What to do if the printer is not printing, although there is a paint in the cartridge

A sign of poor print can be any change in the quality of the impress on paper. For example, a picture or text becomes fuzzy, some part of the sheet or the entire seal is blurred. The printer of any manufacturer can be lowered (HP, Canon, Epson, Brother and others).

We’ll figure out why the printer is not printing, although there is a paint. What to do to diagnose and fix the problem when only black color is badly printed.

Economic printing mode is included

Despite the fact that the paint (ink) or the toner is in the printer, it may not be enough, or the level of fullness of the container is approaching zero. In this case, some printers of the printers can automatically include the so.called saving mode when the quality of the printout is reduced. Due to the saving of the dye, it is possible to print more sheets in the “last pairs”.

It is recommended to first check this particular problem, especially if you see when checking the level of the remaining ink that the colors are less than half.

Open the “Devices and Printers” window. To do this, execute the Control Printers command in the window, which must be launched by the Windowsr key combination.

Find the desired printer. Click on the icon with the right button and in the context menu select the “Print Settings” item.

Depending on the model, the printer settings menu will be displayed. Switch between tabs to find quality settings.

In some printers, such a function and settings may not be at all. It all depends on the specific manufacturer and model.

On the example of the Canon brand, you can see that the “Home” tab has the necessary settings.

Help My Printer

If the black color suddenly disappears during printing, then first check your cartridge. There are often cases when ink in your cartridge ended and air fell into the print head. In such cases, it is impossible to pull with the purchase of a new cartridge for a long time, because the remaining ink in the printing dozes will quickly dry out and when installing a new cartridge you may have a black color, but it will already be printed with passes or with white stripes. This means that those dried particles of ink fell into the printing duses and they were scored.

You might think nothing I have three more colors. But there is an pitfall.

If inks do not pass through the woodpeckers, then the print head begins to overheat and as a result simply burns from overheating and your device writes a critical error. In such cases, repairs are possible, but it will be many times more expensive due to a large cost of the print head. If there is ink in your cartridge, then the reason may be in the parking station.

The parking station in your apparatus is responsible for ensuring that ink from cartridges always fall into the print head, it is helped by the node of the ink of ink in this. Upon returning the print head to its original position, it pares on the parking station, where a special rise in the rise of the lifting presses the contour of the sealing ring to the lower part of the print head. It is pressed so tightly that when the node of ink starts to work, the seals do not let the air pass and the pressure is created that pumps ink from the cartridges to the print head.

If the head, having parked on the parking station, does not fit tightly or even worse, passes the air, then the ink will not download into the print head and, as a result, the printer will not print the color where this problem is present. The mechanism of synchronization of the parking station and the print head is very accurate and if a person who does not understand this will try to carry out repairs himself, then the printer will not work and even breakdowns of the nodes responsible for synchronization of the parking station and the pressing mechanism. In this case, as in the previous one, we strongly recommend that you do not pull with repairs, since the air is the most important enemy of the jet printers, because of it the ink dries instantly.

The node of ink is less likely to fail, but there are times when the pumping knot of ink is so clogged with dirt that plastic guides break, and then the pumping unit is required to replace the pumping unit.

If you are not printing often or you had long breaks, after which you stopped printing black, then it is possible to dry out in the printing head. Why is it black, you ask, because colorful prints normally? Answer, unlike the composition of ink. Black ink, unlike colored, pigmented and prone to dry more than colored.

If your printer or All-in-One Printer was idle without work for a very long time, let’s say about a week or two, then most often the ink is dried out only in the print head and it needs to be washed with special chemical fluids using a special flushing station, which with a certain the temperature of the chemical fluid washes the print head. Do not do this yourself because you can damage the print head by creating pressure into partitions that divide the colors and they can crack or burst. then it will need to replace it.

Also, do not try to wipe or drip alcohol.containing liquids in any case, since when mixing ink and alcohol.containing liquids, the ink will curl up and a polymer is formed, which will tightly score the dose and a very long.term washing cycle of the print head and most often its replacement is replaced.

Also, with longer downtime of your device, you may need to replace your cartridge, since ink in it may dry. Cleaning the print head with special chemical compounds, as well as washing the entire pumping system of ink from the resulting ink sand, it is necessary to avoid the failure of the node of pumping ink. We strongly do not recommend the owners of jet equipment to experiment with the repair of their printers and All-In-One Printer, as such experiments lead to even greater costs for their repair. This technique is very demanding and accurate, like the Swiss watches, which, with proper care and proper service, serve their owners accurately and reliably.

Check the SNPH

Sometimes the system of continuously submitting ink becomes the reason for the lack of printing in black or color color. Such problems are possible:

  • not transferred to the working position from the transport;
  • in containers are low ink;
  • transmitted a loop of feed;
  • The ink ended;
  • air cork in inkwing;
  • Ink has dried up due to prolonged downtime of the printing device.
  • transferred to working position;

  • Tanks with ink are placed in the correct position;
  • The air is pumped in the train, the transfer/excess of the hoses is eliminated;
  • The head is cleared by the program;
  • The page is printed and print quality is checked.

What to do if the specific color does not print

When one color is not printed, the problem must be sought in each specific container with a paint of a certain color.

  • Yellow. Check the presence of yellow ink, see if the SNPF has been transferred to the working position, whether the corks of the containers are closed. Evaluate the cross.country cross.cutting, if necessary, do cleaning.
  • Blue colour. Due to long-term downtime, the paint could dry on the pg.
  • Green color. The reason why the device does not print green can be strong compression of the train. It will be useful to check the level of dye in banks, the amount should not decrease below the permissible value.
  • Black color. The problem is that the SNPCh is in transport, and not in working mode or is lower than the level of the printer. The reason may be transmitting a loop or in the air system entering the system.
  • Red color. Not printed due to the unwillingness of the SNPC, due to the transmission of the train or due to the formation of an air traffic jam.
  • Pink color. The reason is insufficient ink or in their drying on the structural elements of the cartridge.
does, print, black, inkjet

The scheme of correction of the problem with the printout of any of the colors will be the same.

No paint

The most banal. This is when the paint generally ends in the printer. With all this, the computer may not tell the user about this event. Then the HP 5525 printer does not print black. What to do? By the way, this applies not only to the listed models of printers, but of all printing equipment. When the paint ends or has ended in it, you will have to dial it and install it in the device.

Quite often, there is just a replacement of the cartridge. This is done either independently or in service centers. In addition, some models of printers require direct refueling of an already inserted cartridge using a specialized syringe and ink. This procedure is carried out at home mainly.

does, print, black, inkjet

After you refuel the cartridge, shake the equipment a little and conduct a check. The HP 5510 printer does not print in black (or any other model)? Then the reason is not at all in paint. The problem is resolved? Great, continue to follow how much black ink you have left.

Poor.quality refueling

Sometimes, as practice has shown, printers refuse to print even after the paint of the corresponding color was “gained” in them. In our case, black. The reason for this may be a lot of problems. But often this is nothing more than a poorly conducted process. What are it about?

You or you were not fully inserted by the cartridge into the equipment or the existing. In this case, everything is corrected extremely quickly and easy. Insert the cartridge in the printer. To a light click. If the “flood” was produced into already inserted equipment, you will have to take adhesive tape and tightly stick it to the “injection” place. So you can correct the situation with the printer’s refusal to print black.

After completing the actions, try to check the operation of the equipment. Often you will no longer be disturbed for some time. But this does not always happen. Your HP 3525 printer does not print black? What to do. do not know? Then it is advisable to check some more quite interesting options for the development of events. And only then make a conclusion about the breakdown of the printer in general.

The printer HP does not print black

If you have a model: HP5510, HP3070, HP6510, HP3525, HP5525, HP4625 or others working on cartridges 178, 920, 655. That way. As a rule, this happens after a slight downtime of the device (about a month or more). The printer stops printing in black at all either the first sheet prints, and the gaps begin from the middle, and by the end almost nothing is visible. At the same time, the device could work all the time only on original cartridges, without refueling in ink or the use of non.original cartridges. Multiple cleaning of the print head from the driver does not give anything, and sometimes even worsen the result. You removed the printing head, washed it, the liquid freely passes through the duies of the print head, but the printer again prints the first page and begins to break down on the text. You are faced with the error of HP engineers (or with evil intent) in these models. The reason for this problem is thickening black ink in the tubes of the ink pump: cap / pump / diapers. mouth guard. This is a place where the print head is parking for self.care for pumping ink. It is divided into 2 groups (as well as the print head): a platform for colored ink and a platform for black ink. Pump. the pump creating a small pressure in the system tubes. Color ink pumps along their tube when rotating the pump shaft in one direction, and black ink move along another tube when rotating the shaft in the opposite direction. “Dampers”. A special compartment in the right side of the storage of spent ink used for cleaning and maintaining in working condition the most important and capricious device in a jet printer. printing head. The symptoms described above are characteristic of the blocking of the service of the ink pump in the silicone tube for black ink. It should be immediately noted that in the tube for colored (based on water.soluble dye) ink, no problems never arise. The reason for the problem lies in the features of the pigment dye used in black (text) cartridges: 920, 178, 655 and fastening of this tube to the “diaper”. With a simple apparatus and, accordingly, pumps, circumstances may turn out in such a way that on the tip of the tube in contact with the surface of the “diapers” (essentially absorbing material) there will be not an air bubble, but the remains of pigmented black ink from the last pumping. This will cause the blockage of the “pigment” tube with the subsequent thickening and clogging of this tube in the entire pumping system, including the pump itself. This is the peculiarity of pigment ink. a fairly quick thickening to a plasticine mass with subsequent hardening. Clean the silicone tube located throughout the ink pump, including the pump itself, which is strictly undesirable to disassemble, narrow connecting nodes. The matter is not very simple.

If you are faced with a similar situation and do not want to disassemble the printer yourself, find out where the pump and pipe for pigment ink are located, and you are also not at all seduced by the prospect of getting a stream from a mixture of flushing fluid and black ink, which has happened to our specialists more than once At the stage of developing a method of washing the entire system without the need to disassemble the pump. just bring your printer to us. Call the number 8-926-953-74-18, If you can’t get through, just throw the word pump to this number and you will be called back.

Inkjet printer prints pictures, but does not print the text. why

Owners of Canon and HP printers sometimes fix the following problem: the printer or All-In-One Printer perfectly prints photos and monochrome documents in the photo mode, but on ordinary paper the text does not print or miles. The reason is simple: the problem with the black pigment cartridge, which is manifested only in special mode. Details below.

Most inexpensive HP and Canon printers use combined ink:

  • Black pigmented (often designated as PGBK): they are poorly absorbed into the photo paper, but they are not washed off with water, do not fade, spread less on paper, which allows you to increase the clarity of the prints. Used to print black text, including text in PDF documents and Word files. The printer automatically uses this cartridge when obtaining a certain type of task, including partially used (black text in the PDF document will be printed with black pigment, pictures-water colored colors).
  • Color water (water-soluble, water-based), sometimes supplemented by photo-black (black water): well absorbed into a photo paper, cheaper, dry less in a print head during downtime. Used to print pictures, photos, non.black text (for example, gray color is mixed with all colors). over, if the Word document is printed on a photo paper (select this type of paper when printing), even water ink will be used to print black text-black will be the result of mixing all colors.

Accordingly, when the black pigment cartridge has dried, it ended or has other problems, defects will be visible only when printing black text on plain paper. If you have a 5-cartridge printer of Canon Pixma, spaces in the upper unit will have a printing report (or there will be no PGBK quarter).

In such a situation, the first thing you need to launch the cleaning of the print head (“cleaning the snot”) through the printer menu 1-2 times with a pause of 5 minutes. If this does not help, the source of the problem can be different:

Why is my HP printer printing blank pages when it has ink?

Why doesn’t it print

General article with all possible reasons: why the printer does not work.

  • Lack of connection. The printer is connected to a computer or laptop using a USB cable, the second cord connects the device to the mains. If the reason is the cable malfunction, the device not only does not print black and color, but does not scan and does not make copies. Try to replace the wires with workers from a similar apparatus. If there are no additional cables, check if the food is supplied, which can be determined by light bulbs flashing on the case. If they do not glow, food does not work. Stretch both wires, and then re.connect to the device. Make sure the printer is on the computer in the “Devices and Prinaters” section.
  • The problem with the settings. If the HP Deskjet 2130 printer does not print, although there is a paint, go through the “start” to the “control panel”-“equipment and sound”-“devices and printers”. Find the desired model and click on it with the right mouse button. Open “View the Printing Queen”. If there are dependent tasks in the queue, in the Printer section, remove the checkmarks near the functions of “work autonomously” and “suspend the seal”. Then clean the print queue and place a mark near the default “.
  • Low ink level. The amount of dye is evaluated as possible visually. If this is not possible, use the software method. To do this, go into the full.functional program of printing equipment, open the section “approximate levels of ink”.The capacity with the dye should be filled up to at least half.

It is important that the cartridges stand correctly, and the nozzles in them are not clogged with the remains of dried ink.

Stopped working after refueling

In the printer HP Deskjet 2130, a black cartridge has a special sensor, calculating the number of printed pages. The calculation algorithm contains that the same amount of ink is spent on each sheet. In practice, in two printed photos, a different ratio of black and color colors is used. Therefore, a situation may occur when the printer ceases to print in black, and there is still ink. It was precisely the sensor of the dye level that considered the number of prints that came to the maximum and blocked the printout that is to blame. This is often the case after refueling the cartridge. The problem is solved by two methods:

HP Officejet 5255 Printer Prints Blank Pages Fix or Detour

  • Expensive. Buy a new original inkwell. Not cheap, but allows you to solve the problem for a long time.
  • Economical. Knock the meter of printed sheets. Requires a strict execution of a certain sequence of actions from the user, financial costs do not need.

HP printer does not print: options for solving a malfunction

This article will talk about a particular manufacturer whose products are so popular that almost everyone knows about it. But this does not cancel the fact that high.quality devices, in particular printers, have breakdowns, which many cannot cope on their own. It is necessary to understand the main problems and options for solving them.

Those people who have a print defect, that is, white stripes, rows on the sheet, a little happier than those whose printer is not displayed on the computer. It is difficult to disagree that with such a defect, at least some seal is already a success. In this situation, you first need to check the integrity of the USB cable. Especially if there are pets. This is not so simple, because damage can be hidden.

However, a USB connection is not only a cord, but also special connectors in a computer. The failure of such a component is unlikely, but still happens. Check it is very simple. get a wire from one nest and attach to another. You can even use the front panel if we are talking about home computer. If the device is still not determined, and confidence in the cable is one hundred percent, then you need to move on.

Problem 2: Printer drivers

It is impossible to connect the printer to the computer and hope that it will work correctly if the drivers are not installed for it. This is relevant, by the way, not only with the first launch of the device, but also after its long-term use, since the operating system is subjected to constant changes and damage the files of any software-the task is not so difficult.

The driver is installed either with CD, which is distributed similar software when buying a new device, or from the official site of the manufacturer. One way or another, you need to download only the most modern software and then you can count on the fact that the computer will “see” the printer.

On our site you will find individual instructions for installing drivers for the printer. Follow this link, enter the brand and model of your device in the search field and read all the available installation/update methods for HP.

If this does not help, then you need to check for viruses, as they can simply block the operation of the device.

USB scanner connection error

The problem arises when trying to scan the document. Manifests itself as an error on the monitor screen and interrupt the current process.

The first thing to do is to restart both the computer and the printer. Then you need to inspect the USB cable connection. If it is broken, fix or replace.

If previous steps have not brought success, then HP has an excellent software solution for such problems. the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility. Having downloaded by installing and starting the program, you need to indicate your printer. The application will conduct a number of tests, as a result of which it will offer possible solutions to the problems found.

Reasons why it does not print with color or black cartridge in the presence of paint

From this article you can find out why the printer does not print in black or colored ink, although it has a paint in it. This knowledge will help to determine what to do in the first place in your situation, so as not to harm the device even more. As practice shows, very often problems are observed in colored jet devices with black cartridge, inkwrosphingns with pink, blue, yellow less whimsical. Although there can also be enough surprises to their owners.

This instruction discusses the solutions of the physical and software direction. It can be applied to different models of printer HP (5525, 3525, 2130, 6525), Epson (XP 342, L366, L800), Canon (G3400) and others). The models are indicated in the brackets, on which it has already been successfully tested.