Wireless headphones Xiaomi have a number of features that are quite appreciated by users. Among them we can highlight the stylish design. the brand, indeed, pays great attention to the appearance of its products. Besides the quality of used materials is also high: matte plastic doesn’t look cheap, pleasant to the touch.

Xiaomi wireless headphones have two types of control: touch and push-button. Built-in infrared sensor allows you to easily detect when one of the headsets is removed from the ear. the music immediately pauses.

Among the distinguishing characteristics of Xiaomi wireless headphones can be noted several factors.

[Tutorial Review] Redmi AirDots (a.k.a. Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic)

  • Built-in rechargeable battery. Most often it is independent, for the left and right units. Requires recharging after 3-8 hours of continuous use at approximately 80% volume. Recharges in 1 hour when placed in the case.
  • Support for wireless connection. The range of Bluetooth signal transmission of modern versions is about 10 m, in some cases up to 30 m. Occurrence of interference can shorten the distance over which a connection flows freely.
  • The presence of a built-in microphone. These are not just headphones, but a complete headset that allows you to listen to music and communicate with the voice with maximum comfort.
  • Modern hypoallergenic materials. Plastics and metals are chosen so as not to harm the health of the user.
  • Minimal weight. Weight varies from 9 to 15 g, does not create an excessive load on the auricle.
  • Plug-in or vacuum design. All wireless headphones fit in the ear cup or sink deeper for maximum retention while running, walking.
  • Watertight casing on sports models. Sweat, dripping hair, getting caught in the rain won’t ruin your tech.
  • Replaceable ear cushions included. You can choose the versions that provide maximum wearing comfort.
  • Wide range of headphones in different price categories. Xiaomi has both budget and premium models with really impressive features.

This is not a complete list of features for which the brand is famous headphones. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the company regularly updates the range of accessories, improving their technical capabilities and design.

When choosing wireless Xiaomi headphones, it is necessary to adhere to the standard rules. You should pay attention to the technical parameters of the headset.

Type of headphones

The headphones of the brand are represented by full-size headphones, consisting of a headband and large cups, and miniature in-canal models. For home use it is more convenient to use the first type devices. And on the walk are usually practical earplugs. They are compact, easy to fit in your. and can be worn with your headgear.

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Noise-canceling feature

The useful feature cuts off external noise when you use a wireless headset and allows you to fully concentrate on your music. Some headphones also support transparency mode. In that case, they partially transmit extraneous sounds and allow you to monitor your surroundings.


Good headphones should work without power-up at least 3-4 hours. Even better if the headset retains autonomy throughout the day or supports express recharging through the case.

Sensitivity and range

The frequency range of the headset must range from 20-20000 Hz. The sensitivity is desirable to choose from 100dB, so the headphones were not too quiet.

The presence of moisture protection

If you must use your wireless headset outdoors, you should favor a model that is dust and moisture resistant. These headphones are not afraid of raindrops and almost do not get dirty.

What is the best wireless headphones Xiaomi Redmi

Xiaomi headphones from the Redmi series are particularly popular due to the extended functionality, miniature size, and budget cost. You should give priority to the newest models when choosing a headset.

They support modern wireless protocols, have comfortable controls. For example, a lot of positive feedback has the model Redmi AirDots S. TWS plugs work with all devices and connects quickly to the audio source.

How to choose a Bluetooth headset Xiaomi

When choosing a Bluetooth-enabled device, look at the supported version of the system. The best are considered headphones with Bluetooth 5.0 and up. They pick up your smartphone’s signal faster, uses up the charge slower.

Instructions for controlling Xiaomi AirDots in Russian

Headphones have easy controls. You can pause the playback just by touching the case, or on the screen of your phone or other laptop.

Mi AirDots can be controlled by gestures:One tap. pause: two taps. switch to the next track: tap three times and return to the previous step. Double-tap on standby brings up the voice assistant. Bluetooth headphones allow you to receive a call, but you can also double-tap to reject an incoming call. Unfortunately, it is not possible to change volume or switch tracks without access to the phone.

People who use headphones in their daily lives can tell by certain signs that something is wrong with an accessory. The problems are often caused by improper use of the device. You should take steps to correct the problem if

  • Earmolds or earplugs fall out of your ears with any movement;
  • The earbuds do not stay on your head;
  • There is a feeling of blockage in the ears;
  • The sound of the headset has become very quiet;
  • There is a feeling of pressure, sometimes to the point of pain;
  • Low frequency sounds are disappearing.

Setting up the headphones is not difficult. You don’t need to install any special mobile apps. All it takes is a few simple steps:

  • To begin with, you should clamp both headphones and hold them down until the purple-red flashing. It indicates that the settings have been reset.
  • Put the device in the case. You have to wait a while until they “see” each other.
  • Take out the right earphone, the LED starts flashing white.
  • Next, you need to go to your phone’s Bluetooth menu and search for Bluetooth devices.
  • In the list of available devices you will see “Mi AirDots BASIC_R”. Select this line and click connect. The smartphone will connect to the right earpiece.
  • Then we take out the left earphone. It will connect to the right one automatically.

Working time

The charging case is small in size, it is surprisingly lightweight. If with the Airpods we get a small but weighty object, and this automatically gives a feeling of a solid, solid thing, this is not the case with Xiaomi. There is a simple and inexpensive plastic, the lid hinges and closes without a pleasant click, with a minimum of attention to detail. over, in the case of the already mentioned Meizu POP is different, because included with headphones main competitor is more quality pouch.

In the case built in battery capacity of 350 mAh. enough for three full refills headphones with plenty. Each earphone hides a tiny 40 mAh battery. AirDots work about 3-3.5 hours if you listen to music at 70% of maximum volume. I will not say that it is very much, by the standards of wireless headphones of this format is the usual result, but 5 or 6 hours of work. this is the ceiling for small devices.

It takes almost two hours to charge the case, surprisingly long for a battery of such small capacity. The headphones themselves take about 40 minutes to charge, fast enough to keep your music playing all day long.

Review of wireless headphones Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3

Recently Xiaomi introduced a new version of wireless headphones. Redmi AirDots 3. And although it is still difficult to buy this product in Russia, fans of the Chinese brand’s products have already placed pre-orders to buy Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3 immediately after its appearance in the sale. And the most loyal fans and even rushed to order the headphones with delivery from China, to quickly enjoy the updated sound and personally assess the new features the device.

Today we will present a review of headphones Xiaomi Redmi AirDots 3. Consider the design and functionality of this product. We share our impressions about its use (in text and video format), as well as publish our personal opinion about the advisability of purchasing the presented device.

What is inside?

In the tradition of the genre, engineers Redmi/Xiaomi/1 did their best, and tried to pull the sound of kopeck headphones to an acceptable level.

They were able to install 7.2 mm speakers instead of the usual TWS 6 mm, and achieved a sensitivity of 93 dB ± 3 dB, which for the frequency range of 20-20000 Hz not so bad.

Better than the noname ones, at least. Realtek RTL8763BFR chip and promises decent (for headphones without aptX and AAC) sound quality. But the lack of a published AFC should immediately suggest

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An over-the-ear headset

Over-ear headphones do not fit in your ears, but overlap them, and the embouchure does not completely cover the ear, as with the full-size.

Mounted on the head by different designs of arc-shaped headbands or earpieces. And by the type of sound design are divided into open and closed (on sale you can find a half-closed version).

Earpieces have advantages over earpieces, plugs:

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  • Better sound due to the larger diameter of the dynamic drivers;
  • Wearing them makes your ears less tired, because they do not create pressure in the ear drum, they do not sweat like full-sized.
  • Weight, large size does not allow them to stow in your ;
  • Some headband designs can put pressure on the back of your head or ears due to the large size of your head.