installing the driver (as a rule, it takes place in auto-mode if you loaded the driver from the officer. site).

5) go to the “services” and include “print manager”. In such a simple way, it is possible to “revive” the printer even in seemingly hopeless cases.

Why does the printer HP Laserjet P1005 not print

Like any other printer, HP Laserjet P1005 may not print one of the following reasons:

  • Cable damage. The printer is connected to the computer via USB cable. Usually these are reliable cables, and the problems caused by them arise relatively rarely. However, if you use the equipment inaccurate, then the cable may be damaged. Due to what? Often, not noticing it ourselves, we put something heavy on it, or it falls under the printer itself, as a result of which problems with the connection and seal arise and there are problems.
  • Problems with a USB port on a computer. From time to time, various failures of the USB controller may occur, which is why the printer will incorrectly display and, when trying to print something, an error will occur.
  • Incorrectly working driver. A very popular mistake. The driver is, in fact, a regular program, and if its files are damaged, the printer HP Laserjet P1005 does not print.
  • The cartridge is incorrectly installed. If you independently removed the cartridge to replace the toner, and incorrectly installed it, then the HP Laserjet P1005 printer will not be able to recognize it and, accordingly, print the document.
  • Damaged cartridge due to incorrect refueling. All printers are designed that after the end of the toner you will buy a new cartridge, and do not suffer the old. But does someone do that? If the master worked poorly, then a special chip will signal that the cartridge is non.original, so the seal is impossible.
  • Incorrect work Windows. Windows itself may be a problem. In general, it works stably, but from time to time there are malfunctions of unclear origin. Especially if you do not install all the latest updates.
  • The paper is incorrectly loaded. If the paper is inserted incorrectly, the printer will assume that it was hesitated and the seal will not begin.

Printer prints empty sheets

This symptom is characteristic of malfunctions of cartridges, inkwells, printing heads. They are described in detail above. White sheets can also come across intensive printing. This indicates overheating of the print head. Let the printer rest for a couple of hours and he will start working properly. If the problem is constant, try to print a trial page. The printed page speaks of the printer serviceability. Check the problem on the computer:

  • Is the document correctly created, sometimes it may contain missed pages
  • Whether the regulators of saturation, contrast, brightness in the settings have lost
  • Whether the driver flew, it is better to reinstall him

It will also not hurt to do all 12 operations from the previous chapter.

A network printer is suspended

First, make sure that the main computer on which the network has been created and configured, all the necessary access is included. This applies to general access in the “Networks Management Center” (the section is located in the control panel) and access to the printer in its properties.

The probable condition of the main computer is the probable cause of a suspended printer. In this case, there will be no access to the folders or to any equipment shaved over the network. | Resolving issues when Printer Does Not Print

Иногда приостановку убрать получается отключением службы SNMP для задействованного порта. Open the “Printer Printer”, go to the “Port” tab. Highlight the active port and go to its settings, where remove the flag from the line “SNMP state is allowed”.

laserjet, printer, does, print

Apply the changes made in each open window and for confidence restart the system.