Change icons via iTunes

  • You need to connect the smartphone to the computer with a cable or, if wireless synchronization of devices is enabled, connect via Bluetooth, then launch iTunes;
  • You need to wait for the iPhone to appear in the left menu, then click on it, go to the “Overview” tab and click on the “Configure Universal Access” button there;
  • A new menu “Universal access” will open, in it, in the “Vision” section, you need to select the “Magnification” parameter, then confirm the selection with the “OK”.

Resizing icons using iPhone

To change the settings of the icons on the “Home” screen, you need to make special settings in the system menu.

  • To do this, go to “Settings” and “General”;
  • Then select the section “Universal Access”, and in it. the subsection “Increase”.

Using this mode will make it easier to reach with your thumb to the far edge and corners of the smartphone screen.

It may happen that due to too large icons it will be impossible to go to the settings menu, then you need to change the scale of the entire screen. To reduce the display image, you need to press 2 times on an arbitrary place on it with three fingers at the same time.

How to resize icons on iPhone X

Starting with the sixth model, the iPhone has the ability to increase the size of the icons displayed on all Home screens. By default, the application icons are arranged in 4 columns of 7 lines on the screen, if the icons are enlarged, then less of them will fit on the screen.

Resize icons on iPhone X

When using an iPhone, it is possible to set personal settings so that the smartphone is as convenient as possible to use. Changes to basic settings can be made for screen display, applications, functions and reminders.

For convenient use of the phone display and the Home screen, it is also important to learn how to enlarge the icons on the iPhone X. This is done in various ways: in the device menu, in the iTunes settings on the computer (when synchronizing the smartphone), or using special programs if the phone works in Jailbreak mode.

Through Jailbreak

If Jailbreak is installed on your device, you should use special tweak applications downloaded from Cydia (analogous to AppStore) or other sources. These applications allow you not only to increase, but also to reduce the size of the icons (in contrast to standard smartphone options). You can change the settings of application icons using Icon Resizer. a jailbreak application for iPhone smartphones with open access to the file system.

To use this tweak, after downloading and installing it, you need to open the “Settings” program and click on the line with the Icon Resizer options. The program will offer several options for sizes, as well as a list of applications for which these changes are available.

This tweak offers to resize icons in the range from 20 to 120 points, the base size of application icons is set to 62 points, but you can set any value. Keep in mind, however, that using app icons will be inconvenient if you set them to a value greater than 70, as they will be too large for the standard iPhone display. In the specified range, the program does not make any restrictions, so in the iPhone you can either reduce or enlarge the icons.

If after using Icon Resizer you don’t like the appearance of the icons, you can easily return to the original image; for this, there is a special switch button in the tweak settings. After clicking on it, all changes made by the program will be disabled.

Standard ways of adjustment

There are several ways to increase the volume on your mobile phone. The most common is to press the buttons on the end of the gadget. The upper button is responsible for increasing the volume, the lower one for decreasing.

If this method does not bring the desired result, then another one can be used:

  • Go to the device settings, open the “Sounds” section.
  • To increase the volume level, move the slider to the right side to the very end.

If you are not satisfied with the sound quality of the standard melodies, you can replace them with your own. To do this, you need to open the file located at the following address /System/Library/Frameworks/Celestial.framework/.

Then find the SystemSoundMaximumVolume document, which stores the maximum volume settings for the entire device.

The installed parameter will be 0.7, increase it to 0.99, reboot the gadget. After that, the mobile phone will start to sound louder.

How to increase sound on iPhone: sequence of actions

Having missed a few important calls on your mobile phone, you should think about how to increase the sound on the iPhone.

After all, periodically the volume can decrease for various reasons, as a result of which the subscriber does not know about incoming calls and messages.

What to do in the event of a breakdown

If the mobile phone is in good condition, then there are no difficulties with adjusting the sound. But when the gadget is broken, problems can appear.

In this case, you can use the following instruction to increase the sound:

  • Turn off and on the device. This will reset the sound settings.
  • Disconnect the headset from the mobile phone, as when a call comes in, the sound will go through the headphones, and not the speaker.
  • Reset all settings. Before that, you need to create a backup to save data from your mobile phone.
  • If the side buttons are damaged when the mobile phone falls, this may cause a deterioration in the sound. The buttons could freeze, as a result of which the sound will either decrease or increase.

In such a case, the elimination of the problem is possible only through a specialist.

How to adjust volume on iPhone. How to increase volume on iPhone

Sometimes the iPhone volume can “hang” at the highest or lowest level without any understandable prerequisite for an ordinary user. Either there are times when the sound level is maximum, and the output volume is still less than it should be and increase, turning on or off the sound on the iPhone becomes problematic. But, there is a solution to the problem with sound in the phone.

Instructions on how to reset sound options on iPhone.

When there is a problem with the sound in a mobile phone, most often it is worth just resetting the sound options of the iPhone, turning it off and then on. After restarting the phone, the iPhone will expose the usual options (installed at the Apple factory). The whole life-saving process of resetting sound options will take less than 3 minutes.

So, you can always manually restart your iPhone to reset the volume.

Press and hold the “Sleep” button at the top of the device for four seconds.

Slide the slider on the screen to the “Slide to Power Off” position. The screen will turn off or a standby icon will appear after the iPhone turns off.

Press and hold the “Sleep” key again for four seconds. The Apple logo will appear on the screen when booting.

Check the sound level by simply playing any track (melody).

Useful Tips for Setting Up iPhone Sound.

If the issue is not resolved, try performing a general reset of the Settings General Reset options. Before resetting options, back up your personal data!

If the tasks concern only the ring volume, try to correct them in the following way: Settings Sounds Ring (“Settings” “Sounds” “Ring”)

Also, the iPhone will not ring loudly if a headset is connected to it. The sound will be from the headset, not from the phone speakers.

Chinese phone maker Realme has unveiled a 5G compatible mobile phone for around 146 in a bid to beat the competition. Realme is going to use the latest 5G phones to grow its own share in the mobile market.

Hey! To be honest, for all the time using various iPhone models, I actually never had any complaints about the volume of the audio speaker. And even at the moment, after almost 4 years from the date of purchase, my “old” iPhone 5S sounds pretty acceptable. Can you hear the call? Heard. And that’s good!

But everything is learned in comparison. Not so long ago I took part in an interesting event entitled “help a friend get an iPhone” (it was necessary to distinguish the newest one from a used one or a refurbished one, check everything) and was very surprised at the sound quality. All the same, on a brand new phone, the speaker is obviously more powerful. my “five-esc” loses a lot. And now, come to terms with defeat and a low sound?

Not necessarily. After all, you can still fix everything

Unfortunately (or fortunately), jailbreaking the operating system is more likely dead than alive. therefore, it will not work to increase the sound by “picking” in the system files and iPhone firmware. Apple is strictly watching this.

Perhaps this is even great, because the modification of files can go “sideways” for an unprepared user. And we don’t need obstacles. Especially when there are the most common methods to make the iPhone louder. Here they are:

  • And let’s start with advice for people like me. So, if you have been using the iPhone for a long time, then pay attention to the speaker grill. Over time, dust and dirt settle on it, which clog the holes. “thanks to” this, the sound coming from the speaker is muffled. What do we do? Clean! To do this, you can use a toothbrush or a folded piece of paper. Just do it extremely carefully. although the mesh is iron, it is extremely narrow. Trying to expel dust from it, for example with a pin, you can make “extra” holes. Believe me, increasing the number of holes does not improve the sound quality.
  • The speaker was cleaned, but the hunt is even louder? No problems. Almost everyone knows that the iPhone has an equalizer with different settings for sound reproduction, but not many people use it. Open “Settings. Music. Equalizer” and start experiments. A tip for those who are too lazy to go through all the options. the loudest sound will be if you set the “Late Night” setting. Although, again, it all depends on the melody.
  • By the way, about ringtones. If you don’t listen to music, but a quiet call is really annoying, then just choose a ringtone louder. Of the “standard” ones, in my opinion, the louder ones are Piano, Guitar, Excitement signal. In general, it is not necessary to limit yourself to “ordinary” ringtones. no one bothers you to download (or create) any other.
  • Additional devices. At the same time, these can be both “home” options. just put the iPhone in a cup or other container (only without water, please), or special cases with covers on the iPhone speaker to increase its volume. The principle of action is the same as that of a cup. ordinary physics, but you can carry them with you. Plus, no one has canceled the external speakers. when using them, the sound will be maximum.

Unfortunately, the sound from the iPhone speakers can be quiet and for other reasons. a simple marriage, breakdown, or this part has already been repaired and delivered of poor quality.

In this case, all the above manipulations to increase the volume will not work, and the choice of actions will be small:

How To Use Zoom On iPhone Tutorial

  • If the phone is under warranty (how to find out?). feel free to carry it to the workshop. Should be repaired for free.
  • If there is no guarantee, then you have to pay. Fortunately, the cost for such repairs is not extremely large. they will not take a lot of funds. The only request is to contact a more or less ordinary service, as in the “tent on the market” they may not only fail to repair, but also break something else.

How to update Airpods?

To install a new version of the software, you must:

  • Place the earbuds in the charging case
  • Close and open the case
  • Place the last paired device (iPhone or iPad) next to the headphones. For everything to go well, you should make sure that the device has access to a stable Wi-Fi hotspot.

The entire update process will only take a few minutes. Unfortunately, you cannot start this procedure manually.

Often, in order for Airpods or any other Bluetooth headphones to lose connection with the smartphone and not stutter less often, you just need to turn off the Wi-Fi module on the iPhone to which the accessory is connected. If you know any other features of working with Airpods, share in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев and in our Telegram chat.

How to turn up the volume on Airpods

Often, Airpods owners are unaware that the volume on their headphones is limited. The fact is that there is such an item in the settings of the iPhone itself, which is called “Volume Limit”. I found that the feature was enabled on my iPhone, although I remember exactly not activating it. Check and you.

  • Open “Settings”;
  • Go to “Music”;
  • Scroll down to the Volume Limit menu;
  • Go to it to make sure that the limitation is turned off.

Volume may be limited on some iPhones

Please note that in order to see if this menu is on or off, you must go to this section. And inside, already adjust the slider to the desired position. So you can both turn up the volume on Airpods and turn it down. for example, on a child’s device.

It is up to you whether you use this setting or not. But nevertheless, it was not in vain provided for. do not forget that high volume has a negative effect on hearing.

The iPhone has a built-in hearing test function, which will allow not only to conduct competent prevention of damage to delicate organs, but also to understand if you have progressive deviations.

How to increase the volume of Airpods? Tips for Apple Headphone Owners

Some Airpods owners may sometimes notice that their headphones suddenly become quieter. over, the problem is not at all that the Airpods are faulty. sometimes iOS itself limits the maximum volume level, and it is enough to know a few tricks that will help fix the problem. Oftentimes, the problem may even be the low battery level of the iPhone. Therefore, if you suddenly notice a decrease in the volume of Airpods or Airpods Pro, the tips below will help you figure out what the reason is. whether you need to go to a service center or just “tweak” something in the settings.

There are some tricks that Airpods owners might find useful

How to fix the problem with the volume of Airpods

Sometimes the headphones can “hang” at a certain volume level due to a firmware bug. You can try to fix the problem yourself.

  • Put on Airpods and play music;
  • Decrease the volume to zero;
  • Go to “Settings”. “Bluetooth” and find Airpods there;
  • Click on “i” and select “Disable”;

Reconnect Airpods to fix the problem

How to remove crackles from Airpods

Airpods owners often complain about crackling and some kind of extraneous thoughts in their headphones. The fact is that Bluetooth technology, like any radio signal, is susceptible to interference such as static noise or crackling.

You can solve the problem as follows:

  • Disable or turn off other unused Bluetooth devices around you.
  • Reboot your headphones.
  • Unplug the earbuds for 30 seconds, then plug them back in.
  • Reduce the distance between your smartphone and headphones, as this will also help reduce (or even eliminate) any static interference.

If this method does not help, check to see if there is a software update for your Airpods.

How to adjust volume on Airpods

When your iPhone’s battery is close to zero, iOS may decide to turn down the maximum volume to extend battery life. This is a feature of the power saving mode, but the function only turns on when you have a really low battery.

If your iPhone‘s battery is charged and you activate Power Saving Mode from Control Center, you probably won’t hear any difference. However, if you turn it on when the battery is low, it may affect the volume. Sometimes one Airpods starts to play quieter than the other. here’s how to fix it.

  • Open “Settings”;
  • Go to “Universal Access”;
  • Scroll down to the “Audiovisual Element” menu;

If your balance is out of balance, adjust it

If the balance slider is not quite in the middle, you will notice a difference in volume. Adjust it.

Longreads for you

For iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, an advanced photo format is available. Apple ProRaw. But sometimes you may notice that the JPEG photo is better than ProRaw. We figure out why this is happening, and why you really need a new Apple format.

Apple continues to protect the privacy of its users even after death. However, their relatives still have several options to gain access to their iPhones and Apple ID accounts.

Apple is still making the iPod Touch, but it is no longer in high demand. We thought about why it is worth resurrecting the iPod Shuffle player, what to change in it and what does the Apple Watch have to do with it.

I suffered for a long time and finally scored that Siri spoke barely audibly into the earpiece, until I was surprised to learn that you could just ask her to speak louder)) “Hello, Siri. Speak at 80% volume. ” Maybe someone will come in handy. I did not find it in the settings of this function

How to downscale the display to standard?

If scaling was accidentally enabled, it can be easily canceled by reducing the size of what is displayed on the screen to standard values, or disabled altogether. How to do it:

  • Hold three fingers together, and double-tap the screen with all three fingers at the same time. This gesture returns the zoom level to its previous state.
  • When we are in zoom mode, it is important to remember about the “rule of three fingers” (they can also be found in the Settings section, in the zoom menu. the option “Zoom”)
  • three-finger press to zoom;
  • three-finger double tap plus finger squeeze to drag. to move around the screen

To prevent accidental activation of the screen zoom function, you can turn it off. For this:

  • Select Settings, go to the Universal Access section there
  • Select the “Increase” option and move the slider to the passive position. You can verify that the function is disabled by double-tapping the screen with three fingers. the screen will not enlarge.
  • Accordingly, if, on the contrary, we want to enlarge the image on the display and the icons, we can activate the “Zoom” option again, and increase / decrease the size of the screen by touching it twice with three fingers.

What you need to know about the zoom feature.

This option is available on iPhone 3GS and later, on the 3rd generation iPod Touch and all later, and on all iPads. If all the icons and screen images on your device suddenly appear enlarged, it is most likely that the zoom was the culprit. You accidentally turned it on by accidentally double tapping three fingers on the screen. Therefore, just follow the steps described in the previous chapter. If this does not help, and the display image is still enlarged, it is worth contacting Apple technical support directly, as there was some kind of glitch. In addition to the zoom option, or zoom, there is a special “Text Enlargement” function:

  • Go to Settings, from there. to Universal Access.

IPhone zoom feature: what it is and how to use it.

The reason for the sudden enlargement of the image on the display and, as a result, the change in the size of the icons, may be the zoom function, which could be activated accidentally when you enlarged the screen in order, for example, to read small text on the site. Zoom is an option from the Special section. opportunities, it is intended for people with visual impairments, so that they can more easily see images and text on the screen.

How to enlarge or shrink icons on iPhone?

The interface of iPhone products was originally conceived to be comfortable to use and intuitively simple: the icons of all applications are conveniently located on several screens, which can be easily flipped and selected. However, sometimes users are faced with a random incident: the image on the screen of the device suddenly became enlarged, all the icons suddenly became huge and it is impossible to open them normally or find the necessary programs!

What happened, why there is such an option and how to work with it. we will talk about this in detail today in the article. We will also give visual step-by-step tips on how to reduce or enlarge icons. using photo and video instructions taken on the iPhone 8 Plus!

Thus, Apple provides its users with the ability to enlarge or shrink the display as needed. The main thing is to understand where this function comes from, and how to turn it off if it is not needed. We hope we have covered this issue in detail, and our readers will be able to easily deal with this utility. Also, to increase the specific text on the screen, there is a separate option, which we also talked about.

We wish you a convenient use of your Apple devices! Customize the display for yourself and let your work be a joy!

How to enlarge buttons on iPhone keyboard?

To change your display settings, go to Settings Display & Brightness Zoom. To do this, follow these steps.

  • Press and hold or.
  • Click. to move the keyboard to the left. Click
  • When done, press and hold or.

How to make all caps on iPhone?

How to type on iPhone in capital letters

  • Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Select General and then Keyboard.
  • Click on the switch next to Autocapital so that it turns green.

How to remove a word from the dictionary on iPhone?

You can delete all learned words by going to Settings General Reset Reset Keyboard Dictionary, or your iPhone will automatically recognize the wrong language you are entering.

How to resize keys on iPhone?

  • Enter the “Settings” of your device
  • Open the Display & Brightness menu
  • Under the heading “Display Enlargement”, tap “View”.
  • Switch between Standard and Enlarged views.
  • After making changes, your device may restart.

How to change the keyboard layout?

  • Install the Gboard app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Open the Settings app.
  • Press System Language & Input.
  • Select Gboard Virtual Keyboard.
  • Specify the option you want, such as Theme or Settings.

How to increase the size of your SwiftKey keyboard?

By default, the Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard is set to Medium. 2. From the Set menu

  • Open the Microsoft SwiftKey app.
  • Tap Layout & Keys
  • Tap the Resize option

How to make large letters on iPhone?

Additional increase in font size

  • Go to Settings Accessibility and check the box next to Display and Text Size.
  • To select an enlarged font, click “Bigger Text”.
  • Drag the slider to select the font size you want.

How to Boost Your Phone’s Memory with Junk Cleaner

Another surefire way to boost your memory is to get rid of the junk on your phone. This includes the following:

  • unused applications;
  • unnecessary and transferred to external media photo and video files, music;
  • data from Safari and other browsers;
  • cached data of installed instant messengers;
  • unnecessary iCloud emails;
  • SMS messages, etc.

It is also recommended to install one of the profile applications for quick and effective cleaning of iPhone from debris: Smart Cleaner, Battery Doctor, PhoneClean, Gemini Photos or others.

Note! Photos and videos take up the lion’s share of all iPhone memory. Therefore, it is so important to regularly clear your library, including the “Recently Deleted” folder, of bad frames, duplicates and screenshots.

SanDisk iXpand

It is the perfect companion for the iPhone. Used to transfer and store files. The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive will provide an additional 32GB to 256GB. And its price is always directly proportional to the amount of memory of the device.

For your information! SanDisk has 2 connectors: Lightning for connecting to an iPhone, and USB 3.0 for connecting to a Mac or PC. Compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, Chrome OS, Mac OS X v10.8 or later. IPhone 5 and above supported.

With iXpand, you can free up memory on your iPhone super fast by transferring photos and videos to storage media. Also, this flash drive automatically backs up files and plays video files directly from the drive. It is equipped with a file encryption program.

For the convenience of using a flash drive in the App Store, you can download a special application for management. iXpand Drive.

How to increase storage on iPhone using cloud storage

The easiest and most widely available way to expand your phone’s memory is through clouds. Already in the settings in the “iPhone Storage” tab, the developers recommend, to save memory, enable automatic uploading of photos and videos to the secure iCloud storage installed on each iPhone by default.

Note! After transferring, all files from the phone can be deleted, and photos and videos will be available on any other device.

In the iCloud cloud, users are provided with only 5 GB for free. Further, an additional fee is charged for expanding the volume:

  • 0.99 / month. 50 GB;
  • 2.99 / month. 200 GB.

You can also use any other cloud storage on your iPhone by downloading it through the App Store. The most popular today are:

  • Google Drive (15 GB free, additional storage starts at 1.99 / mo for 100 GB);
  • Microsoft OneDrive (1 TB purchased with Office subscription starting at 6.99 / mo)
  • Dropbox and Dropbox Plus (2000 GB free);
  • Yandex.Disk (10 GB free, 1 TB. 399 rubles / month or 3250 rubles / year);
  • “Cloud” (will add to the memory from 32 to 1024 GB, the cost of the service varies from 529 to 6,990 rubles / year).

How to increase storage on iPhone using an external hard drive

An external hard drive is a portable storage device and another way to expand the memory of a gadget. An example of such media is SanDisk in capacities ranging from 16GB to 256GB. The disk comes with MicroSD, so the amount of memory can always be changed to any other by purchasing a memory card of the required capacity.

Note! This external storage medium acts as an intermediary, transferring files from iPhone to computer, and vice versa. Has a power button, wireless indicator and USB input. Connects to iPhone via Wi-Fi without using wires or cables, and to a computer via USB.

Such an external hard drive will allow you to stream from 3 devices at the same time. The firmware is used to configure the disk. The cost of the device varies from 5000 rubles. up to 30 thousand rubles.

Apple Leef iBridge3

This flash drive is similar to the previous one, but has several advantages. So, Apple Leef iBridge3 has a new ability to save photos and videos during their creation directly on Apple Leef, and protect all data with a password or Touch ID. Now you can sync files on iBridge3 with the cloud.

Application for using flash media. iBridge3, also purchased for free from the App Store.

How to Increase Memory on iPhone. Best Methods

IPhones are popular high-tech mobile devices. But when purchasing an Apple product, after a year or two, all users are faced with one problem. an insufficient amount of RAM and the inability to use a memory card familiar to everyone. Then the question arises. is it possible to increase the iPhone memory?

All Apple phones are available in 16GB to 512GB memory sizes. However, the storage is quickly filled with various applications, photos, videos, downloaded music, emails, etc. But there are certain methods of increasing the RAM, which will be discussed further.

The storage will hold all the data from the smartphone

How to increase storage on iPhone using USB drives

Modern technologies do not stand still. And now the use of USB flash drives has become possible not only for PCs and laptops, but also for the iPhone. These flash drives are SanDisk iXpand and Apple Leef iBridge3.

How to enlarge the font on iPhone. user guide

Mobile phones have long been included in the life of any person. Smartphones are used by both young and old people. Often the font on the screen is quite small, which is inconvenient for many users, so the question naturally arises of how to increase the font on the iPhone. There are several ways to do this.

Why increase the size

When reading text from the screen, there is a constant tension of the organs of the visual system. In the modern world, people use a lot of digital technology. As a result, the load on the eyes increases significantly, which leads to a deterioration in their performance.

You can resize labels on any iPhone

For your information! Ophthalmologists recommend changing the font on different gadgets to reduce eye strain and reduce the risk of developing various diseases.

Doctors advise to pay attention to the condition and reaction of the visual system to writing. If you often feel discomfort, your eyes hurt, watery, then it is better to change the settings of your smartphone. In addition, experts recommend dimming the screen if necessary.

Other possible applications

You can also increase the font size in the application.To do this, you will need to do the following:

  • Open the application. go to its menu and find the option “Settings and privacy”.
  • In the block “General settings” you need to select the item “Video and sound”.
  • The appeared slider needs to be replaced with the most suitable font size. You need to focus on the image that appears in the preview.

If in other applications there is support for the functions of changing text indicators, then everything can also be configured in them for more convenient viewing and communication.

Changing the font in Telegram

Changing the text size in the Telegram application is quite simple. This can be done in the program itself. This requires the following steps:

  • Launch Telegram App.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu, then find the “Design” tab.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the list of active options, find the line “Text size”, go to this block.
  • Move the slider to the right until the resulting text is appropriate. You can see the final result on the display in the preview area or in the main interface.

Important! In Telegram, you will be able to increase the size of the main text, but you will not be able to change the nested inscriptions up.

Resizing via iOS options

You can also change the font on the iPhone in another way. through the iOS settings. This is not difficult to do. It is important to follow the entire sequence of actions in order to get the desired result:

  • On the desktop, find the “Settings” application (or in the “Utilities” folder).
  • Then select the item “Basic”.
  • Find in the “Accessibility” menu (often the seventh line).
  • Select the “Bigger text” option, which is located at the top of the second group of options.
  • At the bottom there is a slider “Increased dimensions”, move it to the “Enable” position.
  • Drag the slider to the desired size. As a result, the font will change.

This result applies to all iOS apps and third-party installations that support accessibility.

On iPhone 6 and newer models, the manufacturer has added the ability to change the size of not only the font, but all icons. This can be done by repeating the following steps:

  • Launch the “Settings” application, which can be found either on the home screen or in the “Utilities”.
  • Select “Screen and brightness”.
  • Touch the button “View” (the fifth in the group of options).
  • Go to the “Magnification” tab located in the upper right side of the screen. After clicking, an enlarged image of the main screen will appear.
  • If you like it, then click the “Install” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

After all the manipulations, the settings will be saved, if necessary, you can change them back.

You can change the parameters through universal access

Change font size in third-party apps on iPhone 5s

In some applications, especially if these are instant messengers or social networks, where communication takes place through correspondence, the font size is very important. Sometimes they have a built-in ability to change text indicators.

Use the slider to select the required values

How to make bold text on iPhone 6s and 7

In some situations, you need to not only increase the size of the letters, but also make it bolder. On iPhones 6s and 7, the standard letters are quite thin and light, so many users want to change them and make them more visible. To achieve the desired font size, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to “Settings” on the desktop.
  • Select the “Basic” menu.
  • Go to the “Universal Access” menu.
  • Select the “Bold” option, turn on this toggle switch.
  • Click the “Continue” button.

As a result of such a setting, the iPhone or iPad will restart, after which the font will completely change to bold. After the changes made, bold letters remain in all standard and downloaded applications on the iPhone.

Note! Bold letters are more visible on a bright screen, which reduces the load on the visual system.

How to increase storage on iPhone

The solution was found by replacing the iPhone’s flash memory. After carrying out diagnostics and disconnecting the battery, in order to de-energize the device, as well as all the loops, the engineer proceeds to dismantle the old (faulty) memory module.

Before the start of dismantling, the chip is cleaned from the factory compound.

The module is “soldered” from its place on the board. This process is very complex and painstaking, since temperature conditions must be observed so as not to damage the motherboard and the elements that are on it during installation. For this, the engineer uses high-tech equipment and heating.

But you can’t just remove the old memory module and put in a larger one. First, the memory is checked on the programmer. It is very important to understand whether it is readable on the hardware or not, because if the memory module is completely defective, you cannot read technical information from it (which includes the iPhone serial number and other data).

The next step is where the fun begins. In order for the iPhone to “accept” the new memory chip, it needs to be written to the data from the old module. This information is stored in a special section of memory. With the help of professional equipment, it is copied and written into a new memory chip. This is the only way the third-party module will work with the iPhone.

Here you can choose. install a chip of the same capacity or increase the iPhone’s memory. Many, as a rule, make a choice in favor of the second option: since the memory is still changed, why not upgrade. The only but very important limitation is that you cannot install a memory module that is not supported by the manufacturer. That is, the chip with 512 GB of memory in the iPhone 8 Plus will not work if the smartphone is designed to work with a maximum of 256 GB of memory.

Before installing a new memory module, it must be checked on the programmer. information should be read from it without problems. After that, the module is prepared for installation (BGA balls are restored), and it is placed on the board.

The engineer connects all the cables, the battery, and also installs a special waterproof rubber glue. This is a special layer between the body and the glass that protects against unwanted liquid spills.

When a new memory chip is installed, iTunes will automatically detect the iPhone in DFU mode. Therefore, before use, specialists flash the device: this allows you to once again identify memory errors, if any. If all the previous steps have passed without errors, then the iPhone is activated already with a large amount of memory. In our case, we managed to increase the memory of the iPhone 8 Plus to 256 GB.

As you can see, it’s not enough just to have a new memory module to replace it in the iPhone. In order for the new chip to “take root”, it is necessary to prepare it using professional equipment, which cannot be done “at home on the knee.” Before we ourselves saw how the Apple Pro engineers did it, we had no idea that such a procedure was even possible. Therefore, if you have a faulty memory module (or just want to increase the amount of internal memory in the iPhone), you can contact the specialists, readers of will also give a 10% discount.

We looked at how you can increase the storage capacity on your iPhone. This is some kind of magic

When buying an iPhone, many people often choose the version with the minimum amount of internal memory. It’s cheaper, and at first it seems that the same 64 GB will be enough (my computer in the early 2000s had a 40 GB hard drive!). But then it turns out that it was necessary to take at least an “average” model to fit the entire collection of offline music, photos and videos. But don’t buy a new iPhone because of this.?

How to Fix iPhone Stuck in Zoom Mode/Unlock iPhone in Zoom Mode 2021

Professionals have long learned how to increase the amount of flash memory of the iPhone using a sophisticated technological BGA repair. The bottom line is that engineers are replacing the memory module, and although an increase is only possible in the range allowed by the manufacturer, it is still very cool: for example, you can increase the internal memory on the iPhone 8 Plus from 64 GB to 256 GB (this is the maximum Apple allows).

How did you come to this?

In general, the original idea was not at all to increase the amount of internal memory of the iPhone. As we were told at the Apple Pro service center, they are often contacted with a broken memory (nand-flash) in a smartphone. Such a problem is evidenced by errors during firmware that occur in recovery mode or DFU. 9, 14, 4013 and 4014. Sometimes the iPhone can be reflashed with such an error, but later the smartphone itself goes back to recovery mode.

Longreads for you

Gave your iPhone or iPad to someone else and don’t want them to see your photos? Do you often give a tablet to your child? Then it will be very useful for you to learn how to block the iPhone in one application in just a few seconds.

Not everyone likes to keep 20, 30 or 40 tabs open in a browser. It is much more convenient to save them for later use and launch them when you really need them. We figure out exactly how

Apple’s unofficial repairers wasted no time in taking advantage of a recent leak of classified documents to perform repairs that were previously impossible. Why Apple doesn’t publish this information itself?

And what is the interesting price?) Is it not equivalent to the sale / purchase of another with a large amount of memory?)

IPhone zoomed in: causes and solutions

Hi. Today we will look at a rare, but no less possible problem associated with the increased scale of the iPhone screen. This does not depend on the iPhone model, and also on the iOS version.

If the image on your iPhone suddenly becomes obscenely enlarged and the phone becomes unusable, most likely you have the Zoom function activated. What to do and how to disable it, read below.

As I said, “iPhone zoomed in” is NOT a breakdown or some kind of fatal problem. Actually, this is another iPhone function that you just haven’t mastered yet.

And this function is called “Magnification” and it is located here: Settings General Accessibility Magnification.

So, here’s what you need to do to make the iPhone screen look like before:

zoom, iphone
  • STEP 1. TAP TWICE WITH THREE FINGERS to zoom out to 100%. Yes, this is how (de) activates the Zoom function. It also happens that leaning the phone to your ear, the increase occurs by itself.
  • STEP 2. Now let’s disable this goofy feature. Go to Settings Universal Access Increase and turn off the switch opposite the word Increase.

If you have problems disabling Zoom on iPhone, you can also do this using your computer (iTunes). To do this, we do this:

  • STEP 1. Connect the device to any computer with iTunes installed.
  • STEP 2. Click on the device when it appears in the upper left part of the window.
  • STEP 3. In the Options field, click on the Configure Accessibility button.
  • STEP 4. Select “Do not use” and confirm with OK.

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Who knows what other problems may arise in the future with your “apples”, but here I am always. smart, kind and beautiful!

zoom, iphone

CHIP Zoom iPhone screen with three fingers

There are people for whom this function is vital.

Articles marked “CHIP” include short recipes for activating little-known features in iOS, OS X, and Apple gadgets. If you already knew about this, we are proud to present you with the virtual “advanced user” medal. Let’s give the opportunity to receive such an award to other readers too;)

One of the main differences of the iOS operating system from competitors can be safely called the presence of a number of additional functions that greatly facilitate the work with a smartphone for people with disabilities. So, for people with low vision, the function of turning on a magnifying glass is provided. a magnifier.

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And you can activate this mode with a touch of three fingers.

  • Open Settings. Basic. Accessibility: Zoom in and turn on the slider next to Zoom.
  • Now, to enable the zoom mode, simply tap the screen twice in a row with THREE fingers.

A rectangular window will appear on the screen, within which the contents of the screen will be displayed with a significant increase.

There are a number of additional settings in Zoom mode that make it more versatile.

Focus following. Enabling this feature automatically moves the zoom area to the text input field (be it a browser, messenger or third-party application). When typing, the lens will automatically follow the cursor.

Smart dial (active when Focus Follow is enabled). When you enable this menu item, the appearance of the on-screen keyboard will cause the zoom mode, stretched to fill the screen, but at the same time not covering the area with the keyboard itself. Entering text will be accompanied by automatic movement of the magnifier.

Show controller. In the zoom mode, a special joystick controller is also provided, which greatly simplifies navigation. It is best used when reading.

After turning on the Magnification mode, tap the center of the joystick and pull it in any direction: the magnifying glass will repeat the movement, and the dynamics of movement directly depends on the intensity of the movement of the finger.

To call the additional settings menu, just tap on the center of the joystick. Tap and hold will allow you to move the controller to any point on the screen, and Visibility at rest. adjust the transparency level of the joystick.

Magnification area. Offers two options for settings: Full screen (in this mode, the magnification covers the entire smartphone screen) and Window (standard display of a magnifying glass).

Filter. In the Zoom mode, there are several special filters that increase the contrast of the screen or convert the picture to black and white mode.

The ultimate level of magnification. This slider allows you to adjust the maximum possible magnification, which is adjustable in the additional settings window (called triple-tap with three fingers or single short tap in the center of the controller). Lens size is also adjusted in the same menu.